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What is the best pairing of all time?
Oh man, this could be such a complicated question, but I'm going to answer it in two primary ways. First, I assume that when you say this, you mean "OTP of all OTP's"- I don't think it'll surprise anyone when I say that there's no contest on this one- Hikaru/Akira, hands down. Period. I seriously didn't even have to think about it. If some awful, evil person said I could only read or write one pairing ever ever again, I would choose them. Of course I would miss the others terribly, but that's why these questions are hard. The bottom line for me is that they are my favorite and they're the ones that I always go back to, over and over again.

The other way I can read this question has to deal with firsts, which brings us to Harry/Draco. Harry Potter was my first fandom, and they were my first OTP. It was them that led me (eventually) to anime- more specifically, Hikago- and it was a downhill slope from there. So you could possibly argue that Harry/Draco should be at the top of this list, since it's what started everything, if you really wanted to. 

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Saturday, May 12th, 2012 01:44 pm
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I'll be honest here, I haven't really been paying too much attention to LJ/DW- which mostly has to do with [ profile] blind_go and work kicking my ass, to be honest. ^_^; But eh. So what's up?

☁ AP form sent out. $25 is a little bit of an ouch just to get a score mailed out, but considering how much one class costs, it's a bargain. Once the school gets that, we'll see about changing the Sociology 100 to Social Psychology. ^^ Still need to call the doctor's office and have my immunization records sent out. Need to do that next week. >_<

☁ I feel like I should say something about Obama and his finally claiming his position for gay marriage. On one hand, yes, this is good. On the other, I have two reactions: one, it's about god damned time; and two, what is he going to DO about it? The announcement is clearly politically motivated, considering the timing, so I just worry that he's going to say this and then nothing is going to come of it. Aside from that, it's a big risk and I'm not convinced that it'll pay off. He may have just won Romney the election.

☁ There is apparently a Thai food place downtown I didn't know about. I've never had Thai food and I'm curious, so... hopefully soon I'll be able to go. Kelly likes this place, so that's saying something. We're trying to coordinate a day to go down when we both have off and it's not super crappy outside... which is more difficult than it sounds, lately. So we'll see. ^_^

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...I really should start posting more so these don't get so ridiculous. Eh.

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Friday, February 24th, 2012 02:51 pm
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I've been around, just... not commenting on much of anything. Haven't really been in the mood or something. Also, I'm working on meme questions- I'm just really bad at this game. XD I'll finish them eventually?

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Thursday, August 11th, 2011 04:11 am
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- Got my hair cut again after putting it off for a few weeks. It's the kind of short I've been trying to get and failing at (seriously, she used clippers on a lot of it XD) My mother's response to the haircut? "Why don't you just shave it off? You might as well at this point." ............................
*growl* Fuck you. Seriously. NOBODY ASKED YOUR GOD DAMN OPINION.

- Scored jeans at LB for 40% off, they're not flare or boot-cut, AND they're a size lower than what I got last time I bought jeans. Woo! I have no idea how I managed that, being that I haven't lost any weight and I'm not working out, so it's not like I've lost fat and gained muscle all of a sudden. Oh well. I'm certainly not going to complain. :D

- Also found volume 12 of Junjou Romantica, which I've been looking for. So! That one's totally caught up. \o/

- Level grinding in FFIII. What makes it suck even more than usual is that I'm kind of stuck where I am right now, due to story events, so I'm basically having to run up and down these stairs ad nauseum. UGH. Hopefully I can stop after one more level up and not get totally slaughtered by the boss.

- Apparently about a month ago, Konami put up a post on their Facebook group "What Konami game franchise would you love to see brought back?" I didn't read all 924 comments, but seriously? I did go 100 comments back, and all but TWO were along the lines of "SUIKODEN VI, DAMMIT!" *dies laughing* You think maybe they got the hint? Someone commented "Looks like Suikoden fans have made their own army now. :D" *dies more*

- Awesome video of Tom Felton on Conan- there was Harry/Draco discussion, and pictures! So funny, and he was so freaking cute when he literally turned PINK when they showed a couple of Harry/Draco photo manips. On the other hand, it did feel a bit strange having fandom acknowledged out of the blue like that, and on such a popular platform. And to think the actors actually read fanfiction and see fanart? Kind of like... er... what? O_o I don't know. It's a little too close to home for comfort. A great clip and interview, but just... made me feel a little like a bug under a microscope lens, if that makes any sense.


Thursday, July 21st, 2011 02:59 am
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Finally saw HP yesterday. I will say, though, for anybody that hasn't seen it, that you might want to rewatch part 1 first. They start right where they left off- somebody on my flist explained it like this: "There's no preamble, it's just like I'd left to get some popcorn (which took a year), and then I sat down to see the rest of the film. So we leap into the last half of the book, wands raised." So basically, if you haven't read the book since it came out and haven't seen the movie in AGES like I did, be prepared for some confusion in parts. Overall it was good, though it couldn't escape the main plotty issues that the book had. My take is the same as the first movie- they did the best they could considering the source material that they had. That being said, I still had some beefs. Because I always do. Reactions:


So yeah, it was good, though I didn't leave the theater going "Wow" like with some of the earlier ones. I knew that was going to happen, though, so it's okay. It still works as the ending. I can live with it. 7/10.
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☁ I was asked to post these, so to my absolute mortification, here you go. These icons are totally Lish's fault. Just... don't even ask. Seriously. Though I need to mess around more with the first one because I still don't like it.


☁ Been re-reading some old Harry/Draco fic. Hell, I missed these two. <3 It's totally not helping me write [info]blind_go , though. Pffft. I've also been DL-ing a lot of PoT doujin lately. XDDD

☁ Also fandom related: people have been posting to the kink meme, which is hysterical since it's three years old. I generally still get posts on it every once in a while, but the sudden interest is amusing. :P

☁ And speaking of Harry Potter, couple of annoyances about the new release of Deathly Hallows Part 1. The first is that Walmart had an exclusive on the special edition DVD. Really, WB? I know the studios are trying to push the Bluray, but honestly. I don't have a Bluray player. I have no intention of purchasing one- if I'm going to spend the money, I might as well save a bit more and buy a PS3 so I can play games on the damn thing. STOP TRYING TO SHOVE THE FUCKING BLURAY DOWN MY THROAT.


The other thing that pissed me off was actually in the deleted scenes. Now... when I saw DH1 in the theater, I was incredibly disappointed that it didn't have the scene with Harry and Dudley when the Dursley's were leaving. It was a big moment for the both of them. But guess what? It was in the special features. What the ever loving hell. I think it's WORSE, knowing that they filmed it and decided that it WASN'T IMPORTANT, as opposed to not shooting it (there could've been a number of reasons why they didn't end up shooting it, after all). Seriously. What the fuck, WB.


☁ Dear Mother Nature: We had about 50 thousand feet of snow this winter- I promise you, the ground doesn't need anymore water for a while. Possibly the entire summer. You don't need to rain all freaking week. No love, Ver

☁ Class started today. So as part of my first assignment, I'm supposed to be reading at least one book about writing and/or creativity. I have a bunch on my laptop that I have yet to read (in addition to one or two physical ones whose whereabouts are currently unknown), so I decided to look through. Just on the lappy, I have enough that I could read two books a week for almost the entire length of the course. O_o And only three of the 20 are grammar centered. *headdesk* Although on the other hand, it's as good of an excuse as any to get some of those under my belt?

The other part of the assignment is to get a "writer's journal", which isn't a problem because I have a zillion empty notebooks. Unofficial assignments through the course include writing for 10 minutes a day NO MATTER WHAT and to spend at least an hour a week doing something creative besides writing (I'm thinking scrapbooking/playing in photoshop. :D)

Possibly triggery/TMI, who knows. Cut just in case. )
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☁ Went looking for Ron/Hermione fic the other day, just something I was in the mood for... ugh. I was regretting that, let me tell you. Badly written, OOC... I'll have to try to remember to not go looking for that pairing again. >_< I'm not exactly surprised- I remember making an observation when I first started reading fanfic that all the good writers seemed to be H/D- but I'm certainly disappointed. Meh.

☁ Found this interaction with a then coworker I wrote up a little over a year ago and thought it was amusing. And I apparently never posted it. So here we go.
Justin: I saw that! You were totally checking her out!
Me: Buh?
Justin: I could see it on your face as I was talking. "Listening to Justin, listening to Justin, SO not listening to Justin."
Me: Oh, shut up.
...kind of goes with the thing of "Do I have a rainbow on my forehead?" Because I'm not actually OUT at work, though there's a couple of people that know, and I certainly never told Justin. :/ Not that I had anything to worry about there. He had his faults, certainly, but homophobia wasn't one of them. ^_^

☁ Thinking about putting up a post here... maybe after the spotlight goes away, though. They're already drowning in posts, I don't need to add to that. I just think it's a really awesome idea. :D

☁ Working on some original fic (and no, Ai, not "Trials of a Photo Girl" XD) The influence from The Lovely Bones is clearly showing. Whoops. I may or may not ever post it or even finish it, but we'll see. ^_^ Though this is making me love yWriter. It's my new best friend. <3

☁ Trying to watch Repo! The Genetic Opera. Trying being the key word. WTF IS THIS SHIT? Edit: Finished it, eventually. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen, but I'm not a fan. :/

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Saturday, July 18th, 2009 02:45 pm
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Huh. Been a while since I bothered with an entry. I’ve been meaning to, just… guh.

1. Saw Harry Potter 6 on Wednesday. It was awesome. A few things bothered me, but that’s standard really no matter how much I like the movie. *shrug* From that standpoint, it’s probably a good thing that it’s been quite some time since I read book 6. Fuzzier memory makes for a less nitpicky Ver, and therefore makes things more enjoyable. :D

2. Co-workers are really getting on my nerves the last few days, one in particular that thinks she’s a special snowflake and gets to do whatever she wants. Nothing I particularly feel like getting into now, but… meh. I -seriously- need a vacation.

3. Speaking of work, had something interesting happen last night. This guy came up for cigarettes- not a big deal, I’ve seen him before, whatever. I should probably note that there’s some distance between my register and where the cigarettes are, so it’s not like I turned around for half a second. Unfortunately, this means that I missed the first part of this. Anyway, so I go get his cigarettes and come back to find that there’s a cop behind the guy putting cuffs on him. O_o From the sound of things, it seems like his girlfriend called the cops on him for some reason. I dunno. None of my business, really, I was just amused by the whole thing. Probably not the best attitude to have, but… *shrug* I usually miss when interesting stuff happens, so it’s sort of funny that I caught this one because the cashier was late coming back from his break. XDDD

4. Watching Zombie-Loan again so that I can watch those last two episodes that were released as OVA’s. I tried when they were first released as fan-subbed, but I didn’t remember enough to know what the hell was going on, so… just trying to get rid of some of my backlog here. ^_^ I really have to start watching more anime again, but I’ve been so tired with all the rain.

5. Feels like I’m getting sick. Again. *sigh* What the hell is it with this year? Speaking of sick, I got a letter from the hospital the other day. I was freaking, because it’s like… I’ve paid them off, right? But no… they actually wanted a DONATION. Greedy bastards. I’ve only given them close to $2K in bills since November or so, what makes them think I’m going to give them MORE money for no reason? Not that I don’t appreciate them, you know, not letting me die and fixing me up and all, but… jeez.

Meep. This is getting long, and I have to get ready for work besides. Whoops. ^_^;;; Maybe next time it won’t be so long between updates?

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 01:41 pm
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1. Computer's been restarting A LOT lately. This combined with firefox crashing quite often does not make for a happy Ver. It also does not make for easy tagging. Meh.

2. Speaking of tagging (well, RP, really...)- don't know if anybody else has seen it, but there's a secret about Matt in rpsecrets. :D I found it amusing. <3

3. I have sent out the last check for the whole hospital thing. So once that gets taken out of my account (*wince*)... I NO LONGER OWE THEM ANY MONEY. \o/ Which means I can start saving for a NEW COMPUTER. SCORE. That being said... most of you know this, but I'm really, really bad at saving money. Well. Small amounts are fine, but anything more than a couple of hundred bucks is more or less impossible for me. I have -zero- impulse control when it comes to certain things. BUT! I may have come up with a solution for this. Every payday, I call and transfer money from my checking to my savings. Preferably before work so I don't spend it in the day. It's automated, so I don't have to freak about talking to someone... and if it's not somewhere I can see it, then I can't spend it. If I'm shopping and try to spend more than what's in my checking account, my card will get declined. Which... yes, would be embarrassing, but it would keep me from spending that shit. The biggest flaw I see in The Plan is that it requires me to actually remember to transfer the money every Thursday. Urgh.

But if this works, I should be able to get a laptop by mid June. \o/ And then more saving for when Aki's planning on coming down here at the end of the summer. :3

4. I'm really, really hating April 20th right now. Two of the shifts at work asked for it off, naturally, because they're potheads- leaving me to work with the store manager and this one idiot cashier all night. -_- I -hate- working with the store manager. It always feels like he's watching everything I do and it's just CREEPY. So thanks, guys. I appreciate that. (For anybody that doesn't know, 4/20 is a pot thing. Like the unofficial holiday for it or whatever.)

5. Writing... has not been happening. FAIL.

6. Naruto: It took 4 episodes to catch my interest, but now I may actually watch it for a while. But I still can't stand whiny Sasuke-fangirl Sakura. <_< Oh, and the OP still sucks. XD

7. Harry Potter: Bunch of news I found out the other day, if anyone hasn't heard:
-Movie 6 got a PG rating. What. The. FUCK. I'm now wondering what the hell they DID to it then to bring it down to PG. O_o
-They -are- putting the epilogue in movie 7. Dammit. I was really hoping they'd skip that. -_-
-Release of movie 6 has been pushed back two days- July 15 instead of July 17. Which makes it a Wednesday and therefore I have it off. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
-Depsite my reservations, the trailer for movie 6 looks good, so I'm still hoping. ^_^;;; I think... this is going to be even worse than the book in some aspects. Now... I hated canon Draco. But in Half Blood Prince, my heart broke for him. Twice. Once in the scene with Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom, and then on the tower (trying to be as less spoilerish as possible, sorry. ^_^;;;). Now... I don't know if they're actually including Myrtle in the one scene, but they did show him in the bathroom in front of the mirror, and then Draco and Harry fighting. And of course they have to include the tower bit. ^_^;;; But from what I can tell in the trailer, they included both scenes, and just from the trailer... guh. In the book, both scenes made me want to hug Draco. The movie will probably be worse. -_-
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1. Pye found another use for my Christmas card- a bookmark! <3 Recycling. It's a good thing.

2. God. I really, really need to go grocery shopping. I'm sick to death of ramen. <_< Meant to go earlier, but it was freezing rain out and stuff, so I didn't. Maybe in the afternoon...

3. Wasn't I supposed to write today? *fails*

4. So... the assistant manager at work knows I'm into Harry Potter... and he saved a couple of the display things from movie 5 for me. ^_^ One of them is cardboard and I therefore have no idea what to do with it, but the other was kinda like posterboard, so I put it up on my wall. See Voldy. I thought it was pretty cool, myself. And yes, it's bigger at the bottom than at the top, that's not something wrong with the way I was holding the camera. XD Only problem is that he's at the foot of my bed, and will therefore be one of the first things I see when I wake up. Not completely sure THAT was a good idea. <_<

Also, while I was taking pictures... since I talk about them all the time, for the curious, here is Isumi (the old possibly dead computer), Kuwabara (the borrowed useless pain in the ass), Ochibi (the 500GB external hard drive), and Oishi (the current computer; that's my DS sitting on him). ^_^;;; Just don't mind the state of my room, it's a disaster area. XDDD

Speaking of Oishi, though, he hasn't randomly restarted in well over 24 hours. Problem solved maybe? (Yeah, watch him restart now. <_<) *keeps fingers crossed*

5. I used to love baths. I'd fill up the tub with water as hot as I could stand it and some bath beads and just soak until the water got cold. It was just... really relaxing, like everything else went away while I was in there, you know? I'm not sure when I stopped feeling like that, but... yeah. I took a bath a little bit ago. It didn't feel so good, so I just ended up getting up after a little bit, drained the tub, and took a shower. I think maybe the reason is a few things- one, the tub is smaller where I live now. It's too short for ME and that's saying something. XD So it feels very claustrophobic. Also... as there was quite a bit of me out of the water, and I couldn't add any more, I was feeling a bit like a beached whale. <_< Kinda took all the fun out of it.

On the other hand, I'm clean and de-furred. Certain parts of my anatomy aren't very happy with this, but oh well. Said parts will live.

6. Sometimes... a woman just needs to be told that she's beautiful. Or some variation of that. Even if it's not the truth. I've never really considered myself an attention whore by any stretch of the imagination (...most days...), but it's still very nice to hear. And such a good ego boost. I kind of feel like it shouldn't be as much of one, because the physical doesn't really matter, but... in the end, I'm only human, you know? I mean, who doesn't like to hear that they're physically attractive, to someone? And I'm not talking about the backhanded compliments (as in the kind I usually get, if anything at all), like "Oh, well, at least you have a good personality," or "You'd be kind of pretty if you weren't fat," or whatever. I mean an honest to goodness compliment on the way your body looks. I never get that. It happened recently, though, and I can't  begin to tell you how good that feels. Damn! ^_^

Alright, it's now after 7am and I'm not even sure I'm making sense anymore, so I should probably shut up. ^_^;;;

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 02:56 am
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1. I got felt up today. XD Don't get excited, it wasn't anything good. XDDD I was helping this woman with pictures, and she had her... ah, probably one year old ish son in the shopping cart. He was being loud and obnoxious, but I tried to ignore him anyway. Next thing I knew he was grabbing my boob! XDDDD So yeah, that was fun. I got felt up by a baby. <_<

2. Another thing that happened at work today, but this amused me- I was ringing out an asian woman who had a small daughter, maybe two or three years old, absolutely adorable. She said the little girl's name a couple of different times when trying to talk to her- her name was Ai Ling. *hearts* I don't know how common a name that is in other places, but I've never met anyone in real life with that name. It amused me greatly.

3. Windows started up the first time. Apparently, it was having an issue with a scrapbook program I'd installed... Microsoft also finally told me the (supposed) reason why my computer keeps restarting itself- the graphics driver is out of date and needs updating. So I've done that now... we'll see if that actually fixes the problem or not. <_< Let's just say I'm not going to hold my breath.

4. It's officially December 11. I think it's time to really freak out about the things I have due now. I need to stay home tomorrow and writewritewrite. Definitely. That is... after possibly going out with Stef for a bit. XD Harry Potter 5 comes out on DVD today, and we have a bit of a tradition when those movies come out- we go and each purchase a copy, we pick up something for lunch, and then we come back to my house to eat and watch the movie while making commentary the whole time. It's a lot of fun. XD And really, there's a lot to make fun of this time around. XDDD It's supposed to storm tomorrow afternoon, though, so we'll see what happens.

5. Guh. Firefox is being fussy today. It's frozen on me twice now. >_<

6. *giggles* Random conversations are fun. Jet and I were talking about the candy canes I sent out with the greeting cards for you guys, and then...

7. Hmm. I've never actually used the calendar feature before now. It apparently has it's uses! ^_^;;; A meme from [profile] aiwritingfic:

Go back in your LJ and post the first meaningful sentence or two from each month (in other words, skip the meme crap).

Meme )
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Note as of 3-31-07: This needs to be updated. BADLY. There are lots and lots of fics that are sitting on my favorites list in internet explorer that I just have been too lazy to put in here. *headdesk* One of these days when I get very, very ambitious, I'll update this. But not today.

I really wish I'd started this much earlier... because there are so many fics that I liked and never actually kept track of, and would like to read them again... but alas... that will never happen unless I accidentally stumble into them again. Damn. So here are the ones that I can come up with at the moment... I'm sure to be adding to this continually, just so I can keep tabs on these fics (particularly the WIP's).

I've just noticed that I have enough Harry/Draco fics to warrant having a seperate rec list just for those. *blushes* I probably won't, though, just because I'm lazy.


*Be warned of spoilers. DUH. If you've only watched the movies and haven't read the books, get the fuck out, because chances are you're going to be seriously confused. Try cracking open a book every once in a while- it's good for you! If you haven't read Half Blood Prince yet... you need to get the fuck out, too. Go read it. End of story.*

(Favorites will have a *star* before the title.)

Abide the Sleeper- NC-17 : This is totally fucked up and a more than a little disturbing... and yet I couldn't stop myself from reading it. Go figure. Still in school Harry and Gang, post HBP (I think), also features Draco/Ginny, Harry/Ginny (sorta), and kinda sorta Draco/Voldemort and Harry/Voldemort. (Told you it was fucked up)
Afternoons With Harry (or How Draco Malfoy Acquired That Spring In His Step)- NC-17- [profile] justholdstill & [profile] aurieal: Ignores HBP. Train sex.
A Gryffindor and a Slytherin- R- [personal profile] furiosity: Minor character death. The war against Voldemort has begun. Loyalties are tested, allegiances are formed. One sunny September afternoon, Draco Malfoy accidentally overhears Harry Potter confess something deeply personal. What's Draco going to do? Why, plan carefully, of course.
All Down the Days- soft R- [profile] shikishi: Harry and Draco are both good at pretending. During the war, Spy!Draco. Bit of hurt/comfort.
All His Saints- NC-17- Setissma: Malfoy amuses me in this. He's not particularly in character as far as canon goes, but I can actually picture him just waltzing into someone else's apartment and start throwing everything away. Post war, established Hermione/Lupin *shudder* Features a broken Harry and Malfoy trying to put him back together again... in a very Malfoy way, of course.
[All Men] Reach and Fall- NC-17- [personal profile] ofscarletwoman: Amazingly written. Also includes Harry/Cedric of sorts, which is very strange. But beautiful.
*All the Answers- [personal profile] maxine_chan: WIP: Post HBP. A book seven in the making, and an excellent one at that. The characterization is fantastic, the writing in and of itself is extremely good... All in all, I'm completely hooked on this. Another favorite. Harry/Ginny. Oh, and Ron/Hermione.
The Alpha Watch Archives- R- [personal profile] furiosity: WIP: Harry has a plan... and it involves Draco...
*A Mile of Revelations- R- FemmeFerret: WIP: A book seven in progress. Ferret!Draco. Post HBP, obviously.
Another Way Through Time- NC-17- [personal profile] furiosity: Maybe you can't change the past, but you can rewind a little and change your future. Rape, violence, minor character death. I think this is post HBP, but don’t quote me on it.
A Single-Minded, Long-Term Fixation- NC-17- [profile] marksykins: Harry hopes for the best, expects the worst. Post HBP. Draco's a bit of an ass in this... so IC. He he.
Beyond the Lethe- PG-13- [profile] zionsstarfish: Harry has lost his memory. Bit of an indirect spoiler for HBP, in a way... Beautiful.
Beyond Wild Moor and Fen- R- [personal profile] furiosity: Basically, this is A Gryffindor and A Slytherin from Harry's point of view... so you get the same basic stuff but also some new things and explanations.
Burning Up the Atmosphere- PG-13- roxierose_13: A one-shot writen for a "Beat the Heat" challenge. Fluff and a bit of PWP, but mostly this is just absolutely adorable. And funny.
Carpe Draconis- NC-17 (though not as of yet)- aoifeism: WIP: AU (ignores HBP), Harry and Gang at the very end of year seven. Harry asks a lot of questions and Draco has a lot of decisions to make. Very intriguing thus far.
*Chimerical Perfection- R- [personal profile] halighfataliter: This is one of my new favorites. Absolutely GORGEOUS. Gorgeous writing, gorgeous imagery, just... guh. I can picture this perfectly in my head- which is rather rare, let me tell you, because my inner TV set is extremely fuzzy (one of the many reasons I can't draw for shit). I love fics like this- fluff is all well and good (and a good number of fics that are on this list are fluff)... but the thing is, Harry/Draco isn't about love. It's about power and control and desire. These types of pieces are best as a whole, I think, because they're closer to the reality- reality, of course, being canon.
Cho Must Die A Horrible, Painful Death- NC-17- nqdonne: WIP: Pre HBP and still in school Harry and Gang. I wasn't sure about this at first, because it seemed like it was going to be horribly OOC, but it turned out to be fifteen chapters of wonderfully written H/D. The only bad part is that it looks as if the story's been discontinued. Though I guess it sort of can end the way it is... at least it's not a cliffhanger.
Coming Home- unrated- empathetic siren: I can't remember this in specifics, I just found it in my links under "to put in recs"... if I remember correctly, Harry is convinced that he's dangerous and runs away. I'll have to read it again later.
*The Copper Cauldron- NC-17- Newshound: WIP: Mpreg has ALWAYS been a major squick for me- so bad that if I even got a glimpse of possible mpreg I'd stop reading, period. But this fic has changed my mind just a little. Brilliantly done. Each update is a treat. Post HBP. 
Correspondence- NC-17- Mystwriter: WIP: A personals club is started at Hogwarts and Harry begins to have feelings for the anonymous person he writes to. AU, pre OotP, fluff and extreme OOC-ness. Not really sure why I got into this as much as I did, actually, because OOC this major is usually a huge turn-off for me in fic- and I do seem to remember rolling my eyes an awful lot during this reading. But... it's strangely addictive. I can't even explain it. This is generally everything I hate about fanfic all wrapped up in a nutshell, and yet it's somehow weaseled it's way onto may rec list.
Correspondence- PG-13- Lethe: WIP: Pre OOtP. No, this is not a repeat- it's actually a completely different fic. Thank god. This is much better than the previous... funny and snarky and just overall fantastic. A bit of OOC and Hermione/Ginny. It should also be mentioned that this hasn't been updated in absolutely FOREVER- so I'm under the impression that it's been abandoned. (this one works too, but it only has the first 2 sections- even though it's MUCH easier to read!)
Deadly Green, Come Back To Life- NC-17- [personal profile] lisaroquin: Broken Harry directly after the defeat of Voldemort. Couple of spoilers for HBP. Minor character death.
De Capo al Coda- NC-17- [profile] augustaflapp: Fucked up Draco, dementors, minor character death (though how minor is really a matter of opinion), implied Ginny/Luna, evil Harry... just generally fucked up all around, and surprisingly good.
Draco In Darkness- PG-13- Plumeria: Pre OoTP, seventh year. Draco loses his eyesight after a Quidditch accident, after which he isolates himself from everyone. Harry tries to bring him out of his self imposed shell. Surprisingly in character considering that it was written two books ago.
*Dracos's Boy- R- empathic siren: WIP: Non-magical AU, OOC (though not as much as you might think). This is simply brilliant. Mostly I love Snape in this, because this is how I tend to think of Snape when he's around people he cares about (as in, not Harry and Gang)- snarky and caring despite himself.
*Draco‘s Love Fortunes and the House of Chen- PG-13- empathetic-siren: Fluff, but not overwhelmingly so. Beautifully written. Basically: Draco's an idiot, but it's okay because so is Harry.
Faith- R- Author Unkown: Yes, it's rated R, but don't expect any decent slash. It's rated that way for the violence: It'd probably be PG, maybe a soft PG-13 if it weren't fot that. BEYOND MAJOR OOC for absolutely everyone with the exceptions of (sorta) Percy, Neville, Ginny, Bill, Voldemort, and Sirius. Love, love, LOVE Bill in this. Fantastic characterization on his part... especially considering that this is pre OoTP, so I don't think we'd actually MET Bill yet. Other pairings include: Severus/Lucius, Blaise/Neville, Ron/Hermione, Seamus/OC (female), Sirius/Remus, hint of Ginny/OC (male)
Flash- R- ifyouweremine: End of war, MAJOR character death. I'm serious about this- the first line is "Even when he was dying, Harry was beautiful." Absolutely heartbreaking, especially at the end.
The Flesh Is Frail- NC-17- [personal profile] wildestranger: Post-war, sort of. A bit OOC. Draco is damaged beyond repair physically, but can Harry help heal the emotional scars?
The Foundation- NC-17- Newshound: WIP: Post-war, extreme OOC... but intriguing nonetheless.
Further Revelations- NC-17- [personal profile] corvidae9: Harry and Draco come back from their impromptu holiday and face the press, shocked Gryffindors, disgusted Slytherins, fugitive Death Eaters, and the prospect of a month of nonstop revision, each more lethal than the last. They probably should have stayed in France.
Gay Aurors- NC-17- [personal profile] charlotteschaos: WIP: This consists of episodes that can be read individually or as a whole. Harry and Draco are forced to partner up at work. Includes a very OOC Ron and an even more OOC Hermione.
Genesis- R- [personal profile] akahannah: A Draco-centric reimagining of HBP (lots of HBP spoilers). Mpreg and disturbing information about Molly Weasley of the "when I was pregnant" variety, but otherwise rather well done.
Ghost- PG-13- Keiko Yuki: WIP: Someone- or something- is haunting Draco. Possible major character death.
*Given the Choice- PG-13- [personal profile] son_of_darkness: Pre-slash (as in, nothing sexual happens). Harry gives Draco a second chance.
Happiness Involving a Tea House- [profile] nopejr: I read this quite some time ago, stuck it in my favorites list, and haven't read it since- so I don't really remember this too incredibly well. The descriptions are great... most importantly it's short, sweet, and to the point. Post war.
Harry Potter and the Ace of Cups- NC-17- C. Dumbledore: Yet another fanfic book 7, though this one is a little different and I like that. Very well written, but not one of my favorite of the "book 7" fics.
I Loved You Best- R- [personal profile] jamie2109: Angst. On the morning of the final battle, Harry wonders how Draco will remember him while Draco is asleep.
*Incurable- NC-17- Warholhp: WIP: Non-magical AU. Harry is a VERY different person than he is in the books thanks to what has happened to him. Brilliantly written, I'm anxious for the next chapter as soon as I finish one. I guess it's a good thing that this is updated reasonably often.
*Irresistable Poison- PG or PG-13, I can't remember which- rhysenn: Classic. I've heard it said that if you haven't read Irresistable Poison, you haven't read H/D, and I wholeheartedly agree. This is one of the first H/D fics I ever read... quite possibly the actual first. This was written pre OotP if I remember correctly, so there's definitely a lot of information that's been proven wrong since, but it's still a fantastic story. The author has Malfoy's personality down to a tee... still in school Harry & Gang. The story is classic H/D, but be warned that it's extremely long.
It Is Our Choices- PG-13- GBrampton: A "what if Harry had been put in Slytherin" fic. Angst to the extreme and major character death.
The Last Time- R- [personal profile] furiosity: Broken Draco and Harry trying to fix him.
*Left My Heart- NC-17- Emma Grant: Possibly pre OOtP, but I'm not sure about that. Absolutely fantastic and believable, and the best part? It's not only satisfyingly long, but it also has a sequel. That is called Surrender the Grey (which, of course, is also on this list). Basically... Harry has been sent to San Fransisco to find Draco, and he finds a lot more than he bargained for. I think I love this so much because it combines my two favorite literary genres: Fantasy and Mystery. Brilliant. Also features mention of past Draco/Neville and Draco/Seamus, Harry/OC, Draco/many OC's, hints of future Hermione/OC, and minor character death.
Lettered- NC-17- [personal profile] pir8fancier: The basis for this is far-fetched to my mind (as in, there's not a snowball's chance in hell that this would ever happen), but it's still a great read. I love how you only see the letters from Draco, and yet... between Draco's responses and the fact that we know Harry all too well by now, we know his replies almost down to the word without even having to see them. (There is a sequel to this, Lush Life, and a different companion piece of sorts by a different author, Reading Between the Lines; both of which are on this rec list.)
Letters To A Young Gentleman- PG- Halrloprillalar: I'm a sucker for letter fics, if you couldn't tell. This is short but it's so completely IC and hysterical that length isn't even an issue.
*Let's Pretend the War Is Over- PG (sadly)- [personal profile] pir8fancier: This is one of my favorite H/D fics. It stumbles a bit at first, but don't let that fool you- this fic is beautifully written, hillariously funny and sad at the same time... post-war and post HPB, features an insane Draco and a Harry that's trying to pick up the pieces.
The Lodger- PG- Mad Martha: Pre OOtP. Fantastically written. Also includes Ron/Hermione, implied Sirius/Remus, Fred/Angelina, Seamus/OC (female), Dean/OC (female). Minor character deaths.
Lush Life- R- [personal profile] pir8fancier: The completely FANTASTIC sequel to "Lettered", from Draco's POV (first person). We find out the choices both Harry and Draco made and it's heartbreaking and funny and absolutely wonderful. I so completely wish I could write as well as [personal profile] pir8fancier does, but alas...
Nocturne for Quill and Ink- NC-17- pushdragon: Completely heartbreaking in parts... broken Harry, and utterly-at-a-loss Draco. Fantastic.
Oblivious- PG- [personal profile] corvidae9: Sometimes it comes down to the fireworks, ice cream and a limited sphere of attention. The rest of the world is welcome to fade away. Fluff and a bit PWP.
On Daftness- NC-17- [profile] tracy_loo_who & [profile] ordencodex: Draco wants Harry. Harry wants Draco. So why is everything so difficult? Post war, and both Harry and Draco are adorably clueless.
Perspective- PG-13 to R so far, depending on chapter- Booklady: WIP: Pre-slash (as in no, no action aside from what's in Malfoy's head). Malfoy is well written. Violence.
Photo Album- NC-17- irisgirl: WIP: Post-war, OOC. Harry and Draco both teach at Hogwarts.
*Please Don't Ask Me- PG- [personal profile] jamie2109: Full blown angst at it's best. It breaks your heart but it's so beautifully written that you can't keep yourself from loving it (even though Malfoy is very OOC). This is another of my favorites. Harry/Ginny established, post-war.
The Quandary's Hope- R- Aarcher: WIP: OOC on Harry’s part (he’s good at potions!), non con… Harry's Potions skills have been well hidden until an accident occurs involving a deadly concoction. Malfoy has noticed not all seems well with his arch-nemesis, but why does he care? And where does a surly Potions master fit into the equation?
Reading Between the Lines- NC-17- Author unknown: Based off of "Lettered", but from Harry's POV. Fucking brilliant. Even [personal profile] pir8fancier, who originally wrote Lettered, said it was wonderful and right on.
Resistance- R- SilentAuror: Harry and Draco work together… I really don’t remember much more than that and I don’t have the patience to read it again right now. But I’m assuming that this is good considering the link ended up on my “to put on recs” list.
*Resolution- NC-17- Frances Potter: WIP: Pre OotP, also includes Hermione/Seamus, hints of Neville/Pansy, and recollections of Snape/James. Sort of. This only has ten chapters, but they're extremely long chapters, so don't go thinking you're getting gypped here. It's going to take you a very long time to get through those ten chapters. I want to point out that even though this is a WIP, the author hasn't updated in over a year... so if you're hoping for the story to continue, don't hold your breath. Also, the first chapter drags. A lot. The only reason I kept reading it was it had been recced to me and I figured I might as well read the whole damn thing. Once you get past that first bad chapter, it's actually really good and seriously addictive. Extreme OOC on Ron's part- LOTS of Ron bashing here (so be warned), which pisses me off, but hey. What can you do. A little OOC for Harry and Draco as well, but not enough to be bothersome. Parts of chapter 6 are just... heartbreaking. But in a good way.
The Revenant- NC-17- [personal profile] furiosity: Really, really good, if not a bit predictable. Not one of her best ones but it's still very well written. Major character death.
Run- PG-13/Rish- [personal profile] furiosity: Draco's still running and he doesn't even know why anymore. Interesting POV. You don't see 2nd person very often aside from Choose Your Own Adventure type things. The first couple of paragraphs are completely gorgeous.
Secrets- NC-17- Vorabiza: Post HBP, and a book 7 in it‘s own right (and is therefore extremely long). Very OOC as far as Harry, Draco, Snape, Lupin, Lucius, and Narcissa are concerned (though oddly pretty much everyone else is right on, go figure) Also features Lupin/Snape *shudder* Mild crossdressing in one chapter, but it's well done and believable. It's... definitely not one of my absolute favorites, but it IS well written. A bit of fluff starting around chapter... 8-10 ish. I think.
Seven Minutes In the Garden of Wizarding Delights- R- [personal profile] hackthis: Post HBP. Set during sixth year- the Slytherins have a party, and *someone* invited the damn Gryffindors. I love Malfoy's denial, he's just clinging desperately to his heterosexuality no matter what happens- despite the fact that no one but him is convinced... brilliantly done.
*The Shadow of His Wings- NC-17: WIP: So, so good... the only bad part is that the author actually has a life *gasp* and rarely updates. Harry and gang are 25 now, Harry and Draco are both professors at Hogwarts. This was started pre-HBP, so even though it's a WIP, I'm sure it'll stay pre-HBP (especially since changing it would require a complete overhaul and rewrite, and that would suck.) Post war.
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi- G/PG: WIP: Post war, and another fic based entirely on letters (we get both sides in this one, though). Harry/Draco is still a tentative (but platonic) friendship as of yet.
Soon- PG-13- [personal profile] kaalee: Angst, though incredibly written.
*Splinters- R- Resimesdra: Non- con (sort of), OOC, violence, humiliation, angst. This is completely unlike anything else I’ve ever read before in this fandom. Harry is… cruel, abusive, sadistic, and generally just majorly fucked up. It’s an interesting take on what could happen to him after having to kill. Amazingly done. In addition, this fic got me hooked on the song "The Trouble With Me" by Robbie Williams... not sure whether that's a good thing or not.
Starts With A Spin- NC-17- [personal profile] maxine_chan: Love it, love it, love it. It gets more and more OOC as it goes along, but the story's so great and you're so addicted to it by then that you don't really mind. Still in school Harry and the gang.
*Surrender the Grey- NC-17- Emma Grant: Pre HBP. A wonderful addition to Left My Heart. I suppose it might be able to stand alone, but I strongly suggest that you read Left My Heart first. Not only is it a wonderful read, it will ensure that you don't walk into the fic going "WTF?". Features minor character death, Hermione/OC
Swan Song- PG-13- ifyouweremine: Ouch. Definitely ouch. This is almost physically painful to read, especially the last line. It feels like the author just suckerpunches you right at the end. This is just a drabble, though, which is disappointing because I want to know what happens now. 
Sweet- (NC-17)- [profile] lydiabennet: This is not one of my favorite fics, generally, and it probably would've gone unrecced except for one amazingly done detail that makes this stand out in my mind. Very OOC (with the singular exception of the spell casting and whatnot in the beginning)... but that lollipop thing was absolutely to DIE for. Brilliantly done. Post war.
Tainted- R- [profile] wicked_lady82: WIP: Brilliant, thus far. It has some interesting twists with wild magic and greek mythology that I find fascinating. I think this is post HBP, but don't quote me on it.
Tented- NC-17- [profile] devilfancy: Harry and Draco are on a mission, and it's NOT going well. At all. First and foremost, this is fucking hysterical. I now have the image of a pint sized dragon jumping up and down on Harry's stomach, trying to be ferocious, imprinted on my brain. I'm laughing as I'm writing that, even. That said... this does include sorta non-con, so be warned of that possible squick.
Too Late?- R- [profile] devilfancy: PWP and outright smut, coming up! This is gorgeous and just... guh. I've just read this for the first time and am completely incapable of making a coherant comment on the fic. Just read it.
The Trouble With Birthdays OR How Kit Procrastinated Two Days Away- R- Kit: WIP: Crackfic. A completely hilarious fic told through wizarding e-mail, which is based around the premise that Harry was supposed to be given to Voldemort as a birthday gift from his death eaters. Draco got him by accident. Needless to say… Draco is happy and Voldemort is NOT.
*Twenty Things About Draco Malfoy As Remembered By Harry Potter- unknown rating- [personal profile] anael: Post HBP. Nothing outright H/D here, but it's pre-slash. Lots of hints and clues about a future relationship. I love that Harry's talking directly to Draco in this... so honest (brutally so, in parts) and funny and heart-on-the-sleeve.
Twice Shy- R- Krissie: WIP: Draco runs into Harry in the muggle world after a nasty break-up with Pansy... A bit of het. OOC. This is the opposite of the way most Harry/Draco fics seem to go- Draco is the hesitant one, the one who’s not sure about having a relationship with a man. Interesting.
Under the Ivy- PG-13- [personal profile] coffeejunkii: Both men are broken, but maybe they can help fix each other. Brilliant. Harry is particularly well written in this, I think.
*Unintended- NC-17- [personal profile] furiosity: Completely fucking brillaint, just like everything else furiosity writes. It's hard to believe that it's even possible for someone to write like this. Even the alternate ending is... guh. If you want the story a little fluffy, read the first ending. If you want completely fucking heartbreaking, read the alternate.
The Unofficial Biography of Harry Potter- NC-17- rubymoth:  PWP, Post-HBP with minor spoilers, a little fluff. Mostly... this is just funny.
The Virtues of the Common Cold (and Other Wizarding Primers)- PG- [personal profile] sheafrotherdon: Fluff and PWP, neither of which tolerate well (I need something resembling a PLOT, dammit), but this is cute so it's okay. And the interaction between Harry and Draco is great. I especially love the first line. Post-war.
We Are the Champions- R- [personal profile] pir8fancier: WIP (crackfic): Okay, so aside from the fact that I like pretty much anything that [personal profile] pir8fancier writes... this is absolutely fucking hysterical. I seem to remember having to stop reading several times because I was laughing so hard. Still in school Harry & Gang. Also Blaise/Pansy and a mention of previous Draco/Blaise.
Welcome To Wherever You Are- R- [personal profile] furiosity: Have I ever mentioned that furiosity is freaking brilliant? Yeah... because she is. End of war and post war, post HBP. Things don't go quite as anybody had planned.
Whatever Life Brings (la vita è bella)- R- [personal profile] furiosity: Drug use. Post-war dark fic. Features a fucked up Harry trying to do the right thing, and Draco...well, being himself.
What If- NC-17- Katrina Marie Pace: WIP: Fluff to the extreme and very OOC (particularly as far as Draco is concerned)- but this is an interesting piece in that it explores what would've happened if Harry had accepted Draco's friendship on the train the first day.
Woodlark Pulpit- Will eventually be NC-17 according to author- Roses: WIP: After making a strange discovery at Hogwarts in his sixth year, Harry is given a daunting mission by an unlikely source. He turns to his friends for help, setting off a chain reaction with far-reaching results.

Twentysomething- R to NC-17- [personal profile] hackthis: Everyone has to move on eventually... Flashbacks of Draco/Blaise, implied unrequited Harry/Draco. Absolutely BRILLIANT. I'd never even considered the possibility of this pairing before I read this fic. Now... hmm. It's an interesting idea...

*The Zacharias Trilogy- NR- [profile] mistful: This is completely amazing and funny and just generally fantastic. But mostly funny. (By the end, "Zacharias shrugged." is the most hillarious line ever. Then again, I have a warped sense of humor like that.) This, like Harry/Blaise, is a pairing I’d never even imagined before reading this fic. Probably because generally I think Draco would rather gouge his eyes out than even THINK about dating a Hufflepuff, but it works here. Also minor (and rather unintentional) Harry/Zacharias and unrequited Harry/Draco. Poor Harry :(.

I haven't been able to find too many of these even though I love this ship. Mostly, my recommendation here is to go to [profile] fleshdress's livejournal and read her Sirius/Lupin stuff. Other than that, I've found the following fantastic pieces:
Concerning Flying Lessons, Snuffboxes, and One Hundred Galleons- NC-17- Mary Borsellino: MWPP, also features James/Lily. I think one word covers this- awww. It's a little fluffy, but it's really just sweet and cute and very good.
Fall On Me- PG- Marina Frants: Pre-slash, gorgeously written, pre OOtP
Harry Has Two Godfathers- PG- Der Fischmob (Greer S. & Harlem): This is just completely hilarious in a fall-out-of-your-chair-because-you-were-laughing-so-hard kind of way. Based off of the "-- has two daddies/mommies" books for kids. Also hints at a possible Harry/Ron or Harry/Draco in the future.
*Last Laugh- PG- Lise: MWPP. James and Sirius try to top each other with pranks. This is so, so funny and I can totally see them doing this. And I love the last line. Completely brilliant.
*No One Ever Said It Would Be This Hard- PG?- Kel: Oh. My. God. This is just so gorgeous there aren't even appropriate words. Set during Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts, this fic describes what went on behind the scenes in heartbreaking detail. Because of that- angst, obviously, and (again, obviously) a major death.
Something Borrowed- PG-13- [personal profile] musesfool: (Otherwise known as "the infamous shirt fic". MWPP, pre OOtP, completely and utterly wonderful. Also includes Remus/Lily and Sirius/many OC's
Thing- R- Cimorene and Wax Jism: This seems to be pre OOtP. It should probably be mentioned that certain sections of this are a bit hard to follow- of course, that may just be me being dense. The other issue I had is that it seems like Remus is OOC here. I just don't buy the whole idea that he's a violent lover, even with hormones and everything involved. I mean, I know that technically, he's considered a Dark Creature. I know that werewolves would generally tear you to pieces without thinking anything of it. But that's his TRANSFORMED persona. Remus really isn't like that, and I don't think that his being a werewolf would transfer to other areas of his life when he's human. That being said... this is beautifully written and definitely worth the time to read.

(This is NOT one of my normal ships, generally, but I've stumbled on a few good ones.)
*Into This Night I Wander- R- [profile] geekwriter143: Post war and post HBP. Ron is heartbreakingly fucked up in this fic, though Harry tries to help him as much as he can. Also Hermione/Neville. Minor character death. *While you're at it, go read the rest of [profile] geekwriter143's stuff. She doesn't generally do HP fanfic but she's an excellent writer, and that makes her fics enjoyable whether you even know the canon or not. She also has some awesome originals too (Paul and Adam immediately comes to mind, though that's a WIP and looks like it will remain that way for a very long time), and a few LOTRips that are absolutely wonderful. She's the kind of writer that I'd love to be... even on the bad days that EVERY writer has, her writing is still quite good. I've never read anything of hers that I didn't like. (alright, enough gushing)*
So This Is Love- PG-13- Gryffindor Goddess: WIP: Extreme OOC for Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Gay bashing. Sickeningly sweet fluff (especially the further along the storyline it goes), and it often goes into "What the fuck" territory, but it's strangely addictive. Complete and utter case of "pretending that HBP never happened".

*You're Me?!- PG-13: Ron and Hermione switch for a day. Absolutely hysterical.

Real Methods of Divination- PG- author unknown: I've never been into femmeslash, surprisingly, but this is gorgeous and completely perfect. This stops in year 4 so I have to assume that this is pre OotP.


*Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Fifteen Minutes- PG- [personal profile] cleolinda: This isn't technically fanfiction, it's a parody of the movie, but I'm putting it on here anyway (because it deserves a spot on this list, dammit) Hysterical. Beyond hysterical. I wish I had the comic genius to have thought even half of this stuff up.
*Regenisis- PG-13- [personal profile] lyras: Another of my favorite fics, even though it features a couple of ships that I don't particularly care for. Amazingly done. This is stuff I can actually see J.K. Rowling doing. Post HBP, if I remember correctly. Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. Neville/Luna possibilities implied.
*Twenty Random Facts About Harry Potter (As Told By Remus Lupin and Sirius Black)- unknown rating- [profile] dramaphile: Love, love, LOVE this fic. It's funny and sad and sweet and so fucking brilliant I can hardly stand it. I can so picture James, Lily, Remus, and Sirius doing the stuff on the list. Number 8 is an outright lie, but the rest of them SO make up for that. Number 12 is my favorite, closely followed by 15 and 16. Number 19 gave me chills.
*Twenty Random Things About Draco Malfoy- unknown rating- [personal profile] furiosity: Minor HBP spoilers. It wouldn't surprise me if J.K. Rowling confirmed each and every one of these to be true. Brilliantly done and a fantastic insight into our favorite Slytherin's brain. 8 and 13 are my favorites, and 20 is just... guh.

*Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Antagonist- NR- Melissa Walker: I'm not sure I really agree with everything in this article, but it brings up several interesting points (particularly the whole "red herring" idea). Suggested reading for any Harry Potter fan.

Random Rantage

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006 05:15 am
verloren1983: (Pissed)
The good news is... I now have ink in my printer and Harry Potter. The bad news is... I ended up spending about $110 to do this, and made two trips to Wal-mart and one trip to Target. Ugh. Basically... Stef and I went to Wal-mart to get the movie. I got the ink and two copies of Harry (one for me, one for Kelly's birthday). Spent about 75 bucks. Stef and I went back to my house to watch it... and were majorly pissed to discover that there were no special features. Turns out there are two versions of the damn thing, and we wanted the special edition one that Wal-mart didn't have, because Wal-mart is evil. Well... I'd already opened one, so I couldn't take that one back, but there was still the other. So after watching the movie we went off to Wal-mart for the return (15 bucks back in pocket). Then hopped over to Target because they DID have the good ones, and then spent 50 more bucks for the two DVD's (cuz Kelly would kill me if I gave her the one with no features on it)... urgh. It was just... frustrating. And I have no money until Thursday, which is always wonderful.

Mom and I finally had that "talk" she's been threatening. Of course, she started with her typical "You can't live anywhere for what you give me a month". Yeah, I know. That's why I still live here, remember? Because I can't afford my own damn apartment. Basically, I'm supposed to give her an extra $100 a month. Yeah. You realize I'm giving her almost half of my paycheck now? And she wonders why I can't move out... because after she gets "her" money, and after I buy groceries for fucking three people and a cat (and almost no help from her, thankyouverymuch), I'm pretty much done. And then to add insult to injury, she started on me about getting wireless internet again (she won't let me attach my computer to the modem unless we set it up for the wireless that SHE wants- but I have to pay for all the equipment and shit, which is just screwed up), and when I told her that it's too expensive, she was like "No, it's only about $100." And this is a day after you just squeezed an extra $100 a month out of me that I don't really have to begin with... how dare you! I don't see YOU shelling out the cash to get it done- because it's a lot of fucking money, and you know it, you just like your little fantasy that I have all this money and I DON'T. It's a lot to be just fucking throwing away... BITCH.

(although, on an afterthought... it might be worth it, just to shut her the fuck up... not to mention it would mean that she couldn't bitch about me being on her computer.)

Alright, enough whining... Suikoden IV is calling my name (I'm almost done, yay!)... later!

(Best line of the day: "Holy orgasm, Batman!" ~Stef)
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Waiting... why is it that it feels like I'm always fucking waiting for something? Anything? Everything? Right now it's a cd I'm burning and the clothes in the washer, in general it's for my life to kick into gear... but it's always SOMETHING. Why is that?

I just now noticed that there's a little line on top of the entry box that says "Autosaved draft at..." and then updates itself every ten seconds. Is that new, or am I really that oblivious to have never noticed that before?

Found yet another good Harry/Draco fic today (well, good so far, anyway)... I've really got to stop this. The pairing is really starting to become an obsession, and... JKR is never going to make it happen except for maybe in an alternate universe, and I'll just be disappointed when Harry and Ginny get married and have a gazillion babies, even though I knew it was coming. Kinda like how I was pissed that Lupin is with Tonks even though I was convinced that he and Sirius were together all through the fifth book (maybe the fourth too, who knows). *Kicks self* Maybe I should just get back into my little Suikoden Tir/Gremio thing and just forget about the other. Maybe. It'd be a lot easier if Harry and Draco weren't so fucking perfect together. Grrr. *Kicks self again*

My CD is finally done, so maybe I'll go read or something. I still have another hour and ten minutes roughly for my clothes, so yeah... should go do something.


Friday, February 17th, 2006 05:21 am
verloren1983: (Hedwig)
Kingdom Hearts II has been delayed to March 28th. Grr.

I actually got TWO scrapbook pages done last night- imagine that! On the downside I didn't do the load of laundry that I needed to, but... I did two whole pages!

Also, I finally got around to getting a decent collar for Miss Ebony, so I stuck the tag on there and put it on her... um, yeah, she's definitely not happy with me at the moment. The last couple of hours she's been looking at me like she's going to claw my face apart as soon as I fall asleep... remind me to definitely close the bedroom door when I go to bed!

Believe it or not- I actually had a good conversation with Mom tonight. One where neither of us got pissed off or aggrevated. Granted, it only lasted about 5-10 minutes, and it was on the phone, but still. Progress.

Erin finally brought over Kelly's and my Christmas presents from Marc- Kelly, of course, got the first Harry Potter movie on DVD and I got the fourth game, which I already knew. It seems... aggrevating, but then I only played it for about ten minutes before I realized I needed to go to the store and get cat food. And the collar (he he). Speaking of that... the Playstation is calling my name, not to mention that I really do need to do laundry tonight. Though that may have to wait because I just spent a couple of hours reading some more Harry/Draco fic without actually meaning to. Whoops.
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I should be doing laundry right now, as I have no clean clothes for work tomorrow (today, for the rest of the world)... but ah, fuck it. I'll make some sort of attempt at getting up at a halfway decent hour in the morning. ...Yeah, right. Oh, as if anybody but me cares, I decided to go ahead and get a paid account- only for two months, though, so that way if I don’t like it… I’ve only wasted five bucks, you know? Although I did waste a considerable amount of time today fucking around with my color scheme and whatnot, since every time I played with it I either didn't like the design or the colors hurt my eyes or SOMETHING. So finally we have something that all parts of my brain can agree on. Yay.

I think my brain is conspiring against me. Or maybe just Harry Potter slash writers. Why, oh why do all the good slash writers have to be Harry/Draco? (okay, not all, just most of them) I'm really starting to like the pairing despite myself, and I really, really hate that. On that note: I found some absoutely delicious H/D stuff written by one [ profile] pir8fancier , so if you're into that or at least open to it, go check it out. Gorgeous. Particularly "Let's Just Pretend the War Is Over", which is sad and hysterical and just beautifully written.

I was just listening to “Somebody’s Watching Over Me” by Hilary Duff (shut up, it’s a good song) and had a horrific thought: If our loved ones who have passed are, in fact, keeping an eye on us… that’s a scary idea. I mean… what my grandmother must think of me! What she must think of my virtual standstill, being too afraid to do anything and doing absolutely nothing with my life. And the thing that really gets me about this is that my grandmother was and still is one of the few people that I’m terrified of disappointing. I’m almost in tears just thinking about this, because honestly, she must be SO disappointed in everything I’m doing and everything I’ve become. It’s funny that I’ve listened to the song how many times before, and that never even occurred to me until just now. I need to go… do something. Anything.

(It's completely horrible that I just started three paragraphs in a row with the word "I", and it's completely against The Writer's Guide To Good Writing and All That Shit, but I'm too lazy to fix it. So there.)

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  • March 1 (last I heard, anyway)- Kingdom Hearts II -

I'm so anxious to get this. Seriously. I've been waiting for this ever since I bought the first one.

  • March 7- Goblet of Fire released on video (US only) -

YAY! It seems awfully soon, but hey, I'm not going to complain. The best part is that this is on a Tuesday, so I have the day off. You know where Stef and I are going to be once she gets out of classes... (as in, at Wal-mart buying copies, and then back to my house to watch it yet again)

  • March 15- Fall Out Boy is playing at a local arena -

Since Kelly's birthday is five days after the concert, and since we both like the band... I got tickets today. *squee* The seats... okay, they're... nosebleed section, but it's also just about a month before the concert, and it's a popular band, so... I'll take what I can get :) All in all, I didn't think it was bad- tickets were $24 each, and then there was $18 in fees, so $66 total. And add $20 or so for the Goblet of Fire DVD, and that's Kelly's birthday... coolness. Only thing I have to figure out is how we're going to get there : /

I'm thinking about getting a LJ subscription, but I'm not convinced it would be worth it. If anyone reads this that has one, could you let me know whether you think it's worth the money?


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