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Thursday, January 16th, 2014 10:17 pm
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★ Oh man, where did winter break even GO? Didn't it just start? I thought I had a month. How is it that classes start on Tuesday? Meh. -_-

★ Unfortunately, I didn't get NEARLY as much done over the break as I would've liked. But the upside here is that SOME things actually got accomplished- as opposed to summer break when absolutely nothing got done. I slowed down a lot on the reading, but I'm almost through The Son of Neptune (well, okay, almost may be a stretch, but I'm a little more than halfway through it. XD). I cleaned my desk- including getting rid of the old piece of shit PC I still had hanging around (I forgot how heavy monitors are, JFC)- and can actually use it now. A PLACE TO DO WORK, YAY. I've been poking at fic, though unfortunately it's been scattered among a few different places so I don't really have anything to show for it. XD But still, any kind of writing is good.

★ Current goals for what little remains of the break: carve out a steady path to the closet. Keep the desk reasonably clean. Finish through The Mark of Athena. Finish at least one fic for posting (not necessarily that I'll get it posted before Tuesday, just to have something ready to go). I should probably clean out my backpack, and I'd also like to get my books before the start of the semester. Eh, I think that's more than enough for four days. XD

★ As I said to Ai in a comment recently- honestly, not having real internet isn't as bad as I'd feared. My phone is a surprisingly decent substitute for a lot of internet-related things. I can keep up with things for the most part (though I do occasionally miss posts here and there, so if there's something important you want to make sure I see, you might want to poke at me juuuuuust in case). Comments and entries in DW/LJ are a giant pain in the ass, so I'm trying to not do those so much. In the worst case scenario that I can't do something, I can always wait until I have access to wi-fi. It's actually been pretty okay.

Anyway, this is looking pretty long here, so I'll shut up now. I'll be around, in any event.

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Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 06:26 pm
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...I was going to go out today for internet/grocery shopping, but it's like -20F with the wind. Um. No. *hides under the covers*

- You know, I guess I do still owe you guys a legit update. So what have you guys missed? Not a whole lot, just school work and me being boring and flailing about finals and grades and stuff. Ended up with a 4.0 for the semester, which was basically a small miracle because I fucked up and never turned in one of the essays for Multicultural Lit, so I was sweating bullets on that one. Whatever, it all ended up okay and that's what counts.

- Otherwise, I've just been chilling out, doing some cleaning, watching stuff, playing stuff, you know. I finally beat the stupid tree in Suikoden IV a couple of weeks ago, so that's done. (Reinhold is a lifesaver- basically, I trained with him until I could reliably beat him every time, plus a little. I think Hero was at level 70 or something by then?). I'd rented Hakuouki from Gamefly and quickly determined that it's something I would appreciate better in anime form. As a video game? No. Too little choice and it's really difficult to follow what's happening, at least for me. I'm slowly working on playing through The Walking Dead on Steam so I can play the new episode with my choices intact (and I've read that as long as you've connected the game to the internet at some point, it'll save your achievements and load them up for when you're connected again. We'll see if that actually works). Next up is... I dunno, Dragon Age, maybe.

- I've been watching a couple of random things. A few eps of Hakuouki, which I do in fact enjoy more as an anime, though it's still not great. There are way too many characters that I have absolutely no hope of remembering the names of. I'm more actively working on Kuroko no Basket season 2, what I have of it anyway. For some reason, it's not annoying me nearly as much as season 1 did, at least so far.

- Mostly, at least the last few days, I've been reading. I'm terribly behind in Riordan's Olympus books- I only ever got as far as The Lost Hero, because that's what was out at the time and I haven't kept up. And because it's been so long, I figured I should probably do some re-reading, so that's what I've been doing. I read through The Last Olympian yesterday, so I'm taking a break today before digging back in tomorrow. I love to read, but there IS such a thing as too much of a good thing. ^_^;;;

- My mom FINALLY went back to work a few weeks ago. Things don't seem any better financially (I'm still giving her money hand over fist that I don't really have, basically), but I'm really hoping it starts to ease soon now that she's getting a full paycheck again. It has to.

Computer Related, cut for those not interested )

- I downloaded an app that will keep track of my video games on my phone for me (like the book one and the dvd one), so I can hopefully avoid accidentally purchasing something I already have. Not even close to done- I still have my DS/3DS/GBA/GB/PC/etc games to put in, of which I have many- and I'm already up to 80. I could throw up. Seriously. How did that even happen?

Anyway. This is quite long enough, especially since I can't really edit very well in here. Hopefully there aren't any major readability issues. XD Later!

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Thursday, August 1st, 2013 06:08 pm
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☁ Turned in BG. Managed to pull off two fics, somehow, I don't even know how that happened. It was originally all part of the same idea, sort of, but... eh, it's complicated. Anyway. I was Vanessa and wrote two Hikaru and Waya fics- one pointless gen and the other smut. *shrug* I was terribly obvious and didn't bother to hide it. I was hoping that the pairing would throw people off at least a little, but uh, I guess not. XD Guessing didn't turn out too bad, though! 5 out of a possible 8, which is my best showing BY FAR- I have been known to get zero right, after all. Of course, if I'd actually looked a little more closely at some of the hints posted later on, I would've realized that a couple of my guesses were obviously wrong, but whatever. XD

☁ Somehow got talked into trying Naruto again, but of course I was only 7 eps into it to begin with and that was ages ago, so I just started it over. It's. I dunno. Kind of obnoxious. I can see why I didn't really feel a push to continue it before.

☁ The book cataloging is getting ridiculous. I've been taking a break, so there's still everything on my bookshelf at this point plus what's in the closet and whatever else I find that I'm not seeing right now- but the manga should be done, anyway, minus the first 13 of Hikago. I'm up to a total of 174 books and not even close to done (we won't even discuss how much of that is manga). I think I have a problem, you guys. XD Also recently I had decided to try and organize my ebook folder, because that's a huge clusterfuck, and all I can really say about that is... holy GOD, why did I do that to myself? I don't even know how it got like that.

☁ Money stuff for school is mostly taken care of, I'm waiting for the last grant form to go through, but it's nothing that's a huge deal right this split second. Like I can pay my bill and stuff without it, anyway. Re: school stuff, now all I have to do is get my certificate of residence (I'd like to do that tomorrow, tbh), pay my bill (by the 15th, but would like to do it next week to get it done and over with), get my books, and figure out exactly where my classes are and how tight I'm pushing my transport time on a couple. So that's coming along nicely.

☁ As far as RL circumstances... not a lot has changed, for good or for bad, at this point. I've been taking a bit of a hiatus on the cleaning because I've basically felt like shit the last week (yay for being female- not), plus being distracted with other things, see next cloud bullet, but I'm hoping to get back on track in the next couple of days.

☁ So remember how my laptop was overheating and I wasn't sure if it was the heat or something else? It was something else. -_- After some investigation, I discovered that the fan was no longer working. I'm not comfortable taking apart the laptop, since I can't get to the fan without pulling apart the ENTIRE thing (which is stupid but whatever), and it's not worth paying Best Buy $200 bucks to put a new fan in a four year old laptop, soooooo as much as I didn't want to spend the money and didn't want Windows 8... I didn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter. I bought a new one. XD I have named it Phoenix. :3 It was less than the previous one, under 400 before tax, so that wasn't bad. I've been super good about money over the summer, so I'm not going to beat myself up over spending the money or anything. Specs wise, I just wanted something that was at least as good as what I already had for relatively cheap, which was actually more difficult than you might think? Go figure. Sooooo I have another Toshiba- because fuck, I beat Haru all to hell and it still lasted four years, and above all else I did not want a Lenovo (very bad previous experience with IBM, and Kelly having to replace her Lenovo laptop TWICE since March does not help my opinion of them. I told her not to get a damn Lenovo. But nooooo, she didn't want to listen to me. Pfft.) Anyway. I still hate Windows 8, but I knew that already. Classic Shell makes it bearable, fyi if anybody on the flist ends up having to deal with this OS, though I still keep triggering stuff to pop up by accident. Grrr. The keyboard is pissing me off, at least until I get used to it. So there are minor frustrations with it, but that's true of any new device, especially with something like a laptop. Mostly I love it. It does what I need it to do (including connecting to the internet without a problem, which I was nervous about after the netbook), zips along speedily, and so far has handled everything I've thrown at it with grace. (It IS worth noting, though, that the "max temp" on Phoenix is significantly lower than it was on Haru- Haru's was 212, on Phoenix it's 194. Go figure.)

I think my favorite thing about it, though, is that it's a definite upgrade. I've said before that my laptop was hardly state of the art when I got it (and neither is this)- but you know that rating system Windows has? Old lappy was something like 3.3 or 3.5. This is 4.8. In both cases, the score is based off of the graphics card and everything else is AT LEAST a full point higher. When I turned on the Sims to double check that my saves would work, I was like, holy shit, they look like that? O_O It runs so much smoother now, without all the jerkiness and lag, and there's so much more detail. Like wow. Amazing.

Okay, I need to shut up and just post this already, so. Next time~!

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Saturday, July 20th, 2013 06:46 pm
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☁ BG- It's um, going. Sort of. There is a not even half baked idea, and there are words, at least? We'll see. <_<

☁ It's been BRUTALLY hot and humid for the last week or so, but thankfully it's about 15 degrees cooler today and the humidity is supposed to FINALLY break overnight, last I heard. Thank god. Seriously, the other day it was fucking 97 with a heat index of 106. And yes, I know to some people that's not a big deal, but I live in freaking upstate NY. IT'S A BIG DEAL HERE. When it's hotter here than in Miami? Or AUSTIN? There's something wrong. I saw a thing on facebook the other day where somebody was like, "I think NY weather is broken" and that about covers it. It was seriously hellish. Kelly went up to the boyfriend's house last night (she even tilted her fan towards me before she left, heh), so I took the opportunity to strip down to my underwear and slept that way. I woke up feeling nice and cool, it was GLORIOUS.

☁ Speaking of heat, my laptop has... not been dealing with it well. Like it turned itself off several times the other day because it was overheating. I'm not entirely sure whether it's the heat/humidity or whether it's something more serious, like the laptop is dying, but in the meantime I'm attempting to find my cooling mat and taking "keep temperature down" measures- blew out the vents/fan/everything I can get to, energy consumption is set to power saver, the battery has been taken out, have the vents pointed at my fan, and I'm trying to run as few things as reasonably possible. Right this split second it's running around 150, which is pretty normal, but again, that's with all that stuff going on AND it's cooler today, soooooo I dunno. I really don't want to buy a new laptop. :/ (Mostly I don't want Windows 8) It wouldn't be AS big of a deal, considering I have the netbook, but home internet hasn't worked on the netbook ever since the cable company changed our router box. :/ I copied a bunch of stuff to the external HD anyway, in any event.

☁ It's mostly been too hot to clean really, but I did get the giant pile of crap in front of the closet cleared out, so I can actually- gasp- get in it now. Shocking, I know. In theory, that should make it easier, but now that I don't have a clear directional goal (like "get to the closet"), I'm feeling a little lost. But I guess... as long as I keep chipping away at it, it doesn't matter, really.

☁ Anime: Not a whole lot happening there. I knew I'd burn myself out eventually, because that's what I -do-, and it seems like that's what's happened. I'm still watching the new stuff as it comes out (Free is still fun, Brothers Conflict is still terrible, Silver Spoon I haven't really made up my mind about yet), and I managed to watch another ep of Tsuritama (it's still weird), but that's really about it. But this is normal. I'll cycle through some other media for a while before I come back to inhaling anime again. ^_^

☁ I did watch a couple of episodes of Doctor Who, so I'm now a few episodes into series 5 now. After seeing a few episodes with 11... I think I like him. :D Also of interest- as 11, Matt Smith is incredibly dorky looking. And not in a good way. He's apparently had a haircut, and he doesn't even look like the same person. Turns out he's totally adorable in a cute nerdy sort of way! O_O *was not expecting that*

☁ Oh, and I played The Walking Dead special 400 Days thing (I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I purchased the download for my xbox, but I won't do that again for season 2- I just don't have the hard drive space on that machine. I'll have to wait on season 2 until they put a disk out. Sadface.) My overall reaction was that I wish they'd picked one or two characters and stuck with them, instead of introducing five in such a short time span. You didn't really get to know anybody, really- though I like what I saw of Wyatt and Russell. Of course, those were the two that decided to opt out at the end. Argh. >_< So I actually have to go through it again... which is okay, because I did some stupid ass shit with Wyatt anyway. Seriously. There's a point where you have the option to try and drag this half-dead guy back to your car or leave him to get eaten by walkers, and for some ungodly reason I was like, yeah, let's drag him. Kelly was watching me play and was like, ".....what are you DOING?" "I DON'T KNOW, OKAY?" Which I guess... is one of the most interesting things about the game, really, since they give you no time to think about your decisions- you just have to go on your gut instinct. I tend to not always think things through to potential consequences, and my decisions definitely tend to lean more towards mercy and helping whoever I can when possible. I'd give examples, but spoilers. :P Which... yeah, can result in some really stupid choices as far as keeping myself/my group alive and safe. Whoops? XD

And on that note, I may or may not lie down for a bit because I have a migraine that doesn't want to go away (usually only napping cures those), and then it's some grownup stuff like laundry and figuring out what to make for dinner, and cleaning. Hopefully working on/finishing this thing for BG. Maybe. XD

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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 11:08 am
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Apparently "soon-ish" means a month later. Whoops. ^_^;

Blah blah blah )

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 ☁ Still exhausted. I woke up the other day with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Yaaaaaaay. Hopefully it'll go away like colds seem to be going away for me lately- I've had quite a few "false starts" this season where I thought I was getting sick but then didn't. So far the hoping doesn't seem to be working, since I'm still all stuffy and miserable, but. *crosses fingers and toes*
☁ A little late to say this, but feel free to ignore previous post. Still feel that way, but I'm feeling a bit more sane about it, I guess? That kind of stuff isn't something I usually inflict on you guys. I'm blaming hormones and lack of sleep for that one. Especially since I really have no idea what's going on hormone-wise. My body did the girl thing for a day and then stopped, no lie. I don't know either. :/
☁ On a related tangent to the previous post... Erin has been joking around about me moving down with her for a while now. (Actually, SINCE she moved down there.) At this rate, it's going to become a serious conversation at some point. I know I would -HATE- it in the summer- New York is too hot for me, I don't even want to think about Texas. But it would still be a step above where I am, and I could hopefully find a job and save up some so that I can move somewhere that I would actually WANT to be. Because even if I did move to Texas, I can't see that being someplace that I'd want to live long-term. You know?
☁ Lappy has been restarting on its own more and more. I knew it was some kind of overheating problem, but I wasn't really sure why- most of the time, I sit with lappy sitting on the arm of the couch with the fan hanging over air- nothing obstructing the fan at all. After yet another restart, I hit google... I couldn't do quite what it said simply because apparently Toshiba has to be difficult and made it so that you have to take the whole damn laptop apart to get to the fan, but I did blow out the fan as well as I could through the vents with compressed air. It hasn't restarted since I've done it. Also lappy sounds SO much better, so clearly it needed to be done. Seriously. *hugs him*
So. Compressed air: not just for keyboards. Good to know.
☁ On that note, one more point for Chrome- when lappy does the suddenly restarting thing, Chrome DOES NOT LOSE ALL MY GOD DAMN TABS. Whereas Firefox, more often than not, does. (And yes, I have it set up to save them. Doesn't work if the laptop turns itself off in self defense.)
☁ In other news, I've more or less talked a co-worker into going to Pride with me. :3 There will be much fun and drinking. I would've gone anyway even if I'd been by alone, but it would've been a little awkward and I would've felt a little loser-y being there my myself. So yay. And she's bi/pan, so no awkwardness with the gay thing. Should be fun! :D

☁ There are potential plans in the works for a family meetup this fall... with Kelly and I going to see Erin, and then my father will supposedly come as well. I. Ugh. I'm supposed to be giving the idea a shot, but honestly? I don't WANT to. Maybe I'm being a bit of a child about this. I'm willing to accept that. Aside from not wanting to see him, this is my VACATION we're talking about. We are talking about me not being able to relax the entire week because he's there- during the time when I'm supposed to be able to relax and have fun and not have to worry about anything. I understand that it'll be easier if it's the three of us together. I really do get that. But it doesn't change the fact that I told Kelly I didn't want to have anything to do with this, and I told her that for a REASON. That reason being that I DON'T WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS. Point blank. I don't know, maybe I'm being too selfish here. Am I being too selfish here?
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☁First and foremost, Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it. :D I will be at work, so you guys have Christmas dinner for me, kay? ^_^

☁Of course, the day after I wrote the last entry? Snow. And then it snowed again. So we're cured of the whole "December and no snow!" thing, unfortunately.

☁Work is hell. I fucking hate my job this time of year. That's all I'm going to say about that or else I'll go on forever. Which... has really been my policy recently, actually. XDDD Although I've gotten $15 in tips in the last week, which is... a lot, considering I never get tips in my job. O_o

☁When I went to go send out those snowflake cookies, LJ had just pulled them- of course- so pretend I sent you one, okay? XD Also, thanks to Cousin for sending me one. <333 Icon just for you!

☁Finished [livejournal.com profile] fifthmus  by some miracle. The day before it was due, even! Though I didn't send it out until the day of, simply because I had to do the "inflict it on someone else to see if it requires burning" thing. I'm still not so sure about this one. XD We shall see how that goes. On the upside, it's the first piece I've written in quite some time. On the downside... well, it's the first piece I've written in quite some time. *shifty eyes*

☁Trying to get my emulator to work so I can play Suikoden II. It worked beautifully in XP, but now.... the sound in the opening is choppy, but I can deal with that except it won't let me DO anything. The  keyboard won't work. My USB controller won't work even with new drivers installed. So I have no way to PLAY the damn thing. And yes, I tried downloading new drivers and stuff, still no go.

Some days, I really, really hate Vista.

☁Got the passport put in last week. Thank god. I had to get it expedited, which I already knew, and the picture sucks but it's as good as it's going to get, so whatever. Point being that I should have that in a couple of weeks. Yay! *cheers*

☁Speaking of which, I just figured out that as long as I don't do anything stupid (hahahaha), I should go up to see Aki at the end of next month with a decent amount of money. This is a good thing, considering I thought I'd be going  with less than half that. And that's even considering the bus ticket and a few purchases I have to make that's coming out of my trip fund *cough*Christmas*cough*.

☁Watching Eden of the East... I'm on episode 7 and it's really interesting so far. I'm very curious to see what happens. :D The art style is... different from what I'm used to watching, but not really in a bad way, just... different. It's only 11 episodes, though, so it's a quickie. Makes me feel a little stupid for not watching it before- Aki recced it to me a while ago, and I put it off. Sure enough, it's right up my alley. Ehehehe. ^_^;;;

☁Was finally able to finish watching Chi's New Home, too. The end was corny as hell, but still adorable, and I'm clearly a sap.

Aaaaaand I've gone on long enough. ^_^;;; Everyone be safe! <3

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Sunday, June 28th, 2009 01:08 pm
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First of all, I'm going to note for anyone I owe tags to: I'm getting to it, I promise! <3

Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA lately- the new laptop came in on Thursday, so I’ve been distracted by newshinytoy transferring things and installing crap and whatnot on this. New computers are a lot of work. ^_^;;; And no, I haven’t decided on a name for this yet, I’ve just been calling it “Lappy” so far. XDDD

It’s… going to take some getting used to, I think. Overall it’s zomgawesome, but there are a few things that irk me. The keyboard, for one thing. The sizing is different, which I knew, but it also makes for some frustrating mistakes while typing, especially when it’s not immediately apparent. Like I keep hitting the CAPS LOCK button instead of the shift button. That’s fun. *rolls eyes* The other major one is typing : instead of “.

Also, the touch pad thing is driving me up the wall. I already knew it was going to, though, considering my previous experience with them, so I already bought a USB mouse. I just can’t use it at the moment because Lappy is sitting on my bed instead of a proper desk. Meh. Not much I can do about that at the moment, especially when I’m locked out of the wireless because my mother doesn‘t remember what the god damn password is. So yeah. I’m stuck on this one spot on my bed since the Ethernet cord doesn’t reach any further than this, and that pretty much sucks, since my bed is uncomfortable at the best of times to begin with. >_<

But other than that stuff? I LOVE IT. And this hasn’t randomly restarted on me ONCE since I first turned it on. *cheers* That in and of itself is just fantastic to me. <3

(For those that might be wondering… so far, I don’t see the big deal with Vista. I’ll grant you that I’ve had this less than a week, but… it just seems like a prettified version of XP. *shrug* The only things I really have a quibble with are that it takes up so much space, and that it wants permission to do EVERYTHING, which is more than a little irritating at times. Also note that I have the premium version and not the basic, I don't know how much of a difference that makes.)

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009 04:54 am
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1. THE LAPPY HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN ORDERED. *\o\* *\o/* */o/* It's not the best laptop in the world, but unless it doesn't work at all, (*sob*) it's GOT to be better than what I have, you know? Maybe next time I'll save up more and splurge on a better system. But for now? This is GOLDEN, and $450 is more than enough to be spending. It's not the original one I had been looking at because wal-mart took that one off their site *grumblegrumble*, but this one I found on newegg is more or less the same thing AND it's 50 bucks cheaper. SCORE. That leaves me with more money to buy accessories- like a freaking USB mouse, since it doesn't have a PS/2 port.

2. Speaking of which- I'll need a name for the new computer. Suggestions, flist? :3 Something reliable oh god please. XD Also, keep in mind I have or have had in the past: Ed, Alphonse, Isumi, Kuwabara (baaaaad idea, that one XDDDD), Ochibi (surprisingly good tempered, actually), Oishi, Vivi, and possibly another that I'm just not thinking of at the moment. For various devices, obviously, not just computers. :D

3. I have managed to lose my DS. I wasn't worried at first, but now I'm seriously not finding it and I'm starting to freak out. D: It's got to be around here somewhere, though, seriously. WHERE ELSE DO I GO? XD

I'm beginning to think it's run off to the same place that my mp3 player disappeared to. Must be some kind of heaven for electronic devices. D: Come baaaaaaaaack!

4. Don't remember offhand if I mentioned, but we did actually get that Wii. It's neat. I haven't really done much with it yet, though, aside from downloading and playing a couple of old school games. Adventures of Lolo, FTW? ^_^;;;

5. Finally got around to finishing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I say finally because I've been reading it off and on for several months now. Actually, recently Kelly saw me with it and made a comment which prompted the following conversation:
Kelly: You're STILL reading that?
Me: Meh, it hasn't really caught my attention yet.
Kelly: ...er... you're more than halfway through it.
Me: ................
Aaaaand that about sums up my stance on the book. It just never really captured me. There were a few things that had me giggling, none of which I can remember offhand, but overall... meh. I've never been big on sci-fi, and clearly this book is not an exception. Give me dragons over robots any day of the week, seriously.

Am now reading Czars by James P. Duffy and Vincent L. Ricci. Muuuch more interesting. I'm such a history geek. XD

On that note, I should probably go to bed. ^_^;;; Night all!

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 01:41 pm
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1. Computer's been restarting A LOT lately. This combined with firefox crashing quite often does not make for a happy Ver. It also does not make for easy tagging. Meh.

2. Speaking of tagging (well, RP, really...)- don't know if anybody else has seen it, but there's a secret about Matt in rpsecrets. :D I found it amusing. <3

3. I have sent out the last check for the whole hospital thing. So once that gets taken out of my account (*wince*)... I NO LONGER OWE THEM ANY MONEY. \o/ Which means I can start saving for a NEW COMPUTER. SCORE. That being said... most of you know this, but I'm really, really bad at saving money. Well. Small amounts are fine, but anything more than a couple of hundred bucks is more or less impossible for me. I have -zero- impulse control when it comes to certain things. BUT! I may have come up with a solution for this. Every payday, I call and transfer money from my checking to my savings. Preferably before work so I don't spend it in the day. It's automated, so I don't have to freak about talking to someone... and if it's not somewhere I can see it, then I can't spend it. If I'm shopping and try to spend more than what's in my checking account, my card will get declined. Which... yes, would be embarrassing, but it would keep me from spending that shit. The biggest flaw I see in The Plan is that it requires me to actually remember to transfer the money every Thursday. Urgh.

But if this works, I should be able to get a laptop by mid June. \o/ And then more saving for when Aki's planning on coming down here at the end of the summer. :3

4. I'm really, really hating April 20th right now. Two of the shifts at work asked for it off, naturally, because they're potheads- leaving me to work with the store manager and this one idiot cashier all night. -_- I -hate- working with the store manager. It always feels like he's watching everything I do and it's just CREEPY. So thanks, guys. I appreciate that. (For anybody that doesn't know, 4/20 is a pot thing. Like the unofficial holiday for it or whatever.)

5. Writing... has not been happening. FAIL.

6. Naruto: It took 4 episodes to catch my interest, but now I may actually watch it for a while. But I still can't stand whiny Sasuke-fangirl Sakura. <_< Oh, and the OP still sucks. XD

7. Harry Potter: Bunch of news I found out the other day, if anyone hasn't heard:
-Movie 6 got a PG rating. What. The. FUCK. I'm now wondering what the hell they DID to it then to bring it down to PG. O_o
-They -are- putting the epilogue in movie 7. Dammit. I was really hoping they'd skip that. -_-
-Release of movie 6 has been pushed back two days- July 15 instead of July 17. Which makes it a Wednesday and therefore I have it off. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
-Depsite my reservations, the trailer for movie 6 looks good, so I'm still hoping. ^_^;;; I think... this is going to be even worse than the book in some aspects. Now... I hated canon Draco. But in Half Blood Prince, my heart broke for him. Twice. Once in the scene with Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom, and then on the tower (trying to be as less spoilerish as possible, sorry. ^_^;;;). Now... I don't know if they're actually including Myrtle in the one scene, but they did show him in the bathroom in front of the mirror, and then Draco and Harry fighting. And of course they have to include the tower bit. ^_^;;; But from what I can tell in the trailer, they included both scenes, and just from the trailer... guh. In the book, both scenes made me want to hug Draco. The movie will probably be worse. -_-

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 05:06 am
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1. ...I just had to show my sister how to delete one's temporary files. Which means she hasn't been doing it all along. O_o Well damn. That would certainly contribute to the issues my computer has.

Also. Need to remember to back up Ochibi soon. Alphonse hasn't come out of his box since I got him and copied the entire contents of Ochibi onto him (which was the beginning of August, apparently.) O_o I will... most likely have to do a complete copy again. Which will take forever. Over 335GB worth of stuff, whut? <_<

2. I've broken the 1k mark for the bg fic. It's mostly pointless rambling, mind, but whatever. 1k is 1k, right? ^_^;;;

3. Cleaning off my desk is always something of an experience. The good news? I just found $25. The bad news? It's in Canadian. *pouts* I know it's there for a reason, but it's hard to remember that when I need the money, god damn it. (And actually, I should have another 20 around here somewhere...)

4. Just watched Eternal Summer. I'm... a little mixed on it, to be honest. It was well done, don't get me wrong, but the passing of time was sometimes confusing, and the ending wasn't what I'd hoped for. Well. It was and it wasn't. I can't really explain it without spoiling the movie for people that haven't seen it. ^_^;;;

However, I will say this- the guy that played Jonathan is WAY too freaking adorable. I just wanted to snuggle him throughout the movie. XD

5. Gakuen Alice: 6 episodes in, and it's still... really weird. I started watching it because it sounded like crack... turns out that the cute mopey boy is voiced by Paku Romi (when I told Aki, she was like, "Of course, he's cute and mopey."), which doesn't hurt either. I have to keep remembering that they're elementary school kids, though, because god, the slash. XD Both of the male and female variety. Honestly, could they make the Hotaru/Mikan and Natsume/Luca ANY MORE OBVIOUS? The hell, they're ten year old kids! *flails at self* Okay, so it's not really that bad since it's not like I want smut or anything (eew), but still. Guh.

6. *_* It is supposed to be GORGEOUS the rest of the week. Methinks I will go out tomorrow and get my hair cut. It needs it, badly. If I feel like it and if I get out early enough to bother. ^_^;;; Also need to make an eye appointment soon so I can catch the end of my insurance year. I need the appointment anyway- I haven't gone in over a year, and it doesn't seem like I'm seeing quite as well all of a sudden. Might need a higher prescription on my lenses.

.....okay, I'm going to quit being boring now. ^_^;;; After 5am and I'm rambling mindlessly, it's time for bed!


Saturday, February 7th, 2009 01:31 pm
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1. The good news is that I've downloaded ep 18 of Tales of the Abyss. The bad news is that I can't play it. It makes my piece of shit computer crash. *sigh* Guess it's back to streaming, then.

2. I've decided that my new break-at-work project is going to be reading all these books that I've purchased but haven't gotten around to reading. This has three purposes: one, it gets them read; two, it ups the amount of reading I do, and that's definitely a good thing; three, if there's any I really don't like, I can GET RID OF THEM.

So first on the list is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which seems entertaining so far. I'm not that far into it, so we'll see. ^_^

3. Nice and optimistic: "Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel is being turned off."

4. Finished watching the Prince of Tennis semi-finals. Doubles 1 ended up being disappointing- I wanted to see how that particular pair would make it work, but they cheated. I'll probably start watching the finals soon, I have all but the last episode. Which I can't seem to find subbed at the moment. Frustrating.

5. Internet's been really, really slow. Ugh. It's better today than it was last night though. Still. Might try to reset the router when mom leaves. I think she works this weekend? <_<

6. New uniforms coming at work. Lovely. And I hear that the sizing is fucked up, so basically everybody goes up a size. Because that's TOTALLY what I need. >_<

......and firefox keeps crashing. And mom's fucking with the router and keeps disconnecting me from the internet with no warning. Great. Apparently internet access is going to be spotty for a while. >_<


Saturday, January 24th, 2009 01:55 pm
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*waves* Hi, flist. How have things been going, you ask? Well...

1. Computer is still good for the moment, and lifted my hiatus on SW. Am considering apping a female character, but I have no idea who I'd app, and I have a hard enough time juggling three characters as it is. (And no, before anybody says anything, I'm NOT apping Hawkeye. Awesome she is, but there's no way I'd be able to pull her off even remotely IC.) So I most likely won't end up doing it anyway.

2. Good sleep. I misses it. Some guys are working on the roof of our apartment complex... and since they start at around 8am-9am... um, yeah. I get woken up. I try to go back to sleep and end up getting woken up again about every 15 minutes to half hour. Yesterday was day three of this bullshit, and I was at work trying my best not to fall asleep. Suuuuuuuuck. It seems they don't work weekends though, so maybe I can catch up on my sleep a little. It was lovely to not be woken up at 9am today. ^_^;;; Still exhausted, though, but a little better.

3. Lovely Complex. I'd heard about it before, and started watching it in the interest of finding something new to make Kelly watch, since unless I force Gravitation on her, I don't have anything new for her to see anime-wise.......... it's brilliant. Honestly. Go watch it. I basically inhaled it, and I'm not that much into shoujo. ^_^;;;;

Now I'm watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni on a rec. I don't like horror too much (predictable), but I do love getting my head fucked with, so I'm hoping it'll be good.

4. Work is sucking. Meh. I need a vacation.

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Sunday, January 18th, 2009 02:20 pm
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1. Internet is back as of yesterday, though I didn't get to do much with it yesterday, with the whole "family time" thing and all. Ugh. I'm still keeping the hiatus up on Squarewarts for a little while longer, though, because I'm still trying to download programs and stuff and that slows down my computer quite a bit, so... yeah. But I seem to be back for now. Till my computer inevitably fucks up again. ^_^;;;

2. Erin changed her mind, again, and so we did Christmas yesterday. I got a cool new digital camera (random, but still cool) and the stuff to go with it. I'm going to have some fun playing with that. :P

Dealing with my family is just... exhausting. Ugh. No wonder I hide out in my room all the time. Especially when I'm still feeling down from the SAD and the PMS and everything else going on. -_-

3. The other day I got my first non-fanfic bunny in a really, really long time. <3! I mean... god. I just checked the writing journal. I haven't written anything original since Nov. 25th, 2006. Fucking 2006. O_o Probably because anime ate my brain a little bit... <_< Though I can't even say this is particularly original either, the idea has definitely been done, but whatever. It's something! :D Now I just have to do some character building here. Names would be good for a start. ^_^;;;

4. Organizing my email inbox. Ugh. But it needs to be done, I've got four pages of saved email in there. >_< ..............ahh, much better. ^_^

Ehehe, this has been sitting here for over an hour, think it's time to post it and start getting ready for work. I clearly have nothing else to say anyway. ^_^;;;
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1. We're definitely done with summer, so it's away with the bright sunny theme and back with the dark stuff (what, it's easier on the eyes. XD). I like it. The header is pretty. <3

2. I'm half thinking about doing this national blogging month thing. One blog post a day for a month. I can do that, right? Probably?

3. *siiiiiigh* This computer. Man. It's not recognizing my external drive. *stabbity* SO NOT COOL, OISHI. See Ochibi? HE'S RIGHT THERE. >_<

4. Things are definitely in motion for the short term disability bit. Which is good, because I'm going to need whatever money they decide to give me, even though it's only going to be about half of my normal paycheck. And hey, both the people I talked to (yesterday and today) were really super nice. ^_^ I've got to make one more phone call today to my insurance company, seems they want to get a hold of me for some reason, and I'm supposed to be getting forms in the mail and a phone call in about a week. Bah. Just give me my money, yeah? I NEEDZ IT.

5. To that degree, when I get back to work- not right away, we'll see how I feel, but I'm definitely going to be trying to pick up some hours. Kerry already said it was fine. Actually, he was like, "I know you're probably going to want to pick up some extra hours when you get back. That's not a problem. Actually, that works out perfect for me getting into the holiday season. :D" Because... money. *sigh* Big issue. Monetarily speaking, the timing of this couldn't be much worse. Christmas coming up. Hospital bills I'm going to be trying to pay off. I clearly need a new computer ASAP. GAH. Shoot me now.

6. Speaking of Christmas... I'm probably going to be putting up a thing for cards soon. Also. I'm thinking I might need to get a bit... ah... CREATIVE with gifts this year. If anybody has any ideas, let me know? I'm thinking stuff like... jewelry I can put together myself, or mini-scrapbooks (though that's probably a bit too ambitious for me, in which case single pages would probably work just as well. XD), cd's, I know Stef will let me use her computer to burn DVD's and I have blank ones already, possibly make some candles or something... also, cleaning my room and finding some of the stuff I know I have hidden away would be good too. XD

I know I'm going to end up purchasing things as well, because I'm like that, but the more I can do for cheap the better.

7. Urgh. Activity level needs to go up and calorie intake needs to go down. I lost weight after the surgery... at first. Now I've gained it back plus a few pounds, and it seems like I'm constantly eating. Of course, most of that is because I'm bored out of my mind. XD Need to stop that. And water. *nods*

8. Junjou Romantica 2: EEEEEE SO CUTE. When is the next episode coming out? XDDD

9. Finally! Video games are good for you!
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ASDJKSALDJKSLA. This is just... not my week, I tell you. I'm about to throw my computer out the window here. I had a nasty bit of malware on my computer the other day and did actually manage to remove it after a lot of headache and pulling my hair out (...with... the anti-virus software. Go figure.) Yay, right? Um... no. I don't know if something important got deleted or what... but all of a sudden my computer was acting up wicked bad. Freezing randomly, especially during startup. I would have to restart my computer at least 4 or 5 times in order for it to START. And then it was doing its "random restart" thing way more than normal. It wouldn't let me do a system restore, either.

Fine, fine... except last night it did a restart but wouldn't pull up windows no matter how many times I tried. I did get it to open up in safe mode, so I backed up what I could and ended up doing the nifty little "IBM Product Recovery" thing in the startup options. At that point I figured I had nothing to lose, since I couldn't get the damn thing to boot anyway.

The good news is, the computer works now (though I have to reinstall everything, because it puts everything to "factory default". Ugh.).... the bad news is, the display settings are stuck on a really low quality and it won't let me fix it. D: SUCK.

It's times like these that make me wish I was better at computer stuff...

**EDIT** YAY. I updated the graphics controller drivers and it's fine now. SCORE.

(Note to self: Created a restore point for today (October 23, 2008) in case it's needed later. Putting it in here in case I -do- need it, and then I'll know what date I need to put in. ^_^)

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Monday, August 4th, 2008 12:56 pm
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Yesterday was lovely. I got a call at work from my older sister telling me that she was taking my mom to the hospital. *sigh* Cue Ver-freakout. A couple of hours later, after I'd already told the supervisor I was leaving early because I just couldn't be there right then, I got a text from my younger sister, saying that they hadn't gone since mom was feeling a little better. *sigh* I still left about 40 minutes early, stopped and got a couple of things at the grocery store, and was home before I normally would've left. Needless to say, Erin wasn't very happy considering she'd spent thirty bucks on the cab ride to get here only to have mom tell her she wasn't going to the hospital.

But they went this morning, probably about 10:30. I haven't heard anything yet, but then again, she may still be waiting, so who knows. We'll see how this goes. *crosses fingers* I'm really, really trying not to panic.

I need to catch up on reading [info]fifthmus. Again. GUH.

Oh, did I mention I finished the songfic from hell? XD I'm just waiting for Akichan to read it and yell at me so that I can fix it before posting it. And. You know. Catching up on my writing journal would be good too. <_< I did already start that the other day, though, so I'm sorry about the spam. And there'll be more coming at some point. There's the rest of the chat drabbles, and [community profile] blind_go 5 stuff (though the collab won't be posted for a long time, I think. I'm going to edit that first. That's going to take a long time. XD), and [community profile] fifthmus... still seems like I'm forgetting something. Huh.

In other news, my monitor is acting weird. Every once in a while it'll do this ripple thing across the whole screen. I hope to hell it's not dying, I really don't need that on top of everything else. I guess the good thing is that monitors are easy enough to come by. I think I have one in my closet that went with my old computer. (Whether it'll work with this one or not is another story, but nevermind.) Worse comes to worse, I'm sure I can get Stef's dad to give me a monitor. He plays around with computers for fun, and has ten bajillion computers and things. And Stef wouldn't mind seeing one of them go, trust me. XD (And before anybody asks, no, I really don't want to get a full computer from him. All of those are wicked old, and I know they don't have specs I can live with on a day to day basis.)

It's almost 20 after one, I suppose I should get something to eat and shower and whatnot. I really, really don't want to go to work.
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I have at least five things I can think of right off the top of my head that I should be doing right now, but I really don't feel like it. *sigh* Can i just call it a day and go back to bed? No? -_- Damn.

1. Obviously, by now, I have everything backed up on the new hard drive (with the exception of a few things I've downloaded since), and said hard drive is back in it's box all nice and safe. I figure I'll probably be okay doing an update on the back up drive once every week or couple of weeks or so. I'm certainly not plugging it in every single time I add something to my computer, and weekly/biweekly sounds reasonable enough. Especially since it won't take anywhere near as long to just copy whatever I've acquired since the last update, as opposed to the entirety of my hard drive. XDDD

2. I'm still finding The World Ends With You to be interesting- and a sufficient distraction from all the things I should be doing. XDDD Like subrosa that I still haven't started. Like a certain challenge that was due like... forever ago that I still haven't finished. (In my defense, my computer doesn't like Audacity very much and routinely crashes the program when I try to use it. The computer that doesn't do this has no sound, which means I can't work on that, either. XD I'm kinda screwed either way. XDDD)

3. Eeeeeee, there's more Chi episodes up! Five of them, even! Too bad I don't have time right now... *pouts*

(Really, more for my own reference than anything else, feel free to ignore...)

Things I need to do:
-Read most recent two fifthmus fics
-Respond to comments on my fic
-Work on songfic- get the damn thing done and over with, if possible
-Get money on the laundry card
-Speaking of which, laundry XD
-Update writing journal? Maybe? At least a little? I'm so far behind on that it's not even funny.
-Write note/letter/SOMETHING for Sivu (I've been procrastinating, what? XD)
-On that vein, working on some of the freaking stuff I owe people! >_<

For now, however, I really need to make lunch for work and get in the shower. Ugh. See you guys later.
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1. Moved a crapload of pictures in my photobucket account- everything's in actual folders now instead of hanging out in the main album. Woot! However, this means that any links to the pictures that I moved are now null and void... so if you guys happen across any of those, let me know and I'll fix the link, okay?

2. On that note, for anybody who's interested... Edgefest pictures here.

3. I'm broke- on the other hand, I now have that back up external hard drive and I'm in the process of backing everything up. The anime alone took about three and a half hours- JUST the anime, mind. I haven't even touched the music or the pictures yet. I'm doomed. XD I'm hoping to have everything backed up by tomorrow before I go to work- and then I can put "Alphonse" back in his box for safe keeping. ^_^

Speaking of computer stuff, though, Stef said that her dad has a copy of Windows XP- so if I get a Vista machine, he can just install XP on it for me. In other words, I can get a better laptop with a cheaper pricetag. Woot!

4. Guh. Mom just got out of the shower a few minutes ago, and it's 2pm. That means I can't shower until 2:30, and she knows I've got to be to work in an hour. >_< I hate when she pulls that stuff.

Meh, it's crappy out, so I'm all sleepy. Guess I should put away the leftovers from lunch since I have to wait to get in the shower anyway, and I won't really have time to deal with it afterwards...


Thursday, July 24th, 2008 05:45 am
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Just a quickie to point out that my computer sucks. Even more than usual. It locked up randomly a bit ago, so I ended up doing a hard restart. I left the room for a minute while it was rebooting and I came back to a fucking BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. Gah! >_<

Even better, I found something interesting on Wiki (emphasis is mine):
"By default, Windows XP is configured to save only a 64kB minidump when it encounters a blue screen, and to then automatically reboot the computer. Because this process happens very quickly, the blue screen may be seen only for an instant or not at all. Users have sometimes noted this as a random reboot rather than a traditional stop error, and are only aware of an issue after Windows reboots and displays a notification that it has recovered from a serious error."

So basically, all these random restarts that my computer does? The Blue Screen of Death in DISGUISE.

*headdesks repeatedly*

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Saturday, July 19th, 2008 12:35 pm
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Just about had a heart attack last night when my external hard drive randomly turned itself off and wouldn't turn back on. It turned out that the socket it was plugged into must be dead, because when I put it in a different socket it worked fine, thank god. ^_^;;;; I was completely flipping out because yeah, EVERYTHING is on that drive. So, okay, we're going to rearrange the priorities a little bit here for upcoming purchases. First is still the new lappie, but then after that I'm getting another external hard drive as a back up- it'll be plugged in when I'm actually putting something on it, but otherwise, it'll be unplugged and put away somewhere safe. Then after that I'll get the new bed. ^_^[Poll #1226179]

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 10:33 pm
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1. Guh, I hate cleaning. >_< It would help if I wasn't such a horrible slob, but whatever. (No, I know you guys don't believe me, but seriously. XD I'd take pictures to prove it but it's WAY too mortifying. XD) The good part of this is that I've found the extra mouse and keyboard that came with Oishi- so when I have to hook up Isumi for any reason, I can use that mouse instead of the HORRIBLE USB one that barely works. And this, to a point, works better than my old keyboard... it's a cheap one, though, and sometimes I've got to push a key a couple of times to get it to work. Annoying. I may end up just hooking the old one back in.

2. Being a girl SUCKS, and that's all I've got to say about that. Though at least I had the day off yesterday when I was really in pain. That's a good thing. ^_^;;;

3. Three more episodes of Karin before I'm done. It's crack and so cute. I think I'm going to rec this one to Stef, actually, since I think it'll be something she'll like. Her favorite that I've given her is Ouran High School Host Club, after all. XDDD

4. After Karin... oh I don't know, maybe Bus Gamer? It's only 3 episodes and is supposed to be good... I dunno. I should probably watch the stuff I'm already in the middle of... like Bleach. Or Elfen Lied. Or, you know, BLEACH. XD What's funny about that, though, is that I get into it when I'm watching it- but when I'm not watching it, it's like "meh, I don't feel like it." I'm half wondering if I should just drop the damn thing and be done with it, to be honest.

5. Attachment Style Test from [livejournal.com profile] aiwritingfic... Are any of us surprised? Probably not... XD

My results... )

Other Attachment Types:
Secure: The Unicorn | The Cuddleslut | The Free Agent
Preoccupied: The Cling Wrap | The Squid | The Insect
Fearful: The Doormat | The Leper | The Exile
Dismissing: The Hermit | The Stone | The Player
Confused: The Waffler

Take The Attachment Style Test at HelloQuizzy

Hmm. I should probably try to get some more done before Kelly goes to bed. I've really only just put a (very small) dent in the room today... Later!

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2008 04:23 am
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Downloaded Firefox 3- put up with it for about ten minutes before I uninstalled it again and went back to 2. Why? The address bar didn't work. At all. *twitch* I'm not the only one with that particular problem, but no one seems to know how to fix it, either. *shrug* Guess I won't upgrade for a while, then.

I started watching Junjou Romantica yesterday~ <3 So there's only 11 episodes out, right? I guess that makes it nice and short for now, but that means I've watched everything there is... <_<

I'm actually getting somewhere in Lost In Blue 2, which makes me happy. It's actually a difficult game- you're stranded on an island and have to survive, one of the main problems being that you have to deal with a mooch. Another character that's just there and you have to keep the idiot alive. You can occasionally send him out for firewood or food, and he can make baskets and ropes now that I've unlocked that... at least it's something. I've definitely gotten past the part where you basically spend all day finding food (mushrooms, seaweed, and clams), cooking food, and still being hungry. XD (Needless to say, it's very easy for your characters to die until you figure out how to fish.) It's incredibly frustrating but also sadly addicting.

*giggles uncontrollably* Okay, so it seems the seme/uke test is going around again- I've done characters before, with this quiz- taking the quiz as the character to see what happens. But it occurred to me that while I did Eiji and Oishi (perfect match) and Tezuka and Fuji (perfect match)....... I never did Hikaru and Akira! *shocked* And the results are naturally hilarious. Hikaru's was actually difficult- several questions had me wibbling because there was more than one good answer for him. But.... he ended up with....

Hikaru~ )


Akira, on the other hand...

Akira~ )

I'm not sure how much I agree with Akira's, honestly. But... not quite a perfect match, but still a very good one. ^_^

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 01:31 am
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I finally have internet back as of about 10:30 tonight. I don't know what happened originally, but apparently my mother never bothered to plug my ethernet cord back into the router when she was done messing around with things. Ugh. But really, I shouldn't get into the subject of my mother right now, or I just might snap. Let's just say she's completely insane and be done with it, shall we?

So I'm working on catching up on the flist. And watching the two new episodes of Chi that are up. So cute~! <3 Though I guess two good things came out of me having no internet:

1. I found out that AIM works passably well on my phone. Still not great, and the bastards charge me texting rates still on each message, but it's there if/when I need it. Although it's important to note that it sucks battery out of my phone liek woah. Seriously... the phone was dying within 12 hours of having last recharged it, and that was with about two hours of mobile AIM. *sigh*
2. I finally finished Zombie Loan. I can't believe that's where they ended it. Grrrrrrrrr. It's very good and fun though a bit morbid in places. XD Still has the worst opening song ever (that I've heard at least), but the sad part is that it had started to grow on me by the last episode. Gah. XDDD

Work was... hellish. Another subject I'm really not in the mood to get into. Lucky for you guys. ^_^

...internet is being wonky and randomly disconnecting. Or it's AIM, take your pick. Could be either. XD

Wow. Just wow. If you want a WTF moment, go read this- and look at the picture attached while you're at it. If I was one of those kids graduating I probably would've been laughing my ass off.

I also just found out that a church I went to on occasion for activities when I was a kid burned down. They don't know what started the fire. *sigh* Also, a city bus caught fire across from my workplace while I was at work. AT MY STOP. *nervous twitch* Luckily no one was in it apparently... but still. *twitch* Makes me nervous.

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Saturday, June 28th, 2008 02:03 pm
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1. GAH. Dell is apparently not offering XP anymore- or at least, they make you pay way more so they can send you the Vista disk as well. >_< I don't want the god damn disk! So, it looks like we're back to the original plan, and NOT going with Dell. But at least that means I still get a lappy? XD

2. Death Note fans- don't know how many of you have seen this, but here. Death Note Kitties. Someone has entirely too much time on their hands, but hey, it's entertaining.

3. Okay. So the basic site is up. I'm still working on the fanfic pages and, you know, actually getting FIC put up, but whatever. You can go look at it here- let me know what you guys think! (good or bad, I'm definitely open to suggestion~)

4. I've been sleeping a lot lately and I don't even know why. It's annoying.

5. Finally, a Jung type personality quiz result I can agree with: My personality type: the analytical thinker
Though this seems to make me an INTP. Go figure. I'm still borderline N/S, but I read the ISTP one and didn't mesh with that one as well. *shrug*

6. Don't wanna go to work. I never do, but basically all of the local high schools had their graduations this morning. Which means that everybody and their brother is going to be in there for pictures. Wonderful. >_<

Whoops. Speaking of which, I need to find something sort of clean to wear and hop in the shower like, now.

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Thursday, June 26th, 2008 01:19 pm
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1. I finally figured out how to copy/paste things into Geocities (it's a pain in the ass, but it can be done), so I'm now working on an actual site for fic. I have no illusions about actually keeping up with it- hell, I'm way behind on my writing LJ, and that's a hell of a lot easier to update! But... at least it's something. A second home for my fic, should I need it. ^_^ I'll... ah... give you guys the site when it's actually something besides random graphics and whatnot. ^_^;;;; (Note to self: Keep the page width at 950. That's a nice little sweet spot right there. <3)

2. My computer restarted itself about four times in the space of twenty minutes the other day, so I'm on the other computer for now. Good news: no restarts. Bad news: no sound. *sigh* So no anime. Yes, I know I watch subs, but I still like to hear the voices and music and sound effects and everything. Guh.

3. Apparently, my original estimation of how much I could save up a month was closer to being correct. Unfortunately. >_< At least it seemed that way when I checked my bank account the other day. I... didn't take into account how much money I sink into my cell phone a month? XD So unless some miracle happens, it looks like I'm going to have to wait a bit longer for the new computer. Although it'll help a little bit that I stumbled on a page I'd bookmarked- I can get a computer with better specs for about 50-75 bucks cheaper (depending on how I play it). It's a desktop instead of a laptop, but hey, can't have everything. My main priority right now is just getting a new machine. Period. Still, it would be so much easier if I could actually get credit through Dell...

I have to figure out something to wear and go to work. Since Cheryl can't work more than six hours without having a fucking panic attack. *sigh* And it's going to be me running the whole god damn store by myself for the first four hours of my shift... *double sigh*

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Monday, June 9th, 2008 03:16 am
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1. Still sick. We've now progressed to coughing. So not cool. As much as the sore throat sucks, I kinda like being able to breathe, plzthnx.

2.[info]fifthmus assignment: Figures. XD That's all I'm going to say about that right now. I had a funny feeling about who I was going to get, and I was right. Now I just have to stare really really hard at the list of prompts and see if a bunny jumps out at me. XDDD

3. I was talking to one of the kids at work today, and all of a sudden something occurred to me- I can take the hard drive from Isumi, put it in Kuwabara, and see if I can extract the information off of it. DUH. Why did I not think of this before? *headdesk* It must've been just so obvious that it never even occurred to me.

Well... actually, now I know why I didn't think of it before- it's a lot of fucking work. XD The good news is that I got the hard drive transferred, and it WORKS. Which is awesome, because that was always one of the possibilities, that the computer died because the hard drive was shot. But no. It works just fine. ^_^ So now I'm in the process of copying everything to my external drive... though now I'm thinking... hell. The internet works on this (obviously). I never had the restarting issues with that computer. So why not just use this until I get the new one? Honestly. The only really sucky part is that for some reason it doesn't like my mouse and keyboard. Which is alright, I suppose, but the ones I'm using as replacements are older than crap and the mouse doesn't really work like it should. Ugh.

In other computer news, I realized today that I was very, very over generous with my math in the 'when I can get a new computer' calculations. I somehow gave myself way too much play money- I mean jeez, as long as I don't do anything overly stupid, I can save twice as much as I'd allowed for this month. O_o Plus next month is a 5 paycheck month as opposed to the usual 4. Which means... I should be able to get the laptop I want by the end of NEXT MONTH. And this is including getting a replacement cell phone. *cheers* So then by August/September I should be able to swing a new mattress. ^_^ YAY!!!!

Man, sleepy. But with as hot as it's been... there's no better time than the middle of the night to get errands done. And I really, really need groceries. And laundry. Damn.

**EDIT** GAH. It figures. When I left the house, it was humid, but fine. When I was almost to the store, it started to sprinkle. And by the time I left the store? It was pouring. >_< Carrying home heavy groceries in the rain? SUCKAGE. And now it's almost 5am and there's no way laundry's getting done unless I want to be up until 7am. Which I most definitely don't. Maybe... I can gather up my clothes now, and that way I can get up semi early and just pop everything right in the wash? Hmmm....

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 12:28 pm
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1. Still sick, so needless to say I feel like crap and I haven't really been too with it. I guess it's not really all that surprising when it's taking all of my energy just to stay awake right now- and I got plenty of sleep. Ugh. I hate being sick. *roots around for more cold medicine that is somewhere, but apparently not on her desk*

2. Rhoda just told me about a new online (free!) word processor that Adobe has in beta right now- check it out here. This... looks like the best thing since sliced bread, honestly. It serves as a back up, collabs are SO EASY with this, it's ideal for beta work... *sigh* I think I'm in love with this thing. As Rhoda said, this should be given to all of fandom. <3 So if you like the looks of it, spread the word~! ^_^

3. I actually got some cleaning done yesterday. *shocked* Not a lot, but at least it was something. It still goes with my 'a little bit once a week' thing. And I got a couple of the posters up I bought at Anime North. Now I just need to find places for the other two...

4. Apparently I need a new cell phone. It's been acting up for a while, randomly restarting for no reason (I think it was just talking to computer Oishi too much XD)... but a bit ago it wouldn't let me send a text message for about ten minutes because of an error I've never seen before. That, my friends, is the last straw. I can't go without texting. Period. Although I guess in all fairness, I've had this one for about three years, and it's on ALL THE TIME. So... yeah. The thing that really sucks, though? They don't make this particular phone anymore. *sadness* I like this one when it's working right. I found another one that I like, but it's 90 bucks. I've really got to think about this one for a while.

5. I did some math- if I'm careful (and no, I'm not talking about the ramen diet type of careful, it's better than that), I can afford this laptop that I want by sometime in September. Plus a USB hub because I can't live off of four USB ports. XD Happy birthday to me! ^_^ After that I'll deal with the mattress thing. Because honestly... the computer is more important simply because I don't know how much longer Oishi is going to last. *sigh* And the mattress is going to be probably another 400-500. *biiiiiiig sigh* Being an adult really kind of sucks sometimes.

6. Gah, firefox. >_< It's closed on me three four times now. Damn thing.

7. Also from Rhoda: a video for the anime and video game nerds. The song is cute... though the video itself includes a dancing Sephiroth that's........ well, rather brain scarring. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I already have a tag for "brain breakage"? XD

On that happy note, it's now 12:30 and I should at least attempt to start getting dressed, as Stef will be here at 1. Meh.

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Saturday, April 26th, 2008 12:42 pm
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1. On the computer, but not on AIM. I just... don't feel very social today. Sorry guys. <3

2. Yesterday at work was HELL. I don't really want to get into it too much right now, I just don't feel like it, but yeah. Complete hell. And the best part? 99% of it was coworker suck, and the two main people that caused the suck- I'm working with tonight. *sigh* I'm tempted to call in so badly, you have no idea. And the only reason I can come up with against doing it is 'well, you really shouldn't...' I probably won't, though, because I hate calling in, and I'm a coward. As it is I was THIS close to walking out yesterday. I would've gotten fired, but I didn't care all that much at that point. Anyway. New subject, yeah? XD

3. It's about that time to start getting the summer round of music on my mp3 player~ Of course, that also requires going through the disaster are that is my music folder, and I really don't want to deal with it. XD Maybe that'll be a project for my 'weekend.' Or something. I need to organize my pictures too, but that's... considerably less immediately important. Really... I need to go through everything on my external hard drive. XD And I should really boot up Kuwabara at some point and make sure he's clean. I think I put some anime and stuff on him when I was using him for non-internet stuff, I should get that off. ^_^;;;;;

4. Stef ordered the second DDR pad on Wednesday morning- it arrived on Thursday. O_o Not that I'm complaining, but you know, what the hell are the chances of that happening ever again? XD

5. *kicks Rapidshare* Stop making me wait so long between downloads, damn you. >_< I'm not going to pay you just so I don't have to wait anywhere from 20-45 minutes between downloads (usually around 30). Ugh.

6. I'm in very, very big trouble, and that's all I'm going to say about that for right now. ^_^;;;;

7. I should work on editing the [profile] ihikago stuff that's overdue. Or writing for [community profile] blind_go, because the word count there is still ZERO. *sigh* I don't feel like it. Both of those involve effort that I'm not really willing to put in right now. But then again... chances are I won't tonight either, after dealing with Mike and Mary's bullshit yet again. >_< Or there's cleaning my room or DDR, which I haven't done since Tuesday. But again. Effort.

At the very least, both of the [profile] ihikago fics are already recorded, even if I'll probably have to delete at least two minutes of crap on each one. >_< And I will be shot for destroying fic, but you know, nevermind. XD

Hmm. It feels like I had something else I wanted to say, but I can't remember now. At any rate... I have a few minutes before rapidshare is ready again, so I think I'll do that and then hop in the shower. That should make me feel a bit better. ^_^ Then maybe... I can do one of the above... or maybe curl up and read for a little while before work, who knows.

**EDIT** I seem to have lost both my ATM card and my ID. Fuckfuckfuck. I'm really hoping I left them at work last night, because otherwise... I am royally fucked. I can't go on my trip without ID, for starters... god, I can't think about this right now, it's way too upsetting. With any luck at all they're in my lab coat at work and all will be well. *tries to curb panic attack* I don't have time for this right now, I've got to get ready for work. Man.

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 12:08 pm
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1. The good news is that I finished recording One Thing for [profile] ihikago. The bad news is that my throat was severely suffering for it afterward. Although... the recording doesn't sound bad. By the end I think you can tell my throat was hurting, but it certainly doesn't sound as bad as it felt. I suppose that's a good thing. It needs some SERIOUS editing- you guys really don't need to hear the silences between parts, and me repeating lines sometimes three or four times even, and the swearing when I screwed up yet again- but at least the recording part is done. Next and last in line is Ai's fic... which I'm not even going to think about attempting to do now. But see, that one's about as gen as you can get, so I don't feel that weird about recording when someone else is here and awake. The other two, with the smut? Yeah, not so much. At least I can do the editing of those using headphones and so I can finish those up whenever and it doesn't matter. ^_^;;;;;;;;

I was hoping to not have to use the extension I asked for, but, well.......... the fics are due today, and are not done. -_-

Oh! Just because I fail, that doesn't mean that other people do: Aja recorded Syuusuke no Go, and it's here, and brilliant, and oh so cute. My comment may be a little incoherent, actually, but I'm a little afraid to re-read it now. XD In my defense it was 2am? XDDD

2. Guh, Norton's is being a bitch. >_< STOP THAT!

3. I think I'm working on getting strep throat. -_- Lovely. It's not anything bad yet- you can't even really hear it in my voice, only just slightly- but yeah. We'll have to see what happens, worse comes to worse I go to the doctor and get an antibiotic. But man. DO NOT WANT.

4. Mom is talking about getting a new car again. And how she needs a shitload of money by the end of May. Wha-- I told her my plan was to give her the stimulus money, and you know what I got? "I can't wait that long." ... You know what? I can't afford to give you my tax return money, either. She's like, 'my inspection runs out at the end of May!' That happens to come at a really, really bad time, because my trip is in May. Which I've already asked for the time off for. So... no dice. What kills me is, it sounds like she's planning on getting a NEW car. Um... no? I'm not giving up my trip so you can buy a fucking new car. And she acts like it's her way or the highway, but here's the thing: she can't afford to kick me out. So. What the hell is she going to do to me, exactly? I'll give her the stimulus money when I get it in August but that's it, and I can't afford to do anything else. The only reason she's even getting that is because it's extra. It still kind of pisses me off because, yo, $600 is a lot of money- but it's still extra, and I won't miss it if I don't have it. I can't BELIEVE she's expecting me to give her my income tax refund. I had plans for that money before she even got into her accident. So bite me. I'm... really going to dig my heels in about this one. I don't care about the Stimulus money, she can have that. She's not getting my taxes. Period. This is... going to cause major problems, I know it. It's not going to be pleasant around my house. But I'm not giving in this time. I'm just not. It's not like that time when I was still working at Thatcher's and she would take my entire paycheck (two weeks worth, by the way, as we only got paid every other week there). NOT HAPPENING.

5. It's almost 12:30, I suppose I should get in the shower. Meh. Stef will be here at 1. The good part is, we're going to go pick up the stuff I ordered from Walmart. ^_^ Alright, I guess I'm going. Later!

**Edited for minor spelling errors and such, because apparently posting right after waking up isn't a good idea. XD**

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Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 01:00 pm
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Fucking son of a bitch. I try to do something nice for my mother... >_< A while ago, she told me she was almost out of the Bath and Body Works soap she likes, and if I was at the store could I pick up a couple of the little bottles of it for her and she'd pay me back? Well... I was at the store today so I got some. Just now? She was bitching that she asked for the body spray, and she's refusing to take the soap. Which was $7 for two little bottles, by the way. And I can't make her return them because I put it on my bank card. Grrrrr. So now I'm out the money AND I've got to go back to the god damn store to return the fucking things. >_<

In other news, I got measured for a bra again. The verdict this time? 42F. *sigh*

Wow. I just priced out a Dell computer- 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, DVD Burner, and it has Windows XP on it- $639. I'll have to remember that. (For future reference, it's an Inspirion 530- basic machine is here) (Nevermind, turns out that it doesn't have PS/2 ports for a mouse and keyboard- it's all USB. So no go, because I <3 my wireless mouse. Sadly, the next one up, which does have those ports, is 1249 for the basic system and 1779 for what I'd (ideally) want. Gah. Not cool.

I got some cute stationery yesterday. Hopefully this will motivate me to... oh I don't know, write people? XD At least one can hope. XD

Going to work an hour early because Scott can't manage to schedule doctors appointments until after he's supposed to leave for his shift- ever. I really don't want to. *sigh* There's been drama with a certain coworker (that I'm not going to get into right now, maybe later) and I don't want to have to deal with her acting like a two year old.

On that happy note, I need to get something to eat, find something clean to wear, and go to work. Lovely.

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Sunday, March 16th, 2008 04:57 am
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Er.... yes, more spam, because I'm bored and there's no one to entertain me. XD

I just came to the rather horrific realization that [profile] ihikago is due in a month. Which, okay, sounds like a lot, but it's really not. I at least have "Heat" recorded (it just needs editing- joining and deleting the dead air and whatnot)... but then there's One Thing (wicked long), Reflections By the Koi Pond (definitely need to have a functioning brain for that one)... and possibly Digital Fusion, but we'll see what happens there. And I'm such a freaking perfectionist that I'll spend ages on one section, because I stumbled over one word and therefore have to record that section again. >_< Guh.

In other news... I found my green Irish shirt that I'd been looking for, for St. Patrick's Day on Monday. ^_^ I also found my "Take care of your pussy" t-shirt that I hadn't seen in ages, which, okay, sounds weird but trust me it's cute. XD And some other stuff that was like... "Wow, where the hell has THIS been?"

Which brings me to my decision that I'm going to try to clean my room (closet not included, because that's just... a whole other issue. XD) by the time I go on my next trip. For those of you keeping track, that would be May 18. Now... the chances of this actually happening are about slim and nill, but I can pretend, right?

Yay. My computer's been dragging ass the last few days, but Norton's just did a system scan and it's better now. ^_^

Man. All kinds of crap going down on LJ right now. I'm... I don't know. Thinking it might be a good idea to back up my journals again. I did it during Strikethrough in a fit of paranoia...  but that was what, almost a year ago? (Holy crap. XD) ......and I can't find that program. Dammit. I must've saved it to the hard drive of the broken computer. >_< Anybody know what I'm talking about? It didn't require you to use LJ's backup system, and it saved everything (I want to say it was sort of like a PDF file, but not), including comments. Help?

**EDIT** I found the site. It's a web based program, which would explain why I couldn't find it on my external hard drive. For future reference (because I'm sure to forget later), it's LJBook.

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 06:10 pm
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1. Went for the eye appointment. Somehow managed NOT to be late, and I was out of there within a half an hour, paperwork and choosing glasses included. Woot! The verdict? My prescription is the same. My eyes haven't gotten worse, which is definitely good, since they're bad enough as it is. ^_^;;; Got some new glasses, though, since my insurance covers a complete new pair every year (except for the anti-reflective coating on the lenses), so I might as well. All in all, a little over $80 for the exam copays and the glasses. Woot!

2. I know better. I really do. .....guh. I was waiting for Chinese food yesterday, and.... went in the video game store. I know better than that, because I know how my brain operates. >_< So, needless to say, I walked out with two new DS games: Trace Memory and Lost In Blue 2. I. Um. May or may not have done Trace Memory in a marathon and finished it in the early hours of the morning. *shifty eyes* However, I deleted that game, since I want to go through it again and get all the stuff I was supposed to. I didn't get the whole of D's story. It's a little sad that I was totally more interested in HIS storyline than Ashley's. XD

All in all, I'd say that it's shorter than Hotel Dusk, but I like the storyline better. It's more linear. It was totally worth the $13.

Lost In Blue... I don't know about that one yet. XD It took me forever to figure out how I was supposed to cook anything, because you don't go up to the fire, strangely enough. XD Oh well.

3. Also got a new mouse, since the one I had was dying. Much better. The scroll wheel actually works correctly now. ^_^ And it has an on/off switch! <3 The only thing is, the curve of the mouse is quite a bit different, so I'm going to have to get used to that. **EDIT** The mouse all of a sudden just quit working. Guh. So I had to restart my computer and hook up the old mouse, and I'll go to the website and try to troubleshoot the damn thing. Grrrr. **EDIT 2** They don't have this model on their god damn site. *twitch*

4. The good news is, Kelly's birthday is taken care of monetarily. I just have to do the work of burning all the DVD's and labeling them and everything. ^_^;;;

5. In other news, it seems that John McCain is going to be the Republican nominee for president. Now, I'm not going to vote for him anyway, but that does make me breathe a little easier. He is definitely the most sane out of all of them- I swear to god it's almost like the Republican party decided to put up a bunch of insane asylum escapees. Every single last one of them with the (sort of) exception of John McCain were completely NUTS. So it makes me feel better that out of the two main choices we're going to have, the republican's not going to be totally unhinged. It therefore won't be a race to Canada if the Democrats lose yet another election. XD

6. This seems to be going around, so why not.

Um, whoops?

Friday, January 4th, 2008 07:59 am
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My computer is having issues today. >_< It keeps doing the restarting thing, and just... guh.

Did I mention that I actually got one of the letter drabbles done? Well... okay, that's only partially true. What I'm going to be sending out is done. However, there will be more, because the characters involved aren't done playing in this particular universe yet. ^_^;;; Even if there's not many people that would be interested in it, I don't think... ah well. XD

Oh, I got something of a bunny for another prompt I owe, only... er... it's probably not what the person had in mind. At all. Okay, [personal profile] sivullinen... I'm talking about your request for Kaga/Tsutsui genderswitch... this is definitely going to be angst. If that's not okay, I can not put your name on it and write something else later that's not angst. It's probably going to be at least a few days, maybe even a week before I finish/post it, so let me know, okay? <3

And... I totally just crashed in the middle of RP. I'd known I was tired, but... wow. And I was asleep for three hours. >_< Think I might've freaked out akichan just a little... I've never crashed on her before. Man. So not cool.

I need to go to bed for real, though... see you guys later!

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Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 12:24 pm
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Hmm. My internet is back. No idea what happened, and neither does my mom, but... *shrugs* The point is we have internet again. Yay! Although my flist has like... exploded or something. So yes, I'm behind again. Or still. Or whatever. And fifthmus, god. So much I need to catch up on there.

I was going to make a "last post of the year" post, but... Akichan kind of pulled me into this online game and I forgot. XD Speaking of which... Dark Ages is surprisingly addictive. Of course, Akichan and I suck, but... meh. If anyone else wants to play, maybe we can group together sometime. ^_^ It involves a download but it's a quick one, honest. I'm a wizard on one character (er... even if I only have two spells at the moment... <_<) and a warrior in another. I've never really played online games like this before, it's fun. <3

But since I missed it, happy new year, everyone! ^_^ I dug up an end of year survey from a couple of years ago that I thought I'd do again... so here we go. Only a few days late. Woot!

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Friday, December 14th, 2007 06:56 am
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I can't find a final accumulation total for my city, so I have to go with the one closest to me- 8.5 fucking inches of snow. Yes, I'm fully aware that to some of you on my flist, that's nothing. But also consider that I walk to work, and the place that I live hates pedestrians and you'll see my problem here. D: Walking through that much snow on the sidewalks, plus the drift and what was blown over there by the plows... not fun.

Random question: Does anyone happen to know the name of the first opening song in Fullmetal Alchemist? (Edit: Never mind, I figured it out. "Melissa"? What the hell? I never would've guessed that. So random. XDDD)

Oooh. I forgot about the shiny that is a certain site (which shall remain nameless). *is like a kid in a candy store* Oh, too much to get. Way too much to get. And it's late and I really need to go to bed. *pouts*

..........so much for not randomly restarting anymore. Damn. It just did it again. -_- And I'm really starting to think that this computer hates Firefox. Which... really kind of sucks.

Hmm. Slow day on LJ. Don't know what that's about. *shrugs*

Yeah, okay, bed. And maybe I'll have some hope of getting up a little early to write, because ZOMG I'M SO SCREWED.
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1. Pye found another use for my Christmas card- a bookmark! <3 Recycling. It's a good thing.

2. God. I really, really need to go grocery shopping. I'm sick to death of ramen. <_< Meant to go earlier, but it was freezing rain out and stuff, so I didn't. Maybe in the afternoon...

3. Wasn't I supposed to write today? *fails*

4. So... the assistant manager at work knows I'm into Harry Potter... and he saved a couple of the display things from movie 5 for me. ^_^ One of them is cardboard and I therefore have no idea what to do with it, but the other was kinda like posterboard, so I put it up on my wall. See Voldy. I thought it was pretty cool, myself. And yes, it's bigger at the bottom than at the top, that's not something wrong with the way I was holding the camera. XD Only problem is that he's at the foot of my bed, and will therefore be one of the first things I see when I wake up. Not completely sure THAT was a good idea. <_<

Also, while I was taking pictures... since I talk about them all the time, for the curious, here is Isumi (the old possibly dead computer), Kuwabara (the borrowed useless pain in the ass), Ochibi (the 500GB external hard drive), and Oishi (the current computer; that's my DS sitting on him). ^_^;;; Just don't mind the state of my room, it's a disaster area. XDDD

Speaking of Oishi, though, he hasn't randomly restarted in well over 24 hours. Problem solved maybe? (Yeah, watch him restart now. <_<) *keeps fingers crossed*

5. I used to love baths. I'd fill up the tub with water as hot as I could stand it and some bath beads and just soak until the water got cold. It was just... really relaxing, like everything else went away while I was in there, you know? I'm not sure when I stopped feeling like that, but... yeah. I took a bath a little bit ago. It didn't feel so good, so I just ended up getting up after a little bit, drained the tub, and took a shower. I think maybe the reason is a few things- one, the tub is smaller where I live now. It's too short for ME and that's saying something. XD So it feels very claustrophobic. Also... as there was quite a bit of me out of the water, and I couldn't add any more, I was feeling a bit like a beached whale. <_< Kinda took all the fun out of it.

On the other hand, I'm clean and de-furred. Certain parts of my anatomy aren't very happy with this, but oh well. Said parts will live.

6. Sometimes... a woman just needs to be told that she's beautiful. Or some variation of that. Even if it's not the truth. I've never really considered myself an attention whore by any stretch of the imagination (...most days...), but it's still very nice to hear. And such a good ego boost. I kind of feel like it shouldn't be as much of one, because the physical doesn't really matter, but... in the end, I'm only human, you know? I mean, who doesn't like to hear that they're physically attractive, to someone? And I'm not talking about the backhanded compliments (as in the kind I usually get, if anything at all), like "Oh, well, at least you have a good personality," or "You'd be kind of pretty if you weren't fat," or whatever. I mean an honest to goodness compliment on the way your body looks. I never get that. It happened recently, though, and I can't  begin to tell you how good that feels. Damn! ^_^

Alright, it's now after 7am and I'm not even sure I'm making sense anymore, so I should probably shut up. ^_^;;;

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 02:56 am
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1. I got felt up today. XD Don't get excited, it wasn't anything good. XDDD I was helping this woman with pictures, and she had her... ah, probably one year old ish son in the shopping cart. He was being loud and obnoxious, but I tried to ignore him anyway. Next thing I knew he was grabbing my boob! XDDDD So yeah, that was fun. I got felt up by a baby. <_<

2. Another thing that happened at work today, but this amused me- I was ringing out an asian woman who had a small daughter, maybe two or three years old, absolutely adorable. She said the little girl's name a couple of different times when trying to talk to her- her name was Ai Ling. *hearts* I don't know how common a name that is in other places, but I've never met anyone in real life with that name. It amused me greatly.

3. Windows started up the first time. Apparently, it was having an issue with a scrapbook program I'd installed... Microsoft also finally told me the (supposed) reason why my computer keeps restarting itself- the graphics driver is out of date and needs updating. So I've done that now... we'll see if that actually fixes the problem or not. <_< Let's just say I'm not going to hold my breath.

4. It's officially December 11. I think it's time to really freak out about the things I have due now. I need to stay home tomorrow and writewritewrite. Definitely. That is... after possibly going out with Stef for a bit. XD Harry Potter 5 comes out on DVD today, and we have a bit of a tradition when those movies come out- we go and each purchase a copy, we pick up something for lunch, and then we come back to my house to eat and watch the movie while making commentary the whole time. It's a lot of fun. XD And really, there's a lot to make fun of this time around. XDDD It's supposed to storm tomorrow afternoon, though, so we'll see what happens.

5. Guh. Firefox is being fussy today. It's frozen on me twice now. >_<

6. *giggles* Random conversations are fun. Jet and I were talking about the candy canes I sent out with the greeting cards for you guys, and then...

7. Hmm. I've never actually used the calendar feature before now. It apparently has it's uses! ^_^;;; A meme from [profile] aiwritingfic:

Go back in your LJ and post the first meaningful sentence or two from each month (in other words, skip the meme crap).

Meme )

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Sunday, December 9th, 2007 05:04 am
verloren1983: (Crazy)
*curls up into a ball and cries*

I. Hate. My. Job.

The holidays are bad enough. But today... the photo machine jammed up on me FOUR TIMES. And each time I had to spend at least ten minutes pulling out prints dripping with chemicals so that I could print more... for a little while, anyway, till it jammed up again. GAH. And the thing is? There's a decent chance it'll do the same thing tomorrow, which will mean that we'll have to shut the lab down and a tech will have to come in to fix it, which will make us even more behind. AJSDKLAJDSKLA. Basically... hell. Today was hell. And tomorrow's probably not going to be any better. When I turn on my mp3 player on my way home from work and turn it to "American Idiot" by Green Day, and have it as loud as I can stand it... that pretty much guarantees that I've had a really bad fucking day at work. Needless to say... yeah. Hello Green Day.

To make matters worse, when I got home (about 45 minutes late, mind you)... my computer kept giving an error about not being able to start windows. I completely freaked out. It ended up starting, eventually, but it took many restarts and I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. It was pretty bad.

Although I noticed afterward that I had mail on the coffee table- Iphridian, I got your card and stuff. <333 *squishes and hearts* That made my day a bit better, so thank you. I needed it. <333

I'm drop dead exhausted, so I'm going to bed. See you guys later!


Friday, February 3rd, 2006 04:18 am
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People just SUCKED today. All my co-workers seemed to be in a pissy mood most of the night, and customers were just... guh. I hate people who ask a question and then don't even listen to the answer because it takes up too much fucking brain power. It's like... wherever you got that stunning intellect from, go back and ask for a refund, will ya? *Smack* It was like the Invasion of the Stupid People day. I wonder if someone sent out a signal to all people with IQ's lower than 80 saying "You must go out and shop and drive the poor people working there crazy!"... Grr. Sorry, just had to rant about that.

Finally got around to finishing the Prisoner of Azkaban game (it was really easy, I was just so sick of it from watching Erin play it constantly), and in Kingdom Hearts I've made it from Atlantica to Hollow Bastion in the last few days, including the Hercules cup (it so should've been the Cloud cup- he was WAY harder than Hercules). So as long as it keeps going this well, I should finish the game in plenty of time for when the second installment comes out next month (wheee!). Yayness.

On a completely random note, Kelly and I saw a preview for ER tonight, and they said something about "the return of Dr. Carter"- and Kelly, quite literally, screamed. Not like "Yay" or "Yes" really loud, an actual scream, as if someone had scared her. I've never seen anyone do that before. Funny stuff.

And the damn computer doesn't want to cooperate with me at all today, not to mention that Kingdom Hearts is calling my name (I'll be at Maleficent in about five minutes... wish me luck!), so until next time!


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