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Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 02:42 pm
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☁ Math is going VERY well. I'm shocked and not really sure how that's happening, but hey, I'll take it. :D

☁ I've actually been using the Netflix thing way more than I would've ever expected. Go figure. I might keep this after all- it's pretty nifty. ^_^ Also, on that note, I watched The Secret of Kells last week and really loved it (so gorgeous and fun and unique!), and I've recently gotten into watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, since I'd never actually seen it before. As much as certain things about the show are problematic... fuck it, it's fun, and a lot of the "victims" are just so so sweet.

☁ My birthday was Wednesday. I had classes, but it's the lightest day of the week and I didn't have any tests, so at least there's that. Stef picked me up from school, we went to Denny's for an early dinner (smothered friiiiiiiies), killed some time, and then went to go see the new Percy Jackson movie. Which, by the way, was a TON of fun even if there were some things (particularly with casting) that bothered me. It's a good time, and that's the whole point. Totally worth it.

☁ My body at least decided to wait until the next morning to be like, "oh yeah, you're sick now." Bleh. I probably should've known it was coming- I hadn't felt 100% for several days before that. When I get winded walking from home to the bus stop- I mean, I'm out of shape, but that's something I do ALL THE TIME- there's something wrong and that probably should've been a huge hint. XD So yeah, I woke up Thursday feeling like I'd gotten hit by a train. -_- I'd love to say that I feel better today, but the truth is, I don't. XD

☁ I had something started for BG, but with feeling like absolute crap, I chose to sleep instead of finish it before the deadline. Kinda sucks, but priorities. I haven't actually read any fic yet, but I will. At some point. Or something. <_<

☁ So the plan has been to stay home for the most part, relax, catch up on some zzz's and animes and gay fashion shows... oh yeah, and I guess there's probably some homework I should do. It's especially disappointing that I feel like crap because there was a festival going on downtown yesterday that I really wanted to go to, but I just wasn't up to it. I do have to go out today, though- I need food and laundry and I'm almost out of medicine. :/

☁ I'm seriously considering doing the Couch to 5k thing- after I get rid of this cold, of course, though I may just work on extra walking in the meantime, I dunno.

Aaaand now I've been up for ages and haven't managed to do anything really. Whoops. XD

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Sunday, September 8th, 2013 12:19 pm
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☁ ID's are out and fics are due for BG in about 2 weeks. Um. It might be time to think about writing something? XD To be honest, I do have an idea I've been kicking around, but it's something that I'm thinking about writing it as a short story for Creative Writing, since I have my first story due at the same time as BG. So I'm not sure if that's really a good idea. But I might not do it anyway, because the story is supposed to be 3-5 pages DOUBLE SPACED and that's basically nothing, so I don't know that I have enough space to do what I want with it for the assignment anyway. Meh. :/

☁ I actually did another one of those reviews! I recently replayed 400 Days to fix a couple of the stupid things I did in the first playthrough, so I wrote about that a bit. It is here. The cool/exciting but scary thing is that I've done two of these reviews and I already have two followers on that blog. O_o Oh. And by the way, if you've even sort of been thinking about trying The Walking Dead, it's on sale on Steam till tomorrow. It's normally $25 for the first five episodes and then $5 for the 400 Days DLC- right now it's 6.24 for the main game and 2.49 for 400 Days. I'm not actually sure how the PC version compares to the xbox version, but either way it's a steal. Just sayin'.

☁ We haven't even had a meeting for Pride Alliance yet and the drama is already starting. Ungh. First of all, we don't have a room yet. So not only do we not have a place to GO, I can't make any flyers to get new people in until that happens. Ungh. Shouldn't that have been done, I dunno, before the start of the semester? Maybe that's just me. THEN there's the logo stuff. I don't know if I ever talked to you guys about that, but basically, last year this guy made a logo for us. Not only was the file really low quality (seriously, anytime we used it at any size that was readable, it was all pixellated and it drove me up the WALL)... the guy who made it was a complete tool and there was drama there. Oh yeah, and Marcus made jokes about it looking like we were a gay communist group, so you can imagine what the logo looked like. XD It's also important to note that the logo had a rainbow gradient to it, we'll come back to that in a bit.

So this year I want a new logo for the flyers. I was like, okay, I'll mock up a couple of things and I'll show you guys what I've got. Meanwhile, The Tool is going, "I still have the logo from last year." Uh, no. So I posted two potential logos- one is a heart with a rainbow gradient, and the other is a standard rainbow with clouds. Nothing groundbreaking here, I wanted it to be fairly simple and recognizeable. Apparently people last year didn't know what the hell the logo was supposed to be, so. Anyway. I saw The Tool at lunch the other day and he was saying that the logos I made weren't inclusive. He felt excluded by the use of the rainbow. I'm like... what? YOU DID THE SAME FUCKING THING. So okay, it's fine if YOU use a rainbow, but if I do it, it's exclusionary? WHAT? I think part of it is that he has a gigantic ego and I'm not feeding it, so he's pissed. God forbid we not use the logo that HE made. But he's also kind of insane (for example, he's one of those Otherkin jerkoffs), so it's totally possible that he actually BELIEVES that as a pansexual genderqueer person, if he uses a rainbow it includes everyone, but since I'm a gay semi-androgynous person, I'm only talking to gay people. Funny how that works. The rainbow is an easily recognizeable LGBTQ symbol, so that's the best to use- and we can't POSSIBLY use the colors/symbols for all of the individual groups because there's a million of them. It's a flyer, not a packet, JFC. If nothing else, though, I know that Marcus is on my side. Partially because we're friends and partially because he really does like my logos over The Tool's. :)

It's going to be a long fucking year, you guys.

☁ Also, I've started watching United States of Tara and LOVE it. I'm almost done with the first season and I just started it yesterday afternoon. (Of course, it helps that it's a half hour show and not hour long episodes, but still. XD)

Anyway. I have to see about fooding and then studying a bit for a Stats test I have tomorrow, and hopefully writing SOMETHING for a bit. Later~ ^_^

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The first week of school is finished! So what do I think?

Statistics- The teacher seems nice enough, but she's WAY too enthusiastic for 9am. Also... math is generally my weakest subject, but this is math with lots of charts and graphs and common-sense explanations. My kind of math! I think this might be okay, actually. :D
Multicultural Lit- Interesting so far, which isn't a surprise, though I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of white guilt in here. XD It's the same guy I took Gender and Lit with last semester, so the upside is that I know him already and therefore feel more comfortable speaking up in class than I normally would be at this point in the semester. So that's good.
Weight Management- Okay, so I know that this is unfair, but I'd assumed that the guy teaching this would be your typical asshole meathead jock, I'm not going to lie. However, so far he seems like a nice and laid back guy. Also, he said that the book (which was, by the way, $110 and it was a packet of printed paper that needed a binder, no kidding) was optional, so I was able to return that. So that's the good news. The bad news? Two things- one, I -barely- squeak in on time because I have to haul my fat ass all the way across campus. Which doesn't thrill me and could be a problem if statistics runs late or there's ice on the sidewalks or something. Two... apparently the level of mortification for this class is going to be higher than anticipated. He's going to be measuring body fat percentage twice in the semester, for one. ;~; I'm really half tempted, when we get there, to be like... okay, we both know it's through the roof, so can we skip this part? XD So yeah. This is not going to be fun.
Creative Writing- I think I'm more nervous about this now than I was initially. The prof seems nice enough, at least... but when she was going through roll call the first day, she stared at me for a second and went, "I know you." I've never been in a class of hers, so I was like, bzuh? Then after a few seconds she said, "yeah, you won an award for writing, right? I think I gave it to you." *facepalm* Which I didn't remember because I was so petrified, which I more or less told her. XD So there are probably Expectations and I'm supposed to be brilliant all the time or something. Oh, and did I mention that she's the fucking head of the English department? NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING. *sob* On the other hand, if I impress her.... that could REALLY work in my favor. *wibbles*
American History- Prof seems like a nice older gentleman. There's already some pluses and minuses to this one, though. Minus- the bookstore was giving everyone the wrong freaking book, so I had to go find it on Amazon. Remember that $100 I got back from the Weight Management book? Um. Yeah. About that. <_< Plus I'd had to order a novel for Multicultural Lit also, so. No refund for me. BUT I think I mentioned before that books were fairly cheap this time, considering, so that's not a TERRIBLE downside or anything. It could've been a lot worse. Downside number two is that a guy I had Western Civ with who drove me UP THE WALL is also in this class. (Seriously, this guy does not shut up. I think I have "OMG SHUT UP" scribbled in the margins of my Western Civ notebook several times. XD) So. The upsides. The class covers up through the end of Reconstruction, so it hits most of the stuff in US History that I'm interested in, minus some stuff obviously. Upside number two- while there's a paper, it's not a traditional paper. He wants us to do some research about a place, go there, and write about it. Yeah, I'm serious. Now... I missed being able to go to Salem around Halloween last year because when I went to go buy tickets, they were sold out. This year, Kelly and I were already hellbent on going. HOW CONVENIENT. :3 Paper on the Salem Witch Trials? FUCKING WIN. Also what works in my favor is that the day they're putting tickets on sale is my light day- I don't have any classes till 11. So basically, I plan on getting to school at 8 and staring at Student Activities until they take my money. XD Oh oh oh, and the sale is also my birthday, so CLEARLY this was meant to be. \o/ (In the event that this doesn't work out for some currently unforeseen reason, I can always go to the state museum, which I actually pass on my way home from school and is free. But I figure since I plan on going to Salem ANYWAY... might as well use it, right? >D )

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Internet is back- turns out that there were technical issues on the ISP's end- so I really have no excuse, I just haven't done the meme. I can't really say I'm surprised, though. Whoops. XD Anyway, here's the rest! (Luckily they're all pretty short)

28. What are you looking forward to?
Right now, today? Cooler/less humid weather. XD

29. Where have you traveled?
Uh, not very many places. I grew up in upstate New York, and live in the same general area now. I've been to further north in New York, Massachusetts, Indiana (not that I remember much of it, I was a kid), lived in a couple of different places in Wisconsin for a year, and Toronto area. That's it. XD

30. What's in your makeup bag?
...what makeup bag? I do have makeup that I never wear, it's in a bin on my desk. It includes foundation in various forms, lipgloss/lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, and there might even be a blush in there I think. I dunno, every once in a while I'll try something, thinking it might be the one thing I don't hate, and it never is. Especially with foundation. Yeesh, that stuff sucks.

31. Why do you blog?
For my own sanity, mostly. In part it's to communicate with my friends, but really, I'd be doing this even if no one read what I put in this thing, and I can honestly say it wouldn't really change that much. I've written in a journal in some form or other since I was about 10, so. It's a cathartic thing for me, really, not to mention a record of things that happen that I can sort through when I need them, which is handy.

And we're DONE! Oh man, this is the first time I've finished one of these memes. I failed at doing it every day, but I've finished it nonetheless. Yay~!

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27. Post your favorite recipe
Oh man. I love food, so this is hard. Which favorite? I ended up picking four, which you will see below the cut.

Cut for recipes! :D )

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25. Your 5 favorite blogs
I'm doing non-personal blogs because... yeah, not getting into that mess. Also all of these are on tumblr. Heh. ^_^;
- Unfuck Your Habitat
- Everyone is Gay
- Boggle
- Chibird
- I Love Reading and Writing

(And yes, I'm going to bed soonish, I just wanted to make sure I got this up. School in the morning, eeeeeeeeeep.)

31 Days Meme, Day 24

Saturday, August 24th, 2013 07:36 pm
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24. Your favorite childhood book
One? Are you serious? XD These days I unfortunately don't read enough, but when I was a kid, I constantly had a book in hand. My mom would yell at me to go outside (I still don't get why- I was always sensitive to light, she was never big on fitness, and yeah you could argue that she wanted alone time, but I was sitting there quietly with a book and not bothering anybody. She could've more or less pretended I was an extension of the furniture for a little while. XD ANYWAY.) So she'd yell at me to go outside and play. I'd bring my book. XD Eventually she caught onto that and started making me leave the book inside. XD I'm reminded of a thing I saw with Neil Gaiman where he was talking about how all this attention goes to promoting literacy for kids, which is all fine and good, but nobody talks about the kids from whom you have to pry the book so that they can, you know, talk to people and sleep and stuff. XD (I'm paraphrasing, but you guys get the point.)

Anyway, on to the question. I loved Roald Dahl as a kid- that was way before I knew that he was an asshole. LOVED Choose Your Own Adventure books. I'm pretty sure I read every single one my library had at least once. There was also Nancy Drew and Babysitter's Club, you know, typical kid stuff. It was always a bit of a struggle between what I wanted and was able to read and what adults seemed to think I should have been reading, because there was often a big difference between the two. So most of what I read as a kid was fun, but not challenging at all, you know?
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23. Your dream job
Uh, I would settle for something I didn't completely hate and paid a decent amount, to be totally honest. I would LOVE to be able to write for a living in some capacity. I would also like to be able to wear jeans and sneakers to work, though the chances of that are even less than somebody paying me to write. XD Something like video game journalism is right up my alley (research/review side, not so much on the interview and talking to people in person side), but that's SUPER hard to break into. I don't know, maybe something like getting involved in social media would be more realistic, like the people that post as the company to Facebook and stuff? I have no idea, I just want to be able to pay my freaking bills and not have to sweat money all the time, okay? Preferably doing something that doesn't make me fantasize about a ginormous meteor hitting the Earth and killing EVERYTHING. That's my dream. XD

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31 Days Meme, Day 22

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 03:37 pm
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22. The best thing to happen this year
First place for a story I wrote at the last freaking minute. I still don't actually believe that one.

More random... )

31 Days Meme, Day 21

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 11:43 pm
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21. Your 10 favorite foods
This was actually really hard because... well, I'm fat because I like food, okay? I like food A LOT. XD
- Bread/rice/pasta (CARBS)
- Cheese (except blue, cream, cottage, and swiss, ew)
- Broccoli
- Chicken
- Basil, I put it on freaking everything
- Popcorn (especially the white cheddar kind, or with lots of melted butter and salt :3 )
- White potatoes- particularly in mashed or french fry form
- Strawberries
- Almonds/Pecans
- Sometimes you just need chocolate XD

31 Days Meme, Day 20

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 11:55 am
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20. A difficult time in your life
(I skipped yesterday because my internet was being weird and then I fell asleep earlier than planned, see note later. Whoops. XD) Um, most of it, to be totally honest? XD But probably my most difficult was when I was15. My dad was gone, my grandparents died that year, my mom was constantly talking about moving somewhere new (I know it was Oklahoma at one point, and I think Florida was talked about, and there may have been others before it went to Wisconsin and stayed there), I was dealing with questions of sexuality, my grades had been going down the drain for a while, I was seriously depressed... yeah. That was a really rough year.

- They've started building a Starbucks in the plaza near my house. I haven't decided whether this is a bad thing or a downright terrible thing. XD

- I was done messing with the sleep thing- I've been TRYING, and it's just not working- so I picked up some melatonin. I read a thing that said to take it about 3 hours before you want to go to bed. Um. A word of advice, don't do that. <_< It was about a half hour later that I got kicked in the face with sleepy. Slept about 4 1/2 hours, was up for a while, felt sick so I lied down again, woke up a bit before 10:30. Whoops. Well, still not as bad as the 1pm bullshit that's been happening, so. I was hoping to not have to take it again, but CLEARLY I do. XD Maybe for the rest of the week, and hopefully that will straighten me out for Monday. I know it's non-addictive, but it's still a hormone and I'd rather not mess with my hormones any more than absolutely necessary, you know?

- Speaking of being sick... I've ALWAYS had a sensitive stomach, but I'm really starting to think I have IBS, because of reasons I'm not getting too into. Let's just say that for the last month or so I've been feeling bloated all the time and most times getting sick after I eat anything, and there's no rhyme or reason to it, so it's not like I know a particular type of food to avoid. (Okay, seriously, as an example- Kelly and I got an early dinner last night. Stomach was FINE, and I brought the leftovers (chicken) home. I had some of the leftovers for breakfast this morning- stomach raised perfect holy hell. Same EXACT thing, two different reactions. I never know what's going to happen when I eat.) Unfortunately, with no insurance and no money to go to the doctor (especially since an IBS diagnosis is an elimination game, so a lot of tests and shit), well.... I don't know. Maybe I'll try probiotics. I've read that can help. Although those are kind of expensive too. :/

Alright. I'll do today's rightful meme later. For now I need to try to pull my shit together and go get my books for school, because FUCK it's Wednesday already, bleh. Maaaaaybe get a haircut because it's driving me nuts, I don't know yet.

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19. What do you collect?
Uh, DVD's, books, games, stuff like that. Nothing terribly interesting there.

- May or may not be considering signing up for a gym near my house. It's right there, and there's no contract, it's a month to month thing, and it's $10 a month. I don't know if I'll actually go, though? But I need to do SOMETHING, and it's seriously right there, and the hours are very accommodating. Hmm. :/

- Couldn't sleep last night until way late (believe me, I tried)... but I woke up at 10, which is a vast improvement from what it's been lately. Tomorrow's goal is 8! :D

- Watched "Mirror, Mirror" today. I'd heard it was awful, but I thought it was fun. Some interesting twists, and they made it clear that you weren't supposed to take it seriously. My biggest complaint would actually be Julia Roberts, who half the time tried to affect a terrible British accent and half the time slipped, which brought it right out of character for me. Bleh. If she couldn't pull off a decent accent at least most of the time, she should've just stuck with the regular one, jeez. But anyway. It was pretty decent anyway.

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18. The meaning behind your blog name
I have this as a line in the sticky note on both journals, but whatever. So. This was around... senior year of high school or maybe the year after that? So I was 18 or 19, and trying to figure out a new username that my family didn't know. I know this is going to shock you all, but when I was a teenager I was an angst bunny. XD And being the angst bunny that I was, I took one of my most prominent feelings at the time- that I was lost- and put it into a translator to see what came up. I decided that the Dutch "verloren" sounded the coolest, so that was my new username (I discovered later that it also means the same in German). I've often had to add some version of my birth year to it because usually just verloren is taken.

Honestly? I've thought about changing it. I really have. But for one thing, it's too much work to change my username or get a new account EVERYWHERE, and also... this is the name everyone knows. I half suspect that even if I changed it, everyone would still call me "Ver" anyway. So then the point is what, exactly? XD

☁ Watched ParaNorman today. I wasn't really expecting to like it, but it was cute. ^_^

☁ The 1am thing yesterday didn't happen- I'm hoping for today- but it was in the interest of a good cause, hopefully. I uh, kind of realized yesterday that I have NO online presence as a writer, at least nothing that's semi-professional (and by semi-professional, I mean not fanfic or a personal journal like this, at least. My standards are not terribly high for "semi-professional." XD). So. I figured that I should probably work on that. It can't HURT, at any rate. I apparently made a Wordpress account at some point, so I used that to make a new blog and put up a post on it. Here we go. Mainly it's going to be video game reviews, I think, and gaming topics in general, because that's a pretty reliable source of material. And because my dream job basically involves me wearing jeans and a t-shirt to work and getting paid to play games and write about them. XD Not that there aren't a million gaming blogs already, BUT this will be a kind of online sample that I can use. Probably. If I don't stop poking at the writing, anyway. I'm hoping for a once a week schedule, but we'll see. I think by now we all know how things with me and planning go. XD

31 Days Meme, Day 17

Saturday, August 17th, 2013 10:24 pm
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17. What is your most proud moment?
I think this is another stupid question. Once you get past... oh, I don't know, high school, you realize that life is a series of moments, a series of decisions, and you can't reasonably pick out one single one that you're most proud of or most ashamed of or would most like to change or whatever the question is, because everything is interconnected. So questions like this kind of piss me off. As far as answering the question... this whole last year was a part of my proudest moments- those are the decisions that led me to finally go back to school and do well.

Mostly random stuff )

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15. Timeline of your day
I actually waited to do this on purpose so I could do a full list. :P It's pretty boring since I don't have classes yet, but whatever. I can't be bothered to do an exact timeline, so here's a general list of what I did yesterday:
-Played on Steam for ENTIRELY too long. Like, seriously, it's kind of sick.
-Went out for dinner with my mother because she insisted, which took AGES because she got crabs legs and yeah. That was a good 3 hours out of my day.
-Tried to watch the new Silver Spoon ep- it kept crashing the video player, so I gave up. (Krim did give me a link to version 2, before anybody says anything, I just haven't watched it yet.)
-Organized things for a bit. All of the cassette tapes I've found so far are in a box, kitchen stuff is going in the basket next to my bed (read- pots/pans/dishes I've bought plus dry foods- basically so I'll have easier access to it), and all the scrapbooking stuff I've found so far is in the bin underneath the kitchen bin. I don't actually know what I'm going to do with the REST of the stuff that I pulled out of the bin/basket that doesn't belong, so the room is still definitely worse than it had been because of that, buuuuuuuut it's part of cleaning and that'll be taken care of as this goes along, I guess. Either way, I have a dedicated spot for dry groceries when I get them instead of just throwing the bags on the floor, so THAT'S really nice.
-Got talked into watching the first ep of Orange is the New Black because reasons. Also activated a month free trial of Netflix to do this. I'm not entirely sure that Netflix is actually worth it for me, since I don't watch a lot of movies or whatever, but I do also see a lot of stuff on even just the main page that I've been meaning to watch, so who knows.

16. What's at the top of your bucket list?

This assumes I have a bucket list. XD Um, get my BA, I guess.

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(You get a two for one here, because I missed yesterday since I was all zombie-fied. A little better today. XD)

13. What is your earliest memory?
I feel like I've probably talked about this before, but whatever. I told my mom this once: I was in the hospital. I was little, and in a bed that seemed HUGE to me. There was a window on my right that had light coming in, some kind of cabinet on the left next to the bed, and there was a chair in the corner where someone was sitting. I think it was one of my parents, but I couldn't tell you which one. There was a nurse on the side of the cabinet, but I wasn't paying any attention to her because I had an Etch A Sketch that I was trying to make work and the lines weren't going where I wanted them to. The biggest impression I have about the room, which is probably why I remember it, was that it was very white. Like blinding almost, between the white of the actual room and the brightness from the window. So yeah. I explained this to my mom once, when I was a teenager, and she just gaped at me for a minute before telling me that I was about one and a half, and I'd been in the hospital with strep-pneumonia. Obviously my memory was when I was feeling better, but I'd been very very sick and almost died. ^_^;;; I'm also told that the strep-pneumonia is the reason why even now, I have a permanent bronchial cough. So basically, even if I just have a minor cold, when I cough I sound (and feel) like I have a bad case of bronchitis. Fun stuff.

14. If you won the lottery...

-Immediate- pay off school loans, rent a nice apartment
-Long-term- Finish school, maybe travel a bit, move somewhere I don't hate, rent/buy and furnish a nice 3 bedroom place there (one for sleeping, one as a library/office, one as a guest/craft room), POSSIBLY driving lessons/license/car, but I'm not sold on that. Save the rest, maybe invest a little, but I don't really know anything about investing so it's probably better if I don't. XD

I know, I'm not very interesting on this score, but unless the money I got was a pretty low amount, we're probably talking about more money than I would even know what to do with. Beyond smaller stuff (buying gadgets/books/anime/whatever and donating to causes/organizations that are important to me, like Planned Parenthood and HRC), I can't even think of anything else I would do with the money if I had it, once basic needs and debts were taken care of. And I assume that after I was done with school I would still work- though having the money there would ensure that I wouldn't be stuck at a job I loathed, which would be nice.
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12. What's inside your fridge?
I honestly have no clue for the most part, since 99% of it isn't mine. I know I have some lunch meat, cheese, and a carton of almond milk. Beyond that? A bunch of crap, as far as I'm concerned. XD

☁ So in the end, the guy didn't text me back until after 10pm, telling me that the landlord would be free from 5-7 today if I wanted to come. I'm just like. ajdsklajdsla. You couldn't have told me that, oh I don't know, yesterday morning/afternoon when I was waiting for a text? So yes, I'm going, but I'm getting really irritated with this guy and it's probably a good thing that it's not him I'm moving in with. My stress levels are already through the fucking roof and this stuff is NOT helping.

☁ Also not helping: I had very little sleep Saturday night because I was too nervous, and last night wasn't really any better because there's not really any space on my bed right now (I'm working on clearing out a bin next to my bed that hasn't been touched in years, so all the stuff I'm keeping is on my bed for the moment, with a teeny space for me and my laptop. Yeah. XD So I'm very, VERY tired, and my stomach seems angry with me for some reason, I don't even know, but I hope it stops before I leave because that will suck.

☁ Also not helping part 2: Turns out that Kelly's pissed at me for moving out, because as much as I'm trying to do this in a semi-organized fashion, I'm still apparently "leaving her with everything." She was planning on moving up with her boyfriend at around the same time I moved out, so I'm not sure what happened to that, but I guess it's not happening.

☁ Also not helping part 3: Found a big pocket of water in the wall between the kitchen and living room, so Kelly and I ran around the kitchen/living room in a panicked frenzy for an hour trying to make it look semi-habitable before she called maintenance. Luckily, he came over basically right away and everything should be fine now. Still, I don't need that kind of bullshit on top of what''s already going on.

☁ On the upside, I finally wrangled out the best days to move out of Stef- the 24th/25th. Which is the weekend before classes start, which is what I was thinking ANYWAY, so that worked out. And now I have a date to tell the landlord when he asks. ^_^

I have to get ready to leave in about a half hour, and I wanted to try and work on clearing out this tote (holy crap, there's SO much in here, it's completely ridiculous), plus I need some kind of food before I leave, so I'll go. I know I've been annoying with all of this lately, but with any luck at all, it'll be over in the next few weeks. (And then I'll be whining about school stuff, heh. So I won't swear up and down that it's almost over, but I'm really hoping it is and you guys won't have to deal with this anymore.

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11. List 15 of your favorite things
- Internet
- Friends
- Reading
- Anime
- Manga
- Video games
- Writing
- Scrapbooking
- Taking pictures
- Movies
- Season: fall
- Cats >^_^<
- Things that are funny. See: George Carlin
- Food
- (15 things really are a lot of things) Computer
Cut for anxious rambling. XD )


Saturday, August 10th, 2013 10:40 pm
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OMG OMG OMG. Okay, so you know how I was assuming that I didn't get that apartment because I'd texted him Wednesday and he hadn't gotten back to me? So I just got this:

"Hi [Ver], my landlord would like to meet you before signing a lease for the room you're interested in. Would you like to meet with him tomorrow afternoon? Let me know, I'll confirm exact time to meet tomorrow."

(Keep in mind that when I went to look at the apartment, he'd said that meeting the landlord, if it got to that point, was really just a formality and probably a five minute meeting, so for all intents and purposes, I already have it.) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Oh my god, I feel sick. I mean, I'm happy (especially since further hunting has produced ZERO results, and especially since I just today got a lecture from my mother about how lazy I am because apparently I should be working full time in addition to going to school full time so that I can give her money x2- which is a whole other thing, like... last semester was hell even without working. If I had another one like that and I was working full time, I'm pretty sure I would have a complete mental breakdown. Also keep in mind that she hasn't really moved in the last few months except when she's absolutely had to, so her effectively calling me lazy for "just" going to school is pretty rich.). Don't get me wrong, I'm totally psyched about this. But I'm also completely fucking terrified. Two reasons:

1) I still really, REALLY do not want to have this conversation with my mother. I can't even begin to tell you. If I thought even for a second that I could get away with just packing up all my stuff and leaving without telling her, I would, it's that bad. There's going to be a fight. I know there is. She's going to blame me for everything ever, and I'm a horrible lazy person and I -owe- her to stay, I can see this coming now. And I don't deal with confrontation well, so I'm like... shaking just thinking about it. My first instinct with confrontation is to back down immediately. ajdsklajdklsa.

Yeah, I basically want to throw up now.

31 Day Meme, Day 10

Saturday, August 10th, 2013 08:33 pm
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10. What's your best physical feature?
*snort* Um... eyes? Certain people would probably say my boobs, so it depends on who you ask. XD I dunno. I hate questions like this. MOVING ON.

I don't really have much to say today, except that I randomly decided that I was going to try and work on my left-handed writing. So I picked three word lists, with 10 words each, and wrote them out in both print and cursive with both hands alternately. My left hand really hurts. XD But it's a start! (For the curious, I took a picture with my phone which is here. I won't bother telling you which lines are which because it's pretty obvious. XD In all fairness, my left-handed writing never progressed past first or second grade, so that's about what it looks like. Okay, fine, a first or second grader with messy handwriting. XDDD) I'm hoping it progresses relatively quickly, or that at least it won't take long before I get tired so quickly, because this is kind of obnoxious. But I think it'll be worth it. :D

31 Day Meme, Day 9

Friday, August 9th, 2013 11:28 pm
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9. What are your worst habits?
Not putting things away, ungh. Causes so many other problems down the road. Linked to this is procrastination, which I am a master of, unfortunately. Sigh. Also linked to this is my inability to finish stuff. I get all bored/ADD and I wander off before finishing anything. I'm actually REALLY surprised at myself that I'm still doing this meme. Normally I would've quit WAY before now. XD


☁ Still no word on places. Ungh. I hate people.
☁ Since I've been letting my bed dry and I've been sitting in a corner by my bookcase all day, I figured it was as good a time as any to finally scan all the stuff on that. Recorded book collection is at 298 at the moment, not including what I've purchased for school in the last year and still have, a shelf in the closet I've been using for books, and whatever else I find buried in my room somewhere and haven't found yet. Yeah. It's getting a little scary.
☁ I've also gotten some cleaning done today, which is good, especially considering how much I've been slacking lately. It doesn't feel like I've done much, but the section I've been working on looks significantly better, so there's that? I think I'm thankfully at a point now where working on the room actually produces a VISIBLE result, which makes me feel good. :)

Aaaaand that's all I've got for right now. Until tomorrow~

31 Days Meme, Day 8

Thursday, August 8th, 2013 09:27 pm
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8. What's in your handbag?
Right this split second? Wallet, random receipts, about 5 tubes of chapstick because I keep losing them, sunglass clippies, a pen and notepad, some bus schedules, body spray (sea island cotton), an index card with directions on it, tic tacs (strawberry), a few small OTC medicine bottles (the essentials- pamprin, excedrin, and pepto XD), and god knows what else. My bag isn't even that big and it's like a freaking black hole. It has no pockets, so it's impossible to find anything in a timely manner. I've actually been looking for another one that's cheap (read: preferably less than $10, DEFINITELY less than $15) with no luck. Meh. Once school starts I won't be carrying it that much anyway, so I'm not that worried about it. XD

In other news:
☁ School bill is paid, so that's one thing off my chest. I can go get my books after financial aid kicks in on the 17th. Couldn't really test how getting across campus in 10 minutes is going to go because they're apparently doing work in a bunch of different places so a lot is cut off. Ungh. Hopefully they'll be done when I go get my books.
☁ I texted the guy about the apartment, but haven't heard anything back, so I'm assuming it's a bust. Which sucks because that not only means I have to keep looking, but I also kind of loved that kitten, so. Bleeeeeeh. I sent an e-mail today- yay, somebody that didn't specifically ask for a phone call- and I'm still looking at recent posts, so we'll see. Have I mentioned that I hate this? I hate this. -_-
☁ Also a full cup randomly fell for no apparent reason and now my bed is all wet. ;~;
☁ I'm working on episode 26 of Naruto at this point. It's... okay, I -almost- ragequit at one point, because seriously nothing was happening and they were on the same fucking stupid mission FOREVER, but it seems a bit better now? I'm told that it's the worst arc in the series, so we'll see what happens. XD

31 Days Meme, Day 7

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 11:07 pm
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7. Your pet hates
My pet hates... people, having to get off her furry butt to do anything, and waiting for food. :P

Okay, seriously... uh, too many to think of at the moment. A lot of them lie in rudeness. People listening to their music super loudly on the bus, talking on the phone at the register, butting in line, that sort of thing. Also stupidity is a big one. Just. RAWR. That's really all I can think of at the moment.

31 Day Meme, Day 6

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 09:28 pm
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6. Your 5 senses right now
Uh, the same five I always have? This is a dumb question.

As far as non-meme stuff, here we go:
☁ My certificate of residence for school has been acquired. I had to spend more time dealing with my mother than I would've liked in order to accomplish this, but whatever, it's done. Now I can pay my bill for school. The plan is to deal with that tomorrow.

☁ Saw an apartment Saturday. Good location, big room, roommates are not super neat freaks, gay friendly, super cute kitten (who spent most of the time pretending that I was a good climbing tree. Good thing I wore jeans. XD The guy was like, "wow, she really likes you already.") It's at the top of my "I can afford this" range, but I'm not sure I'm going to get much better because rent is freaking ridiculous here. He's still showing the apartment, so we'll see what happens. I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm going to text him tomorrow and see what's going on. In the meantime... I should probably make some more phone calls tomorrow too. Ungh. I want to do that about as much as I want a hole in my head. I fucking hate calling people, and of course most of these are like "phone calls only!" YOU GUYS SUCK.

☁ Need to go to old work and talk to Dave about saving boxes for me. Even if I wasn't planning on moving, I would probably still do this, because I'm at a point where I just feel like I'm moving things back and forth to and from the same places in my room, and getting stuff put away in boxes would at least let me put things away neatly in an orderly way instead of haphazardly thrown everywhere.

TL;DR- Family bullshit )

☁ Oh yeah, and did I mention that classes start again on the 26th and I'm both freaked the hell out about it and can't wait to go back? Need to get sleep back in order. It was better and then it wasn't, sooooo. <_< It's not nowhere near as bad as it was at one point, but still not terribly good.

☁ So basically, long story short, I'm super stressed/anxious about EVERYTHING and trying to keep up with my daily cleaning sessions and mostly failing, so. On the upside, it does look considerably better just from what I did today?

☁ I've also been working on a random fic bit I found in my bunny folder. I... don't even know how this happened. But yay writing?

31 Day Meme, Day 5

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 04:41 pm
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(I missed this yesterday, so you'll be getting two today. Whoops. ^_^;;; )

5. 10 songs you love right now
Oh man, I haven't even been listening to a lot of music lately because of other things going on. Uh. How about instead of RIGHT NOW, 10 favorite songs overall? It's worth noting that what I'm putting here is not representative of everything I listen to- obviously with only 10, I'm leaving out SO MUCH good stuff. Also, I put in youtube links to songs- I tried to get official videos where available, but in some cases I had to post a lyric video. In no particular order beyond alphabetical:
1. From Yesterday- 30 Seconds to Mars (this is the whole video, mainly because I like it. XD)
2. Jaded- Aerosmith
3. Prelude to La Fille Aux Cheveaux de Lin- Debussy (not really 100% thrilled with the versions I was finding on youtube- it's slower in parts than I'm used to, with longer stops- but you get the point.)
4. Missing- Evanescence
5. Father of Mine- Everclear
6. Everything- Lifehouse (yes, okay, I know, I'm atheist and this has religious tones, but I choose not to see the song that way, okay? XD In the HIGHLY unlikely event that I ever got married- *pause for hysterical laughter here*- I would want this song played at some point. I guess I'm secretly a romantic or something.)
7. Second Chance- Shinedown
8. Nice and Slow- Usher
9. Final Distance- Utada Hikaru
10. Everything You Want- Vertical Horizon (this is still one of my favorite albums in the history of EVER)

31 Day Meme, Day 4

Sunday, August 4th, 2013 07:07 pm
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4. What are you afraid of?
My absolute, number one fear? Failure. Which encompasses a lot of things and has been known to paralyze me before. Heights is another big one. I'm short because I'm supposed to stay low to the ground, dammit! XD The loss of any kind of security scares the hell out of me. I need stability, at least in a few key areas of my life. I have a dental phobia that is just... not good. And of course, as I've mentioned, anxiety in general that makes me a wreck anytime I have to make a phone call or do something new or whatever. XD It HAS gotten better. I still hate phones, though. I even hate texting people unless I have something specific to say. Even if I have your number, rest assured that I will NEVER call/text you just to be like, hey, what's up?

31 Days Meme, Day 3

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 07:58 pm
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3. Your favorite quote
Oh man, I have a lot of these. I used to collect favorite quotations, okay? So I will post several. :D

"Be who you are and say what you feel... because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~Dr. Seuss

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." ~Albert Einstein

"If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured, or far away." ~Henry David Thoreau

"There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are." ~ Unknown

"Nothing ever happens by chance. Everything happens for a reason. Your brain may not know the reason. Your brain may never figure it out. But your heart knows. Your heart always knows." ~Margaret Weis

"Madness does not always howl. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'Hey, is there room in your head for one more?'" ~Despair.com

"You are still lost in the forest. But lonely, lost girls like us can rescue themselves. You are standing on the edge of greatness." ~The 10th Kingdom

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2. 20 facts about you
(Apologies in advance for people who have probably heard most of these about 20 billion times. XD Sorry, it's hard to come up with 20 things.)
This got long. XD )

Aaaaand now I need to stop procrastinating on a phone call I need to make. Eeeeeeep. /o\

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Thursday, August 1st, 2013 06:08 pm
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☁ Turned in BG. Managed to pull off two fics, somehow, I don't even know how that happened. It was originally all part of the same idea, sort of, but... eh, it's complicated. Anyway. I was Vanessa and wrote two Hikaru and Waya fics- one pointless gen and the other smut. *shrug* I was terribly obvious and didn't bother to hide it. I was hoping that the pairing would throw people off at least a little, but uh, I guess not. XD Guessing didn't turn out too bad, though! 5 out of a possible 8, which is my best showing BY FAR- I have been known to get zero right, after all. Of course, if I'd actually looked a little more closely at some of the hints posted later on, I would've realized that a couple of my guesses were obviously wrong, but whatever. XD

☁ Somehow got talked into trying Naruto again, but of course I was only 7 eps into it to begin with and that was ages ago, so I just started it over. It's. I dunno. Kind of obnoxious. I can see why I didn't really feel a push to continue it before.

☁ The book cataloging is getting ridiculous. I've been taking a break, so there's still everything on my bookshelf at this point plus what's in the closet and whatever else I find that I'm not seeing right now- but the manga should be done, anyway, minus the first 13 of Hikago. I'm up to a total of 174 books and not even close to done (we won't even discuss how much of that is manga). I think I have a problem, you guys. XD Also recently I had decided to try and organize my ebook folder, because that's a huge clusterfuck, and all I can really say about that is... holy GOD, why did I do that to myself? I don't even know how it got like that.

☁ Money stuff for school is mostly taken care of, I'm waiting for the last grant form to go through, but it's nothing that's a huge deal right this split second. Like I can pay my bill and stuff without it, anyway. Re: school stuff, now all I have to do is get my certificate of residence (I'd like to do that tomorrow, tbh), pay my bill (by the 15th, but would like to do it next week to get it done and over with), get my books, and figure out exactly where my classes are and how tight I'm pushing my transport time on a couple. So that's coming along nicely.

☁ As far as RL circumstances... not a lot has changed, for good or for bad, at this point. I've been taking a bit of a hiatus on the cleaning because I've basically felt like shit the last week (yay for being female- not), plus being distracted with other things, see next cloud bullet, but I'm hoping to get back on track in the next couple of days.

☁ So remember how my laptop was overheating and I wasn't sure if it was the heat or something else? It was something else. -_- After some investigation, I discovered that the fan was no longer working. I'm not comfortable taking apart the laptop, since I can't get to the fan without pulling apart the ENTIRE thing (which is stupid but whatever), and it's not worth paying Best Buy $200 bucks to put a new fan in a four year old laptop, soooooo as much as I didn't want to spend the money and didn't want Windows 8... I didn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter. I bought a new one. XD I have named it Phoenix. :3 It was less than the previous one, under 400 before tax, so that wasn't bad. I've been super good about money over the summer, so I'm not going to beat myself up over spending the money or anything. Specs wise, I just wanted something that was at least as good as what I already had for relatively cheap, which was actually more difficult than you might think? Go figure. Sooooo I have another Toshiba- because fuck, I beat Haru all to hell and it still lasted four years, and above all else I did not want a Lenovo (very bad previous experience with IBM, and Kelly having to replace her Lenovo laptop TWICE since March does not help my opinion of them. I told her not to get a damn Lenovo. But nooooo, she didn't want to listen to me. Pfft.) Anyway. I still hate Windows 8, but I knew that already. Classic Shell makes it bearable, fyi if anybody on the flist ends up having to deal with this OS, though I still keep triggering stuff to pop up by accident. Grrr. The keyboard is pissing me off, at least until I get used to it. So there are minor frustrations with it, but that's true of any new device, especially with something like a laptop. Mostly I love it. It does what I need it to do (including connecting to the internet without a problem, which I was nervous about after the netbook), zips along speedily, and so far has handled everything I've thrown at it with grace. (It IS worth noting, though, that the "max temp" on Phoenix is significantly lower than it was on Haru- Haru's was 212, on Phoenix it's 194. Go figure.)

I think my favorite thing about it, though, is that it's a definite upgrade. I've said before that my laptop was hardly state of the art when I got it (and neither is this)- but you know that rating system Windows has? Old lappy was something like 3.3 or 3.5. This is 4.8. In both cases, the score is based off of the graphics card and everything else is AT LEAST a full point higher. When I turned on the Sims to double check that my saves would work, I was like, holy shit, they look like that? O_O It runs so much smoother now, without all the jerkiness and lag, and there's so much more detail. Like wow. Amazing.

Okay, I need to shut up and just post this already, so. Next time~!

(no subject)

Saturday, July 20th, 2013 06:46 pm
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☁ BG- It's um, going. Sort of. There is a not even half baked idea, and there are words, at least? We'll see. <_<

☁ It's been BRUTALLY hot and humid for the last week or so, but thankfully it's about 15 degrees cooler today and the humidity is supposed to FINALLY break overnight, last I heard. Thank god. Seriously, the other day it was fucking 97 with a heat index of 106. And yes, I know to some people that's not a big deal, but I live in freaking upstate NY. IT'S A BIG DEAL HERE. When it's hotter here than in Miami? Or AUSTIN? There's something wrong. I saw a thing on facebook the other day where somebody was like, "I think NY weather is broken" and that about covers it. It was seriously hellish. Kelly went up to the boyfriend's house last night (she even tilted her fan towards me before she left, heh), so I took the opportunity to strip down to my underwear and slept that way. I woke up feeling nice and cool, it was GLORIOUS.

☁ Speaking of heat, my laptop has... not been dealing with it well. Like it turned itself off several times the other day because it was overheating. I'm not entirely sure whether it's the heat/humidity or whether it's something more serious, like the laptop is dying, but in the meantime I'm attempting to find my cooling mat and taking "keep temperature down" measures- blew out the vents/fan/everything I can get to, energy consumption is set to power saver, the battery has been taken out, have the vents pointed at my fan, and I'm trying to run as few things as reasonably possible. Right this split second it's running around 150, which is pretty normal, but again, that's with all that stuff going on AND it's cooler today, soooooo I dunno. I really don't want to buy a new laptop. :/ (Mostly I don't want Windows 8) It wouldn't be AS big of a deal, considering I have the netbook, but home internet hasn't worked on the netbook ever since the cable company changed our router box. :/ I copied a bunch of stuff to the external HD anyway, in any event.

☁ It's mostly been too hot to clean really, but I did get the giant pile of crap in front of the closet cleared out, so I can actually- gasp- get in it now. Shocking, I know. In theory, that should make it easier, but now that I don't have a clear directional goal (like "get to the closet"), I'm feeling a little lost. But I guess... as long as I keep chipping away at it, it doesn't matter, really.

☁ Anime: Not a whole lot happening there. I knew I'd burn myself out eventually, because that's what I -do-, and it seems like that's what's happened. I'm still watching the new stuff as it comes out (Free is still fun, Brothers Conflict is still terrible, Silver Spoon I haven't really made up my mind about yet), and I managed to watch another ep of Tsuritama (it's still weird), but that's really about it. But this is normal. I'll cycle through some other media for a while before I come back to inhaling anime again. ^_^

☁ I did watch a couple of episodes of Doctor Who, so I'm now a few episodes into series 5 now. After seeing a few episodes with 11... I think I like him. :D Also of interest- as 11, Matt Smith is incredibly dorky looking. And not in a good way. He's apparently had a haircut, and he doesn't even look like the same person. Turns out he's totally adorable in a cute nerdy sort of way! O_O *was not expecting that*

☁ Oh, and I played The Walking Dead special 400 Days thing (I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I purchased the download for my xbox, but I won't do that again for season 2- I just don't have the hard drive space on that machine. I'll have to wait on season 2 until they put a disk out. Sadface.) My overall reaction was that I wish they'd picked one or two characters and stuck with them, instead of introducing five in such a short time span. You didn't really get to know anybody, really- though I like what I saw of Wyatt and Russell. Of course, those were the two that decided to opt out at the end. Argh. >_< So I actually have to go through it again... which is okay, because I did some stupid ass shit with Wyatt anyway. Seriously. There's a point where you have the option to try and drag this half-dead guy back to your car or leave him to get eaten by walkers, and for some ungodly reason I was like, yeah, let's drag him. Kelly was watching me play and was like, ".....what are you DOING?" "I DON'T KNOW, OKAY?" Which I guess... is one of the most interesting things about the game, really, since they give you no time to think about your decisions- you just have to go on your gut instinct. I tend to not always think things through to potential consequences, and my decisions definitely tend to lean more towards mercy and helping whoever I can when possible. I'd give examples, but spoilers. :P Which... yeah, can result in some really stupid choices as far as keeping myself/my group alive and safe. Whoops? XD

And on that note, I may or may not lie down for a bit because I have a migraine that doesn't want to go away (usually only napping cures those), and then it's some grownup stuff like laundry and figuring out what to make for dinner, and cleaning. Hopefully working on/finishing this thing for BG. Maybe. XD

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Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 11:40 am
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☁ Tonari- I can't decide what exactly is wrong with Haru, but he's clearly disturbed. I keep coming back to Bipolar and Conduct Disorder (the precursor to Antisocial Personality Disorder, but you have to be 18 to be diagnosed with that, probably because they want to make sure it's not just a rebellious phase before they label you with a basically untreatable disorder XD) Anyway, so I finished it. It's... okay? There were things that bugged me about it. I still think they would've been better off leaving it at two episodes and calling it good. I think the biggest thing for me, though, was that the characters felt lacking. I was missing something there, and I was actually way more interested in Natsume and Sasahara (background) than I ever was in Shizuku and Haru. And even then. Final MAL score: 6.

☁ I've started Tsuritama now. I've seen one episode, and my only reaction currently is basically: O_o Also watched the first ep of Silver Spoon that came out. It's interesting, I guess? Main character is kind of an idiot. I mean. Who doesn't know that chickens poop eggs? Seriously? What's he even doing there, and why doesn't he want to go home? I'm curious about these things. So yeah, it has my attention for the time being.

☁ I didn't really do anything productive Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Friday I went out for the day with my sister. It was hot and humid and gross. I mean, it was okay at first, but after a while I thought I was going to have a heat stroke. Like seriously, I looked like a tomato at one point and I wasn't sunburnt. But yeah. Otherwise, it was cool. We went to the museum and looked at their newest exhibit on the Civil War (and more accurately, New York's role in it), which was pretty damn cool. Had Thai food for lunch (omnomnom). Kelly got incense. We walked around A LOT. So I spent Saturday and Sunday recovering, basically, because I way overdid it (and might've actually had heat exhaustion, that would explain a lot. XD) Monday I did, at least, get those three garbage bags out of my room finally, and I did a cleaning session which produced another. Yesterday, I didn't get anything done again, but that was totally Kelly's fault because she was all, LET'S GO TO DENNY'S, SMOTHERED FRIES SMOTHERED FRIES SMOTHERED FRIES. Soooooo we went to Denny's, and walked around Target and the mall for a while. XD Needless to say, I'm done with Outside for a while except for when absolutely necessary.

☁ I might've gotten a little testy on Tumblr the other day after seeing a post that infuriated me, and went into a two part rant that was basically about how an atheist is not obligated to feel grateful for being given religious platitudes after a death/tragedy, and that doesn't make them an emotionless monster. Um. Yeah. <_< I've apparently been feeling ranty lately. I never did post that thing about TM I showed you guys last time, though, so at least there's that? XD

☁ Aaaand finally, before I forget to mention it- blind_go is back for a mini round! :D Here is info and the support thread. Write something if you can! I need to go bunny hunting...

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Okay seriously, what the HELL is going on lately?

-Apparently it's totally cool to stalk and kill an unarmed child as long as his skin is a darker color than yours. If you live in Florida, the law will support you if you're scared of brown people and start shooting them. Just make up a flimsy story that the evil dark child attacked you first, you'll be fine. Even if you keep changing it. (Link)
-And yet, also in Florida, last year a black woman got 20 years prison time for firing warning shots- didn't hurt anyone- against her abusive husband. (Link) So I guess you're only allowed to defend yourself if you're not black (I would say "if you're white", but Zimmerman is Latino XD). And just think, the Supreme Court just recently chopped off the Voting Rights Act at the knees because racism is totally not an issue anymore. *snort*
-Texas state senate passed their anti-abortion bill (which okay, that's not a surprise, but still.) (Link)
-And finally, to top it off this morning, I wake up and discover that they found Cory Monteith (Finn on Glee) dead in his hotel room. He was only 31 years old. (Link)

I repeat. WHAT THE HELL.

(And no, I'm not going to continue to post about this. It's more for posterity than anything. That being said... god, I know making a post on facebook about it wasn't the most mature thing to do ever, but I just got a long comment basically saying that Zimmerman was the victim and he's been a scapegoat for the "false appearance of nobly fighting against racism." Really? REALLY? She also says that she trusts the decision that was made. I'm trying to not respond angrily, so what I'm working on is this. "Alright, I was upset when I made the post (clearly the most mature thing to do) and I normally wouldn't have said anything. In any event, I'm glad you have more trust in the system than I do. After seeing so many messed up decisions over the years that were clearly aimed at protecting perpetrators instead of victims- decisions that were based not in justice but in racism or sexism or homophobia or some other prejudiced agenda- I don't have that trust. However, the bottom line through all of this is that it's done. I just hope his family can find some kind of peace now that it's over.")

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Friday, July 12th, 2013 05:50 am
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Things Done Today Yesterday:
☁ Fell asleep around 10pm and woke up at about 3:45am. Well, needs tweaking, but it's a start. ^_^
☁ Ate more than 1k calories. I think. Also had a bottle of water.
☁ Did two cleaning sessions. :D On the upside, I reached my goal of getting to my computer chair! On the downside, I didn't find either my blanket or bag. Sigh.
☁ I did, however, find my computer CD binder and was able to give Kelly a bunch of pictures I had, including a large section of her graduation ones that apparently she didn't have anymore. So I did a good deed. ^_^ (Also, hilariously, I need to clean out this binder a bit. Aside from disks for printers I don't even have anymore, there are encyclopedias from 1995. Yes, you read that right. XD)
☁ Also found my print copy of "On Writing," which I'd thought was lost in a move somewhere but was apparently hiding on the dresser in plain sight the entire time. -_- My book catalogue is up to 79 and I haven't even gotten to my main storages of books yet. These are mostly randomly placed ones that live all over my room. XD Okay, some are from a baby bookshelf, but I wasn't lying when I said I have books EVERYWHERE. ;) I've imported what I've scanned to Librarything, too. Didn't realize I'd lose all of my genre tags, and it tends to put things into weird series lists, both of which are kind of obnoxious. Obviously I have to fix that at some point. XD
☁ Filled two garbage bags, which makes a total of three bags in my room. I didn't take them out, but in my defense, I did take out three bags of garbage that weren't my own, so I feel like I should get a pass on this. XD
☁ I decided that my next anime would be Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, for the sole reason of spreading out the sports animes and not watching them all at once (Tsuritama will be next), and I'm about four and a half episodes into that. I'm not really sure how to feel about it yet. Basically they could've just stopped at two episodes? I feel like the rest since have just been extraneous. Also, there was a line in the first ep that threw me off and I still haven't really recovered from it. On the other hand, it's kind of cute despite itself? I don't know.

So I'm going downtown for the day, at least that's the plan right now. Need to make some decisions as far as when I'm leaving. I suppose that means stopping messing with librarything and getting up. XD

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Thursday, July 11th, 2013 05:01 am
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Admittedly, I spent most of the day alternately napping and watching anime. Whoops. XD I did still get stuff done though!

☁ Went grocery shopping, including a big bag of grapes that went into the freezer after prep work. ^_^ Also got more garbage bags for cleaning. :3
☁ Took out the garbage from yesterday.
☁ Did a session of cleaning. Not the two I wanted, but again, I'm  taking what I can get on that front right now. Filled another garbage bag- mostly clothes in this one. Slowly but surely making progress. Further proof that 20 minutes of cleaning is actually a pretty long time and you can get quite a bit cleared out in that time. (or, in my case, put a teeny dent in the disaster area. XD) Speaking of, did I ever tell you guys about Unfuck Your Habitat? Well, here's the tumblr, which was what gave me the 20 minute session idea and is serving as inspiration. ^_^
☁ Finished Taishou. It's cute, and admittedly I did change my mind a bit about Saburou. He's very adorkable. :P Tomoe ended up being my favorite, which was a little bit of a surprise to me because characters like that tend to annoy me (see Rainbow Dash in MLP:FiM), but I didn't find the ego and bragging as jarring here, for some reason. And I found myself rooting for her. :D Very cute overall. Final MAL score- 7.
☁ Also watched the second episodes of Free! and Brothers Conflict. (Both of which, for the record, are Liz's fault.) Free! still has my interest, and it's basically a shipper's paradise, so there's that. Haru's affinity for water as a running gag continues to be funny. XD Brother's Conflict... I have mixed feelings, but it's only going to be 13 episodes anyway, so whatever, I can deal.
☁ Ate more than 1k calories. Probably ate more than I should've, actually, but for one day, I'm not going to worry about it too much.
☁ 1 bottle of water. ^_^
☁ Obviously I slept. It wasn't without interruption, but whatever. I think the next thing will be trying to get some kind of set schedule going on.

Anyway. On to another day. I'm hoping to carve out a path to my desk chair today, which is asking a lot really, but hopefully it'll happen. The sooner I can at least get in my closet (which isn't that bad), the sooner I can start using that for temporary storage while I'm cleaning/moving things around. Things should start looking A LOT better once I'm not throwing things into whatever spot they'll fit in just for a lack of any other place to put it, you know? I'm also hoping to find my outside blanket (it has a plasticky bottom so that the blanket doesn't get all gross) and cooler bag for Friday. Although they've changed the forecast and it's going to be warmer and there's the possibility of rain. Meh. *fingers crossed*

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Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 02:14 am
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Okay, I know I've been posting a lot lately. Apologies. I've decided it might be a good idea to post more, at least for now, even if I'm just babbling about what I'm watching or making a list of what I managed to do for the day or whatever. XD Speaking of:

Things Done Today:

Finalized fall schedule. It's... well, unfortunately there's not much that can be done about it, so much is unmoveable. Things are MUCH more smooshed together than I would like them to be, especially since one of my classes is a considerable distance from everything else (Weight Management, go figure. XD). I'm going to have to BOOK IT to get to certain classes on time. I did end up picking Statistics over Bio. Bio is just... so much more work. x_x And no 2 hour labs. What also pissed me off- when my advisor had put me down for Creative Writing, he was like, try to make sure you get X teacher if you can, because he's a published author and yadda yadda yadda. So I did, back in April when I made my tentative schedule. When I checked it today? THEY'VE CHANGED THE PROFESSOR. And the only CW class he's teaching now is at 6pm which is totally undoable for me. Graaah. On the upside, regardless of what day it is, I'm done by 4, which is nice. :D
Made a chart of said schedule (might sound silly, but I'm a visual person and it helps). Class names are underneath the photo as always.
Weighed in (not particularly happy, but eh, it helps keep me accountable for what I'm doing)
Ate over 1k calories (hey, it's an improvement)
☁ Drank a bottle of water (again, improvement)
Got up through episode 6 of Taishou. It's cute and indeed very gay- and as a matter of fact, the seiyuu who does Tomoe also does the voice for Amane in Strawberry Panic, which helps with the gay. XD It's a little disturbing to me how much older the boys look, though. I mean. I know they're older. But the main girl looks about 8 (even though she's supposed to be almost 14) and her supposed male love interest looks about 25. Eeew. It's a little pedo-y to me since the apparent age difference is so exaggerated. Unfortunately I discovered that for some reason, my episode 7 doesn't have subs, so I'm working on getting a version that works and then we'll continue on.
Painted my nails a nice bright purple and added shimmer. :) (speaking of, I can't believe I don't have a polish tag. WTH. XDDD)
Cleaned some~ (Okay, fine, "some" is a 20 minute set, but it's better than nothing and I'm taking it XD I filled a garbage bag, at any rate. I'm hoping I can manage at least two sets tomorrow.)
☁ SLEPT. For like a 5 hour chunk all at once without waking up once. O_O (Even though I could totally go back to sleep, not gonna lie) YAY. :D :D :D :D :D :D

It's supposed to be really nice on Friday (No rain! Not 90+ degrees! It's like a miracle!), so I'm thinking of doing... I dunno, something. Maybe I'll go downtown to the park. I haven't really figured it out yet, but the point is to GO OUTSIDE and ENJOY IT, at any rate. :P May or may not get Kelly to go with me, but I'd actually almost prefer she not, because then I don't have to worry about entertaining her for however many hours. And if it's just me, I can sit down under a tree and write for a while or something. Asking just seemed like the polite thing to do. So we'll see. XD On that note, I think I'm going to test this episode and maybe try and sleep some more. Later~

*EDIT* Or, yanno, there are subs but they seem to be in German. UGH. Be careful what you wish for, I guess? XD
Nevermind, got one that has working English subs finally. ^_^;;;

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I'm still sleep deprived, but I've actually gotten more than a couple of hours sleep and am feeling noticeably more sane, which is good. My sleep deprivation was pretty severe and I think that had a lot to do with my meltdown Saturday night going into Sunday morning. Still not where I should be in either sleep or mood, BUT I'm getting sleep when I can and I've just been trying to not give myself a hard time about things at the moment. Oh, and, yanno, I'm trying really hard to at least pretend to be somewhat normal emotionally. It feels a bit like I'm forcing positivity, but I'll take it over the absolute mess that I was Sunday. Anyway. MOVING ON.

Finished both Planetes and Kuroko no Basket. Planetes is fucking fabulous and everyone should watch it, though it's a little multiple personality? The first half is mostly episodic and silly, the second half has an actual overarching serious plot and is basically the complete opposite of the first. When I started this- hell, even 10 episodes into it- I didn't think I would end up liking it as much as I did. Final MAL score- 9. Kuroko... okay, so I haven't COMPLETELY changed my mind about it, however, it did start to grow on me just a little. Most of that had to do with Nigou. Apparently if you add a cute animal to a mediocre show, it improves my overall view of it, even when said animal isn't even in all the episodes after it's introduced. Yeah. Also I came out of it shipping Hyuuga/Riko, which has very little fic- like there are 18 tagged with it on AO3, and for most of those, they are either a side pairing or part of a threesome. Sob. Will I watch season 2? Eh, yeah, probably, but I'm also a masochist. Final MAL score- 6.

Also, remember how I said I was alternating episodes on those? I don't think I'll do that again. It had its benefits, sure. It pushed me through Kuroko when I didn't feel like watching it, because I had to get through it to see another episode of Planetes. But it just seemed to take so freaking LONG to get through these, and having to switch gears from one to the other all the time was just. Eh. Apparently my usual way of marathoning stuff I like until burn myself out works better for me. :P

So now I've just started watching Taishou Yakyu Musume, for two reasons- one, it's only 12 episodes, and two, I've been told it's cute and fluffy. Cute and fluffy is good. *nodnod* Seems cute. I also watched the first ep of Free!. I wasn't going to because I generally don't watch things in progress, it pisses me off, but eh. Seems interesting so far. They've got my attention for the moment anyway. I don't have anything else to say on those, since I've only seen one episode of each.

That being said, if anybody has any recs for anything that's cute/fluffy and relatively short (preferably 26 episodes or less, but I will make exceptions for things like Chi's Sweet Home that only have about 3 minute episodes XD), I will take them. I've seen Chi, obviously, and Bottle Fairy and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar and you know what, it's probably easier if I just give you my MAL. XD It doesn't have to be anything that's already on my list, either.

Oh. And I've lost just over 7 pounds. Certainly not going to complain about that. :3 (Edit: I should probably add that this has been over the last two weeks, not over the last few days. And I do tend to lose more quickly in the beginning and then slow down later, so this isn't an alarming amount to me.)

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Yes, I know, it's been ages. I think most of you have seen me around, so you know I'm still alive, at least. I initially had an excuse with finals, but uh, that was a while ago, so... basically since then it's just been good old fashioned laziness. Yep. ^_^;;;  So let's get this over with, shall we? XD

Long as per usual, but these are for me anyway, so whatever XD )

So we'll see how much of that actually happens by the end of the summer. ^_~ Knowing me... ah, let's get real, I'll be lucky if I can cross anything off my list. But again, we'll see! Now, I'm going to make myself finish this episode of Kuroko (ugh *whine*) and get in the shower and maybe like... do stuff, I dunno. Maybe. My head hurts like fuck, so I might just sleep or something, who knows. XD

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Okay. So I know I owe you guys a legit update entry at some point, but I did want to make sure that I documented this one thing before I inevitably forgot to.  ^_^; So when I got that e-mail that said I'd won that writing award, it came with an invitation to a ceremony for the people being published where everyone would read their stories.  I said I would, because really, how often am I really going to be able to do that? In the moment, I thought it was pretty cool. I didn't consider my social phobia until later. Whoops?

This got longer than I planned... )

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Saturday, March 30th, 2013 10:34 am
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Break, Vegetarianism, and Writing, Oh My! )
Alright, I think this is PLENTY long enough for the time being- I should really run a couple of errands anyway before it gets too much later, and then work on research paper stuff. Elizabeth I, and then either Dissociative Identity Disorder or Antisocial Personality Disorder, whichever one I eventually decide on. XD

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Friday, March 15th, 2013 03:45 pm
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This will be pretty quick, I promise! Just really trying to not post monster entries ALL the time. :P

If my calculations are correct, and I'm pretty sure they are, I'm going to have a 4.0 GPA for midterms. FUCKING RIGHT. I just have to keep it there. ^_^;;; (Oh, and the tests I was freaking out about, Western Civ and Gender & Lit? 97 and 98, respectively. This always seems to happen to me. XD)

Caved and got the 3DS XL. It's blue and humongous. I can't get over how big it is. I also got a Yoshi carrying case which included a couple of syluses (what IS the plural of stylus, anyway? Syluses? Styli? Meh.) and a screen protector for the touch screen, so that was pretty cool. Also picked up Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and Zelda Ocarina of Time. Whoops? I've played a little of Zelda and it's already pissing me off. I've never played Ocarina of Time, though, so...

Best thing about it so far, though, is the music player. Messing with Re: Your Brains so that it sounds like chipmunks: awesome. ZOMBIE CHIPMUNKS FTW!

(Also, if anyone would like to add me, friend code is 1650-1537-2442. Just sayin'. :P)

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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 03:20 pm
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...you know, I keep trying to post more, and I'll type something up, but then I don't post it and I wait so long that I have to rewrite half of it because it's no longer valid. Whoops. XD

Blah blah blah )

So basically, things are generally going pretty well at the moment. I'll probably be singing another tune in a month when I'm trying to write four different research papers, but eh. XD

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 08:34 pm
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Random: Anybody want to read a short ( <1k) original fic and tell me whether or not it's a self indulgent piece of crap? Since apparently I can't tell. XD

Catch up part 1

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 02:52 pm
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As per usual, this has been sitting in a file for weeks. Whoops. )

I'll do another post in a minute with specific class stuff- hence the part 1, because I waited so long to post this that I felt it would be too ridiculous for one entry even under a cut- so if you're not interested in that, obviously feel free to skip. ^_^
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- Final call: Holiday card post here (DW) and here (LJ). I am sending these out this afternoon at some point, so they will go out TOMORROW. (Hopefully they'll get where they need to be in time- apologies if they don't. Meant to do it yesterday and didn't manage to leave the house.)

Long, you guys know the drill. )

Mostly random

Monday, December 10th, 2012 07:08 am
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- And clearly I didn't have to worry about that one day, because I then proceeded to mess up NaBloPoMo rather spectacularly. Whoops. XD

- Reminder: Holiday card post here (DW) and here (LJ).

Cut for pictures and stuff )
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Okay, yeah, I know I suck on the journal thing. I will get up a real entry eventually. In the meantime, I've procrastinated on the card post again this year. Whoops. So here we go!


I will be mailing out cards to everyone on the flist who wants one, so comment here with your name and address where you want me to send the card. All comments will be screened, don't worry, so it'll just be me who sees it. I promise I'm trustworthy. And hey, if you still don't feel comfortable with that, I can probably work something out between photoshop, my scanner, and photobucket. <3 I just think real live holiday cards are so much cooler, that's all.

So yeah. Just let me know:

1) Whether you want a Christmas card or a Holiday card. (Neither is a big deal, they're going to be more or less the same thing anyway.)
2) Where I'm sending it to, if I don't have the address already. Basically: if I sent you a card last year, and that address is still good, you don't have to give it to me again. I don't think. I'll poke at you if I do, alright? XD

IF YOU DON'T COMMENT, YOU WILL -NOT- GET A CARD! Mostly because I'm a ditz when it comes to things like that and can't keep track of who I'm supposed to be sending cards to without being told. XD I'll be mailing these out in the next week or two, so you have a little bit of time yet, especially if you're in the US- I can give a bit more leeway there.

That being said, have at! \o/
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Okay, first things first- I did post something yesterday. It wasn't for NaBloPoMo like I've been doing, I forgot to do that, but I did post something privately, and that's what counts to me. I'm not doing it for a prize or anything, just for me, so basically you're just going to have to trust me. ^_~ Actually, for the curious, it was fic. I've been doing that lately- when I'm too lazy to go get my flash drive, I'll put stuff on livejournal so I can access it from a different computer later, edit it as I please, come back home and have the latest version right there for me. It's usually fic, but sometimes school stuff- I have notes on William Faulkner for short story, for example. Which I need to stop doing, really, because my LJ is getting ridiculous with all this extra stuff. Anyway. So what's up there for yesterday is actually the fic I ended up finishing off and posting today. Yes, I finished fic! Amazing, right? It's not the best thing I've ever written, that's for damn sure, but it's something. It even works for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo , which I've been neglecting and just realized that it's due at the end of December. Whoops. ^_^;;;

Not a whole lot happened today, just art history, short story, and pride alliance. Only one person showed up to pride alliance that wasn't in the executive committee. Which makes me nervous because we have the information table for Transgender Day of Remembrance next week. Sigh. Oh, and Treasurer and Co-Chair fought for half of it. They butt heads, because they're both attention whores that can't shut up. It was a long meeting. -_- At least Secretary wasn't there. He's a nice enough kid, don't get me wrong- he has Asperger's, and I think he has a mild mental retardation on top of that. So he just talks A LOT, and very loudly, and takes ages making any sort of point (if there even is one), and I just... does it make me a terrible person to admit that I don't have the patience for that? I think it does. XD I could never be a special ed teacher. I have all the respect in the world for that, but I just can't deal. Ungh. Oh, and have I mentioned that we keep getting kicked out of our club room by another club? The other advisor is SUPER RUDE and is always like, "We've been in this room for 20 years! blahblahblah." Yeah, well, they didn't reserve the room, so it's ours this year. Go away. Only problem is that OUR advisor is never there when this goes down, so we always end up folding, because what else are we supposed to do when this woman is being a complete bitch to us? It's going to be a looooooooong year, you guys.

I'm so tired. Definitely have to go to bed earlier than I did last night- I did laundry yesterday and my clothes just didn't want to dry, so I ended up going to bed around 1am. Waaaaaay too late for me. I'm a zombie. x_x

NaBloPoMo Day 10

Saturday, November 10th, 2012 11:33 pm
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Yes, I forgot about the entry again today, how could you tell? XD

-Obviously, internet has returned as of very late last night. I kind of thought it would end up like that, buuuuut better safe than sorry, right? Or something like that. Of course, it would help tremendously if I wouldn't blank on doing online stuff.

-While I did go get my school check yesterday, I didn't go to the bank this morning in favor of sitting in bed reading. Whoops. XD

-Also, I would really appreciate it if the muses would actually stick around long enough for me to finish a story before switching around on me. I've had Kaga in my head, which is great for something I already had in the queue. Today? Waya shoved him out of the way. -_- I'm like, HELL, you guys, seriously? And of course the Waya bunny is something I've been sitting on and haven't started yet. This is one of the many reasons I can never finish anything, ugh.

-Persona 4 is still pissing me off. I worked on a boss for an hour, was ALMOST done with him, and he killed me. Ungh. I actually threw the controller in a minor temper tantrum. ^_^; (There's a rug in the living room, the controller is fine.) I ended up going, fine, screw you, I'm going to work on social link stuff then. And I did. I may or may not work on it tomorrow, I don't know, I'm getting pretty :/ about the whole thing, to be honest.

Aaaaand I have to wrap this up. Tomorrow! \o


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