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Monday, April 11th, 2011 05:34 am
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To New People, Random Wanderers, and Possible Lurkers: Hello! Welcome! This is my personal journal, so you will find life stuff in addition to fandom fangirling here. Note that I ramble a lot and tend to be a bit random, especially when I'm tired. I don't post nearly as much these days as I used to, but when I do, they tend to be really long. No worries, I use cuts. ^_^

About Me: See my profile. Read some entries. If you still have questions, feel free to ask me. I promise I won't bite too hard.

Before anybody asks: No, I do not speak German. When I was trying to come up with a new username ages and ages ago, I just put the word "lost" into a translator under several different languages and thought that "verloren" sounded the coolest.

I also don't speak Japanese. My default icon is, again, just a result of random searching. It looks cool. It means "be lost", which goes with my username. That's all.

I keep up much better with my Tumblr these days than with DW, so you're free to check me out or follow me over there.

Another random note: If you're looking for my fic, please go to my LJ writing journal at [livejournal.com profile] vfic83 or my AO3. I have a comm here on DW, but it's nowhere near up to speed, so don't bother. ^_^;;;
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Alright, everyone. So I kind of missed the boat on the whole holiday card thing because of stuff that I'm not going to get into right now- but if anyone wants a late card from me, comments on this are screened, so go ahead and put one here with your name and address (email also acceptable if you’re more comfortable with that: verloren1983@hotmail.com). Yes, even if you’ve given it to me before. I can’t keep track of where all you people live. ;)

NaBloPoMo Fail

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 01:54 am
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Aaaand I just realized that it's 2am and I didn't post anything, so I failed. Again. Well, that didn't last long. Ungh.

NaBloPoMo Day 2

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 11:59 am
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Hello again! For those of you not on my f-list, I'm attempting to do NaBloPoMo again. I'm taking a little bit of a different approach this time, though, in that I'm doing a 30 day picture meme. Some of them won't be new pictures just because of the nature of the thing and because I'm lazy, but whatever. Some entries will be f-locked because they show either me or other people in my life and yeah, I'd rather not go there, but most will be open. So anyway, moving on.


This awesome shirt and some jeans. ^_^

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I always forget to do these, so I end up with long posts. As per usual. Oops. XD Good to know nothing's changed?

Behind a cut because I don't know when to shut up XD )

Media Post!

Friday, July 18th, 2014 09:43 pm
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So I've generally been keeping up with anime. Reactions to the new stuff so far:

Rambling be here. Minor spoilers for Free! if you're not up to date, I guess? )

Media Post!

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 06:45 pm
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Reminder that the Reading Rainbow kickstarter ends in a few days. This deserves ALL THE MONIES, so I just figured I'd throw it out there one more time. ^_~

★ What I'm intending on at least trying for midsummer release anime:
-Free! Eternal Summer (obviously)
-Majimoji Rurumo
-Love Stage!! (This one's mostly because one of the MC's has Nagisa's VA, not gonna lie)
-Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus (I would ignore this, but it looks like they're retconning season 2 and using manga material, so I'll give them another chance)
-Persona 4 Golden (maybe, I'll probably wait and see what happens with this one, I don't see much point in watching it unless it's significantly different from the original anime)
-And obviously still watching Baby Steps (even though Takasaki's voice annoys the living hell out of me for some reason) and Haikyuu!! (which I'm forever misspelling XD)

★ I may have restarted Once Upon a Time (sort of, I was only a couple of episodes into it to begin with). I just started episode 10 of the first season. Time will tell if this was a good idea or not. ^_^;;;

★ My 3DS has decided that it doesn't want to work- it starts to turn on, but then before any screens actually come up, it makes a popping noise and turns off. It has also stopped lighting up when I plug it in. Taking out the battery for a while and putting it back in was absolutely no help. Soooo I have to send it off to Nintendo and hopefully they can fix it. It's going to take a month to get it back probably, since they're apparently backed up, but the guy on the phone was super nice and helpful, so that's a plus. I just hope it's nothing I did. It -was- in my backpack the other day when it was pouring outside? <_< But then, my laptop was also in my bag and my laptop is perfect, so.... I don't know. But it's apparently a common enough problem that if you go to the troubleshooting thing on Nintendo's website, it doesn't even TRY to have you troubleshoot- it just goes, yeeeeeeeah, you need to call us, here's the number. XD And when I told the guy on the phone what the issue was, his initial reaction was like, "......oh." He also kept hesitating after the "r" when he was saying it needs to be repaired- like he was actually thinking "replaced." Which was NOT reassuring.  ;~; But we'll see. Hopefully it's not as catastrophic as I'm imagining. (I'm copying the info on my SD card just in case, though.)

★ I've been spending WAY too much time playing a text-based game called Corruption of Champions and having a lot of fun with it, for the most part. It's dark and extremely twisted and very, very NSFW but I kind of love it anyway. I'm pretty sure that makes me a terrible person. XD (Krim, I think you would like this, by the way. You can either play it in your browser or download it, both links are here. And although you DO have to pick male or female as a gender in character creation, you can start out with all variety of parts you want and you can change them at will.)

Random Things

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 08:22 pm
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- Haven't touched NPT in a week, though I've been poking at other things that don't actually have due dates. Oops. ^_^;;;

- Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream mixed with chocolate almond milk makes the best freaking milkshakes ever. Just sayin'. (It's probably roughly the same with regular chocolate milk, but the almond is what I had on hand, so.)

- The USB game controller I bought specifically for The Walking Dead? Also works with my PSP emulator. *screech* Which makes Persona 3 about 1000 times easier to navigate, let me tell you. I would say that this is clearly the mark of the end of any productivity I might've had this summer except for one thing: my emulator crashes pretty much anytime I've actually managed to do anything useful, before I can save. >_<

- Finished Natsume- four seasons and two OVA's. I'll be honest with you, I was starting to get bored with it toward the end because it's the same thing every episode. Overall fairly enjoyable, and certainly not the worst thing I've ever seen, but meh. (I did come away from it shipping Natsume/Natori and Natsume/Tanuma. Mostly Natsume/Natori. Fuck, they weren't subtle about that, were they?)

- Also finished Akuma no Riddle. I'm... not sure what to think? I'm sitting here trying to decide what I should rate it on MAL, and I don't know. The whole thing was kind of meh, and then the last episode was a huge WTF. I think I wanted to like it a lot more than I did. Ehhhh I think 5/10 is fair.

- Debating watching Free! again before the second season starts... probably a bad idea though, I already have enough new stuff I'm trying to get through to justify re-watching something. Not like it has a complicated plot or anything. XD

- "Summer hours" start for the library as of July 1st, which cuts the time I can spend there as a safe place to avoid dealing with people I don't want to deal with. Ungh. I suppose that means more time at home reading manga and playing games and watching things that I've downloaded previously? XD

- I'm actually getting a bit of a farmer's tan on my arms from walking to the library all the time in t-shirts. XD Oops? Kind of weird, because I burn quickly, so I don't generally tan. (Well, that and I'm a homebody/don't like heat, so I usually stay inside most of the summer. XD)
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I've been called a Hikago BNF twice recently- once by someone I don't even know, but who apparently knows me. Can I tell you how weird that is? It's fucking weird. I'd ask if that meant that I need to start throwing random hissy fits and collecting minions to do my evil bidding, but the same things that probably make me a BNF also make at least half the of currently active fandom BNF's, so that probably won't fly. XD Guess I'll have to be a nice one. Come on, what fun is that?

(The minions would be nice, though, not gonna lie.)

Really regretting not asking for Hikaru/Waya for the Hikago exchange, because I've been hit by "ZOMG WANT THAT" really hard lately completely at random, and there's just not that much of it. Then again, asking for it wouldn't have necessarily meant I would've gotten it, either. Oh well.  Hopefully other people will write it and I'll be able to enjoy. ^_~ (Or, yanno, if people want to write it in the meantime, I certainly won't object. :P)

Speaking of the Hikago exchange: the good news is that I've reached the minimum word requirement, at least according to Open Office. The bad news is that it's nowhere close to done. What happened to my ability to write short fic? ARGH. (Well, okay, admittedly it would go faster if I wasn't going about it sideways, but that's what kind of has to happen with what was asked for, soooooo I'm doing my best to actually do what my recipient wants. ^_^;;; )

Pride was today. \o/ It was pretty fun, hung out with some people, though also overwhelming for someone as introverted as I am. I'm totally freaking EXHAUSTED now and it's honestly probably going to take me at least a week of avoiding IRL interaction to recover psychologically. (Notably, there was a table for a mental health organization or whatever- I grabbed a booklet on anxiety disorders. Heh. ^_^;;; ) On the upside, I got a really cute purple tank top with a rainbow butterfly on it. It's rainbowy but not in your face rainbowy. I'll have to try to remember to take a picture of it later. :D Also, Melissa Etheridge came over and did a song a cappella just for the hell of it since she was in the area for a concert anyway, which was awesome. In case you've ever wondered- she's amazing live. So now you know. ^_~ I also managed some free stuff, including a rainbow button with "Atheist" on it, some random stickers, and a few books. (For the curious-  Woman in Sexist Society: Studies in Power and Powerlessness, Two To Conquer by Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Boys Will Be Boys: Breaking the Link Between Masculinity and Violence.) I actually left about a half hour early and didn't go to any of the after parties- I thought about it, but the bottom line was that I was totally fried. So were the people I was with, so I would've had to go solo, which I'm not comfortable with anyway. It's just as well.

It's been a very rainy June so far, so naturally, there have been lots of mosquitoes out and I've been getting freaking EATEN ALIVE. Seriously, there are 8 bites just on my right foot alone. ;~; I've been trying to keep benadryl on the worst places which helps, but it still sucks and I'm still a mess. SO ITCHY. And I've been growing out my nails a little bit, so I'm doing a lot more damage by scratching than I normally would. One of the reasons I hate summer- bugs love me. Ver blood is apparently delicious. (And no, before anybody asks, things like Off that are supposed to keep bugs away have never worked for me, even when I was a kid. I would be outside with my family after everyone was coated with the stuff and I would literally be the only one getting bitten. Ugh ugh ugh.

And in other news, my diploma arrived in the mail yesterday! Wee! So now that's safely tucked away in its folder. Pretty cool. ^_^

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Saturday, June 7th, 2014 01:27 pm
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Just in case anyone didn't see this and it's something you're interested in: Reading Rainbow kickstarter! Like a lot of people, I grew up with this show. They do such important work. The stats that 25% of kids grow up illiterate are horrifying and need to change, so donate and/or signal boost if you can. (As a side note, Reading Rainbow is apparently a few months older than  I am. That's... weird.)

God, the ED song for season 2 of Natsume is absolutely gorgeous. *_* Well, the ED in general, but the music in particular.  I actually really like the OP song, too. And snow bunny! <3 It's also highly entertaining that while Natsume is clearly still annoyed by Natori, he's also starting to get a little blushy around him, too. Cute, but guh, Natsume, find someone your own age to be blushy around, god.

I have, sadly, moved on to season 3, but on the upside- I've learned that the name of the couple who have taken Natsume in is Fujiwara, which basically had me cracking up. Go figure. (I don't think they said that before- I would've remembered something like that.)

I am now officially signed up for two exchanges and am attempting to work on stuff for the next round of BG (not to be posted anytime in the immediate future, nobody panic XD And even then, it's a totally different thing- you'll see what I mean). Oh, and even though the Shipswap thing was supposed to be a one-shot, I have a sequel/chapter 2 bunny that's insistently nomming on my brain. Plus one of the prompt/requests that I didn't end up with in the one exchange is also doing bad things in my head. Oops. On the upside- while I don't actually have any ideas for the exchanges yet, I'm working hard on those, and I adore at least one of the prompts that were given to me and have decided at least on a basic level what I'm doing for each. Sort of. NPT is going to be harder, not going to lie. Plot is required. :/ And, also on the upside, I can just sit on that prompt I didn't get and see if the writer assigned to that person actually writes that one. If they do, I'm home free and can just read~ If not, uh, I guess that's another one for the evil bunny list. XD

Just started watching season 2 of Orange Is the New Black- Piper still annoys the living fuck out of me. Yaaaaaaaay. -_-

I didn't end up calling about the audit because I was advised not to, but I responded to the notice online along with a bunch of pdf's (after an edit from Ai to get more to the point and get rid of the irritation that snuck in at the end, heh), so that's done. As I said to Ai, since I responded in a timely manner, hopefully they'll return the favor and not keep me in suspense for ages. Even more hopefully, they'll have good news. *fingers crossed*

★ In more RL stuff, I just went and looked up the academic calendar for the next school year (I'd been meaning to, but what finally kicked me in the ass was that I needed to know when I was going back so I could tell the loan people, so they don't start sending me bills in November. So now that's taken care of, I'm just waiting for a confirmation email from them on that.). It's sort of weird, because I actually get days or at least SOME time off for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur now, which has never actually happened to me (I've never been at a school where they acknowledged religious holidays that weren't Christian). So in the fall at least, there's a decent spread of days off. AND I GET A REAL SPRING BREAK! I'm so stupidly excited about this, I can't even explain it. Both of my years in college, we've gotten two or three days for spring break, so having a full week is a BIG DEAL. It's kind of early, though- mid March, which kind of sucks because here in New York, the weather is still super crappy at that point in the year. But whatever. IT'S A WEEK. <3

★ Aaaaaaand last but not least, because Cecilia Tan is evil, I'm going to drop this link here for Daron's Guitar Chronicles. It's an LGBTQ themed web serial and is fabulous and I encourage you all to read it. Strongly encourage. *eyeballs* Nah, I'm kidding, obviously to each their own and whatnot and you don't have to if you don't want to. :P

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Saturday, May 31st, 2014 04:49 pm
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Okay, so now for a few general updatey things!

No, I didn't gather up the courage to call about the tax thing yesterday. I'll try again Monday. *sheepish*

Only a chapter or two away from finishing Catching Fire. I'm reserving commentary until after I finish Mockingjay, but for now I'll just say that I still kind of like the movies better, not gonna lie. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME, WHAT THE HELL.

I also have a bunch of other books out, including The Witches of Eastwick (because I love John Updike's short stories) and The Joy Luck Club (since I've read probably about half of it through various classes anyway at this point, might as well just finish the damn thing- also, I do like what I've read so far). So we'll see how those go, too. ALL THE READING. :D

So somewhere around... what, January or February, I realized that there was a lot more to Natsume Yuujinchou than I had previously thought- I'd only ever seen the first season, which was a long time ago, and there are actually FOUR. So I set off then to work on downloading everything. Well, I finally finished that recently and as of last night, rewatched season 1. Season 2 will start tonight. Wee! It should be fun. Also, the cute little boy fox should be in EVERY EPISODE EVER. Actually, maybe that wouldn't be a good idea, I'd probably die of squee. XD

Gaming hasn't really been happening. Oops. ^_^;;;

★ On the upside, I haven't had coffee in two full weeks as of today. Wee! On the downside, I haven't had coffee in two weeks. XD No, really, it's fine. I had a massive migraine the first couple of days, but then it eased off. It's just rough on days like today where it seems like I didn't sleep well, that's all. XD

★ (Edit- I remembered something after the fact, of course) Grades came in, by the way- all A's. Phew. ^_^;;; So that means that I'm transferring with a cumulative 3.93 GPA. Not too shabby.

I feel like there should be something else here, but the library is closing soon, so I need to go. Hopefully will have something interesting to report soon. \o

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Saturday, May 31st, 2014 02:23 pm
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The promised five questions from [personal profile] chagrined ! If you want questions, let me know and I'll come up with something. Probably. XD

1. What is your favorite baseball moment in Oofuri?
Oh man, I don't even know. I love when Tajima is telling everyone when to steal, does that count? XD

2. What types of porn do you most like to write?
Hmm. I had to think about this one a bit. I think one of the things I most like to write is when there's some kind of back and forth exchange going on- whether it's struggling for control (*cough*HikaruandAkira*cough*) or talking or whatever. Consent is an absolute must for me, which is probably why you often see repeated checking in with my fic, sometimes even to the point of annoying the character being asked. Um...  I like writing blow job fic, for some reason? And I love writing penetrative sex. It's awesome (probably because *cough* that's how I feel about it in general? XD), even though yes, I know that not everyone likes it or does it and I try to represent that as well. I think that sort of answered the question?

3. What's a pairing you ship but have never written a fic for?
Uh..... Ogata/Isumi? I just have a hard time writing Ogata in general, really. It's why I rarely write him, and when I do, it's just a cameo. XD

4. What's the best vacation you've ever gone on?
When I went to go visit my older sister in Texas in... what, 2010? I went with my younger sister, and even though we were kept busy with all sorts of things (museum/beach/concert/etcetcetc), it was a lot of fun. I actually got to swim in the ocean! :D And I discovered the fun of multiplayer Super Mario Wii. :P

5. Do you have any entertaining injury stories?
I wasn't one of those kids that played rough- I was the kid in the corner with a book- so I don't really have many injury stories at all. I've never broken anything. The only thing I can think of is the time I sprained my ankle. This was YEARS ago. My younger sister and I were walking home from someplace, I don't remember where. It was winter. We saw a plow coming up behind us and didn't want to get a bunch of snow shoved on us, as plows tend to do on sidewalks, plus we were dumbasses, so we started rushing to get to a driveway or something to get out of the way. Well, I slipped and fell, and it turned out that I sprained my ankle badly enough that the doctor said it would've been better if I'd just straight up broken it. So yeah, that was fun.

I guess there was also the time that I was ridiculously drunk and went to lean back and accidentally banged my head on a coffee table REALLY hard. I woke up the next morning with the migraine from hell and so many bruises, I didn't even know what the hell had happened. I'm still not sure, and I'm not entirely sure I want to know. O_O


Thursday, May 29th, 2014 09:32 pm
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So I have a short list of questions from Krim to get through, and I should probably do at least a minor update, but I've got to talk through this first, because it's the thing that's weighing most heavily on my brain as of this afternoon.

Cut for money and tax angsting )

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Sunday, May 18th, 2014 04:42 pm
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First thing's first- I've been basically ignoring DW lately, so if you've posted anything here and nowhere else that I follow in the last... oh, I don't know, probably month or so that I should know, you might want to tell me. I started trying to catch up and gave up. Apologies. School completely ate me. XD

I'm not going to try to do a whole update since I last posted- it's basically a lot of freaking out and paper writing and finals and whatnot. Nothing terribly interesting. I don't know how it all went because grades aren't due until Monday, so we'll see how that goes. :P It was kind of funny, though- I had two finals this semester, right? Philosophy and Human Sexuality. I was out of BOTH finals in roughly fifteen minutes. Seriously. My total final-taking time was about a half hour. Nice way to end the semester, I guess.

Read more... )

Anyway, the library closes really soon and I have two books that I've checked out (The Hunger Games and Struck By Lightning, if anyone's curious), plus I'm hungry and have a caffeine headache, so I'm going to get going. Later! I should be able to be around a bit more now, at least over the summer anyway. :P

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Sunday, April 27th, 2014 08:52 pm
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Sorry, guys. RL ate me. XD (And will continue to eat me for another few weeks, not gonna lie.) As always, you're better off checking tumblr (same name) these days if you want updates more than once every month or two. <_< I actually hadn't realize it had been that long. Anyway, so let's take care of the updatey stuff really quickly, shall we?

A little rambly, but not too bad, considering )

(Edited because I forgot something.)
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Dear Not Prime Time Author,
You. Are. Awesome. <3 Just for participating, but also for coming to find this, possibly multiple times because I didn't have this done before assignments went out. Sorry about that.

So if you don't know me- I'm Ver. Hi! *waves*

Generally, I'm a pretty easygoing kind of fic reader. I read a lot of different kinds of things, so mainly, just write what makes you happy and that you can have fun with. Fics are always better when you can tell the person writing it enjoyed it. :) (That being said, I would ask that you check out the “do not want” section before you do that, just in case.)

I know this letter may look a little scary at first glance, but just keep in mind that I'm long-winded. XD Everything here minus the DNW is just suggestion and idea. You can honestly ignore most of this and do whatever your little heart desires, and I encourage it if that's what you want to do.



Finally finished- details under the cut! )

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Friday, March 28th, 2014 02:47 pm
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More media/fandom, because apparently the thing to do is to start a bunch of random stuff instead of doing actual work!

★ Did I ever mention on here that I signed up for shipswap? Well, in any event, I signed up for shipswap because I'm clearly INSANE and Liz is a dirty enabler. Naturally, I got matched up on the fandom I felt least comfortable with. Ungh. I have something of an idea, but haven't written much yet, it's still forming in my head. And I think I'll have to rewrite most of what I've written anyway, because the pairing I intended to write is... not the one my brain seems interested in doing all of a sudden. It uses some of the same idea, but since one of the main characters is different, obviously the fic will be different. Fuck.

★ Aaaand then there's blind_go, which I still have no idea what I'm doing for that. I've basically given it up as a lost cause at this point. The thing is, there ARE bunnies in the queue that would probably make the word limit, it's just having the time/energy to deal with them. >_<

★ Finished the anime of Oofuri. Thoughts, though not many because the second season was short:
-Still not shipping Abe/Mihashi. It's better where I maybe wouldn't mind reading fic of it (maybe), but meeeeeeh. Actually, that one word pretty much covers that ship for me. Meh. That may change as I get further along in the story with the manga, but as of right now, I don't see it happening- it's probably a safe bet that if I don't ship it even a little after two seasons, I'm probably not going to ship it. (LMAO, now watch me be wrong, since I've said that. XD)
-Incredibly disappointed that the fanboy only showed up briefly in the first episode of the second season. I WANTED MORE SHIPFUEL, DAMMIT. XD No, really, it's okay, I'll live. XD Honestly, what I've walked away shipping the most is Tajima/Mihashi. I dunno, BFF's are one of the things I tend to ship the hardest, and they hit that button SO MUCH. Even if it's totally casual and they're just fooling around, so it's not an endgame ship for me. I don't ship it to the point of wanting to write fic for it, but I'm not going to rule that out entirely, either. We'll see- but I'm certainly not going to promise anything.
-My first reaction upon finishing the last episode- "that's it?" I was so annoyed that they ended it there. XD Luckily for me there's the manga, which I'm working on downloading.
Aaaaand that's it for gay baseball for the time being. ^_^;;; I'm going to be honest and say it's probably going to be a while before I start the manga- partially because I'm otherwise busy, partially because I'm still downloading it, and partially because I'm on a video kick and not a manga kick- but I'll get to it. Mostly because I want that part where Tajima and Mihashi share porn and stuff, not gonna lie. XD

★ I've now watched the first two episodes of Game of Thrones, because it keeps coming up in conversation lately and so it's annoying to have to keep saying that I haven't seen it. I... think I'm too squeamish for this show. Fucking hell. I keep having to pause it or mute it and look away because I just. Urgh. I love Tyrion, like King whatshisface (see, me being bad with names isn't just an anime thing! XD)- though admittedly that might be because I like the actor- am so far neutral about Snow and um... climber kid (Bran?), and pretty much hate everyone else. I think I might grow to like the blonde chick with the creepy brother, though. We'll see. I'm trying to withhold overall judgment until finishing the first season, and then we'll see where I sit on everything and I'll decide if I want to continue watching it.

★ Started Nobuta wo Produce over again. I only ever got about an episode and a half through it before, so being that I've seen eight, I'm doing way better this time. It's... completely ridiculous, but generally not in a bad way except that literally all of the adults except one are fucking useless morons (and even then, she's nuts). Also the whole thing where Akira falls in love with Nobuta feels incredibly forced- he is SO crushing on Shuji it's not even funny. It's so obvious with how he's constantly touching him, even right from the beginning (and he doesn't do that with anyone else). I'm not really sure why everyone wants Shuji when he's scary skinny like that. O_o Seriously, he's skeletal, it's disturbing. Shuji is also a complete dick. XD Akira is irritating, but gets less so as the episodes go on. I only have two more, so we'll see. I'm honestly of two minds on this- sometimes I really enjoy it, and then sometimes I'm like, "fuck this show." XD

★ Also started Teen Wolf. It's um. *cough* It's as good as expected? <_< The only positive is that Scott is ridiculously adorkable (dumb as a rock, but adorkable)... otherwise, it has me facepalming from the stupidity approximately every five seconds. I'm still giving it a chance, but so far, I'm not holding my breath that I'll watch it for more than a season.

Okay, that's more than plenty for the time being, and I should probably get some reading done for English Lit anyway. (It's an actual STORY. Akira shock! XD)
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Oh man, I've been so terrible about RL stuff. So here's the cliffsnotes on that, which I'm going to put under a cut because it got really long since it's been a long time. ^_^;;;

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Monday, March 17th, 2014 01:23 pm
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Ooooor, have another media post because I fail. XD

★ First thing's first- by the way, if you did this on Tumblr or don't have a 3DS, feel free to ignore this. XD I have a new 3DS friend code. (Long story short, I'm an idiot and left my 3DS on a bus and someone else took it, along with the Pokemon game that was in it, so I replaced the system, ungh. Still working on replacing the game. Luckily Nintendo has a promo for a free one, but it's a download and those take FOREVER on public wifi.) If you want to add it, feel free! (2423-3967-2356) I’d like yours also, even if I had it before, because I don’t have it anymore. XD I’ll add you as soon as I can (might be a few days, just as a heads up). <3

★ Persona 4 Arena came in the mail from Gamefly and I've poked at story mode a bit. I'm not sure I would buy it, though? I fucking love Kanji, he's great, but being that I'm an unrepentant button masher when it comes to fighting games, this game is actually really unexpectedly hard. I've barely done anything with it, but I should probably send it back before I forget about it. XD

★ I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale a few weeks ago. It's something easy I can do when I don't feel like staring at my 3DS screen first thing in the morning, because I don't always. It's alright. I'm not fangirling over it or anything, but I suppose it's reasonably entertaining. *shrug* I'm not particularly attached to it one way or the other, really. My favorite parts are when Cecil breaks his radio reporter character and actually shows some of his personality, but that's me. I'm currently two episodes behind, but I'll probably keep listening to it because... well, it's reasonably entertaining.

★ Alright, so I finished the first season of Oofuri. Thoughts for Krim:
-I was nervous after Krim told me that most of the series is one game, but actually? It was fine. Don't ask me to explain why that's okay, but I get irritated if other games last more than two or three episodes. I have absolutely no idea. XD I'm just grateful that I wasn't climbing up the walls.
-Tajima and Izumi are so cute with their freckles! <3 I actually for a while kept mixing them up at bat because of this until I realized that Izumi's are on his cheeks and Tajima's are on his nose. Anyway. They are both adorable, though Tajima is still totally my favorite.
-Luckily, Mihashi is annoying me much less now and my fury has calmed down to an exasperated amusement. Part of this is the realization that he wouldn't be nearly so bad if Abe wasn't screaming at him half the time. I would probably be freaking out too. XD (Abe, stop being a socially inept dick, please.)
-Because I said I'd mention it- the second OP is okay. I'm not in love with it, but I don't hate it, either. *shrug*
-Holy shit, totally shipping Tajima and that redheaded kid from Tousei that was desperately fanboying him (Nakazawa, apparently). So fucking adorable. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THERE'S FIC.
-As a side note on shipping, I would also not be adverse to Kanou/Mihashi. :P
-During one particular scene which I won't give away the details of, I know it was supposed to be an emotional kind of thing, but all I could think about was THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL. Seriously, I had Tom Hanks in my head the entire time. I don't think that was the intention. Oops. XD
-This may be showing some cultural ignorance on my part, but hey, you don't learn if you don't ask, right? ...does anybody know why the Tousei band kept playing "Yankee Doodle"? Is it a different song over there (like how "God Save the Queen" and "My Country, Tis of Thee" have the same melody but are completely different), or is it just something that's kind of leftover from the US, since baseball originated here? I'm curious and would like to know. :P

★ On Kuroko: Murasakibara, I want to like you because I like your voice actor (Isumi!), but you are SUCH AN ASSHOLE. Gah. >_<

Speaking of, I've been thinking a lot about voices the last several episodes of Kuroko. It's funny how it's gotten to a point where I've seen enough anime that given a character, there's a fairly decent chance that I know at least one other thing that their VA has done. It helps that for Kuroko at least, a lot of the actors have worked together on other things. XD Aomine and Alex are obviously Atobe and Fuji from Prince of Tennis, respectively, and there are several that are in Fairy Tail or Silver Spoon or other things. Generally I'm pretty decent at recognizing voices (though it may take me a bit- I think it was the second episode Alex was in that I realized she was Fuji), but the one surprise, aside from Murasakibara which I already mentioned? Kise. Kise, who is also Hachiken in Silver Spoon, and also Takizawa in Eden of the East. O_O I never in a million years would've guessed. Kise's VA is seriously talented. :D (Although, of course now that I know this, it seems obvious, so maybe I was just being a derp?)

Alright, I have to go deal with club stuff, but I'll hopefully write again, uh, soonish. Maybe a RL update before the end of the semester? It would be nice, right? ^_^;;;;;;;

NSFW Tumblr Meme!

Monday, March 10th, 2014 01:31 pm
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Just for fun, I'm going to offer up a meme from Tumblr if anyone is interested. Anything I've written before or have at least mentioned in passing in LJ/DW or in conversation is fair game- and even if I haven't, as long as I know the fandom, there's at least a halfway decent chance I'll do it. (Exceptions: Merlin/Arthur, Johnlock, anything from Kuroko no Basket, no Oofuri because I'm not familiar enough with canon yet, whatever I'm not thinking of right now) I'll let you know if I can't do one. If you want a pairing from a specific universe I've written or familiar with, let me know and I can probably accommodate you, otherwise it'll just be general canon.

Oh, and both Mitani/Kaneko and Kaga/Tsutsui have been asked/answered on Tumblr already, everything else is up for grabs. ^_^

- Do they have any “mating rituals”?
- Who is louder?
- Who is more experimental?
- Who takes more risks?
- Do they fuck or make love?
- Lights on or off?
- Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?
- Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?
- Has either stolen the other’s underwear?
- Who comes first?
- Who is better at oral and who prefers it?
- Who is more submissive?
- Who usually initiates things?
- Who is more sensitive?
- Who has the most patience?
- Which kinks do they share?
- What kinks do they have that clash?

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Saturday, March 1st, 2014 01:06 pm
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So much for updating more. Oops. XD I've been doing the usual thing where I have a text file and I just keep adding to it until it's roughly the size of Godzilla and then never post it, so yanno. I -will- finish the December meme, I have two more to go, I just need to finish the recs post first because Liz is evil. In the meantime, I'll post a part of what I've got saved up. This is the fandom/media part, and probably later or tomorrow or something I'll post the RL part. I think that's the best way to go about this. ^_^ I was going to go someplace with wifi today, but I really don't feel like it, so I'm posting this from my phone- I apologize ahead of time if something goes wrong. Seriously, these days it's better to just follow my tumblr (same username), I post to that way more often.

★ I'm positive that you've all seen this by now, but in case you haven't or you've forgotten about it or something, there's a new round of [community profile] blind_go sign-ups going here. They're open for one more week. Don't forget to sign up if you haven't already! I'm really hoping to have the theme sets posted before then. Unfortunately, between everything else that's been going on IRL, the lack of home internet, and photobucket eating pictures I upload, it's been a trial and a half. So we'll see. XD

★ I've been watching stuff!
-Managed to get caught up in Kuroko no Basket (anime). Primary reaction is that it needs more Nigou. :P But then, that's always true. They should just make the whole show about him. XD That being said, I find the show much more tolerable when I'm caught up. I can take once a week doses with a relative minimum of eyerolling, but much more than that gets me really irritated. It's starting to really annoy me again, with the incredibly overpowered/overdramatized players. I keep going, "Really? REALLY? I'm supposed to buy this?" XD
-I watched through season 3 of Sherlock. The verdict? They should've just left it at the end of season 2. Just... unghhhh. So much was stupid or didn't make any fucking logical sense whatsoever. I can't even articulate how much was wrong with it. adjsakljdklsa.
-Let's see... I was told Sakura Trick was cute, so I'd grabbed the first three episodes that were out. That was my first mistake. XD I watched the first couple and dropped it, which I -never- do. It does have it's cute moments, but it's so fanservicey that it's absolutely beyond ridiculous. I lost count of the number of times I rolled my eyes at it in two episodes. I wouldn't mind the fanservice quite so much if it didn't set off my pedo alarm. Seriously, the one girl looks about eight years old, and that squicks me the hell out. Nothing against people that are into that, it's just not my thing.
-I'm not terribly into sci-fi, so Firefly was something I never really bothered watching. Well... I finally gave in because I was sick of people being all horrified about me not seeing it, and it was on Netflix, so why not. It was reasonably amusing. Zoe is by far my favorite. :)
-I'm now six episodes into Oofuri. Reactions so far, because I know if nothing else, Krim will ask: I -hate- the opening song, but that's not a dealbreaker or anything, so whatever, it's just annoying as all hell. JFC, it's like they're begging for slash shipping here, even without counting the number of opportunies for pitcher and catcher jokes. XDDD Mihashi is ridiculously high maintenance. Poor Abe. XD My feelings on Mihashi are mixed- I think he's adorable half the time and completely fucking obnoxious the other half. I desperately want to punch him in the face during the obnoxious half because I'm a terrible person. XD Also, does this first game ever fucking end? I find myself longing for the three episode PoT matches, seriously. Ungh. That being said, despite my bitching, I'm enjoying it overall. I mean, come on, it's gay baseball. What's not to like in that equation? :P
-I've also apparently decided to pick up Merlin again, but so far this has only consisted of figuring out where the hell I stopped. Considering that I knew I never got to season 2, this process was harder than you might think. XD For example, I actually got most of the way through an episode before I realized I'd already seen it before. XD So yeah, turns out I finished season 1. That's probably something I'll do today- start season 2! :D
-On the upside, I'd tried getting netflix to work on my phone and it wouldn't, without a wi-fi connection. Now suddenly it does. Which means that watching stuff isn't going to be nearly as much of a pain as it has been. Quality isn't bad, either. I ordered a cheap stand on Amazon so I can watch it without having to sit there and hold the phone, because that gets really painful after a while. It actually just arrived today and seems like it'll work. Yay!

★ In other news, I dropped my 3DS and now it's on max volume all the time regardless of where the slider is. <_< Bleh. Need to get one of those dust plug things for it for when I don't have my headphones plugged in.

Aaaand I think that's plenty long enough for the time being. :P
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] degrees - I'm almost done with this, I swear, you guys. XD)

Talk about the direction you see fandom going in (livejournal to tumblr, etc) and if it's a good or bad thing!
Oh man, I have so many mixed feelings on this. I think it's both a good thing and a bad thing. Say what you will about Tumblr, but it's a great way to pass things around- whether it be art or links or whatever. That can be really useful, ESPECIALLY for the fanart side of things... as long as people aren't assholes about sourcing stuff. On the other hand, I really don't like the de-centralization of fandom. I hate that everything is so split up now, between the people that are still clinging to LJ, the ones that have moved on to DW or even other sites, the Tumblr people, AO3... it's just too much to keep track of, and I feel like fandom as a whole is suffering for it. We're losing our identity. We're losing our fandom friendships and the bonds that we had- and I mean this as a whole, not one fandom in particular. A lot of fandom has moved to Tumblr, but it's really ridiculously difficult to have a conversation on Tumblr, so things get lost. I probably sound like the old fart wishing for the "good old days," and maybe to a point I am, but while all of these sites have their uses, I can't help but think that fandom is getting splintered because of it. So basically, it's a mixed bag as far as I'm concerned- some gems but mostly coal.
I'm not really sure what this means for the future of fandom. I see it being mostly a sharing culture without the discussion and fandom friends, and with a lot less feedback on work submitted- I'm talking about quantity vs quality here on that last one. Both AO3 and Tumblr encourage this. Unlike LJ or DW, where you HAVE to leave a comment in order to let the author know you liked it, on AO3 and Tumblr you can just leave a kudos or reblog it without any commentary. Now, I'm guilty of doing this myself, I'll admit. And to a point, it allows for more  feedback, which is great. The problem is that it's a much lower quality than before. Okay, you liked it, but why? What worked for you, so I know to keep doing that? Kudos are great, don't think I'm bitching, but it doesn't even COMPARE to a great review in terms of encouragement, you know? It makes me sad. My first friend in fandom was through a comment she'd left on a fic I'd written- we got to talking, and she kind of shoved me into writing for [community profile] blind_go , and that was really the beginning of SO MUCH for me. Literally all my other friends in fandom came through BG. Without her prodding encouragement, I'm not sure I ever would've gathered up the nerve to even do BG. My point here is that at least to my mind, you get into fandom through conversations with people, and I'm just not sure how much that's really happening anymore. :/

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)

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Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 01:53 pm
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] degrees )

Any YouTube recs?
Holy crap, I could put a ton of things in here. Let's see. In no particular order (and not just for Liz, because I know she's seen some of this):

Cut for link heavy, obviously. )

...I feel like I'm missing a whole bunch of stuff, but what I've already linked should keep you guys busy for a while. XD

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)

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(Kept meaning to post this and then getting distracted by people/assignments/whatever. Oops. Anyway, for the December posting meme- [personal profile] degrees )

Talk about your writing process!
You mean besides that it's a mess? XD It's not so much a process as "Ver makes everything up as she goes along." Alright, well, I'll try and pull something together here.
When I get a bunny, regardless of whether it's something that was brought on by music or something else, usually it's just a small snippet of something. An idea for a part of a scene if I'm lucky, but usually I'm not and it's a line or two of dialogue. Unfortunately, what the bunny started out as gives no indication of how long it's going to end up being- "The Devil You Know," which is somewhere in the ballpark of 10k words and is my longest fic to date by FAR, started off in my head as just a scene of Hikaru and Akira seeing each other at a club. That's IT. Even the simple ones can grow completely out of control.  The bunnies just start multiplying on their own, I don't know how they do that when there's only one of them to begin with. Apparently plot bunnies reproduce asexually? I don't know.
As far as actual writing goes, I tend to write things as they come to me, which is usually not in any coherent order. The initial bunny is somewhere in the middle? Okay fine, I guess I'm writing that first. The next bit is the end? Alrighty then. I don't generally use filler text, either, unless there's something important I'm intending on putting there that I may forget about later. I mostly work in Notepad, so what this means is that if you looked at a story I'm working on, you probably wouldn't know what was happening half the time. It's just a jumble of seemingly random paragraphs, large spaces, and some short dialogue sequences. (The large spaces typically mean that I'm making a separation between what comes before it and after it- there's a scene change, but I'm not done writing the previous scene yet.) It's kind of a mess, to be honest. Sometimes I work in yWriter and that makes it a bit easier as far as keeping the bits separated. I tend to use Notepad because regardless of what kind of machine I'm on, everything can open a txt file. Even my phone. :P I know at this point it's outlived its usefulness, because everything I use will also open ODT/RTF files, but ehhhhhh.

So basically, what ends up happening is I have to figure out how all the pieces I have fit together. This happens along the way, it's not like I write all the pieces and am then staring at it trying to get it to go together like a puzzle. It's like... I'm making a quilt, and I have some of the squares made up already and know where I want them, but I'm also making things as I go. Often, I find that scenes naturally go together without a lot of effort on my part, but every once in a while I have to kind of nudge things along in the right direction. You can usually tell when I do this. XD

Also, I reblogged something on Tumblr yesterday that really applies to this post.

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)

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(At some point, I have to remember to do a real entry, but my brain is kind of mush today, so... not right now. XD For the December posting meme-  [personal profile] hostilecrayon )

People you couldn't or wouldn't want to live without and why!
I don't feel like separating those categories, so I'm not going to. It's probably best if I put this in list form.
Older sister- She's the person in my entire family that I'm closest to, by far, even though there's seven years between us. I can talk to her about anything. I mean, yeah, we have our moments where we don't necessarily like each other very much, but that's going to happen in any relationship. I trust her more than anyone else IRL, which is saying a lot, because I don't trust people easily. That probably comes from the fact that I spent more time with her growing up than I did my parents, at least when I was little, so she's kind of a second mom.
Younger sister- Okay, fine, she drives me crazy, but she's worth keeping around just for the sheer entertainment sometimes. And, you know, she's someone to talk to when we're both around.
Stef- My best friend who's basically like a sister. She's one of those friends who I won't talk to for months at a time, but then we go out to lunch or whatever and pick right back up like we'd just talked the day before. We've been friends since middle school- we not getting rid of each other that easily. ;)
Online friends- I'm putting this as a general category for several reasons, but the bottom line is that even though I'm closer to some of you than others, you're all important to me in some way and I wouldn't want to lose that. You guys support me and encourage me and help keep me sane, or at least something resembling sanity. Would I want to live without that? No way.

...I feel like I'm missing someone in here, but I can't come up with it, so it is what it is. XD

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)

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(Okay, so my head is freaking killing me, but I already skipped yesterday, so. Since the next two are short, I'm just going to combine them. For the December posting meme- both questions are from [personal profile] hostilecrayon )

Things you've always planned to get to/watch/do/etc but haven't and probably never will.
Lord of the Rings (books). Sherlock Holmes (books). A lot of classic books. XD Go to Ireland. Go to Italy. (Basically, international travel in general, not counting Canada, but Canada barely counts as international to begin with. XD) Half of the stuff on the 1001 movies to watch list. Get a tattoo. Get down to my goal weight and stay there. I'm sure there's more, I'm just not thinking of them right now.
What's your dream job and/or best job you'd like that's realistic considering the degree you're going for?
I feel like I've discussed this at length fairly recently. XD Dream job: whatever pays the bills and doesn't make me want to mass murder everyone. Overly simple, maybe, but it's something I've never had (on either score). Getting paid to write would be awesome. Something in video game journalism would also be awesome. Realistic job considering degree: something involving editing/publishing. ^_^

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Guilty Pleasures

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 11:59 am
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] hostilecrayon )

Guiltiest pleasure, be it music, a game, a habit, whatev.
Hmm. You know, I'm not sure I have anything that I would consider a "guilty" pleasure. I generally don't feel guilty for things that I like. Uh, maybe smutty fic (writing and reading)? Or anything to do with sex in general. As much as I am very into the whole sex positive thing in regards to other people, I still have a lot of hangups personally. ^_^;;; Oh, or wait. I'm usually playing some kind of Facebook game at any given time, though I typically don't stay on a game for long. I either hit the point where you have to start shelling out real money to advance and I quit (because I'm SO not doing that), or I get bored and move on. The most recent game is Dragon City, and I've actually stuck with it for longer than I've stuck with most anything on Facebook. Yeah, I know it's a dumb Facebook game, but it's entertaining and DRAGONS, come on. XD Although it's getting to that first point, where it's getting harder to advance without spending money on it, so I'm not sure how long I'll continue to play it.

Editing this to clarify a bit above and to add- I just realized there's another one, and that's m/m fiction (like, actual published stuff). I've talked about this before, but it's just a thing. Kind of like slash/yaoi for me but with original characters, so you guys can probably see the appeal. Most of it is terrible, but I love it anyway.

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(Library!Ver is a go :D   for the December posting meme- [personal profile] hostilecrayon )

JFC, Lish, I hate you. XD I've tried very hard to wipe as much of that as I could out of my memory. I could probably point to my entire retail career for this question, really. As a retail person working on the floor, I was generally the lowest man on the totem pole, so to speak, so I basically got treated like shit all the time. And I worked that retail job for just shy of ten years. And I'm supposed to be able to pick and choose the worst out of that? Pffft.

If I'm going to cheat, I'd say that this video pretty much covers the overall experience. XD

Alright, well, I can try I guess. Among the worst ones were when people acted as if I was stupid and/or made uncomplimentary remarks about me personally. Like the woman who insisted her total was wrong and I was trying to double check by putting everything into the calculator- but she kept yelling random numbers at me, and then when I understandably screwed up what I was punching in because of the unrelated numbers she was spouting at me, she started telling me how stupid I was. Which of course didn't help matters. Or the guy that asked if I'd had gastric bypass. Also it was equally lovely when I was made to feel physically threatened, which did happen. I remember this one guy especially that kept hitting on me and wouldn't leave me alone. He was making me REALLY uncomfortable, but I didn't feel like I could tell him to fuck off (because the company never EVER supported its employees in anything, so I probably would've gotten blamed even though I was the one being harassed). I kept praying that nobody would need help on the floor so I could stay behind the counter and he wouldn't be able to touch me. That was the one time I was actually nervous going home after I got out, because I was afraid he would be waiting for me. :/ (he wasn't, thankfully) It was FABULOUS when you did what you were told to by a manager and then got in trouble for it later. Um... there was the lady that I'll call "Blinky" (fairly obvious, she blinked a lot) who would come in multiple times a day. She was an absolute TERROR- hated everyone, had complained about everyone working there at least once, always had to bitch about something. If we were all so terrible, I really have no idea why she kept coming in, but whatever. One night, I'd had a really bad day and she came in. I was trying to check something for her, but she wouldn't actually give me half a second to do it- she started bitching and just kept harping and harping and harping at me until I finally snapped at her. She complained about me later and I got in trouble, even though management knew that this lady was consistently a problem, and I'd never snapped at this woman in the many years I'd dealt with her. YEARS I'd put up with that crap. NOBODY IS THAT PATIENT, GOD.

And that's just the customers. Co-workers could be just as bad or worse, depending. There were several people that thought that they were too good to ring register, wouldn't give me any help at all and threw a hissy fit anytime I so much as needed a bathroom break. There was the guy that called me a faggot in front of pretty much everybody and no one said a single word. (I later ended up getting drunk with him at a party and he was much nicer to me after that. Go figure. XD) A lot of backstabbing and gossiping and childish behavior.

Retail, man. I think everyone should be required to work a retail job for at least a solid year, so they can understand just what retail entails and how much shit people put you through (and hopefully make people more understanding)... but I really wouldn't wish more than a year on anybody. While I did get a few things out of it and I met some awesome people, it really is a terrible job. Depending on your crew, of course. If you have an awesome crew, it's considerably less terrible. But still. XD I will point to the video again here. I can't even BEGIN to explain how much truth there is in that.

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Friday, January 17th, 2014 05:09 pm
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(Since I'm at the mall stealing their wi-fi... for the December posting meme- [personal profile] hostilecrayon )

I notice 'what the fuck' is one of your most used tags. xD Talk about things that make you say 'WHAT THE FUCK'. :D
Um, a lot of things. A LOT. I literally say/think/write this at least once every single day, usually more. One of the things I love about this expression is that it's so USEFUL in every day life and can mean multiple things. It can express anything from confusion to anger. As far as what provokes this reaction... look at the tag? XD Meh. I guess we'll point out the most common triggers. The biggest one is stupidity. It baffles me. It often leaves me staring at someone with absolutely no idea what to say to the sheer idiocy of whatever just came out of their mouth. I'm sure you guys know what I mean, those moments when you're absolutely stunned silent and you can't think of a single intelligent response beyond- you guessed it- what the FUCK. On a related note, pure confusion often causes this reaction. I'll say WTF when something just doesn't make any sense to me. Another big one is how terrible we can be to each other, which also baffles me and angers me and makes me terribly sad. Homophobia, sexism, racism, and a bunch of other isms make me go "what the fuck." Probably the third most common thing that the tag covers is anger (often caused by one of the things previously mentioned, but never mind). The government shut down bullshit made me go WTF from both the stupidity and anger standpoints. Actually, a lot of government crap makes me WTF. Anyway. Eh, I don't really have anything else to say about this.

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)

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Thursday, January 16th, 2014 10:17 pm
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★ Oh man, where did winter break even GO? Didn't it just start? I thought I had a month. How is it that classes start on Tuesday? Meh. -_-

★ Unfortunately, I didn't get NEARLY as much done over the break as I would've liked. But the upside here is that SOME things actually got accomplished- as opposed to summer break when absolutely nothing got done. I slowed down a lot on the reading, but I'm almost through The Son of Neptune (well, okay, almost may be a stretch, but I'm a little more than halfway through it. XD). I cleaned my desk- including getting rid of the old piece of shit PC I still had hanging around (I forgot how heavy monitors are, JFC)- and can actually use it now. A PLACE TO DO WORK, YAY. I've been poking at fic, though unfortunately it's been scattered among a few different places so I don't really have anything to show for it. XD But still, any kind of writing is good.

★ Current goals for what little remains of the break: carve out a steady path to the closet. Keep the desk reasonably clean. Finish through The Mark of Athena. Finish at least one fic for posting (not necessarily that I'll get it posted before Tuesday, just to have something ready to go). I should probably clean out my backpack, and I'd also like to get my books before the start of the semester. Eh, I think that's more than enough for four days. XD

★ As I said to Ai in a comment recently- honestly, not having real internet isn't as bad as I'd feared. My phone is a surprisingly decent substitute for a lot of internet-related things. I can keep up with things for the most part (though I do occasionally miss posts here and there, so if there's something important you want to make sure I see, you might want to poke at me juuuuuust in case). Comments and entries in DW/LJ are a giant pain in the ass, so I'm trying to not do those so much. In the worst case scenario that I can't do something, I can always wait until I have access to wi-fi. It's actually been pretty okay.

Anyway, this is looking pretty long here, so I'll shut up now. I'll be around, in any event.

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Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 06:26 pm
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...I was going to go out today for internet/grocery shopping, but it's like -20F with the wind. Um. No. *hides under the covers*

- You know, I guess I do still owe you guys a legit update. So what have you guys missed? Not a whole lot, just school work and me being boring and flailing about finals and grades and stuff. Ended up with a 4.0 for the semester, which was basically a small miracle because I fucked up and never turned in one of the essays for Multicultural Lit, so I was sweating bullets on that one. Whatever, it all ended up okay and that's what counts.

- Otherwise, I've just been chilling out, doing some cleaning, watching stuff, playing stuff, you know. I finally beat the stupid tree in Suikoden IV a couple of weeks ago, so that's done. (Reinhold is a lifesaver- basically, I trained with him until I could reliably beat him every time, plus a little. I think Hero was at level 70 or something by then?). I'd rented Hakuouki from Gamefly and quickly determined that it's something I would appreciate better in anime form. As a video game? No. Too little choice and it's really difficult to follow what's happening, at least for me. I'm slowly working on playing through The Walking Dead on Steam so I can play the new episode with my choices intact (and I've read that as long as you've connected the game to the internet at some point, it'll save your achievements and load them up for when you're connected again. We'll see if that actually works). Next up is... I dunno, Dragon Age, maybe.

- I've been watching a couple of random things. A few eps of Hakuouki, which I do in fact enjoy more as an anime, though it's still not great. There are way too many characters that I have absolutely no hope of remembering the names of. I'm more actively working on Kuroko no Basket season 2, what I have of it anyway. For some reason, it's not annoying me nearly as much as season 1 did, at least so far.

- Mostly, at least the last few days, I've been reading. I'm terribly behind in Riordan's Olympus books- I only ever got as far as The Lost Hero, because that's what was out at the time and I haven't kept up. And because it's been so long, I figured I should probably do some re-reading, so that's what I've been doing. I read through The Last Olympian yesterday, so I'm taking a break today before digging back in tomorrow. I love to read, but there IS such a thing as too much of a good thing. ^_^;;;

- My mom FINALLY went back to work a few weeks ago. Things don't seem any better financially (I'm still giving her money hand over fist that I don't really have, basically), but I'm really hoping it starts to ease soon now that she's getting a full paycheck again. It has to.

Computer Related, cut for those not interested )

- I downloaded an app that will keep track of my video games on my phone for me (like the book one and the dvd one), so I can hopefully avoid accidentally purchasing something I already have. Not even close to done- I still have my DS/3DS/GBA/GB/PC/etc games to put in, of which I have many- and I'm already up to 80. I could throw up. Seriously. How did that even happen?

Anyway. This is quite long enough, especially since I can't really edit very well in here. Hopefully there aren't any major readability issues. XD Later!

A quick note

Saturday, January 4th, 2014 02:47 pm
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(By the way, I'm typing this on my phone and I can only see two lines at a time, so I apologize in advance for any errors. XD)

Okay, so I put this on tumblr already, so some of you already know this- I have no internet at home until further notice. As it's January, it's too damn cold to be walking to the library all the time, and my bus pass for school apparently doesn't work during winter break, so I have to pay for the bus to go somewhere with Wi-Fi. That won't be happening very much, for obvious reasons. I technically have my phone, but I can only ask it to do so much on a 3g network. So. The basic gist of this is that I will only be around sporadically for a while. The December meme is on hold until further notice, though I may poke at it whenever I do go somewhere for internet, but I won't promise anything. If anybody needs me, I'm still poking at tumblr, Facebook, and my email regularly through phone apps. Additionally, I'll sometimes be around on my alternate aim name, which I mainly use for mobile aim because reasons. The name for that one is letsgofive. If that name is on, I'm definitely around.

On the upside, this is a perfect excuse to work on some reading/writing/gaming/watching things I've been meaning to do? :P

Future Plans

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 03:13 pm
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] februaryfour )

Future plans post-graduation?
Well, if I'm going to be a smartass, I should point out that I have two graduations planned, so it depends on which one you're talking about. :P There's graduation in May where I'll get my shiny new A.A. in Liberal Arts, after which the plan is to continue on and get my even shinier B.A. in English (hopefully with that Women's Studies/LGBTQ Studies double minor in my pocket, but we'll see). The plan right now is to live on campus from August 2014 to graduation or August 2016, but I don't have to hammer out that detail for another year, so I'm not worried about it right this split second.

I know what you mean, though, and that's for after I'm done collecting degrees. I absolutely do not plan on getting a master's, partially because I feel like there's no point as I have no intention of teaching, partially because I -really- don't have the money. So, obviously, a job will have to be acquired. Something at least sort of related to my field would be great, though yeah, I'm not going to hold my breath. Basically, everything's going to depend on what I find and where I find it. I'd like to move out toward the west coast, but again, it depends on what kinds of jobs I stumble on and what they're offering. For any moves more than a few hours away, I'm going to have to find a company that will pay for my moving expenses (hahaha)... which may prevent me from doing that, at least for the time being.

And assuming that I don't get a completely brain sucking job, hopefully I can start writing more- maybe even sending out short stories to see if I can get stuff published. So there's that.

I know all of this is very vague, but that's just kind of the way it is right now. I kind of don't know until I'm closer to the finish line, unfortunately. As big as I am on needing security, I didn't choose a field that would lend itself to that. Oops? Oh well. We can't all be hotshot accountants. ^_~

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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] februaryfour  Also, I'm sorry about the title, I had to. Only I'm not that sorry. XD)

How is it being back in school after a break?

Terrifying? Exhausting? Infuriating? I could come up with more words, but I think you get the point. XD At least once a day I have the thought that I'm too old for this. Spending all day around 18 year olds is tough, man. It makes me feel ancient on a daily basis. Also, THE STUPIDITY. >_< I often have the thought that I could've saved myself the thousands of dollars in debt and just stayed in retail if I was going to still be dealing with this crap five days a week, and then I'd at least be getting paid for it.

However, on the less pessimistic side, I'm working towards a goal now, as opposed to just working aimlessly forever. I'll have an Associates degree in May, and if all goes as planned, a BA two and a half years from now. That's definitely a good thing- if nothing else, it's a piece of paper that says, "hi, I can read and write sufficiently well to finish college, PLEASE HIRE ME FOR MORE THAN MINIMUM WAGE." XD

Basically, I have a love/hate relationship with school. I love learning new things, and being made to think about things in new ways or from a different perspective is great. I love being challenged. At the same time, it stresses me out immensely, I hate the work, and often feel like I'm shoveling shit in a sitting position for a grade. Then again, that's not much different from when I was working. At least a grade is a reflection of my work and not just the minimum some asshole feels like he can get away with giving me. So there's that.

While I think that I shouldn't have waited so long to go to school- what people say is right, the longer the break is, the harder it is to go back- I think it was good that I didn't go to college right after high school, at least as far as certain things go. Retail helped with talking to people. I'm still not great at it and I still won't go up and start talking to people I don't know (hell, I won't call my sister unless I have something specific to discuss), but I can usually have a semi-normal conversation with someone should they talk to me. I'm still shy and introverted, but not cripplingly so like I was coming out of high school. (Seriously, even just going up to a cashier in the grocery store to purchase something freaked me out.) So basically, I'm more open now about meeting people and making friends and stuff and that's good. Besides that, in high school and even for a couple of years after that, I was so deep in the closet that I didn't even know what the hell was going on. I certainly would've been too afraid to join a public LGBTQ group, much less to consider actually minoring in LGBTQ studies. At this point in my life, I've had quite a while to come to terms with things and deal with that aspect of myself. It's okay now. I didn't have that then, not even close. And I don't think being in college would've helped things happen any faster, either- I probably would've just retreated inward into my turtle shell for four years. Obviously there's no way to know for sure, but knowing me, I feel like that's a pretty accurate guess. So... sometimes things work out.

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Writing Habits

Saturday, December 28th, 2013 11:14 pm
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] februaryfour )

Writing habits, do you have them?
I have to admit, not-writing is more of a habit than writing, these days. XD Hmm, let's see. While I will still write on whatever's convenient at the time, these days it's almost exclusively on the computer. Which is both a good thing (no re-writing into notepad necessary, plus not losing the paper) and a bad thing? I find that switching it up usually has a good effect on ideas, so I should probably do that more. I'm trying to think of things here that won't trample on a later question about my writing process. XD I absolutely CAN NOT write porn if there's someone else in the room. Procrastination is a huge writing habit. Um... I like to have music on when I write. It inspires me, sets a mood... however, this also can be bad, because if a song comes on that brings on a completely different mood than before, it can inspire a new bunny/direction for the fic. That happened to me just recently, actually. BE CAREFUL WITH MUSIC. That being said, I do tend to have particular songs permanently connected in my mind with particular fics. Not all of them, mind, but some. It's usually the song or songs that helped inspire/shape the bunny to begin with, but not always. Some fics even have multiple songs- there's a fic in my bunny folder that has Happy by Saving Jane, Mr. Know It All by Kelly Clarkson, and Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects- yes, it's a very happy fic, how could you tell? XD. There's another one that comes directly from It Gets Better by Tondrick Hall and can't POSSIBLY end well. Oops.

Speaking of oops, this whole thing basically ended up being about music. Heh. ^_^;;;

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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] qem_chibati - thought I posted this yesterday, sorry!)

Are there any types of plants/flowers that you enjoy?
I do like plants and flowers in general, though I uh, kind of suck at keeping them alive? ^_^;;; I have actually managed to kill two succulents and a cactus in recent memory, so. XD (They weren't in the best shape when I bought them, but I think maybe they weren't getting enough sun where they were, but I'm not really sure. I might've accidentally cut too many of the roots when I was repotting them.) Anyway. I will forever have a fondness for purple lilacs, lily of the valley (inside family joke from when I was a kid XD), tulips, and lilies in general, which all grew by my house when I was growing up.  As far as being given flowers, nothing beats dark red roses- the darker, the better. (google image search "black magic rose" and you'll see the kind of thing I mean) Especially if they haven't completely bloomed, because for some reason, I feel like the shape they take when they've only opened a little bit is a lot prettier and more appealing. I'm a pain in the ass, I know. XD For non-flowering plants, I like those too, especially the leafy ones. I had a spider plant when I was a kid, and there was a set of super cute plants I used for a biology experiment in high school. I kept the one singular plant that survived the project (XD) until my cat killed it a few months later.

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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] qem_chibati )

Are there any types of questions that you wish you'd get asked on these things?
You know, I've been thinking about this question since Qem posted it, and I still don't have a clue. I'm basically an open book online anyway, so it's not like I've been consciously hiding anything that I'd like to get out in the open. I've gotten some really good questions from people on the meme already. I guess... if we're not being specific, I like questions that make me think, especially if it forces me to think about something in a new way. Maybe even something that makes me a bit uncomfortable. That being said, what I definitely don't want? I really hate getting the third degree about school, particularly questions about my degree path, because it tends to be really patronizing and people tend to use the opportunity to tell you that you're an idiot. Not that I think you guys would do that, it just makes that line of questioning something I dread. My defenses go up as soon as someone goes, "so what's your major?" (As a side note, I've heard that things are starting to open up for English majors- because employers are realizing that they have all these employees that can't even write a fucking professional email, so they're beginning to appreciate the communication aspect of an English major. Don't know how true that is, but there you go.)

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)

By the way, if I don't get to a real entry later, Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it! And Happy Holidays to everyone all around. ^_^

OTP Types

Monday, December 23rd, 2013 09:39 am
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] mmmdraco )

Do you have a particular type of relationship you gravitate toward with your OTPs?
Absolutely. At the basic level, I need for there to be a connection and sexual tension/romance between two characters to ship them in the first place (I don't typically ship stuff just because it's pretty). Without that, it just doesn't make sense to me. With that in mind, I tend to fall especially hard for rival pairings and/or best friend pairings- between those two, most of my favorites are covered- but rivals are the big one. I can't explain it, there's just... so much sexual tension in it sometimes, you know? (For reference, see Hikaru/Akira.) I would prefer that they didn't completely hate each other, but that's not a hard and fast rule- that does have some merit in the possibility of hate sex, or actual character development where each realizes that the other isn't what they always thought and/or the "bad" one is redeemed or whatever (see: Harry/Draco). I think with rival pairings, my favorite thing is the dynamics between the two characters. Their interactions are interesting and fun and there's not that sense you get with some pairings that it's a little too easy. With rivals there's ALWAYS some kind of push and pull going on, some argument that's waiting to happen. There's always a source of conflict. And, again, there tends to be a lot of UST there, which just makes me want to resolve it. :3

Best friend pairings... I'm not sure I can explain that one terribly well either. It's a completely different dynamic. They know each other, they're comfortable with each other, and they trust each other, which isn't always something you get with the rival type pairings. Under this umbrella I would put things like Waya/Isumi, Oishi/Eiji, Axel/Roxas... it's like a warm, fuzzy blanket. Any angst is likely to come from outside of the relationship itself, with the exceptions of gay angst or "I don't want to lose my best friend" angst. Them being together is just kind of inevitable, but in a different kind of way than the rivals. It's interesting in a different way and fluffy and adorable. ^_^

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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] mmmdraco )

What kinds of weather do you love?
Fall is my favorite season by far, so mainly it's that kind of weather. When it gets cooler so I'm not dying of heat stroke but it's not freezing yet, before the snow and ice starts. Sun is also an important factor. I have a little bit of seasonal affective disorder that runs in my family, which basically means that I tend to get depressed in the winter when there's not much sun. (It's one of the reasons that while a part of me would love to live someplace like Alaska- so pretty, and not hot- I would probably kill myself after six months of darkness. No way, dude.) So It makes me feel better when the sun is out, even if my eyes are really oversensitive to light so I always keep a hat and/or sunglass clippies with me. The first really nice day of spring always makes me really happy. :) Temperature-wise, 60 to low 70's is just about perfect. Light sweater to t-shirt weather. :D

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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] degrees )

I'm actually skipping to this one, mainly because it would be well into January before I got to it otherwise and that just feels wrong, so I'm doing it now before I forget. :P Also, this one's going to be link-heavy. Fair warning.

Favorite Christmas traditions!

The thing about this question is that there isn't a lot that's survived childhood. After my grandparents died when I was a teenager, everything basically fell apart and there's really nothing that's done consistently as a family anymore. Plus I worked Christmas every year for nearly ten years, unless I just happened to have the day off normally anyway... so basically what I'm left with are a bunch of personal things that I'm not sure I'd call "traditions," but we'll go with it for the sake of the question:

⛄ (the one thing that I -have- retained) HAM DINNER! :D I usually just buy a package of ham steaks, though last year I cooked a half of a boneless ham with pineapple and cloves. I probably won't do that again, it's WAY too much for just me. It was delicious, but I was eating ham till I was sick of it. XD But yeah, ham with pineapple slices, mashed potatoes, broccoli, rolls, and maybe pecan pie if I can find it. Done.

⛄ As far as gift exchange, things usually go like this: Kelly and I will go out for a nice dinner or something in lieu of gifts, not ON Christmas but sometime after, usually. Also sometime after Christmas, Stef and I give each other gift cards and proceed to go shopping, though these days the gift cards tend to be via Amazon (after this Christmas, I should have enough to almost pay for a basic Kindle without the special offers. :D)- so we go to Walmart or Barnes and Noble or wherever else we might need, and go to lunch and generally just spend time.

⛄ Christmas required reading: The 12 Steps of Christmas (note: Original, not fanfic- also NSFW!) and Toys in Boyland (note: Hikago fic, NSFW)

⛄ I pull out one of two trees, depending on how lazy I'm feeling. One is a two foot thing that's completely made of white wires and lights (think like this, except not as tall because it doesn't have all that "trunk", and not as pretty because I can't shape a tree for shit and it always looks lopsided XD), and I have decorations and a star for it and everything. If I don't have the energy to deal with that, I have a little plastic tree that plugs into my usb and changes colors that's basically this except it doesn't light up quite as high on the tree. It's cute. :D I would actually prefer a fiber optic one, but it was what was available at the time- and considering that it probably would've gotten crushed by now, it's just as well. XD

⛄ Christmas music! Now... thanks to working in retail for so long, I've heard most Christmas music enough for about five lifetimes, but there's some of it I can still stand. The versions of Silent Night by Enya and Boys II Men. Anything Chipmunk. At Christmas by Hanson is a longtime favorite (IT'S PRETTY, DON'T JUDGE ME), and I love Christmas Eve Sarajevo by Trans Siberian Orchestra (even though it makes me tear up if I think about it for too long) and We Three Kings by Kamelot. There are others, but those are the essentials for more "traditional" music. 

Many of my favorites, however, fall under the heading of parody, and the number one on this list is Ho Ho Fucking Ho by Kevin Bloody Wilson (obviously NSFW XD). Other favorites in this vein mostly come from Bob Rivers and include The 12 Pains of Christmas, The Chimney Song, The Twisted Chipmunk Song (not really SFW either- and yeah, I know, the video is dumb, but it's the only one I found that didn't have sound issues), and the best follow-up to that song ever: Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire. :P

⛄ Christmas movies! I don't really have a "set" tradition here, but typically I'll watch at least one Christmas movie during the season. It's usually something like Charlie Brown, Frosty, The Santa Clause, Muppet's Christmas Carol, The Little Drummer Boy, Rudolph, that sort of thing. Between stuff I've bought and stuff I've downloaded, I actually have a TON of Christmas themed movies. One of my favorites too that I actually found again semi-recently is a little short Disney did in the 50's called "Pluto's Christmas Tree."

And that's about all I can think of, though I think this entry is already quite long enough anyway. :P

Best food ever

Friday, December 20th, 2013 08:46 am
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] mmmdraco )

What's the best food you've ever eaten and what made it so good?
Hmmmm. When I think about this question, I think about this place in Pacific Mall in Toronto. Pacific Mall, if you've never been, is the biggest Asian mall in North America, at least last I knew. It's freaking huge. Good place to find cheap bootlegged anime. ;) So anyway, they have a food court of sorts, but they have one general menu for everything and I didn't know what most of it was. The ONE thing that I actually recognized and would actually eat was the General Tso's chicken. It's still to this day the best General Tso's I've ever had in my life. I can't really tell you exactly what made it so good- I'm not adept enough in the kitchen to be able to tell what they did to it or anything, plus it's been a really long time and the details are lost to me now- but it was a little sweet and A LOT spicy. Like after a few bites, my mouth was on fire. XD Which is usually a deterrent for me, but this time it wasn't. What I also remember about that meal was that they gave us chopsticks to eat our meal with and nothing else. I'm a little better now, but then I couldn't eat with chopsticks to save my life, so for a while I was kind of spearing everything with one of the chopsticks, one piece at a time. (I didn't know then that this was a bad thing to do, and that I should've just made myself look like an ignorant American and asked for a fork right from the getgo. XD) Finally one of the girls I was with took pity on me and got me a fork. XDDD Well, she's also Korean I believe, so it's also possible that she'd had about enough of my terrible ignorant white person manners. XD

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)

Favorite of 2013

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 11:29 pm
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] jet )

What's your favorite thing you've read/watched/etc in 2013?
Oh maaaaaaaaan, this is a hard one, partially because I have a terrible memory. XD I'm trying to think. Leisure reading has been kind of... er... non-existent this year, so I'm going to throw the "read" right out the window. As far as things watched... the first thing that comes to mind is The Secret of Kells. I absolutely LOVED that. Beyond that... (I'll admit that I'm looking at my Netflix right now because I'm a cheater XD) I really liked United States of Tara.

I'll take "etc" as games, and there's really only one answer to this: The Walking Dead. Hands down, absolutely no contest. I do love that the put out a new Phoenix Wright this year, but... yeah, TWD still wins. XD

Favorite Genre

Saturday, December 14th, 2013 10:26 am
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] jet )

Favorite genre in any medium?

Pffft, you say that like I can pick one. XD You will get two, so THERE. :P Anyway, one of the many things I grew up reading was the Nancy Drew Files (not so much the originals, this was a spin-off series they published in the 80's and 90's), and that pretty much set me up for my eternal love of the mystery/suspense genre. I'm not a fan of horror or gore, so once it crosses over into that I'm not into it, but give me a fun mystery novel/movie/whatever and I will consume it happily. (And no, I actually have never gotten around to reading Sherlock Holmes, which is a cardinal sin I know, but... it's just one of those things. XD) The only thing, though, is that I find that I don't enjoy it as much if the main character's life isn't at risk at SOME point in the story, usually the climax. Again, I blame Nancy Drew for this. The ending just sort of falls flat to me otherwise. It's kind of like, oh, well, that was easy. :/ I also haaaaate when the culprit is too obvious. Surprise me, I can take it! As long as it makes sense, I love love love surprises in mysteries. :D

My other favorite genre is fantasy, which is something that I actually picked up in my early teens even though I've always had a fascination with dragons and magic. Sleeping Beauty was always my favorite Disney movie as a kid just because Maleficent turns into an awesome dragon. :P Anyway. I was in the bookstore looking for a book on my summer reading list called Dealing With Dragons by Patricia Wrede. (Since I lived in a small town with one tiny library, it was often difficult to get summer reading books from there. It was usually easier to just buy them.) I didn't find it and these were the days before online ordering or anything like that, so instead, we decided that I would try the library again and in the meantime, I could pick out a different book to take home. I decided to get something in the same genre, and without actually knowing anything about fantasy, I somehow managed to pick a classic- Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I quickly insisted on getting the rest of the books to continue the story and have been a huge fan of the Dragonlance series ever since. (Oh, and by the way, I did eventually get my hands on Dealing With Dragons, though I accidentally read the last book first and I was so confused for a while. Oops. It's fabulous and if you haven't read it, you really, really should.)

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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] jet )

What is the best pairing of all time?
Oh man, this could be such a complicated question, but I'm going to answer it in two primary ways. First, I assume that when you say this, you mean "OTP of all OTP's"- I don't think it'll surprise anyone when I say that there's no contest on this one- Hikaru/Akira, hands down. Period. I seriously didn't even have to think about it. If some awful, evil person said I could only read or write one pairing ever ever again, I would choose them. Of course I would miss the others terribly, but that's why these questions are hard. The bottom line for me is that they are my favorite and they're the ones that I always go back to, over and over again.

The other way I can read this question has to deal with firsts, which brings us to Harry/Draco. Harry Potter was my first fandom, and they were my first OTP. It was them that led me (eventually) to anime- more specifically, Hikago- and it was a downhill slope from there. So you could possibly argue that Harry/Draco should be at the top of this list, since it's what started everything, if you really wanted to. 
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I owe you guys at least one update post, but realistically, that's probably not going to happen for a while. So. I keep seeing this December posting meme going around, and even though I'm really kind of super late, I figure why not. Might get me to post more than once every two or three months. XD I'm stealing [personal profile] chagrined 's version in which you don't tell me specific days, I'll just do questions as I get to them, and it may or may not run off into January, depending on how much response I get. And I'm lazy, so I'm just going to (mostly) copypasta right from Krim's post:

So if there's anything you'd like to see me ramble on about, could be about anime, manga, other media, fandoms, fanworks, school, life, non-fannish stuff, whatever! It can be specific or general. It can be something I already talk about a fair amount or something you wish I'd talk about more. It can even be something you've never seen me express an opinion on but you're curious about my thoughts!

If you have something you'd like to see me talk about, just comment here and I will post about it at some point. There's no time limit to leaving comments, so if you see this post a few days or even a few weeks late, you can still ask! I'm not even going to put a limit of December on this. If you see this post in June and want to put up a question, that's totally cool.

I'm also not going to put a limit on number of questions, so if you want to know about A, B, and C, that's fine, post 'em! I do reserve the right to plead the fifth if it's TOO crazy/embarrassing/would implicate me in a crime, but I probably won't do that. XD

Questions already asked:
(note: I started out crossing these off as I addressed them, but since there's so many, I decided to start putting up the DW links to responses, in the interest of people actually finding the answers to their questions. XD Just so you guys know.)

What is the best pairing of all time?
Favorite genre in any medium?
What's your favorite thing you've read/watched/etc in 2013?
What's the best food you've ever eaten and what made it so good?
What kinds of weather do you love?
Do you have a particular type of relationship you gravitate toward with your OTPs?
Are there any types of questions that you wish you'd get asked on these things? ^__^ (because Qem is a dirty cheater. :P)
Are there any type of plants/flowers that you enjoy?
Writing habits, do you have them?
How is it being back in school after a break?
Future plans post-graduation?
'What the fuck' is one of your most used tags. xD Talk about things that make you say 'WHAT THE FUCK'. :D
Guiltiest pleasure, be it music, a game, a habit, whatev.
Things you've always planned to get to/watch/do/etc but haven't and probably never will.
What's your dream job and/or best job you'd like that's realistic considering the degree you're going for?
People you couldn't or wouldn't want to live without and why!
Talk about your writing process!
Favorite Christmas traditions!
Any YouTube recs?
Talk about the direction you see fandom going in (livejournal to tumblr, etc) and if it's a good or bad thing!
☁ Top five favorite fics! Standard edition, hard mode: above 50k, and vanity rec mode! (that's 15 recs in all XD)
☁ Places you would like to travel to someday

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It's been a while again since I've written, so I figured I'd check in and let those of you who don't follow me in other places know that yes, I'm still alive. See? Alive. :D So what's been happening? A lot of work, a lot of procrastination. I spent the morning sorting out the (admittedly, all over the place) fantasy section of my e-book folder instead of trying to write a story that's due Tuesday. You know, the normal. Oops. XD I also don't have internet at home right now, which complicates matters. This got really ridiculously long, mostly because of the school sections, so I'm just going to section the school stuff off for you guys by cuts. Which I don't normally bother with, but, well... you'll see. XD

☁ In case you're in Hikago fandom and didn't see my spamming, there's a new blind_go mini round out- GO SIGN UP. NOW.

☁ The new Phoenix Wright came out a couple of weeks ago. I feel so behind- I only just barely started case 4. I have Thoughts on it, which are partially good and partially ragey, but I'll hold off on getting too into those until I actually finish the game. So far... it's not that different from the others, concept wise. I can basically boil everything down to a short list of "things I've learned from the Ace Attorney games"
1. Prosecutors get away with EVERYTHING.
2. Don't become friends with a lawyer ever- you'll eventually end up dead or falsely accused of a crime, probably murder.
3. LGBTQ people are ridiculous/offensive/disgusting/only good for comedic relief/figments of your imagination/terrible people/any combination of the above, depending on the particular plot device service they're providing at the time.

☁ Midterms grades were fine- 4.0 for the semester so far. As usual, I just need to keep it there. ajdklsajd.

Wibbling About the Future- Transfer Schools )

Wibbling About the Future- Classes )

Wibbling About the Future- Minors )

Wibbling About the Future- Jobs )

And last but not least... the Salem trip )


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