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Sorry, guys. RL ate me. XD (And will continue to eat me for another few weeks, not gonna lie.) As always, you're better off checking tumblr (same name) these days if you want updates more than once every month or two. <_< I actually hadn't realize it had been that long. Anyway, so let's take care of the updatey stuff really quickly, shall we?

★ Managed to finish shipswap. I wasn't thrilled with my submission, to say the least, but my recipient apparently loves it, so that's all that matters in the end. ^_^ Relieved doesn't even BEGIN to cover it. My gifts- yes, I got two (on that note, I'm fairly sure who was assigned to me, but time will tell if I'm right or not. :P)- were great, which is definitely a good thing. Relief there, too. There's always the danger of getting something icky for an exchange. XD And yet for some unfathomable reason, I just signed up for Not Prime Time? Unnnnngh.

★ blind_go is... um. Let's not talk about that. XD

★ I still have two papers to write (one of them being ten pages in APA format, which is freaking me the hell out), two finals, and I believe five tests in the next few weeks. Sob. This is the point of the semester where I go, why am I doing this to myself, again? I give up. Pffft.

★ In actual GOOD news... I'm pretty sure I could completely miss the last exam in American Lit and still get an A, and I only need a C on the Philosophy final to get an A there, which takes the pressure off. The only things I really have to sweat at this point are English Lit and Human Sexuality. Other stuff... apologies to the people who have seen these things in other places- two things. One is that I got the official acceptance from my first choice school as an English major. YAY. <3 I was pretty sure, but you never know- even though this is a state school, they've gotten increasingly difficult to get into over the years and are actually pretty selective, so. Let's just say if I'd tried to go there before doing my two years at my current school, they would not have taken the C/C- I graduated high school with. Not in a million years. Plus they have a FANTASTIC English program. So that's exciting. :D

★ I also got a letter from the English department chair at my current school (who was my creative writing professor last semester) saying that I'd won an English award that she secretly nominated me for and there's a formal ceremony and blah blah blah. Best part- it comes with a $500 check. O_O (Which will basically be going directly into transfer school stuff, but it helps nonetheless). Eeeeeeeeee.

★ And then there's graduation on the 17th, unless something goes terribly wrong between now and then. Wow. I can't even wrap my brain around it still. I did go and purchase a dress (groan) to wear. Partially because even though I'm nor particularly comfortable with dresses/skirts, it's cheaper to do that than to buy a suit or something that I -would- be more comfortable with. Also, my younger sister who will be there isn't the most open-minded person, and I don't want to have to deal with questions about why I'm wearing a suit, so there's that. But yeah, everything seems like it's going at lightning speed all of a sudden and I'm freaking out just a little. Okay, a lot. XD

★ We got a couple of days for “spring break”, so Stef and I went off to Massachusetts for a couple of days. The plan had originally been to go to Boston, but it turned out that the marathon was that weekend. Oops? So we ended up a ways away from there. There was a lot of chilling out in the hotel, but we also took a short trip to Concord, where they had the cutest little museum. <3 I also didn't realize that Walden Pond was right near there? So we went over there too, and took pictures and stuff. It's easy to see why Thoreau was inspired there, it's absolutely gorgeous. But yeah, we mostly relaxed, and for once I didn't come back from a trip somewhere needing to take a vacation from my vacation. XD

★ I've said for a while now that as far as gender goes, my official stance is "gender is complicated, okay?" and as long as it's not actually affecting my daily life, I'm not going to worry about it. No point in obsessing over something that doesn't even matter to me, really. I semi-recently (sometime around January, I think?) came to the conclusion that I don't give a shit about pronouns. Male/Female/Neutral, use whatever you want, I really don't care one way or the other. Well? I had something weird a couple of weeks ago with that. A professor was talking to the girl I note take for, and referred to me as "she," and something inside me just CRINGED. I don't even know. It's never happened to me before. It hasn't happened since. I don't know if it's even going to happen again or if it was just a really weird one-time thing. I guess the bottom line is that I still don't fucking know. God, I'm thirty years old, you'd think I would've figured out something as basic as my fucking gender already, but whatever. I've never been on time for anything ever, so why start now, right? XD

So yeah, that's life at the moment. ^_^;;; I'm at Starbucks at the moment posting this and I'm not entirely sure when they close, sooooo I'm going to go. Maybe it won't even be another month before I post again? Who knows!

(Edited because I forgot something.)
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