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Dear Not Prime Time Author,
You. Are. Awesome. <3 Just for participating, but also for coming to find this, possibly multiple times because I didn't have this done before assignments went out. Sorry about that.

So if you don't know me- I'm Ver. Hi! *waves*

Generally, I'm a pretty easygoing kind of fic reader. I read a lot of different kinds of things, so mainly, just write what makes you happy and that you can have fun with. Fics are always better when you can tell the person writing it enjoyed it. :) (That being said, I would ask that you check out the “do not want” section before you do that, just in case.)

I know this letter may look a little scary at first glance, but just keep in mind that I'm long-winded. XD Everything here minus the DNW is just suggestion and idea. You can honestly ignore most of this and do whatever your little heart desires, and I encourage it if that's what you want to do.



Do want:
PORN. Erm. <_< Yeah, so obviously I like porn, but if you're not feeling it, don't feel like you have to write it! I'm also happy with cute/fluffy/romantic/silly things or even genfic, so that stuff is great too. While I am a shipper, your fic doesn't have to be shippy, so if you're not into that, don't worry about it. It's not my first preference, but if you have a really good idea that has a sad ending or is generally angsty or something, feel free to do that. Above all else, what I really want is a good story, even if it makes me sad. :) One absolute requirement that goes across everything is that if you generally have issues with OOC or spelling/grammar, please get a good beta. I can overlook a few things here or there, but if the fic is riddled with errors, that kind of ruins it for me. :/ Also, I understand that many of these characters are underage in canon, but I would GREATLY prefer them to be aged up for smutty fic. At least to 18, but maybe even to mid-late 20's. Just a thing.

Anyway. As far as other things I like, but you are in no way obligated to do: I'm ridiculously fond of  “getting caught having sex” fic. Not where the characters were being exhibitionists on purpose, but maybe a parent or friend walks in on them unexpectedly or something. I love the cowboy/cowgirl position, particularly with het pairings but it's sexy as hell in slash too. I also, um, really have a thing for pregnancy sex where the woman is visibly pregnant. Not just a baby bump kind of visible, but really “can't possibly mistake it for anything else” kind of pregnant. <_< (Holy shit, I can't believe I just admitted that in public, let me go die of shame now.) Both parties should really enjoy/get off on it. I'm not into mpreg, though, so please only do this with straight or lesbian  pairings. Also, it doesn't come with a lactation kink, so please don't. XD That being said, I don't mind genderswap as long as it isn't done for homophobic reasons- and trust me, I'll be able to tell. You're free to switch one or both of the main characters involved. It's not my favorite thing, but it can be really fun to change up someone's gender and see how they're different, and what doesn't change. That brings me back to OOC, though- obviously with a  gender/sex change, there would be changes in personality/behavior, but it should still feel like that character. The basics of who they are shouldn't change. It's a parts change, not a lobotomy. For example, if you take Viktor from Suikoden and make him female, he's not all of a sudden going to be a tiny little thing that LOVES pink and glitter, you know? So yeah, if you don't think you can pull off an IC genderswitch, I'd rather you just didn't.

Other general ideas that I enjoy?
Relationships in general (not just romantic ones) are a BIG one for me- I love seeing relationships between people and how things can change over time and the interactions. Getting together fic (whether smutty or not), confessions, kissing, ridiculous sexual tension whether resolved or not, letter writing, high school fics/AU's are great (but if you want to do porn, college fics are great too!), established relationship domesticity/date/whatever fic, good surprises.


Do not want:
(I normally wouldn't get into all of this, but since you may not know me, I figured I'd be as detailed as possible.) Underage sex, loli/shouta, watersports, scat, major character death (unless it really fits in with the story, but I'd rather not), vore, rape/sexual assault/molestation/non-con, dub-con (okay, you can include this and the non-con if you really must, but I don't want detailed descriptions of it, and I DEFINITELY don't want it romanticized or have the whole “falling in love with the rapist” bullshit), mpreg, super depressing fic (again, unless it fits with your idea, but I'd REALLY rather not), OOC, knifeplay, lactation kink, terrible euphemisms or “cute” nicknames for body parts- “manhood” especially (we're all grownups here, hopefully, call it what it is), necrophilia, bestiality, furries, alpha/omega/beta dynamics, body shaming, slut shaming (especially in bed- some dirty talk is fine, but calling someone names isn't sexy to me), daddy kink, spanking, vomitplay is apparently a thing but NO, terminal illness is a trigger for me, as is embarrassment (minus the “getting caught” thing I have in the section above)... I reserve the right to add to this as I see fit, but I think that covers most of the bases. A lot of these boil down to “don't add bodily fluids or functions to sex that don't have to be there as part of the nature of the thing.” XD


Fruits Basket

Sohma Kyo

Kyo is my favorite person in this series. <3 Basically, anything with him is fine, for the most part. I do ship him with Tohru, so I would certainly appreciate shippy fic with those two (particularly of the after the curse ends type). Having them be cute together would be great (kissy/playing with their kid(s)/whatever), though I definitely would not mind porn of them. Aside from things I ship here, Kyo's relationship with Yuki is really interesting to me too, so that's certainly great material- again, I'm more interested in how things happen after the curse ends and how that might change things between the two of them.

Honda Tohru
Obviously, some of what I wrote about Kyo also applies for Tohru, but as far as things of her own... I think it would be cool to see some of her experiences as a mom (especially if she's a new mom), and thinking about her own mother with all of that.

Heroes of Olympus

Nico di Angelo

Nico has been one of my favorites since nearly the beginning, and it's only gotten worse as the series has continued. There's so much POTENTIAL there. I really love fics where he's in his own head a lot. He's so conflicted and angsty, plus he's arguably the most powerful demigod in the series, which adds a lot of interest for me too. Anyway. Just about anything here would be fabulous, so really, the only things I absolutely don't want? Nico/Percy and Nico/any female ever. I've become ridiculously fond of Nico/Jason for some reason even though I don't actively ship it- I blame some of the fic I've been reading lately for that- but you certainly don't have to write it.

Hikaru no Go (Hikago)

Okay, ships here include Isumi/Waya and Isumi/Ogata, but I'm not opposed to ships that would be interesting, like with Saeki, Ashiwara, Hikaru, Akira, etc etc etc. General stuff- I love Isumi, especially in the China arc and after. Fandom tends to put him on a pedestal, but he's so, so human and real. Yeah, he's a nice/good guy generally, but his self esteem and doubt are a huge issue for him, and he does have his moments where he's not so nice. I would love to see that explored. :)

My headcanon for Kaga is that his father was physically abusive, and that he's pansexual (those two things are completely unrelated), but other than that, anything is great within that framework. I generally ship him with Tsutsui, but really, whatever you want to do there within reason is fine.

Favorite female character ahoy! I love her to death. (Then again, I could say that about most of these characters, heh.) Again, anything with her would be great. I ship her and Mitani hardcore and would LOVE sexfic there, or them playing with their kid(s) or something would be absolutely adorable. But aside from shipping, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of her general character and her relationships in the go club- from her rivalry with Mitani to her being all badass with Akari and whatever kind of relationship she has with Tsutsui (do we get any of that in canon? I don't think so, but it's been a while and I'm on cold medicine right now, so. XD)

Again, I ship him and Kaneko, so if you want to do something with that, take a look at Kaneko's. I also ship him with Kishimoto and think he was SO crushing on Hikaru in middle school, so those are options to play with as well. (For the record, my personal headcanon for Mitani is that he's bisexual with a usual preference for men.) Aside from shippy options, I would love rivalry fic with Kaneko (as mentioned before) or just grown-up Mitani in general. What does he do after high school? Inquiring minds want to know!

Hikaru/Akira is totally my OTP, but I also don't mind fics of them with other people. This fandom has so many interesting combinations, and Hikaru tends to be a bicycle for me. The only thing I ask for ships is I really do NOT want to see Hikaru/Akari, Hikaru/Ochi, Hikaru/Sai, or Hikaru with any of the older pros Ogata age and over (I think that covers everyone). As far as non-shippy, something involving Hikaru's dad would be really interesting. We see him, what, twice in canon, and we don't even get to see his face? Something exploring their relationship would be great, or maybe exploring why his dad's never around and Hikaru never talks about him. Maybe there's a story in there? ^_~ I also think, with Hikaru having had another person in his head for so much of his adolescence, that it's totally possible that he may have trouble expressing or even thinking about sexuality. Having him be asexual would be really interesting.

Again, Hikaru/Akira is my OTP, but don't be afraid to break them up. Same rules as with Hikaru apply there (plus any female ever because I do NOT buy that he's straight even if he doesn't ever get with Hikaru, just a thing), and I could also see him potentially being asexual. As a general idea, I'd love to see something involving his relationship with his mother and how that's evolved as he's gotten older. I could also totally see Akira giving in to an arranged marriage just because he didn't want to disappoint his parents. Just saying.

Tsutsui is such a sweetie! However, I think fandom as a whole tends to think of him as a pushover, and he's most definitely not. He knows how to stand up for himself when it counts! Something with that would be great. Like I said, I ship him with Kaga, but you don't have to. It would be interesting to have him meet Isumi, I think!

Waya is my absolute favorite character in Hikago. There's so much that you can explore here! Ship wise, Isumi/Waya is great, but also interesting are Hikaru/Waya, Akira/Waya, and Waya/Akari. For non-shipping... we don't really know much about Waya's family/background/home life before he moved out, so that might be fun to look at. But basically anything with him would be great.

Ace Attorney

What I love best about Phoenix is his inner snark, and I especially love how it becomes more outer snark as the series goes on. I do ship him with Miles and I basically died of squee in the last game when Miles mentioned going to one of Trucy's shows together, so something like that where Phoenix, Miles, Trucy, and Apollo are a big happy family would be absolutely lovely. If not, something with just Phoenix and Trucy would be great too- maybe he helps her with a magic trick or something? I also would not be opposed to Pearl showing up or being a part of this, either.

Obviously part of what I said about Phoenix also applies to Miles, but beyond that... in general, I would just love to see Miles choosing some kind of family for himself. I would also not say no to Miles and Gumshoe shenanigans, because I love them (platonically) and it would be funny. :P
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