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Oh man, I've been so terrible about RL stuff. So here's the cliffsnotes on that, which I'm going to put under a cut because it got really long since it's been a long time. ^_^;;;

★ Is it spring yet? ;~; I know it's technically spring, but mother nature hasn't gotten the hint yet. I'm so over this shit. Winter's been rough this year. *insert whining here* This comic pretty much covers it. XD

★ Just before the semester started, I took on a project and colored my hair blue. I've wanted to do it for absolutely FOREVER but was too nervous and always had some corporate entity telling me I couldn't. Well, I figured, being in school, this is the perfect time. Not like I can get in trouble for it. :) It was... a giant pain in the ass, to be completely honest, and it got everywhere despite being as careful as possible. Even just from rinsing the color out in the shower, I looked like a smurf, and that's not even considering the state of the tub. It looked like I'd been sacrificing smurfs in there. XD That took a ton and a half of bleach to get out, and even then, there's a blue tinge around the drain that's probably never going away. Oops.

Is the color awesome? Yes. I freaking love it. It started out a dark blue and is now a bit of a patchy tealish color as it washes out and my natural color grows back in. I thought it would come out quickly, but it's hanging around a lot longer than I expected (it's been about two months and there's still plenty of blue left). I'll miss it when it's gone, I think. However. Worth all the cleanup? No.

★ In other news, class stuff! (I had all A's at midterms, but we'll see if that stays.)
-English Lit II- (Fair warning, the entire part on this class is just going to be a lot of bitching.) Okay, so the first thing that put me off of this class is that the professor looks a lot like one of my aunts that I don't particularly like, so that weirds me out. I know it shouldn't really affect anything and that's unfair, but... I'm only human. Anyway. I'm really glad that I didn't end up taking that Poetry class, because the way the professor teaches this, it's mostly poetry. Which... ungh. I've never been a fan. I realize that in a literature class there's going to be some poetry, but seriously? The class covers from the mid 1700's or so to present day, and yet there's SO many great writers that she's already said we're skipping over (and they're in the textbook, so it's not like there's an excuse)- Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelley, and Arthur Conan Doyle, for starters. WHAT? Not a single one of them, really? How can you even POSSIBLY justify that in an English Lit class? This blows my mind. We've also spent almost the entire semester on Romantic era poetry, which makes me want to jump off a bridge. (For those unfamiliar, it's this one particular era before the Victorians where they were all like, "life sucks, now I'm going to whine about it for fifty lines in vague metaphors.") Oh yeah, and she expects us to remember who wrote what (even specific lines) when there have been twenty million poems, so I got a B+ on a test in here, UGH. I really hate this class and am VERY unhappy with the way it's taught. This semester would be about 500% better if I'd taken something else.
-Intro to Philosophy- This is interesting, and I like the teacher, especially since he doesn't seem to care that I'm basically always late. XD (And I see him at Barnes and Noble all the time lately, which is a little awkward.) Really, my biggest issue with this class is the location- they decided at the last minute to move it out to the complete opposite side of campus. On a GOOD day, with no snow/ice/whatever and no one trying to kill me in the parking lots, it takes ten minutes to get there from English Lit, which I have right before that. We get ten minutes between classes and that's assuming you get out of your first class on time. You can probably figure out how well THAT'S been going so far this semester. XD The other issue is that the final paper looks scary as hell. It's not a research paper, it's a reflection piece where we answer a bunch of questions that he's put out, among them being "what is truth?" Okay, are you serious? You expect me to be able to define truth after one semester of an intro philosophy class? >_< I'm trying not to think about that too hard, though, otherwise I'll just cry. XD It really is an interesting class, though, so that's good. ^_^ He also doesn't bullshit you at all, which is refreshing. No hand holding. He's the first teacher I've ever had EVER who doesn't take attendance- if you don't show up, that's on you and that's your problem. I appreciate actually being treated like an adult capable of making my own decisions. Not that I would generally skip anyway, but you guys know what I mean.
-American Lit II- This one is much more my speed than English Lit. The professor seems cool and the material is MUCH better overall. Best of all, while the entire textbook is GINORMOUS, it's actually split up into three smaller volumes. So unlike my English Lit book which is the roughly the size of a small car, I only have to take the particular volume I need, which is nice. I mean- the individual volumes still aren't small, and it's that literature book paper that makes the weight of the book deceptively heavy in comparison to its size- but it's a whole lot better than having to drag the whole thing to school three days a week, plus the English Lit, plus whatever else I need. Yay! Really, the only negative here is the other people in class, two in particular. One is always interrupting to make idiotic commentary that's either unrelated or a paraphrasing of what the teacher just said. It's just a waste of time. The other thinks she knows everything and she so, so doesn't- my rant here is a perfect example. The stupidity. It burns.
-Human Sexuality- This was the class I was most looking forward to, and so far it hasn't disappointed. It's a lot of fun generally, though it can get intense/emotional for people. I thought I was going to hate having a three hour class, but it actually goes by really fast (it helps that she always lets us out early). Also, as far as film watching (we've seen Kinsey and Milk) I appreciate being able to sit and watch a movie in its entirety instead of spending 3-4 classes on it.

★ I don't know if I told you guys, but I went on a tour thingie of the other transfer school I was looking at, and it really just confirmed for me that it's where I should be going. So I put in the main application, I just have to come up with some stuff for the supplemental portion and send my transcripts along and whatnot. Soon. I've been too distracted by other things going on, bleh. Plus applications are scary, even though I have a 3.91 GPA, so it's basically a sure thing. Try telling my anxiety that. XD I -have- put in my degree application so I can graduate, assuming nothing goes horrifically wrong between now and May. So at least that's done. Scary (wah, change), but done.

★ Still have to do my income taxes too so that I can do my FAFSA. I think. I'm not entirely sure how that works when you don't actually have an income, just student crap? I tried doing it like a month ago but it kept giving me an error. I'll figure it out.

★ Speaking of income, as of this week I have a small part time job on campus. It's $8 an hour for a few hours a week, but it's low pressure- I'm just taking notes in an English Comp II class for someone with a disability. It's not like a history class where I have to write my hand off or anything. ^_^ Still, it's a few bucks in my pocket until the end of the semester, so I'll take it.

★ In not-as-nice news, I've now had to replace my school ID (read: bus pass) twice this semester because apparently I keep losing fucking everything. Unnnnngh. I tried punching a hole in the new one so I could put it on my keys, but it wouldn't punch. :/ Still working on that one.

★ Also not nice- the only pair of jeans that fit me ripped at some point. It's a legit rip, not worn out, on the inner left thigh, so I'm not sure when or how that happened. It's not like they're super tight on my legs or anything. So yeah, I ended up pulling out an old pair of fat jeans (and some other stuff too, while I was at it). That's kind of mortifying. So much for never wearing those again. *sigh* I should probably take this as motivation to get off my ass and work on losing the weight I've gained, but I'm not entirely sure if that's going to happen right now. I'm WAY too stressed. I'm trying to work on drinking less coffee and stuff at least, though. I know I'll feel 200% better if I quit soda/coffee/tea and am drinking water again.

★ Aaaand the ugly- supposedly my mother has been cited for the messy apartment and her hoarder tendencies again (grrrr), so I've been trying to clean up the apartment with operation clean all the things. I'm still not convinced that it's real- there's been no written notice and they didn't say how long she had to clean up, according to her, so I honestly think she's making it up to get the house clean. Which is just cruel, considering all the school shit I'm trying to deal with and, yanno, NOT FAILING EVERYTHING. But since I can't prove anything, I have to go with the assumption that this is real, unfortunately. We're assuming two weeks because that's what it was last time- that's this Friday. Luckily, it didn't start out in nearly as bad a condition as it did last time, so there's been much less freaking out. Still some, though. What's helping is the whole concept of 20/10's from Unfuck Your Habitat- 20 minute work, 10 minute break- so you're not marathoning and wrecking yourself. I think that's what's been saving my ass this time around... and I'm using those breaks to get through shows and stuff, so there's that. Generally, though, it hasn't been fun and will continue to be unfun until this whole ordeal is over. Unnnngh I hate this. >_<

★ So this doesn't end on a negative note, something cool- Stef and I have been talking about going on a trip somewhere for YEARS, but it's never materialized. She was saying that she wanted to go to either Boston or DC for her birthday this year (which is during my "spring break", the whole three days off I get), but I kept expecting her to forget about it. I got a text from her the other day that it's Boston and she's made reservations for the hotel. O_O HOLY CRAP. So I'm shocked and excited. I've never been to Boston (or DC, for that matter), so it should be really cool, assuming it actually warms up by then. Wee, vacation in about a month! :D

Date: Thursday, March 27th, 2014 04:24 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] chagrined
chagrined: Marvel comics: zombie!Spider-Man, holding playing cards, saying "Brains?" (brains?)
what brand hair dye did you use? just curious. i never had any of my dyes stain my shower badly like that, and i used to dye mine a lot, but maybe you used a stronger brand. or maybe our showers are just made out of diff stuff or something. :3 for the really bright colors i usually used manic panic, tho once i did some blue-black that was a different brand.

Date: Thursday, March 27th, 2014 03:05 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] chagrined
chagrined: Marvel comics: zombie!Spider-Man, holding playing cards, saying "Brains?" (brains?)
huh, i've never heard of that brand haha, so i can't really help there. XD maybe it was just cheap dye or something. they tend to have higher quality stuff at like, a beauty supply store, idk if you have any sally's near you or anything. (tho their prices are higher too unfortunately.) anyway IF YOU EVER WANTED TO TRY BRIGHT COLORS AGAIN, yeah manic panic always worked well for me, tho the amt of time it lasts can vary. it's only semi-permanent for most of their colors. i always felt like it lasted a decent amt of time tho.

bubble hair dye!!

Date: Thursday, March 27th, 2014 12:01 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] hestialuna
hestialuna: (akira turtleneck)
If you ever want to color your hair in the blonde/red/brown range, I would HIGHLY recommend trying bubble hair dye. It's this foam that you apply to your hair just like shampoo and it dyes without ANY MESS AT ALL. I couldn't see any color left on my scalp or hands or shower, but it gave me exactly the shade of light brown on the box, which never happens since I have black hair. Seriously, it's magic. There are a ton of Korean and Japanese brands, so you can probably find it at an Asian market. I personally used and loved Etude House. It's made for Asian hair, which is thicker and coarser, but I found it gentler than any drugstore L'Oreal type of stuff I've used in the past.

Some examples:


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