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So much for updating more. Oops. XD I've been doing the usual thing where I have a text file and I just keep adding to it until it's roughly the size of Godzilla and then never post it, so yanno. I -will- finish the December meme, I have two more to go, I just need to finish the recs post first because Liz is evil. In the meantime, I'll post a part of what I've got saved up. This is the fandom/media part, and probably later or tomorrow or something I'll post the RL part. I think that's the best way to go about this. ^_^ I was going to go someplace with wifi today, but I really don't feel like it, so I'm posting this from my phone- I apologize ahead of time if something goes wrong. Seriously, these days it's better to just follow my tumblr (same username), I post to that way more often.

★ I'm positive that you've all seen this by now, but in case you haven't or you've forgotten about it or something, there's a new round of [community profile] blind_go sign-ups going here. They're open for one more week. Don't forget to sign up if you haven't already! I'm really hoping to have the theme sets posted before then. Unfortunately, between everything else that's been going on IRL, the lack of home internet, and photobucket eating pictures I upload, it's been a trial and a half. So we'll see. XD

★ I've been watching stuff!
-Managed to get caught up in Kuroko no Basket (anime). Primary reaction is that it needs more Nigou. :P But then, that's always true. They should just make the whole show about him. XD That being said, I find the show much more tolerable when I'm caught up. I can take once a week doses with a relative minimum of eyerolling, but much more than that gets me really irritated. It's starting to really annoy me again, with the incredibly overpowered/overdramatized players. I keep going, "Really? REALLY? I'm supposed to buy this?" XD
-I watched through season 3 of Sherlock. The verdict? They should've just left it at the end of season 2. Just... unghhhh. So much was stupid or didn't make any fucking logical sense whatsoever. I can't even articulate how much was wrong with it. adjsakljdklsa.
-Let's see... I was told Sakura Trick was cute, so I'd grabbed the first three episodes that were out. That was my first mistake. XD I watched the first couple and dropped it, which I -never- do. It does have it's cute moments, but it's so fanservicey that it's absolutely beyond ridiculous. I lost count of the number of times I rolled my eyes at it in two episodes. I wouldn't mind the fanservice quite so much if it didn't set off my pedo alarm. Seriously, the one girl looks about eight years old, and that squicks me the hell out. Nothing against people that are into that, it's just not my thing.
-I'm not terribly into sci-fi, so Firefly was something I never really bothered watching. Well... I finally gave in because I was sick of people being all horrified about me not seeing it, and it was on Netflix, so why not. It was reasonably amusing. Zoe is by far my favorite. :)
-I'm now six episodes into Oofuri. Reactions so far, because I know if nothing else, Krim will ask: I -hate- the opening song, but that's not a dealbreaker or anything, so whatever, it's just annoying as all hell. JFC, it's like they're begging for slash shipping here, even without counting the number of opportunies for pitcher and catcher jokes. XDDD Mihashi is ridiculously high maintenance. Poor Abe. XD My feelings on Mihashi are mixed- I think he's adorable half the time and completely fucking obnoxious the other half. I desperately want to punch him in the face during the obnoxious half because I'm a terrible person. XD Also, does this first game ever fucking end? I find myself longing for the three episode PoT matches, seriously. Ungh. That being said, despite my bitching, I'm enjoying it overall. I mean, come on, it's gay baseball. What's not to like in that equation? :P
-I've also apparently decided to pick up Merlin again, but so far this has only consisted of figuring out where the hell I stopped. Considering that I knew I never got to season 2, this process was harder than you might think. XD For example, I actually got most of the way through an episode before I realized I'd already seen it before. XD So yeah, turns out I finished season 1. That's probably something I'll do today- start season 2! :D
-On the upside, I'd tried getting netflix to work on my phone and it wouldn't, without a wi-fi connection. Now suddenly it does. Which means that watching stuff isn't going to be nearly as much of a pain as it has been. Quality isn't bad, either. I ordered a cheap stand on Amazon so I can watch it without having to sit there and hold the phone, because that gets really painful after a while. It actually just arrived today and seems like it'll work. Yay!

★ In other news, I dropped my 3DS and now it's on max volume all the time regardless of where the slider is. <_< Bleh. Need to get one of those dust plug things for it for when I don't have my headphones plugged in.

Aaaand I think that's plenty long enough for the time being. :P

Date: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 07:00 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] chagrined
chagrined: Oofuri: Tajima up to bat (tajima bat)
i still haven't finished the december meme either haha ONE OF THESE DAYS

!!!!!! YOU'RE WATCHING OOFURI!!! OMG! haha i should come in chat again so when you watch some more of it i can get your reactions. :D :D

i'm curious to see if you'll like or dislike the 2nd OP (my favorite one). i don't h8 dramatic (the 1st OP) but it's not my fave and i much prefer the 2nd one (seishun line) and also arigatou (which is either the 1st or 2nd ED, i don't remember). but yeah that first one being the first one kind of becomes the "theme" OP for the whole series, like it's the one they have the cast sing 2gether at the seiyuu event etc.

hahaha yes we are def opposites on many items of sports anime preferences. i love the sports part to death and want lots of detail on it so i love the long/detailed/realistic matches of oofuri or slam dunk. see: one of the many things i hated about kurobasu. XD and i know i'd hate about prince of tennis too, but there are so many other things i'd also hate about that one haha, that's why it's always on my "never watch this ever" list. (i think i did once read the very beginning of the manga tho.) but yeah the 1st practice match there against mihoshi ends in ep 7 iirc, so YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH FURTHER TO GO! U CAN DO IT!! ;D if you dislike the long matches tho, you're not gonna be pleased w/ the rest of s1, as p much the whole latter half of the season comprises one game (the first game of the summer tournament). i find it gr8 b/c in terms of how long it lasts it's basically exactly the length of a real baseball game, so you're like seeing it happen in real time. plus of course it contains lots of gr8 sports and character drama throughout. but anyway, i guess whether you can stand that will depend on how much the other parts you do like about the show compensate for it heh.

re: feelings on mihashi, it's interesting to me b/c most ppl watching the show usually gravitate at first toward mihashi or abe so it's fun to see who is which type haha. i also found mihashi a little irritating at first, altho for me, a few more eps in, i grew to love him and he didn't annoy me any more. but yeah i def enjoyed abe more right from the start heh. while i know many ppl who are the opposite! i think it's ttly legit to get annoyed with mihashi (or abe!)'s behavior at times haha. i mean, various characters throughout the series will end up commenting on how they sometimes want to smack mihashi haha. not just abe, but hanai also comments on this later too, how he thinks if he'd gone to middle school with mihashi he'd have bullied him too, and he still sometimes almost loses his temper at mihashi except abe always loses his first so it stops hanai from doing so haha. mihashi and abe are just so poorly suited for each other in many ways, even as they're so well-suited for each other in other ways.


oh and that sucks about the 3ds boo :( :(
Edited Date: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 07:01 pm (UTC)

Date: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 08:47 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] chagrined
chagrined: Oofuri: Tajima up to bat (tajima bat)
that makes sense re: kurobasu vs. pot. yeah, like, well the "silly ridic over the top and doesn't take itself seriously" show i'm going to probably make myself give a try next is inazuma eleven haha. based on everything i heard about it i suspect i'll h8 it, but i HOPE i won't b/c i want to play the ds game haha. (tho i guess i could play the ds game anyway, at least from what i've seen it seems slightly less ridic than the anime haha.) but yeah, usually i like my sports anime/manga to be more realistic, so i can see why other ppl would like super ridic over the top stuff, but generally it doesn't appeal to me in sports stuff.

abe is really super full of himself and also horrible at people (which messes up a lot of his views/approaches toward other ppl, especially mihashi and his old catcher haruna who you'll meet l8r) and also he has no friends haha. like, CANONICALLY HE HAS NO FRIENDS, and he actually realizes this at one point while brushing his teeth. it's gr8.

yeah, that's also legit about mihashi hitting too close to home. for me that's not the issue, but i've seen that from others too. and some ppl saying similar things about say yuki's anxiety in tsuritama, that it makes them feel uncomfortable to watch it b/c it's so familiar. tho mihashi isn't like that for me, i've def had other characters who were. that's why i couldn't keep reading REAL, b/c the stuff wrt disability was hitting too close to home and making me depressed. OR characters who started out like me but then overcame the problems i have. which is why i have only watched the first two eps of space brothers haha.

TAJIMA??? YES. IN MY ICON?? TAJIMA IS GR8. he is my 2nd fave character and was my fave early on, before haruna was introduced, who became my fave. (altho haruna didn't really get cemented as my fave until a while l8r, after the s1 ova ep and then manga stuff developed him more.)

Date: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 07:45 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] februaryfour
februaryfour: (Default)
Oofuri. <3 I have some really old Oofuri fic I started writing and never got far into, but oh god I love Abe and I ship Hanai/Abe. <3 (I haven't gotten far though, dropped everything when I got really busy.)

Sorry to hear about the 3DS! T_T

Date: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 08:45 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] februaryfour
februaryfour: (Default)
Have not squeed about it. ^_^ I got into it because Ontogenesis and Cienna were in it.


Date: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 09:23 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] inoru_no_hoshi
inoru_no_hoshi: The most ridiculous chandelier ever: shaped like a penis. Text: Sparklepeen. (Default)
Oofuri really is one of the most blatantly slashy series I've ever watched, and that's including some that are categorised as yaoi. xD And yeah, Mihashi is a bit of a high-maintenance neurotic mess, but I think Abe is really good at helping him become less-so over the course of the anime. (Also, I empathise with Mihashi a bit because I'm totally a bit of a neurotic mess. >_>)

ETA: Also I read the other comments with thoughts about Abe, and, yeah. Mihashi's a neurotic mess, and Abe's an arrogant dick, but as much as that clashes it also...really helps both of them? Strangely. Abe gets better handling Mihashi, which helps him be less of a dick, and Mihashi starts calming down a bit as he starts seeing he can be a great pitcher. It's actually really fascinating to watch!

I have not had a chance to watch s3 of Sherlock, tho I've heard a bit more disenting over it than over s1 and s2, so. Crossing my fingers basically? xD
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Date: Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 07:40 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] hestialuna
hestialuna: (Waya x Isumi)
Oh hey, I didn't know you watched Sherlock too! It's my other huge fandom. My initial reaction to S3 was also a major WTF, but once I took some time to recover and delve into reading Sherlock meta, I actually think it's the most brilliantly constructed series in terms of character development. This is definitely a rabbit hole, but here's the link to an organized collection of them: There are a lot of layers to this show and I still believe Johnlock is endgame. :)

Here's a great one I read recently about Sherlock's mind palace:

And Merlin!! The wonderful thing about Merlin is that you don't need to watch much to get into the good fanfics. The show itself is a bit boring to me, but man is it a gateway to some really good fanfiction.

Date: Monday, March 3rd, 2014 03:00 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] hestialuna
hestialuna: (akira turtleneck)
Oh man, yeah, if you don’t ship Johnlock or Merlin/Arthur, those fandoms don’t have very much else to offer! I’ve only read Merlin AUs too. I think there are a couple AUs that are basically the most well-known Merlin fics, so it makes sense. It’s too bad that Sherlock has been disappointing for you, but I see what you’re saying. My interpretation is that Sherlock’s emotional side has been so thoroughly repressed that its growth is all in the subtext, particularly so in Series 3. I find the subtext of the show incredibly fascinating. There is really well-researched meta analysis out there, but it won’t fully pay off until we get more episodes to confirm. Until then, we just have what looks like a lot of seemingly bizarre production decisions.


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