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Thursday, August 11th, 2011 04:11 am
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- Got my hair cut again after putting it off for a few weeks. It's the kind of short I've been trying to get and failing at (seriously, she used clippers on a lot of it XD) My mother's response to the haircut? "Why don't you just shave it off? You might as well at this point." ............................
*growl* Fuck you. Seriously. NOBODY ASKED YOUR GOD DAMN OPINION.

- Scored jeans at LB for 40% off, they're not flare or boot-cut, AND they're a size lower than what I got last time I bought jeans. Woo! I have no idea how I managed that, being that I haven't lost any weight and I'm not working out, so it's not like I've lost fat and gained muscle all of a sudden. Oh well. I'm certainly not going to complain. :D

- Also found volume 12 of Junjou Romantica, which I've been looking for. So! That one's totally caught up. \o/

- Level grinding in FFIII. What makes it suck even more than usual is that I'm kind of stuck where I am right now, due to story events, so I'm basically having to run up and down these stairs ad nauseum. UGH. Hopefully I can stop after one more level up and not get totally slaughtered by the boss.

- Apparently about a month ago, Konami put up a post on their Facebook group "What Konami game franchise would you love to see brought back?" I didn't read all 924 comments, but seriously? I did go 100 comments back, and all but TWO were along the lines of "SUIKODEN VI, DAMMIT!" *dies laughing* You think maybe they got the hint? Someone commented "Looks like Suikoden fans have made their own army now. :D" *dies more*

- Awesome video of Tom Felton on Conan- there was Harry/Draco discussion, and pictures! So funny, and he was so freaking cute when he literally turned PINK when they showed a couple of Harry/Draco photo manips. On the other hand, it did feel a bit strange having fandom acknowledged out of the blue like that, and on such a popular platform. And to think the actors actually read fanfiction and see fanart? Kind of like... er... what? O_o I don't know. It's a little too close to home for comfort. A great clip and interview, but just... made me feel a little like a bug under a microscope lens, if that makes any sense.
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☁ Hikago peeps: Favor? Can we get some other topics going on the support thread? Please? ANYTHING. It's really super awkward right now and I think it might be preventing other people from posting anything. It is sad making. :(

☁ I put in for vacation time next month- a whole week and a half. Happy birthday to ME! It will be delicious. :3 I haven't really figured out what I'm going to DO for a week and a half, but that's part of the appeal, isn't it? WHATEVER I WANT. :D

☁ This whole favoritism game a couple of people are playing is getting really old really fast. Let's put it this way- if a guy that barely works has noticed, it's a problem. Henry got elected to cover register for a few minutes so I could do my photo stuff at the end of the night. We were both kind of "Bzuh?" about it because he was not the only person available, and little miss perfect wasn't doing anything. Henry was like, "well, she has senority," with an eyeroll, because of course she's barely been there at all compared to the rest of us. To which I responded, "Jeremy wants to fuck her, so she gets to do whatever she wants."   "Well said." XDDD

☁ Why is cologne so expensive? Seriously. It's kind of ridiculous. On the upside- new cologne. More of the Adidas Moves, which is my happy smell, and then I got Usher He, which I -love- but I'm not sure how it's going to work with my body chemistry, so we'll see.

☁ Finished off Hetalia Axis Powers finally. I'd kept putting it off, but I only had 10 episodes left, so might as well finish it, right? Overall? It had it's moments, but eh. I can take it or leave it, really. *shrug*

☁ I started Suikoden III for a bit. I'm reminded quite vividly why I didn't get terribly far into it the first time: the camera is awkward, movement is awkward, graphics are awkward, battles make no freaking sense...  it doesn't feel like a Suikoden game, and I don't mean that as a compliment. I'm trying to give it a chance, especially since I'm still in chapter 1, but. *sigh*

☁ FUCK. I've started to work on the BG playlist, which will be a work in progress for a few days (it's day 2 and I'm in J. XD)... I just got bunnied. I won't say whether it's or not it's something I can actually use for BG (I've got to keep SOME secrets ^_~), but either way it's with a character that I am absolutely NOT comfortable writing. Fuck fuck fuck.

☁ Speaking of bunnies, I had an old evil bunny rear it's ugly head at me yet again other day while Pye and I were discussing BG. She kept trying to tell me that bunnies were cute. The following conversation ensued:

Ver: Pye, it's *******. It's not cute, it's a disaster waiting to happen. >_<
Pye: okay yes, it is
Pye: >_> I mean. it will be troubling

...that's comforting. -_- Sad thing is, the disaster fic is probably the best idea I've got. I have a short list, but everything is half baked at best. *facepalm*

Suikoden II Wrap-Up~

Saturday, July 30th, 2011 05:29 am
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There's probably other stuff I should be talking about (like more work dramaz), but I don't feel like it. For now? MOAR SUIKODEN! You can safely just skip this entry if you're not interested. :D

Last time, you guys, I swear. You won't have to hear any more about this. )

I haven't decided what to do now- part of me wants to jump into Suikoden III and give that another shot, but... I kind of want a break, too. There are things to watch and fics to write! I should probably take at least a week from it and just chill, at any rate. ^_^;

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☁ LJ: You suck. Just saying. FB seems to be having issues as well. The latter I don't care so much about, but LJ being down for two days is a giant pain in the ass. Grrr.

☁ My hands have been a bit dry the last week or so, which isn't normal for me. I think it's the heat, which finally broke, but it's been SO terribly hot here- pushing 100 (that's 37.8 for you celcius using folks). I know that's not that much for this time of year in some places, but in upstate NY, that's INSANELY HOT. The heat's supposed to come back later this week though, yaaaaaay. -_- At any rate, I grabbed a little tube of cocoa butter, so hopefully that will help. And hopefully I can ignore the fact that the smell of the stuff reminds me of a bad summer job I had right after high school. Whoops.

☁ I seem to have lost my keys. I have my spare set, so it's not like I'm locked out of anything, but it's still not good. When I came home from work yesterday I realized I didn't have them, but I can't find them at work, either. I hope I didn't drop them somewhere, but that's looking more and more likely. UGH. >_<

☁ For anybody that didn't hear, Borders is closing ALL of their stores now. I can't say that it's a surprise at this point, but it DOES suck. I mean... that's half the reason to go to the mall by me- and it's the only bookstore there. So much for my entertainment while Kelly spends ages in Victoria Secret. Boo. On that note, though, I should probably try to get over there tomorrow (*cough* later today *cough*) to see what they have left as far as clearance stuff... may be able to score some deals. If not, well, at least I tried. Might check out jewelry because I'm CONSTANTLY losing earrings or having them fall apart on me. There's also a new store that had some really cool looking dreamcatchers. The only potential problem there is. Um. Reaching them. Because I'm a midget. <_< And I hate hate HATE asking for help for things like that. Meh. We'll see.

☁ Had a song ping me, so I'm writing a little bit again. It sucks, but it's something. Also I finished making up the rest of the 101 in 1001 list that starts on the 30th. Hopefully this time I'll do more of the list. ^_^;;;

Weight related, cut for those not interested. XD )

☁ Suikoden:
Short this time, I've still been procrastinating finishing it. )

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Sunday, July 24th, 2011 06:27 am
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☁ Been in more of a reading mood than a video game mood the last few days. Which is fine- I have a lot of unread books- but I strongly suspect that I'm procrastinating. I know I'm getting to the end of Suikoden II and I don't want it. ;~; As it is, I explored the first available bad ending- Shu slapping Riou is FANTASTIC. Also there was a little bit of confusion on seeing Georg. Suikoden timelines are confusing. Somehow I thought V took place not that long after IV, but uh. Definitely not the case, apparently. (Eternal love for Suikosource and their timeline. <3)

That being said, there's apparently a theory that the timeline jumps around from game to game because we're actually following Viki's teleportations, so it's in chronological order to her. It's as good of a reason as any. ^_^

I should probably quit procrastinating, though. After all... there's still III that I never got very far into (I believe it was at the first character change, as a matter of fact). I should probably give it another shot. ^_^;;; Or IV, which I'm at the end and can't seem to beat the last god damn boss (there's no way a TREE should kick my ass that badly! >(  ). Or V, which I was about halfway through and stupidly loaned it out, and have yet to get it back (along with the first Kingdom Hearts). Meh.

☁ Bills: I always think the credit card(s) are due about 2 weeks earlier than they actually are, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because it means I've never been late for a payment. Bad because right around the 20th of every month I freak out because I think I've missed the due date. I have the 15th stuck in my head for some reason when it's the 28th. I should probably stop that. XD

☁ It's been brought to my attention that TokyoPop/Blu has gone under. I wonder if I should hurry up and get the rest of the series that I'm missing? ^_^;;; Looking through my manga, though, makes me realize that I was following a lot more of their stuff than I knew. Five, as a matter of fact: Loveless, Junjou Romantica, Gravitation, Fruits Basket, and Chibi Vampire. Three of those are complete, but unfortunately, those are the ones I'm most behind in. Fortunately, the two that aren't are popular enough that they'll likely get picked up by another publisher. If I was to get everything that I needed up through current volumes, I'd need to buy... 34 volumes. Christ. (For the curious: 1 Junjou, 11 Gravi, 13 Furabura, and 9 Chibi. I'm up to date on what's been released of Loveless in English.) Out of those, though, the ones I care about the most are the Fruits Basket, Junjou Romantica, and Chibi Vampire, in that order. I still have $50 worth of gift cards to Barnes and Noble from Christmas- maybe I should use those to work on that. Then again, they're a hell of a lot cheaper on Amazon...

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Thursday, July 21st, 2011 07:04 am
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Drunken antics. Aren't I too old for this? )

Also, I know it might seem like I'm going out a lot, but that's really just because I don't post that much. XD It's every few weeks, generally. We've gone out twice since Pride weekend. So honestly, not that often. I just don't want people to be worried, you know? I swear I'm not turning into an alcoholic. ^_^;;;

☁ The fan next to my bed died. :( Which means I have to replace it, because I run hot all the time and I can't sleep properly when I'm overheated. Hence me being up at 7am. UGH.

☁ Apparently everyone at work thinks Mary and I are dating, which is funny bordering on hysterical. She's hot, yes, but I would NEVER date her and we both know it. I know her too well- she's a chronic cheater and that's something I'm completely unwilling to put up with in a relationship. Still. Funny. People continue to make up significant others for me out of my friends even in adulthood. XD

☁ There's the most god awful HP fic showing up on my flist (through a comm, not actually someone I'm friends with). The mechanics aren't TOO bad, but the mains are so blindingly OOC that it makes me want to stab things. And yet... I keep reading it as it gets posted. What the hell is wrong with me?

☁ Saw this in a store and thought it was really cool- apparently there are all different versions of it too. The one in the mall was cheaper though. Also, this pendant is totally awesome and I plan on getting one when I get my first biweekly paycheck next week. Especially since one of the stone options is Tiger's Eye. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

☁ More Suikoden stuff:
Nevermind that there's like... two people that have any interest in this. Oh well. That's what cuts are for. XD )

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Friday, July 15th, 2011 01:06 am
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☁ When I was in 8th grade, we did a video of our year for our English class. My friends and I did a lot of the work for it, because we were geeks like that. :P Anyway, there was drama surrounding that which I'm not getting into right now; the point is that very few people got a copy of that tape. Seven including myself, if I remember correctly. I found the tape again recently, so I decided I would get it put on a DVD. That way I could have it, put it on my computer, do... something with the VHS (I'm not sure what though, it feels wrong to destroy it. :/) It came back Monday. I'd hoped that the quality would be better, but the fact is that we are talking about a 15 year old VHS here. Realistically speaking, it's as good as I could've hoped for... though holy cow, there's a lot of typos. Extra cool is that apparently they have a thing going on at the moment where they send you a free extra DVD. Didn't actually need it, but hey, I gave it to Stef. ^_^

There was also a video I did before I moved the first time, of the apartment I grew up in and at school and stuff. Too long in places, but overall amusing, at least to me. Probably boring as hell to most people. Totally worth it. :D

☁ The home video did make me realize something, though- why the hell was I not ever tested for ADD as a kid? Seriously. I always thought it was an adult onset thing, and when I told my mom the theory, she said that I was always like this, the being easily distracted by shiny and not able to keep my attention on anything for long (books seem to be the singular exception- even then, I will often be reading two or three books at once, and have been for as long as I can remember). I didn't actually believe her until I started watching the video, and 16 year old Ver kept getting distracted by EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Holy crap. It'll be fine and then all of a sudden... "Light!" or "Kitty!" or what have you. And if someone else is in the room, forget about it. >_<

Then again, I still haven't been tested, I just operate under the assumption that I'm ADD. (Apparently ADHD-PI, actually. Of DSM-IV's list, where six "symptoms" are required for a diagnosis, I have eight. Seriously, the wiki page explains so much about my life, except for the trouble in school part. I managed to escape that bit because I worked really hard to get that positive attention. Middle child syndrome. XD) I can't be bothered to do anything about it, though. It's annoying, but it doesn't have a HUGE negative effect on my daily life, so I've never felt like it was worth making a big deal about to a doctor or anything.

This sounds like a fantastic opportunity, assuming it's not some sort of elaborate scam. The biggest things are that one, I would need to be able to take three and a half months off. Yeah, not happening. Two, it's 11 days over the stay allowed without a visa. So I would need a Japanese visa. By September. I don't even know if that's possible. It's a nice idea though, and I would love to do it, but guh.

☁ I'm not much for singing shows, but I did see some of the auditions for The Voice, though I didn't watch it after that. I found out recently that it was over, so of course I looked up who won- turns out it was my favorite! Yay! Seriously, I could listen to his audition all day. Incredible voice. Funny thing about it is that the studio recorded version isn't as good. Go figure.

Sadly, my other favorite apparently didn't make it into the top 8. Boo. Too bad, he has a great rock voice (even though he was singing a country song).

☁ More Suikoden II reactions, in no particular order!
There ARE spoilers in this one, so uh. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't look under the cut. :D )

Suikoden, mostly

Saturday, July 9th, 2011 02:33 pm
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☁ Suikoden II:
-Jowy: *SOB* I think I know what he has in mind, but. He is Wrong. I know he's wrong because this is Suikoden and the Hero always wins in the end, goddammit. You should give up and run away because you're postponing the inevitable, my ass. *growls*
-A case for frequent saving- in the middle of a random battle, the game froze. Due to game events, I hadn't been able to save in quite a while... plus I stupidly just hadn't when I had the chance. I had to do from the Greenhill Ghost incident to successfully escaping with Teresa twice. GAH. >_<
-That being said, I was reminded quite vividly of why Flik is Awesome. You know he just did something seriously impressive if even Luc admitted that it wasn't bad.
-Kind of funny, the whole time Nina was going after Flik, I was thinking, Viktor would never let Flik live this down if he knew. I'm so glad he got to see it. Viktor's immense amusement and Flik's reaction of RAGE was totally worth doing pretty much half the Greenhill arc again. <3
-Also Nanami freaking about the ghost and trying to include Pilika in the freakouts, while Pilika is all "?" was freaking hysterical.
-I was randomly thinking, for the characters that were also in the first game (with the exception of Viki, because I don't think she really even notices things like war going on around her. XD)... I have to wonder if most of them aren't thinking something like, "Another teenager with a true rune in his hand. How the hell do I keep ending up following these kids around?"
-Last one, I promise. I understand that with 108 playable characters, I'm not going to like all of them. But Sid? Really, Konami? The whole time you're recruiting him, he's being all creepy and the pickpocket kid with wings whose name I can't remember at the moment (Chaco?) was all "NOOOOoooooooooOOO!" and "Don't touch me!"

It's incredibly disturbing that the Hero knowingly recruits a guy who's probably going to molest this kid. Just saying.

☁ Obviously with all of the Suikoden talk, I haven't really been watching too much of anything at the moment. Should probably stop that. I have a manga rec too that I should probably try to get to at some point. I don't read manga very often because when I do I tend to inhale a whole bunch at once and I burn myself out for a while. It's been about a month since the last time, though. Probably due. :P

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 06:10 am
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☁ When I purchased FMA, I ended up with the first season in one part and the second season in two. There's just one problem with this- somebody dropped the ball on where exactly seasons ended when they changed from two sets a season to one, because there's three episodes that are missing right in the middle of the two. It's been a sore spot for me since I discovered it. I would just leave it and not give them anymore money, but  the gap drives me CRAZY. Now rightstuf has the season single box sets in the bargain bin- $25. That would give me those three episodes and I would FINALLY have a complete set of the anime. Plus they have Loveless for $15. *_* I grabbed Kashimashi for $20 too, while I was at it- I only needed another $10 for free shipping when shipping would cost me at least $11, so I figured I might as well. Shouldn't really be spending the money at the moment, but... oh well. I was overdue on some anime spending. Oh! And they're putting out Tales of the Abyss! *squee* They've only JUST started doing it, though, so I'll wait on that one. I hate having incomplete sets. Yanno, if you couldn't tell by the whole FMA rant. XD

☁ My 101 in 1001 list ends on the 29th of this month... I've done a little more than a quarter of the list. <_< That's sort of pathetic. So a lot of them are carrying over to the next list, though some are getting dropped altogether. I've got 79 things on the list so far. I have to figure out a bunch of not-obvious stuff to put on this thing...

☁ The wireless on my printer works again after not working for ages. Apparently all I had to do was reinstall it. Yaaaaaaaaaay. <3

☁ It's been some time since I worked on Suikoden II- I needed a break from getting my ass handed to me by Neclord's Abomination monster boss thing, and then life happened- but I picked it up again today. The good news? I BEAT IT. The bad news? Riou and Viktor were the only ones left (barely) alive by the time I pulled it off. :/ I made a new save- I'm half tempted to go back on the other one and try it again, see if I can actually keep everyone alive. But it's probably not worth it. XD

Also, with Suikoden II... anybody know offhand where the hell Jowy is, spoiler-free as possible? Like I said, it's been a while since I've played and I don't remember. I want to say that he was all "I have some stuff to take care of" or something and took off, but I could be wrong considering that I didn't even remember he'd left. :/

☁ I've been tweaking a slow cooker lasagna recipe I found for ages- I've made it three or four times and I've changed it every time. I just made it again today and I can finally say that I'm happy with the result. It's freaking GOOD and not a million calories. The catch? It's not actually lasagna anymore, just lasagna-esque pasta. The lasagna noodles always got mushy and gross in the slow cooker (and no, I wasn't cooking them first), so this time I put in a box of penne instead. ^_^;;; Whatever. YUMMY! <3

☁ Well, that was fun- the toilet got clogged or something and resulted in a ton of water all over the bathroom. Ugh. It's cleaned up now and mostly dry except for a few sections that will be soon. Plus the metal part separating the rug in the hallway from the bathroom wasn't put down properly, so there's water underneath the rug there which is all wet. Not quite sure what to do about that aside from shove a towel under as far as I can, which isn't that far, and leave it alone. But then it'll mold, won't it? ARGH. >_<

On that note, I really have to get collapse and some sleep- I have to wash those towels when I get up. Hooray. -_-

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 11:40 pm
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☁ Not much of anything is happening in LJ-land today. *pokes it*

☁ I forgot to mention that the New York Post on Sunday had a fabulous Rapture related headline- "WORLD ENDS! Heaven looks exactly like New York City" I totally started cracking up when I saw that on a customer's paper. Customer looked at me like I was nuts, but it was totally worth it. Brilliant. <3

☁ Did I mention that I found a new video game/book/movie/music organization site? Well, I did. Yes, I realize that when you go to the site, it talks about buying and selling, but you can just have "collections" too. You don't have to sell anything if you don't want to. On the upside, if you do decide to sell anything, you can do that really easily from there too. (Though they do take a percentage, but most sites like that do.) I only have some DS games on there so far- it's kind of neat because the way they set it up, it's almost like you're shopping through your own stuff, which is kind of neat. ^_^ Of course, you can buy on the site as well as sell, which could be dangerous. But we'll ignore that.

☁ Stef had me watch Once Upon a Mattress, which was cracky and kind of hysterical. Zooey Deschanel's eyes are kind of weird though, aren't they? It seems like she's always like O_O, at least in this movie, and it was a bit off putting. Though Google shows plenty of pictures where she looks normal, so I think it's just a thing she does. She's a pretty girl, but seriously, this? Creepy.

☁ Sobering fact I just learned: in over HALF of the country, 29 states in fact, you can legally be refused service in a restaurant because of your sexual orientation. Just. There are no words. New York is thankfully not one of them, but Texas is. Which isn't actually surprising, but it's disheartening. The list: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Many of those aren't a surprise. The southern states especially, and to a lesser degree, the Midwestern ones. But PA? Really? I don't really think a state that boasts "The City of Brotherly Love" really has any room to discriminate against gay people, but whatever. It's just disappointing that in 2011, so much of the country is still hell-bent on making our lives miserable.

☁ Related: This is disgusting. It's not up to doctors to make judgements about who their patients are. They're supposed to DO THEIR JOB. Funny how the two religious people didn't seem to care, but the doctors did. This isn't the first time we've heard something like this, of course, but the fact that this KEEPS HAPPENING is proof that we need marriage rights. What we have isn't good enough, because they can ignore it when you have all of the legal documentation that you're supposed to need. Civil unions are not enough. We need marriage or this kind of despicable behavior is just going to continue.

Suikoden rambling, for those that care~ )

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 07:31 pm
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☁ I sent out that check yesterday morning, so... no taking it back now, eh? ^_^;;;;;;; I'm SO freaked. It's just a non-credit class, but... it's been nine years since I've been in school. Even if this IS just a trial run, it's still scary. :/ *incredibly nervous!*

☁ So I saw a current picture of my father. God, time has not been kind to him. I mean, I know he's older now than when I remember him from- the man is going to be 55 this year, and he was never a particularly handsome guy to begin with- but wow, he looks like HELL. He looks at least 10 years older than he actually is. Just... wow.

Also he made a Facebook account, and friend requested both of my sisters but not me. I kind of understand why he didn't- Kelly told him I didn't want to have anything to do with this- but dammit, it would've been nice if he had at least TRIED. Is it really so wrong to want him to show some kind of effort after all this time? Honestly, I'm pretty conflicted about him at this point. It would be nice to be able to have a relationship with my father... but I can't forgive him, and I certainly can't trust him. So what kind of relationship would that really be anyway?

☁ I set up DW to import stuff- I know DW isn't doing that right now to not be a burden on LJ, but this way I can just forget about it and DW will import the stuff when things are better with LJ. It's not like it's a rush or anything. They'll do it when they do it. And this way I don't have to remember to import everything later. ^_^ That being said, trying to put stuff in the DW comm is incredibly frustrating- the bases post, for example, refuses to post right no matter what I do. There's random html tags everywhere and the cuts refuse to work. GAH. >_< At least that only seems to be on that one post? I deleted it, in any case. I'll fool around with it some other time. Maybe.

☁ Recruiting in Tierkreis. Which is kind of annoying, because a lot of it involves traveling in the same areas over and over again. Oh yeah, and there's random battles in those areas. It's a good thing I love this series, because otherwise this kind of stuff would totally turn me off. On the other hand, it's a good opportunity to level up the more severely underlevelled characters? :D
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☁ Pretty cool Mario theme. There's some other great stuff there too, and the guy can actually sing, so check it out. He talks about it at the end of the video I linked, but he's got his stuff on itunes, and all of the money goes to Japan aid, which is awesome.

☁ Cousin reminded me of Suikoden Tierkreis, so I've started that again as my "work break" game. Couldn't remember enough of where I was to continue on the old save, which sucks because I'd put over 30 hours into it, but what can you do. *sigh* I'd forgotten how god awful some of the voice acting is. There's no middle of the road with voice- they're either good or terrible, that's it. I also forgot how much of a religious overtone there is... but in this case, it has more of an anti-religion stance, so it's not anything overpowering. Oh, and I'm totally reminded that I was shipping Hotupa/Moana. So cuuuuute~ But then I love Moana anyway, she's freaking adorable. And Chrodechild! I'd say I would totally go gay for her if I, uh, wasn't already. I mean, seriously, look at this BAMF lady right here. I like Asad too, though, he's pretty awesome. Even if he's so obviously in love with Chrodechild and she just as obviously doesn't see him that way.

☁ Note to self- when making the cheesecake brownies, when the recipe says you need to do stuff in a separate bowl, they mean in a separate bowl. Turns out that mixing everything together... well, it still tastes good, but it ends up having a weird fudgy consistency instead of being the cakey brownie it's supposed to be. Good to know.

☁ Tried hummus for the first time. It's. Erm. Well, it's not BAD, but I wouldn't have the red pepper kind again. ^_^;;; Not a fan. Which I probably should've known because peppers are not my favorite things, whoops. Good thing it was only a small package with the hummus and some pita chips. I'd have to look at the flavors again, but probably something like garlic would be better.

☁ Half considering looking into RPing again somewhere, because I do miss it, but... eh. I'm not sure I want to go there. Plus I have no idea where I would app or who with or any of that. Meh. I should probably not bother.

Little bit of work ranting- this is why I need a vacation. )

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Saturday, March 19th, 2011 02:20 am
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☁ Stuck in Suikoden II. Stupid Neclord Abomination monster thing keeps killing me. >( Doesn't help that Freed Y is freaking USELESS and you're forced to have him in your party. *growls* I'm actually half considering going around and leveling up some and coming back to it... it's really, really early in the game for that already. GROAN.

☁ Got bunnied at work. The good news is that it'll work for BG and I'm positive I can get it over the 1k word minimum. The bad news is. Um. All I can really say without giving it away is that I'm not sure I want to go there. *kicks bunny* It's an idea I would LOVE to mess around with, but... :/ I guess we'll see. So far it's the best idea I've got, but hopefully something else will come up.

☁ I was going through some music trying to come up with a BG playlist (which is incredibly difficult this time, urgh), and this song came up. As always with songs, not 100% accurate, but mostly. Appropriate song is appropriate. I'm working on it. :)

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Monday, March 14th, 2011 03:16 am
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I really should be doing laundry, but pffft. Don't feel like it. I'm also really super tired, but rather than do the intelligent thing and go to bed, I'm just going to bore you all to tears instead. XD

- Been feeling bloaty and icky and exhausted lately, and I have no idea why. Spring is coming- that usually jazzes me up- so I don't know what's going on at the moment. Hrm.

- I realized quite unpleasantly that one of the evil plot bunnies I've been avoiding for MONTHS now (because it's wicked depressing and there's SO many things I could mess up)... could very well end up a  multi-chapter fic should I ever give in and write it. BAH. All the more reason to ignore that one. *glares at the bunny*

- Speaking of which, the bunnies have been weirdly active lately. This is good- to a point. It's not exactly helping me to post the backlog of fic, though. XD Also most of them are still things I don't want to write. Stupid bunnies. *grumbles* On the upside, the backlog of fic is decreasing, slowly but surely. Hopefully I should be finished with it sometime in the next year. >_<

- The ten year reunion for my original class is coming up. I've been invited. I didn't graduate with them, mind, but... ugh, ten years, seriously? Where did all that time go? I have no intention of GOING though. There's really... maybe a few people I would like to see, but that's about it, and I don't really think it's worth putting myself through the stress for. I'll admit that a big part of it is a high level of embarrassment on my part. I am certainly nowhere NEAR where I would like to be at this point in my life. Which yes, is kind of a sore point and I don't really feel like explaining to people how I've ended up in the gutter. It's just... bigger things were expected of me. I expected bigger things from me. So I think going to something like a reunion and having to show my general failure would just be torturing myself. If I at least had a date I could bring, that would be immensely better, but alas. Maybe by the time the 20th comes around, I'll not be completely mortified by the thought of having to explain my life to people I knew as a child.

And for Jet- Suikoden II Thoughts So Far :P )
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- Had the best freaking shopping trip EVER yesterday. My sister and I went to the mall because I had to get my hair cut... again... and while we were looking around, I noticed that there was a new video game store, so of course I had to go in. I've mentioned before that I'm a masochist, right? ^_^;;; Anyway, after some looking around, I discovered- get this- SUIKODEN II. For those of you not in the know, this is a VERY rare, out of print game. I've never actually seen it in person before today because it's next to impossible to get unless you go online. And you're going to pay dearly for it, believe you me. The lowest I have ever seen it posted for is around $120 used, and no, that's not a typo. More often than not it's $200 and up. I've been looking for a physical copy of this game that wouldn't require the promise of a firstborn child for about eight years, no lie.

...this store had it for $89.99.

Needless to say, it came home with me. It's coming out of my savings, I don't even care, because holy HELL I actually found it. Okay, I care a little, but I know that I shouldn't because there's no way I could've passed that up. I realize that it's still a lot for a video game. Especially for a used game that was released 12 years ago. But this one is special, and I refuse to feel bad about spending so much on it. That being said, I won't be buying any games for a while to make up for it. ^_^;;; On the upside, I was in Borders two different times and walked away empty handed each time. So that's a good thing. :D

(With demand as high as it is, if Konami ever got a clue and releases the PSP Suikoden I/Suikoden II compilation outside of Japan, they'd make a freaking fortune. Just saying.)

- In addition, bought a cute pair of heart shaped rainbow earrings. It's been a long time since I've worn any rainbow jewelry... should be interesting. They're small enough that they're subtle, so it shouldn't cause any issues I don't think. At least, I never had any issues before when I was wearing that stuff all the time. Okay... except for one asshole I worked with, but he doesn't work there anymore, and besides that... I'm mostly out at work, so any problems would've come up by now. You know?

By the way, Border's GLTB section blows. It's just this tiny two foot section, and the bottom three or four shelves have like... five books on them, tops. It's sad, it really is.

- Also we did Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, since I've never actually been there, and while the food wasn't anything to particularly write home about, they had the yummiest regular Long Island Iced Tea I've ever tasted. Mmm. <3

-Okay, I know most of you don't care, but I need to talk about this last episode of Glee for a little bit. Skip if you'd rather, plzthnx.

Thought 1: asjdkslajdsl I've been reading Blaine/Kurt fic furiously the last day or so. I've shipped them since Blaine first showed up, but this is the first time that I've come away from an episode going "Holy shit, I NEED FIC." Seriously, if those two don't get together at some point, I'm going to die.

Thought 2: I've spent the last several weeks catching Kelly up on the show. The advantage of that, of course, is that I'd already seen everything, so I knew what to expect already and knew when to walk away and do something else for a few minutes during potential awkwardness. (She also ships Blaine/Kurt with me and we fangirl squee together, which is kind of fun.) What I didn't expect? CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Holy crap. In the interest of not being a jackass and spoiling stuff, I won't say what happened, but... let's just say that it figures that this is the first totally new episode that we've watched together. They actually ADDRESSED the elephant in the room that I thought the show would ignore until cancellation. I'm still in shock.

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Sunday, March 29th, 2009 02:05 pm
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Ooookay, it's been a while since I wrote last. Yes, I'm still alive. I'm just... easily distracted by shiny, as you should all know by now. XDDD

1. It's SPRING! *cheers* It gives me the urge to open windows and do some cleaning, but I most likely won't. Well. Definitely not today, anyway, no time. ^_^;;; Maybe Tuesday?

2. This cold just does not want to go away. GAH. It's not anything major, just a sore throat, but it's annoying and makes me not feel my best. GO AWAY, DAMN YOU!

3. I have yet to start either of the fandom challenges I signed up for. *headdesk* Fail.

4. Suikoden has eaten my brain. More fail. ^_^;;;

5. I think I need to revisit Hikaru no Go canon. My characterizations lately are feeling....  I don't know. Completely not right. Maybe it's just me though, who knows.

6. I thought I had a lot to say, but I'm not thinking of any of it now. Meh. Though my mother just came in here bitching about how I need to do this and that before work, when I really don't have time to deal with one of them. You'd think she'd be able to figure that out, since I have to leave in about... 50 minutes? >_<

In any event, I've got to go get ready for work. Fun stuff!

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Thursday, March 19th, 2009 01:49 am
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YAY. Days off are good. <3 Staying in and recharging ones batteries? Even better. ^_^

1. I think I'm mostly better with the exception of a lingering sore throat. Yay. Well, and headaches that don't seem to be going away, but that could be a combination of factors. My hair is too long, for one. Yes... I do get migraines if my hair gets too long. Ugh. I also need to get my eyes checked. May need a new prescription. Also overdue for the girl bit, so that may be playing a hand in it too.

2. Got linked to this really cool site- The Backloggery. Basically it's like MAL for video games. The idea is to keep track of what games you have, what you've finished, what you're still working on- so that you can go through your backlog and finish games that you already own. A fantastic way to not only keep track of things, but to remind yourself why you don't need that new game right now- you already have xx games unfinished! However, I didn't need to know exactly how many games I have....... and I haven't even started putting in ds, advance, or snes games. *headdesk*

On that note, I've picked up Suikoden IV again, since I've had that almost finished for... well, forever. And I'm reminded quite vividly why I hate levelling up. *sigh* It's so BORING. And where I'm at level wise, it takes freaking FOREVER to go up just one level. And I can't go anywhere fun to level up- I'm stuck where I am, so basically, I have to go up and down these stairs from hell fifty billion times to go up one level. I'M SO SICK OF THESE FUCKING STAIRS! *growls* Can't I just magic myself to level 70? Pleeeeeeeeease? I also really, really hate the final boss. There is no reason a freaking TREE should be kicking my ass like this at level 63. Granted, I missed the final hammer and so can only sharpen weapons to level 12 instead of 16, but COME ON.

3. I have been successfully keeping my checkbook balanced since Friday. Score! This has two purposes. One, I'll actually... *gasp* KNOW what's in my account instead of a vague "Well, I've got to have at least this much..." Two, it's a way of tracking my spending so I can see EXACTLY where my money's going. And trim accordingly. ^_^ For now, my only reaction is, holy crap I use my bank card A LOT. XDDD

4. Started watching Merlin. First episode down......... eh, I dunno. I'll keep watching it for now, but there are several things that bother me. What doesn't bother me? For whatever reason, it brings out the snarky comments, which is highly entertaining. We'll see what happens. *shrug*

5. Apparently Aki's friend pegged me as gay the first time I met her. *sigh* Well, it's not the first time that's happened when I've met someone. Which sort of baffles me. I'm... more on the androgynous side, yeah, but I'm not butch by any stretch of the imagination. And it's not like when I first realized I was gay and so wore something rainbow-colored all the time- that stuff has been in the back of my jewelry box for several years now. Do I have a sign on my forehead that says "DYKE" or something? Jeez. XD I'm just curious.
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1. Boo for having to work on my day off. Granted, it's only five to ten, but still. Kind of the last thing I need right now, especially with me getting sick again (fevers are fun, yay -_-). And while I understand that Jeremy's sick (which is why I have to go in), it sort of irritates me at the same time. I'm glad he has the luxury of being out for a week plus when I've been sick for over three weeks now and haven't been able to take a single sick day, and actually end up working more because he's out. To that degree? My sympathy is severely limited. *sigh* ......................................... god, I'm jealous of a high school kid, what the hell is wrong with me?

2. [livejournal.com profile] blind_go : Still thinking about it. Probably going to end up signing up and then failing. ^_^;;;

3. Suikoden: Tierkreis in a week! SO EXCITED! I'm so, so thrilled that a Suikoden game is going to be on the DS. It's like....... one of my all time favorite video game series. Whether this game sucks or not is a different matter, but still. (I'm disappointed that Viki isn't going to appear in this game. She's annoying, but that Blinking Mirror of hers is a freaking LIFESAVER. Wonder if they'll have another character doing the "zipping you off to places you've already been minus the travel time" thing?) The online bit is cool, but honestly I don't know how much I'm going to use that, considering how my computer is. ^_^;;; We'll see. Either way.... you guys probably won't be seeing much of me for a while starting next Tuesday. Depends on how long it takes for the "ZOMGSHINYNEWGAME!!!!" reaction to wear off. XD

Yes, I have it pre-ordered, and yes, I'm an immense dork. This should surprise no one.

4. Co-workers have been driving me up the WALL lately. Particularly this one guy in Pharmacy who thinks it's beneath him to write rain checks. Twice now he's come up to me when I'm trying to do ten thousand things at once, asking me to write a rain check for someone. Because "it's not what he went to school for!!" ...............................................................................................SOMEBODY in Pharmacy should be able to write a fucking rain check. IT'S NOT EXACTLY ROCKET SCIENCE, GUYS! Not to mention that both times, it ended up being an item that we couldn't write one for to begin with. But of course, checking that the item is actually the one on sale or isn't clearance is too difficult, because they didn't go to school for that, either. What am I thinking?

......there's a lot of rage there, clearly. I need a vacation. Hahahahaha. And now that I've had lunch (fries and clams, nomnomnom), I should probably get in the shower and start getting ready for work. *sigh*

Video Game Rambling

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 04:46 am
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My stomach is doing some weird vocalizations here... maybe I should be a little bit worried...

If picking up Chain of Memories didn't officially break my "no more new games until you finish the ones you have" resolution, I definitely broke it today because Game Crazy is evil. EVIL, I tell you! I went in there for the sole purpose of making sure that they'll have the Kingdom Hearts II strategy guides when the game comes out next week (mainly because Marc said that he'd send me the money for me to get it for him, so I wanted to make sure that they'd HAVE them first). Well, the guy working was busy with another customer at the time, so I glanced at the PS2 section for a minute. What do I see pretty much right away, because my eyes are trained to spot shit like that? They actually *have* Suikoden III. I've been looking for this game for probably 2-3 years, and I saw it in EB Games a couple of months ago, but it was 30 bucks and I didn't have the money then. And I keep hearing that the price on it is skyrocketing up to the 60's and 70's, even. Well... I checked out the price just because I had to... $12. No joke. I think I just about died right then. So... because it was a great deal and I have absolutely NO self control when it comes to video games, it came home with me. Fuck it. Apparently you can also pre-order the KHII strategy guides, so I pre-ordered two. The special one for me (hardcover, concept art, possibly a DVD... coolness), and a regular one for Marc. Hmm. Oh, I also saw videos of a couple of scenes from the Atlantica world: SCARY. Very scary. I'm so not looking forward to dealing with that world now, because they seem to have turned it into this fucked up "all the characters are going to sing like they're in a musical and you have to time the buttons to the music in a really screwed up way" thing. SO not cool. And Sora sounds so much older, I know I'm going to have to spend some time just getting used to that. Although... hello, it's logic. Haley Joel Osment is no longer a child. His voice has changed. Therefore, Sora's voice has changed. *duh*

Speaking of KH, I FINALLY beat Riku (the second battle) and sealed Hollow Bastion as of yesterday. Thank God. I was beginning to lose my mind. Of course, it could be argued (and has been) that I never really had one to begin with...

I seriously need to go do a load of laundry, as I have absolutely no clean clothes. What the hell else is new. *shrug* Okay, off to do that. I just need to un-glue my ass from the chair. Meh.

Random Rantage

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006 05:15 am
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The good news is... I now have ink in my printer and Harry Potter. The bad news is... I ended up spending about $110 to do this, and made two trips to Wal-mart and one trip to Target. Ugh. Basically... Stef and I went to Wal-mart to get the movie. I got the ink and two copies of Harry (one for me, one for Kelly's birthday). Spent about 75 bucks. Stef and I went back to my house to watch it... and were majorly pissed to discover that there were no special features. Turns out there are two versions of the damn thing, and we wanted the special edition one that Wal-mart didn't have, because Wal-mart is evil. Well... I'd already opened one, so I couldn't take that one back, but there was still the other. So after watching the movie we went off to Wal-mart for the return (15 bucks back in pocket). Then hopped over to Target because they DID have the good ones, and then spent 50 more bucks for the two DVD's (cuz Kelly would kill me if I gave her the one with no features on it)... urgh. It was just... frustrating. And I have no money until Thursday, which is always wonderful.

Mom and I finally had that "talk" she's been threatening. Of course, she started with her typical "You can't live anywhere for what you give me a month". Yeah, I know. That's why I still live here, remember? Because I can't afford my own damn apartment. Basically, I'm supposed to give her an extra $100 a month. Yeah. You realize I'm giving her almost half of my paycheck now? And she wonders why I can't move out... because after she gets "her" money, and after I buy groceries for fucking three people and a cat (and almost no help from her, thankyouverymuch), I'm pretty much done. And then to add insult to injury, she started on me about getting wireless internet again (she won't let me attach my computer to the modem unless we set it up for the wireless that SHE wants- but I have to pay for all the equipment and shit, which is just screwed up), and when I told her that it's too expensive, she was like "No, it's only about $100." And this is a day after you just squeezed an extra $100 a month out of me that I don't really have to begin with... how dare you! I don't see YOU shelling out the cash to get it done- because it's a lot of fucking money, and you know it, you just like your little fantasy that I have all this money and I DON'T. It's a lot to be just fucking throwing away... BITCH.

(although, on an afterthought... it might be worth it, just to shut her the fuck up... not to mention it would mean that she couldn't bitch about me being on her computer.)

Alright, enough whining... Suikoden IV is calling my name (I'm almost done, yay!)... later!

(Best line of the day: "Holy orgasm, Batman!" ~Stef)
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Waiting... why is it that it feels like I'm always fucking waiting for something? Anything? Everything? Right now it's a cd I'm burning and the clothes in the washer, in general it's for my life to kick into gear... but it's always SOMETHING. Why is that?

I just now noticed that there's a little line on top of the entry box that says "Autosaved draft at..." and then updates itself every ten seconds. Is that new, or am I really that oblivious to have never noticed that before?

Found yet another good Harry/Draco fic today (well, good so far, anyway)... I've really got to stop this. The pairing is really starting to become an obsession, and... JKR is never going to make it happen except for maybe in an alternate universe, and I'll just be disappointed when Harry and Ginny get married and have a gazillion babies, even though I knew it was coming. Kinda like how I was pissed that Lupin is with Tonks even though I was convinced that he and Sirius were together all through the fifth book (maybe the fourth too, who knows). *Kicks self* Maybe I should just get back into my little Suikoden Tir/Gremio thing and just forget about the other. Maybe. It'd be a lot easier if Harry and Draco weren't so fucking perfect together. Grrr. *Kicks self again*

My CD is finally done, so maybe I'll go read or something. I still have another hour and ten minutes roughly for my clothes, so yeah... should go do something.


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