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Birthdate:Sep 18
Location:New York, United States of America
First and Foremost
★ I'm a co-mod for [community profile] blind_go, and mod [community profile] kifu_archive. If you've found your way here because you need something related to that, feel free to message me or my fellow mod, [personal profile] akichan, privately. ♥

★ Any fictional writing I do can be found in one of the following places: just about all of my original stuff is at deviantart, where my username is verloren1983 (I'm just not that original when it comes to usernames). Fanfic is at my fic comm at [community profile] without_the_rain. Sort of. I haven't really done anything with it yet. ^_^;;; You're better off either going to my LJ writing journal ( [profile] vfic83 ) or my AO3.

What You Should Know
★ I complain. A lot. I also ramble quite a bit. I can be rather long winded. ^_^;;;

★ I'm a lesbian/queer girl, so if you have a problem with that, feel free to use the back button. I won't tolerate homophobic assholes in my space.

★ Clearly from the last, my journal is not a curse-free zone. I swear quite a bit, actually, though I'm better than I used to be. If you hate foul language, you might not want to friend me. ^_~

★ Also! I tend to stick my foot in my mouth quite a bit, and I don't always realize it until a bit later... don't be afraid to call me on it. I'm not saying you should be a jerk about it, obviously, but something like a "Hey Ver, you're kind of being an asshole right now." will generally be sufficient.

★ I'm obsessed with slash/yaoi/shounen-ai. Whatever the hell you want to call it, I'm a total boy/boy fangirl, okay? (Because people have asked- no, I have no idea what that's about either.) If there's homoerotic subtext somewhere, I'll find it. Trust me. I like all kinds of different pairings, actually, but the ones that are nearest and dearest to my heart tend to be the boy/boy ones. So cute. *_*

★ I'm very into anime and manga (especially Fullmetal Alchemist, Prince of Tennis, and, first and foremost, Hikaru No Go). I also love Chinese food, writing, video games, online roleplay, and reading- mostly fantasy, mystery, and bad gay romance novels. I do a fair amount of squeeing and generally making myself look like an idiot about these things.

That being said... if any of that bothers you, run for the hills now. I'm serious.

Friending Policy
Feel free to friend me if the mood strikes you- the only thing I ask is that if I've never spoken to you before, please drop me a note to tell me why it is that you're friending me. (I get a little paranoid ^_^;;;) I'm not going to guarantee that I'll friend you back... but I probably will, unless you seem like an asshole or you don't speak English. There's not a lot that I put under a friends lock, so you wouldn't really be missing much of anything, promise.

★ I'm horrible at writing stuff for bios. I'm not an interesting person. If you want to know something, ask. I'll answer to the best of my ability unless you're a dick about it.

[ Tir/Gremio @ Genso Suikoden Blogcrew]

RP Journals
I'm not playing at the moment, but here are my past RP Journals (all on LJ), in the order I had them because I'm a dork like that:
★ Shindou Hikaru: [profile] happygoban5 for [profile] gogo_igo(dead RP)
★ Mitani Yuki: [profile] japgowizard for [community profile] squarewarts(dropped)
★ Alphonse Elric: [profile] al_elricwizard for [community profile] squarewarts(dropped)
★ Shindou Hikaru: [profile] brightfive for [community profile] squarewarts(dropped)
★ Elenor Silverberg: [profile] scarlet_tenki for [community profile] squarewarts(dropped)
★ Shindou Hikaru: [profile] lets_go_five for [community profile] dramadramaduck(dropped)
★ Alphonse Elric: [profile] take10_give11 for [community profile] squarewarts(dropped)

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