Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Future Plans

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 03:13 pm
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] februaryfour )

Future plans post-graduation?
Well, if I'm going to be a smartass, I should point out that I have two graduations planned, so it depends on which one you're talking about. :P There's graduation in May where I'll get my shiny new A.A. in Liberal Arts, after which the plan is to continue on and get my even shinier B.A. in English (hopefully with that Women's Studies/LGBTQ Studies double minor in my pocket, but we'll see). The plan right now is to live on campus from August 2014 to graduation or August 2016, but I don't have to hammer out that detail for another year, so I'm not worried about it right this split second.

I know what you mean, though, and that's for after I'm done collecting degrees. I absolutely do not plan on getting a master's, partially because I feel like there's no point as I have no intention of teaching, partially because I -really- don't have the money. So, obviously, a job will have to be acquired. Something at least sort of related to my field would be great, though yeah, I'm not going to hold my breath. Basically, everything's going to depend on what I find and where I find it. I'd like to move out toward the west coast, but again, it depends on what kinds of jobs I stumble on and what they're offering. For any moves more than a few hours away, I'm going to have to find a company that will pay for my moving expenses (hahaha)... which may prevent me from doing that, at least for the time being.

And assuming that I don't get a completely brain sucking job, hopefully I can start writing more- maybe even sending out short stories to see if I can get stuff published. So there's that.

I know all of this is very vague, but that's just kind of the way it is right now. I kind of don't know until I'm closer to the finish line, unfortunately. As big as I am on needing security, I didn't choose a field that would lend itself to that. Oops? Oh well. We can't all be hotshot accountants. ^_~

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)


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