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(Since I'm at the mall stealing their wi-fi... for the December posting meme- [personal profile] hostilecrayon )

I notice 'what the fuck' is one of your most used tags. xD Talk about things that make you say 'WHAT THE FUCK'. :D
Um, a lot of things. A LOT. I literally say/think/write this at least once every single day, usually more. One of the things I love about this expression is that it's so USEFUL in every day life and can mean multiple things. It can express anything from confusion to anger. As far as what provokes this reaction... look at the tag? XD Meh. I guess we'll point out the most common triggers. The biggest one is stupidity. It baffles me. It often leaves me staring at someone with absolutely no idea what to say to the sheer idiocy of whatever just came out of their mouth. I'm sure you guys know what I mean, those moments when you're absolutely stunned silent and you can't think of a single intelligent response beyond- you guessed it- what the FUCK. On a related note, pure confusion often causes this reaction. I'll say WTF when something just doesn't make any sense to me. Another big one is how terrible we can be to each other, which also baffles me and angers me and makes me terribly sad. Homophobia, sexism, racism, and a bunch of other isms make me go "what the fuck." Probably the third most common thing that the tag covers is anger (often caused by one of the things previously mentioned, but never mind). The government shut down bullshit made me go WTF from both the stupidity and anger standpoints. Actually, a lot of government crap makes me WTF. Anyway. Eh, I don't really have anything else to say about this.

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)

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Sunday, September 8th, 2013 12:19 pm
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☁ ID's are out and fics are due for BG in about 2 weeks. Um. It might be time to think about writing something? XD To be honest, I do have an idea I've been kicking around, but it's something that I'm thinking about writing it as a short story for Creative Writing, since I have my first story due at the same time as BG. So I'm not sure if that's really a good idea. But I might not do it anyway, because the story is supposed to be 3-5 pages DOUBLE SPACED and that's basically nothing, so I don't know that I have enough space to do what I want with it for the assignment anyway. Meh. :/

☁ I actually did another one of those reviews! I recently replayed 400 Days to fix a couple of the stupid things I did in the first playthrough, so I wrote about that a bit. It is here. The cool/exciting but scary thing is that I've done two of these reviews and I already have two followers on that blog. O_o Oh. And by the way, if you've even sort of been thinking about trying The Walking Dead, it's on sale on Steam till tomorrow. It's normally $25 for the first five episodes and then $5 for the 400 Days DLC- right now it's 6.24 for the main game and 2.49 for 400 Days. I'm not actually sure how the PC version compares to the xbox version, but either way it's a steal. Just sayin'.

☁ We haven't even had a meeting for Pride Alliance yet and the drama is already starting. Ungh. First of all, we don't have a room yet. So not only do we not have a place to GO, I can't make any flyers to get new people in until that happens. Ungh. Shouldn't that have been done, I dunno, before the start of the semester? Maybe that's just me. THEN there's the logo stuff. I don't know if I ever talked to you guys about that, but basically, last year this guy made a logo for us. Not only was the file really low quality (seriously, anytime we used it at any size that was readable, it was all pixellated and it drove me up the WALL)... the guy who made it was a complete tool and there was drama there. Oh yeah, and Marcus made jokes about it looking like we were a gay communist group, so you can imagine what the logo looked like. XD It's also important to note that the logo had a rainbow gradient to it, we'll come back to that in a bit.

So this year I want a new logo for the flyers. I was like, okay, I'll mock up a couple of things and I'll show you guys what I've got. Meanwhile, The Tool is going, "I still have the logo from last year." Uh, no. So I posted two potential logos- one is a heart with a rainbow gradient, and the other is a standard rainbow with clouds. Nothing groundbreaking here, I wanted it to be fairly simple and recognizeable. Apparently people last year didn't know what the hell the logo was supposed to be, so. Anyway. I saw The Tool at lunch the other day and he was saying that the logos I made weren't inclusive. He felt excluded by the use of the rainbow. I'm like... what? YOU DID THE SAME FUCKING THING. So okay, it's fine if YOU use a rainbow, but if I do it, it's exclusionary? WHAT? I think part of it is that he has a gigantic ego and I'm not feeding it, so he's pissed. God forbid we not use the logo that HE made. But he's also kind of insane (for example, he's one of those Otherkin jerkoffs), so it's totally possible that he actually BELIEVES that as a pansexual genderqueer person, if he uses a rainbow it includes everyone, but since I'm a gay semi-androgynous person, I'm only talking to gay people. Funny how that works. The rainbow is an easily recognizeable LGBTQ symbol, so that's the best to use- and we can't POSSIBLY use the colors/symbols for all of the individual groups because there's a million of them. It's a flyer, not a packet, JFC. If nothing else, though, I know that Marcus is on my side. Partially because we're friends and partially because he really does like my logos over The Tool's. :)

It's going to be a long fucking year, you guys.

☁ Also, I've started watching United States of Tara and LOVE it. I'm almost done with the first season and I just started it yesterday afternoon. (Of course, it helps that it's a half hour show and not hour long episodes, but still. XD)

Anyway. I have to see about fooding and then studying a bit for a Stats test I have tomorrow, and hopefully writing SOMETHING for a bit. Later~ ^_^

31 Day Meme, Day 6

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 09:28 pm
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6. Your 5 senses right now
Uh, the same five I always have? This is a dumb question.

As far as non-meme stuff, here we go:
☁ My certificate of residence for school has been acquired. I had to spend more time dealing with my mother than I would've liked in order to accomplish this, but whatever, it's done. Now I can pay my bill for school. The plan is to deal with that tomorrow.

☁ Saw an apartment Saturday. Good location, big room, roommates are not super neat freaks, gay friendly, super cute kitten (who spent most of the time pretending that I was a good climbing tree. Good thing I wore jeans. XD The guy was like, "wow, she really likes you already.") It's at the top of my "I can afford this" range, but I'm not sure I'm going to get much better because rent is freaking ridiculous here. He's still showing the apartment, so we'll see what happens. I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm going to text him tomorrow and see what's going on. In the meantime... I should probably make some more phone calls tomorrow too. Ungh. I want to do that about as much as I want a hole in my head. I fucking hate calling people, and of course most of these are like "phone calls only!" YOU GUYS SUCK.

☁ Need to go to old work and talk to Dave about saving boxes for me. Even if I wasn't planning on moving, I would probably still do this, because I'm at a point where I just feel like I'm moving things back and forth to and from the same places in my room, and getting stuff put away in boxes would at least let me put things away neatly in an orderly way instead of haphazardly thrown everywhere.

TL;DR- Family bullshit )

☁ Oh yeah, and did I mention that classes start again on the 26th and I'm both freaked the hell out about it and can't wait to go back? Need to get sleep back in order. It was better and then it wasn't, sooooo. <_< It's not nowhere near as bad as it was at one point, but still not terribly good.

☁ So basically, long story short, I'm super stressed/anxious about EVERYTHING and trying to keep up with my daily cleaning sessions and mostly failing, so. On the upside, it does look considerably better just from what I did today?

☁ I've also been working on a random fic bit I found in my bunny folder. I... don't even know how this happened. But yay writing?

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Thursday, August 1st, 2013 06:08 pm
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☁ Turned in BG. Managed to pull off two fics, somehow, I don't even know how that happened. It was originally all part of the same idea, sort of, but... eh, it's complicated. Anyway. I was Vanessa and wrote two Hikaru and Waya fics- one pointless gen and the other smut. *shrug* I was terribly obvious and didn't bother to hide it. I was hoping that the pairing would throw people off at least a little, but uh, I guess not. XD Guessing didn't turn out too bad, though! 5 out of a possible 8, which is my best showing BY FAR- I have been known to get zero right, after all. Of course, if I'd actually looked a little more closely at some of the hints posted later on, I would've realized that a couple of my guesses were obviously wrong, but whatever. XD

☁ Somehow got talked into trying Naruto again, but of course I was only 7 eps into it to begin with and that was ages ago, so I just started it over. It's. I dunno. Kind of obnoxious. I can see why I didn't really feel a push to continue it before.

☁ The book cataloging is getting ridiculous. I've been taking a break, so there's still everything on my bookshelf at this point plus what's in the closet and whatever else I find that I'm not seeing right now- but the manga should be done, anyway, minus the first 13 of Hikago. I'm up to a total of 174 books and not even close to done (we won't even discuss how much of that is manga). I think I have a problem, you guys. XD Also recently I had decided to try and organize my ebook folder, because that's a huge clusterfuck, and all I can really say about that is... holy GOD, why did I do that to myself? I don't even know how it got like that.

☁ Money stuff for school is mostly taken care of, I'm waiting for the last grant form to go through, but it's nothing that's a huge deal right this split second. Like I can pay my bill and stuff without it, anyway. Re: school stuff, now all I have to do is get my certificate of residence (I'd like to do that tomorrow, tbh), pay my bill (by the 15th, but would like to do it next week to get it done and over with), get my books, and figure out exactly where my classes are and how tight I'm pushing my transport time on a couple. So that's coming along nicely.

☁ As far as RL circumstances... not a lot has changed, for good or for bad, at this point. I've been taking a bit of a hiatus on the cleaning because I've basically felt like shit the last week (yay for being female- not), plus being distracted with other things, see next cloud bullet, but I'm hoping to get back on track in the next couple of days.

☁ So remember how my laptop was overheating and I wasn't sure if it was the heat or something else? It was something else. -_- After some investigation, I discovered that the fan was no longer working. I'm not comfortable taking apart the laptop, since I can't get to the fan without pulling apart the ENTIRE thing (which is stupid but whatever), and it's not worth paying Best Buy $200 bucks to put a new fan in a four year old laptop, soooooo as much as I didn't want to spend the money and didn't want Windows 8... I didn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter. I bought a new one. XD I have named it Phoenix. :3 It was less than the previous one, under 400 before tax, so that wasn't bad. I've been super good about money over the summer, so I'm not going to beat myself up over spending the money or anything. Specs wise, I just wanted something that was at least as good as what I already had for relatively cheap, which was actually more difficult than you might think? Go figure. Sooooo I have another Toshiba- because fuck, I beat Haru all to hell and it still lasted four years, and above all else I did not want a Lenovo (very bad previous experience with IBM, and Kelly having to replace her Lenovo laptop TWICE since March does not help my opinion of them. I told her not to get a damn Lenovo. But nooooo, she didn't want to listen to me. Pfft.) Anyway. I still hate Windows 8, but I knew that already. Classic Shell makes it bearable, fyi if anybody on the flist ends up having to deal with this OS, though I still keep triggering stuff to pop up by accident. Grrr. The keyboard is pissing me off, at least until I get used to it. So there are minor frustrations with it, but that's true of any new device, especially with something like a laptop. Mostly I love it. It does what I need it to do (including connecting to the internet without a problem, which I was nervous about after the netbook), zips along speedily, and so far has handled everything I've thrown at it with grace. (It IS worth noting, though, that the "max temp" on Phoenix is significantly lower than it was on Haru- Haru's was 212, on Phoenix it's 194. Go figure.)

I think my favorite thing about it, though, is that it's a definite upgrade. I've said before that my laptop was hardly state of the art when I got it (and neither is this)- but you know that rating system Windows has? Old lappy was something like 3.3 or 3.5. This is 4.8. In both cases, the score is based off of the graphics card and everything else is AT LEAST a full point higher. When I turned on the Sims to double check that my saves would work, I was like, holy shit, they look like that? O_O It runs so much smoother now, without all the jerkiness and lag, and there's so much more detail. Like wow. Amazing.

Okay, I need to shut up and just post this already, so. Next time~!
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Okay seriously, what the HELL is going on lately?

-Apparently it's totally cool to stalk and kill an unarmed child as long as his skin is a darker color than yours. If you live in Florida, the law will support you if you're scared of brown people and start shooting them. Just make up a flimsy story that the evil dark child attacked you first, you'll be fine. Even if you keep changing it. (Link)
-And yet, also in Florida, last year a black woman got 20 years prison time for firing warning shots- didn't hurt anyone- against her abusive husband. (Link) So I guess you're only allowed to defend yourself if you're not black (I would say "if you're white", but Zimmerman is Latino XD). And just think, the Supreme Court just recently chopped off the Voting Rights Act at the knees because racism is totally not an issue anymore. *snort*
-Texas state senate passed their anti-abortion bill (which okay, that's not a surprise, but still.) (Link)
-And finally, to top it off this morning, I wake up and discover that they found Cory Monteith (Finn on Glee) dead in his hotel room. He was only 31 years old. (Link)

I repeat. WHAT THE HELL.

(And no, I'm not going to continue to post about this. It's more for posterity than anything. That being said... god, I know making a post on facebook about it wasn't the most mature thing to do ever, but I just got a long comment basically saying that Zimmerman was the victim and he's been a scapegoat for the "false appearance of nobly fighting against racism." Really? REALLY? She also says that she trusts the decision that was made. I'm trying to not respond angrily, so what I'm working on is this. "Alright, I was upset when I made the post (clearly the most mature thing to do) and I normally wouldn't have said anything. In any event, I'm glad you have more trust in the system than I do. After seeing so many messed up decisions over the years that were clearly aimed at protecting perpetrators instead of victims- decisions that were based not in justice but in racism or sexism or homophobia or some other prejudiced agenda- I don't have that trust. However, the bottom line through all of this is that it's done. I just hope his family can find some kind of peace now that it's over.")

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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 03:20 pm
verloren1983: (Chi) know, I keep trying to post more, and I'll type something up, but then I don't post it and I wait so long that I have to rewrite half of it because it's no longer valid. Whoops. XD

Blah blah blah )

So basically, things are generally going pretty well at the moment. I'll probably be singing another tune in a month when I'm trying to write four different research papers, but eh. XD

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- Final call: Holiday card post here (DW) and here (LJ). I am sending these out this afternoon at some point, so they will go out TOMORROW. (Hopefully they'll get where they need to be in time- apologies if they don't. Meant to do it yesterday and didn't manage to leave the house.)

Long, you guys know the drill. )

Mostly random

Monday, December 10th, 2012 07:08 am
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- And clearly I didn't have to worry about that one day, because I then proceeded to mess up NaBloPoMo rather spectacularly. Whoops. XD

- Reminder: Holiday card post here (DW) and here (LJ).

Cut for pictures and stuff )

NaBloPoMo Day 7

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 02:10 pm
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Still exhausted, but I've somehow managed to make it through the day, so there's that. Wasn't sure I would, at certain points.

Can I just tell you how relieved I am that we managed to dodge the Romney bullet? Seriously, I was getting nervous last night when I went to bed. It's still... it worries me that it was so close, but. On the upside, several states passed gay marriage, and one stopped a ban on gay marriage, so there were definite victories. I believe Washington also just legalized pot, for anyone that's interested. XD

I got on the scale for the first time in a while- never a good sign- I just about cried. I've gained about 25 pounds from my lowest weight, and 15 of that has been since July. *sob* I really, really just need to stop eating or something. Or at the very least, stop eating the massive amount of CRAP I have been lately. Just. Guh.

Speaking of food, though, I forgot to tell you guys that I tried chicken tacos for the first time recently. WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Seriously, seriously good. I've never been a big taco fan because when I was a kid, tacos consisted of a hard shell, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Not bad, but needless to say, it wasn't my favorite thing. But these are awesome. Might have to put a little ranch dressing on it though, just to cool it down a little. It's kind of hot. ^_^;

Aaaaand I just found out that my mother apparently "forgot" to pay the cable bill, so there's no internet at home. I have the rough draft of a research paper due tomorrow. Guess who can't finish her paper? I am so pissed right now there aren't even words. I just. FUCKING REALLY?

I may or may not go to the library later to deal with that- I don't know, it's fucking COLD today- but just in case, I should probably post this now, since I have to leave in a few minutes for the bus. ARGH.

EDIT: Okay, so I guess I have internet for now, but the cable is out, I dunno. There's also an electric bill that may or may not have been paid. I have absolutely no idea what's going on and why bills aren't getting paid, but it needs to STOP. There's no excuse for this. Kelly and I between us pay the rent, plus even when I was working, my mother made more than Kelly and I -combined-. She should have the money. So why isn't stuff getting paid? Apparently she's almost $400 behind on the Time Warner and about $200 behind on the electric, according to Kelly, which means this has been going on for about 2-3 months. What the ever loving hell. I can't even. Furious doesn't even BEGIN to cover it. I have classes that are at least partially online. I can't not have internet. It's now November, I can't not have heat- and the heat is electric. I can't and won't play this game. She needs to grow the hell up and pay her damn bills. GRRRRRRR.
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Drama: So my mother just dumped on me that national grid is coming in the morning to do "upgrades" on the light bulbs and faucet fixtures and things in the apartment. So, naturally, I'm expected to clean up her hoarder tendencies in a few hours. RAWR. I fucking hate how this keeps happening. It's not that anything is really terrible, except the dining room area which is just a giant pile of my mother's crap... and hopefully they don't open the fridge, because that's seriously an all day project. It's the stress, it's going to be the lack of sleep (because I don't want to be here when this goes down, so I have to be out of here by 9am- that's after spending who knows how long cleaning up), it's the fact that she's fucking doing this to me AGAIN. And then she's going, "we need to figure out something with the cat." Er... you realize they're going to be in EVERY ROOM, right? And on NO notice? Good luck with that.

I'm so ANGRY and STRESSED. I feel sick.

ETA: Now she's trying to shove all the cat's stuff in my room. She's insistent that they won't go in there. I'm like, what the hell are you even ON? Even if they're only doing the light fixtures that came with the apartment, there is a ceiling light in the god damned closet. She's still insistent. Well, fine. If they go in there, then it's not my problem.

So tired. -_-

Sunday, January 8th, 2012 02:22 am
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For anyone into nail polish: Zoya has a fabulous promo going on until Monday, details here. I'm still trying to decide what I'm getting. It's so hard to choose! The two that have gone into my cart and stayed there, though, are Dannii and Suvi, so I'll definitely be getting those as the freebies.

The last thing from Gamefly was Blue Dragon. The first thing I noticed was that it actually gives you a language option, so you can play it in the original Japanese with English subs. I wish more games would have that option- a lot of JRPG players would prefer it, actually. That being said, it was interesting, but I found this a bit clunky. You end up searching in every little corner, crevice, plant, etc. all the time for money and items... maybe this will be less of an issue later in the game when I'm assuming this stuff is more available, but to start with it was irritating. Battle animations were laggy and took WAY too long. I really disliked the character designs- very oldschool anime style in the worst way. It's certainly not a bad game- I would probably not have any problem buying it, just not at $20. Though I see you can get it for around $10 new on Amazon, including shipping. Now THAT'S more like it.

Beyond Good and Evil arrived, which is awesome because I've wanted to play it for FOREVER. We shall see~!

☁ Posting fic on AO3 is going well- THERE IS FINALLY LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. It's probably still going to take me another week or so to finish, give or take, but eh. I don't write particularly long pieces, usually, but there's more of them than I ever realized. No wonder I've never successfully posted a proper mirror. ^_^; Qem has been going through and sticking a kudos on pretty much everything, which is really cool of her. I'm kind of in awe of it, actually- like I said, there's a lot of them. That takes a special kind of dedication. XD

Anyone like wine? I'm looking for some suggestions possibly. Seems like it's been a thing lately, and as most of what I've tried is disgusting... thought maybe I'd try to get some opinions. :D I'd rather not do red wine, but I'll admit I'm biased. The one and only time I've had red, it tasted like cough syrup. Blech. My alcohol tastes tend to run very sweet, and wine is no exception. Hence, dry is not a good idea. SUGAR IS GOOD. Thoughts, anyone?

Kind of weird- I took a guy's passport, right? Note that said guy was probably in his 40's, Asian. He looked at the passport frowning and said to his wife, "I look Korean." I probably had a dumbfounded look on my face, because his wife then smiled at me and said, "He's Indonesian." (Or whatever it was- I unfortunately forgot where she said his heritage was. FAIL. XD) I was just like, "Er.... O_o" Racism, yay! XDDD

On a related note, I was watching a thing of Carlos Mencia's, and he had this to say about racism in America: "We just fight with each other because we've got nothing better to do and we like drama." AHAHAHAHAHA. Interesting take, I have to say.

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Friday, December 9th, 2011 02:35 pm
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I've been pretty MIA lately- sorry about that. With my sister visiting and family stuff and being sick and all of this crap, it's been kind of difficult to really sit down and get anything done. My already limited attention span has been pretty much zero lately. (I haven't even bothered attempting to read that last Eragon book, if that tells you anything. XD) I'm still sick, but it seems to be getting better, so. Things should be winding down back to normal. Hopefully. As normal as December gets, anyway.

WANT. ;_; Money is a major concern, but hopefully they'll come up with a payment plan that I can live with. WHO IS GOING WITH ME, DAMMIT?

Anyone have any experience with Zoya nail polish? I've been staring at the website for several days now and I can't decide whether it would be worth trying or not. They're expensive. :/ On the other hand, I did just spend $6 on a super glittery blue polish that I'm totally in love with (and actually kept on for about two days, which is a miracle), so really... it's not THAT much more, in the big scheme of things.

I can has an AO3 account! I will probably not keep up with it, because I have a hard time posting crap to my freaking main writing journal much less anything else, BUT... it's another backup and maybe I will? ^_^;;; That and it will give my stuff some more exposure, since I'm uncomfortable pimping myself out in the comms when I post something. So... you know. I only have a few things up there so far though. I'm trying to not piss people off by flooding everything at once. XD

☁ Ended up making peanut butter frosting (don't ask)... ASDJKALDJSLA that shit is DELICIOUS. Now, I wouldn't use the frosting all the time, for the simple fact that I still hate making frosting. BUT. It is definitely easier than regular frosting, at least. No food coloring is needed, so that headache and mess is eliminated. Two- It came out perfectly mixed and fluffy with just a spoon and some stubbornness on my part. Read: no mixer required. Which is awesome, because while I'll use a mixer when I have to, I'd rather not. It tends to be messy. It probably could've been fluffier with the mixer, but I didn't really see the need. The only problem? Now I have all this freaking frosting in the fridge. UGH.

Speaking of food, I purchased three new things to try: sweet potato fries, pesto sauce, and garlic hummus. So far, I've tried the pesto and the fries. The pesto is good- I wouldn't want a ton of it in a dish or anything, but it's yummy. The fries though? Weeeeeeeeird. :/ I haven't decided whether I like them or not. I ended up putting a crapton of salt and Old Bay on them and it was an improvement, but I don't know. The sweetness bothers me more than I thought it would.

Rant brought to you by South Africa and condoms with teeth. Needless to say with South Africa lately, this could be triggery for rape. )

☁ I should probably do my school applications soon. *sob* SCARY!
........... Dear Self: You are being utterly ridiculous. You are applying to community colleges, not Yale. You'll be fine. No love, Ver.

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Saturday, November 26th, 2011 03:50 pm
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I have a few minutes to kill, so I might as well post this entry that's been sitting in notepad for three days, right? XD

I really need to post more often so this doesn't happen... )

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 03:17 am
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☁ Lane Bryant had a sale plus a decent coupon, so... bras. Much needed bras. And COLORS. YAY. Green and purple, even. :D And pretty much 50% off before tax and shipping. Seriously, I can deal with $20 bras. :D :D :D :D

☁ Started watching No. 6 thanks to a bad rec. Seriously, probably the best way to get me to watch something (particularly if it's a short movie or short series or whatever) is to tell me how terrible it is. Then I'll be like, "No, it really can't be that bad, can it?" and so I'll be all eager to find out. Go figure how that works. I'm about halfway through and it's not all bad, though I wish they'd do some more world building, and they skip around a bunch and that's confusing. Mostly I'm reserving judgement. Also the opening song is TERRIBLE. I think it's the voice, it just irritates the living crap out of me. Interestingly, I like the ending song. Pretty. ^_^

☁ Does anybody else use the video player Mpcstar? I generally have zero problems with it, but lately I'm finding that if I leave it paused overnight- which I do often, when I'm just too tired and can't focus on finishing whatever I'm watching anymore- it crashes. Well, I assume it crashes, because when I wake up, there's nothing there. Which has never been a problem before. Just curious if this is just me or if it's a thing with the newest update or something. Just. Wow. There are no words for how fucked up and wrong this is. PETA, have you ever even PLAYED a Mario game? The Tanooki suit is exactly that- a freaking COSTUME, not a real animal skin. Not only that but Mario gets it from a TREASURE/ ? BOX, not skinning animals. YOU GUYS are the ones depicting violence and animal cruelty. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Disgusting.

☁ Inheritance came in the mail today. It's... freaking HUGE. 849 pages, obviously not including the non-story stuff. Also apparently there is an overview of the first three before the story actually starts. Which is good because I never ended up doing the re-read I meant to and it's been a few years, so ah. I have no idea what's going on at this point in the story. I haven't started it, but I will probably tomorrow! *excited*

Ver goes off on a rant! )

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Friday, November 11th, 2011 03:45 am
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☁ You know those moments where you can kind of imagine your head exploding? Yeah. I actually =felt= my brain explode Monday. Well, not literally, obviously, but I felt SOMETHING happen in my head. That's... not good, is it? O_o (Basically, the cause was a severe WTF moment with a coworker. I was seriously like, "Uh... what just happened? O_O")

☁ Faith in humanity- somewhat restored. THANK GOD. I'd say that maybe the defeat in Mississippi will make these idiots rethink this whole "Personhood" thing, but.... my faith in humanity isn't THAT restored. XD

☁ Kinda scary how I hear myself in this video. Not the whole thing, mind. But the part where she's talking about coping mechanisms, and the people that totally shut down? Yeeeeeah. I have actually SAID the phrase she uses. That being said, I don't think it's a coping mechanism for the fear of loneliness. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a coping mechanism. But it's more as a way of avoiding pain in the first place. She does mention that, but I think the connection to the fear of loneliness is misplaced. Fear is part of it, sure, but that's a fear of rejection, not loneliness. Though maybe that's just me.

☁ Okay, BN, really? =SIX= separate shipments for eleven items is "as few as possible?" Especially when three of those shipments have one or two books? WTF? I really don't get how these companies work sometimes.

☁ It's strange how sometimes you can have a strong reaction to some inanimate object you've never seen before. I saw this journal in the mall the other day and it just... pulled at me. I don't even KNOW. All of a sudden I was just trying really hard not to cry (how embarrassing would THAT have been, jeez), and GUH. Butterflies have an instant association in my head with my grandmother, as she used to call me Butterfly. I don't know whether it's that she's been on my mind subconsciously or what, that made me react the way I did, but... needless to say, I purchased the journal. (Luckily it wasn't that expensive- it's actually cheaper in Hallmark than it is on Amazon, go figure.) I've decided that I'm going to use it as a "school journal" when I go back. Appropriate, in a way. ^_^

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Monday, October 31st, 2011 12:30 am
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Okay, so probably most people on my flist will have seen this already, but I'm sharing it anyway, because it needs to be shared. And read. And shared more. Obviously, the article may be triggering to people, so be warned.

Rape Culture - There's Nothing Funny About Rape

If you aren't triggered by such material, go read it. NOW.

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 02:02 pm
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Originally posted by [personal profile] gabrielleabelle at Mississippi Personhood Amendment
Okay, so I don't usually do this, but this is an issue near and dear to me and this is getting very little no attention in the mainstream media.

Mississippi is voting on November 8th on whether to pass Amendment 26, the "Personhood Amendment". This amendment would grant fertilized eggs and fetuses personhood status.

Putting aside the contentious issue of abortion, this would effectively outlaw birth control and criminalize women who have miscarriages. This is not a good thing.

Jackson Women's Health Organization is the only place women can get abortions in the entire state, and they are trying to launch a grassroots movement against this amendment. This doesn't just apply to Mississippi, though, as Personhood USA, the group that introduced this amendment, is trying to introduce identical amendments in all 50 states.

What's more, in Mississippi, this amendment is expected to pass. It even has Mississippi Democrats, including the Attorney General, Jim Hood, backing it.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I made a meager donation to the Jackson Women's Health Organization this morning, and I received a personal email back hours later - on a Sunday - thanking me and noting that I'm one of the first "outside" people to contribute.

So if you sometimes pass on political action because you figure that enough other people will do something to make a difference, make an exception on this one. My RSS reader is near silent on this amendment. I only found out about it through a feminist blog. The mainstream media is not reporting on it.

If there is ever a time to donate or send a letter in protest, this would be it.

What to do?

- Read up on it. Wake Up, Mississippi is the home of the grassroots effort to fight this amendment. Daily Kos also has a thorough story on it.

- If you can afford it, you can donate at the site's link.

- You can contact the Democratic National Committee to see why more of our representatives aren't speaking out against this.

- Like this Facebook page to help spread awareness.

- And you can always repost this to spread the word. (*cough* Sorry, the repost button doesn't work on DW. XD)

*EDIT* There's also a petition on The nifty button for that doesn't work on DW either (fail DW), but here's a link that should work.

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 10:03 pm
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☁ I've gone through the BG pieces. (Yay for Opera Mini at work? ^_^;;; ). As far as guessing, I have a chart, and have marked off 4 people with varying levels of certainty. There's one I'm half expecting to change before I submit my guesses. And no Ai, I haven't found you yet- though I'm going to think about it some more. I still have a little time before I have to put in guesses.

☁ The mosquitoes have been out with a vengeance. They're normally not around this late, but it's been unseasonably warm for late September, plus there's been all this water between Irene and the massive amount of rain we had this summer... yeah. The fucking things are EVERYWHERE. One bit me on the forehead today. ;~; She got me good, too. It bit me, and a little later Stef was like, "uh, your forehead is REALLY red." I went to go look- there's a huge swollen bump on my freaking head, not even kidding. UGH. I hate being a bug magnet. STOP LOVING MY BLOOD, DAMN YOU!

☁ Apparently both Lane Bryant and Capital One have decided to increase my credit limit. LB is now $200 ($100 before, though $200 will be more convenient on the rare occasions that I do use it, because LB is expensive) and CO is $500 when it was $200 before, even though I think the most I've ever had on a bill was around $100. I know they're trying to trick me into spending more money (which is not going to work), but kind of nice anyway. It's good to know that it's there if something happens and I need it. ^_^

☁ I saw a guy from high school the other day... which happens every once in a while, it's an unfortunate side effect of working where I do. I never got along with this particular guy, and he's apparently just as much of a dick as ever. He acted like I was some kind of traitor because I don't live in my hometown anymore. Like seriously? Anybody who ever knew me even a little bit would've known I was never going to stay there. I'm from Smalltown, USA- very quiet, closed off community. It was like being in a little cocoon protected from the world outside. (Additionally, my parents kept us in an additional "bubble", which Stef and I joke about now. That's neither here nor there, but it does explain a lot about my personality, I think. Sheltered x2.) Even now, sometimes I'll get blindsided by something that is apparently normal everywhere else, but is totally alien to me. My hometown is too restrictive, too far away from everything. It was a nice place to grow up as a young kid, and I visit for a couple of days now and then, but it's not someplace I want to live again. When I hit my teens it really started to be more suffocating than protective, and it hasn't changed that much. (Though the one small general store does actually make really good subs. I make a point to get one when I visit. :3) But seriously, judging me because I'm not up there anymore? As if it actually matters to me what he thinks of me? Pfffffffffft. He doesn't even know me. It just irritates me that he was being such a asshole, it was totally uncalled for, you know?

☁ Also, I'm watching Doctor Who, and there's this woman in this episode, her name is apparently Sophia Myles... I'm not normally into blondes that much, but HOLY FUCK:

(The picture is not from Doctor Who, but whatever.) Just. Wow. I could look at her all day. And I mean that in a totally not creepy, non-stalkerish way. <_<

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Saturday, August 27th, 2011 12:01 am
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☁ I stand corrected- earthquakes DO happen here. Before the Virginia/D.C. one Tuesday afternoon, there was actually a 2.2 in Altamont Tuesday morning. Freaking hell. That's practically next door. If you get in a car and drive for about ten minutes in one particular direction, that's it, you're in Altamont. Damn. Also, apparently we get a 5.0- 6.0 about once a century, and we're overdue. Oh joy.

☁ Also, people are assholes. I was at the mall Tuesday, right? As I was stepping off the escalator, the following conversation happened behind me.
Guy: Did you feel that?
Other guy: What?
Guy: It's another earthquake.
*they both laugh*
............... Okay, seriously? I know I'm not anywhere close to skinny, but really, is that kind of thing necessary? Especially when I actually saw them and realized one of them outweighed me by at least 100 pounds. I don't know if he was the one speaking or if he was just going along with it, but either way- what the fuck. O_o

☁ More weather situations: unless the storm makes a drastic eastern turn, we are going to be hit by Hurricane Irene on Sunday. That's so surreal, typing that, you have no idea. I'm far enough inland that the most we ever get from hurricanes and tropical storms on the rare occasions they come up this far is some heavy rain from the fringe, if anything at all. This... they're evacuating Manhattan, for fucks sake. Now, because of my location, I'm not going to be at the worst of it, though they are talking 6 inches of rain and 70 MPH winds. We ARE going to lose power, I have no doubt about that. If you guys don't hear from me for a few days, that's why, but I'll let everyone know everything's okay as soon as I can. Everything WILL be fine. This is another one of those things where everyone else in the world is probably laughing at us for overreacting, but it's exactly like the earthquake situation- THIS SHIT DOESN'T HAPPEN HERE.  We're not used to it. I'm not freaking and buying 50 million gallons of water or anything, but I'm not going to lie, this is SCARY SHIT. I'm scared, and that's not something I admit to easily. It's probable that it's not even going to be that big of a deal, but there you have it. :/

The really stupid thing is, I thought everyone was WAY exaggerating Irene's effect on us until I actually saw the weather tonight. Then it was like, "That's huge. Wait. Shiiiiiit, we're right in the god damn path of that thing. O_o"

On that happy note, I will be back online ASAP. Hopefully we won't be out of power for long. Also, I have "Rock You Like a Hurricane" stuck in my head now, which is totally terrible, but apparently that's the coping mechanism my brain has chosen- making a joke out of it. Go figure. XD

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 04:13 pm
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☁ I woke up this afternoon... to an earthquake. No lie. It was a baby one, so everything's fine, it was just very strange. So basically, when I woke up, it was with that annoying alarm that your body gives off when it senses you're about to fall off from somewhere. I looked around, confused, then realized that my bed was swaying. Now... this actually happened to me the other day, so my first thought was "Ugh, not again, what the fuck?" I basically put both incidents down to "Ver is losing her mind, yay!" .....then my mom called and went "Did you feel that?" and I instantly felt better for not being totally crazy, and worse because then I really didn't know what the hell was going on. I guess it was a 5.9 that hit Washington D.C. that we felt up here (today, anyway, I don't know what the deal was with the other day.). I know some of you are probably like, "Pssh, that's so not a big deal." I live in upstate NY. This doesn't happen here. As a matter of fact, I don't recall anything like this happening ever. It's just. O_o Not to mention upsetting when you don't understand why your apartment is shaking, because you live in New York for god sakes and earthquakes don't even cross your mind as a possibility. Because they don't happen here. You just think you've totally lost it.

On the upside, I can officially say that I've survived an earthquake! :D

5 Reasons The Greatest Movie Villain Ever is a 'Good' Witch.' I promise you will never watch The Wizard of Oz the same way again. Unless, of course, you'd already thought of all that, in which case: exactly how twisted are you? XD Related: 6 Beloved Characters That Had Undiagnosed Mental Illnesses. (Glinda is #2, and it actually makes some really good points.) Also, as a note, Sherlock Holmes made it on the list with Asperger's, which was also interesting to read, even if Asperger's isn't a mental illness.)

☁ More religion: 10 Things Christians and Atheist Can (And Must) Agree On. Interesting read. Should probably be required reading. That being said, Cracked is EVIL and is right up there with TVTropes in the "Can't.... Stop..... Clicking" syndrome. Seriously, I lost a good two hours Saturday night. Evil.

☁ I was reminded of a meme that was going around some time ago- the "show us what's in your bag" thing. It's been a while, so I thought I'd do it again. Like before, this is the bag I haul to and from work. I don't haul all this crap around with me everywhere. Also note that I'm a Virgo and this apparently comes with an "always be prepared" mentality. XD

What's In My Work Bag~ )

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Thursday, August 18th, 2011 05:22 am
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☁ Via Lish: A very well written article that explains why throwing out religious platitudes to an Atheist while they're grieving can be offensive to them. Before I get into any of this, I should possibly clarify for some of you, since I don't generally talk about religion- I'm an Atheist. Well. More accurately, I'm an odd Atheist/Agnostic mix, meaning that while I absolutely don't believe in God or Heaven or Hell or any of that, I'm also willing to admit that there's really no way of knowing for sure, one way or another. I'm cool with other religions as long as someone's not trying to convert me or it's not being shoved down my throat. It's not something I make a big deal of because it's not something that affects my life on a daily basis. Anyway. This was so not the point. Onward!

I had a conversation with Lish about this, which I'm not going to totally rehash, but to me it basically boils down to respecting other people's beliefs. A lot of people don't understand Atheism, and for many of these, it's just not on their radar at all. It's a thoughtlessness. They assume, well, it would be comforting to ME, so it must be to THEM. Nevermind that "I'm sorry for your loss" is just as easy to say, and offering whatever assistance you can will mean more. Personally, I'm in the "it doesn't bother me that much" camp, in general, unless they go on about it forever or I hear it a thousand times in ten minutes. I get the meaning behind it, and I appreciate it, even though it doesn't help. Though the whole "god's will" thing is an exception- that IS hurtful and offensive, and I seem to remember walking away from people who have said that to me. The bottom line here: be considerate and respectful of the person grieving. That's all. And isn't that true regardless of who they pray to (or don't pray to)? (*cough* I just totally wrote "prey" instead of "pray". Nice Freudian slip there, Ver. XD)

This is too cute. I don't even like kids, and this made me want to hug him. The parents, too. He's a lucky kid to have such accepting and open-minded parents. That being said, assuming it's not something he ends up growing out of later- knowing you're gay at six? Just. Wow. O_o

☁ I read this book yesterday that is, for some reason I have yet to figure out, bringing a couple of original muses back to the foreground of my mind. I haven't thought about them, or their story, in ages. The book isn't even related to the story in any way, except one character's tendency to overthink things. WTF brain?

I don't know, maybe I should look at it again. I stopped due to a nasty case of writer's block- I got two characters in a particular situation and couldn't figure out how to get them out of it- but maybe if I approach it from a different angle? The other problem was that I found that the more I wrote, the more I -despised- my main character. The different angle I'm thinking of would solve that as well, because it would shift the main focus from the annoying little brat to someone I actually like. The only problem is that originally, the POV shifted between four different main-ish characters, with the one I call the main as the hub basically. Changing this causes a whole bunch of other issues as far as things being shown. I guess I'll have to try and figure it out at some point.

☁ I read a lot of m/m fiction. (I know that comes as a shock to you all.) It's a genre that's very hit or miss, from my experience. I've read some wonderful things. I've also read things that never should've seen the light of day. Quality of writing is all over the place- not just with things like characters, but with basics like GRAMMAR and PUNCTUATION. I swear to god, some of these editors need to be fired. Anyway. While, obviously, mistakes happen regardless of genre (nobody's perfect), I've NEVER seen this kind of lack of editing or grasp of the basics in ANY other genre.

This does have a point, I swear. I wrote a review on Goodreads of a book recently- the novel was fabulous, by the way, and I said as much- where I mentioned that my expectations had not been terribly high, due to previous experience. Another reader asked me why, and after I explained, she pretty much jumped all over me. Uh... OBVIOUSLY the quality of the book is going to depend on the quality of editing and the ability of the author, regardless of genre. I know that, I'm not a moron. It just seems that there are lesser quality editors at m/m publishers. Or, also possible, is that certain m/m publishers put quantity over quality. I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE MY OPINION, LEAVE ME ALONE, WOMAN! The best part? She hasn't even read the book in question. So now, according to her, she's going to have to read it because I held up up as an example of good writing. Great. Now if she doesn't like it (And there's a good chance she won't. Looking at the handful of books we have in common, we have VERY different tastes.), then she's going to be up my ass about how I don't know what I'm talking about or whatever. Wonderful. Why do people have to pick fights over stupid shit?

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Thursday, July 21st, 2011 07:04 am
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Drunken antics. Aren't I too old for this? )

Also, I know it might seem like I'm going out a lot, but that's really just because I don't post that much. XD It's every few weeks, generally. We've gone out twice since Pride weekend. So honestly, not that often. I just don't want people to be worried, you know? I swear I'm not turning into an alcoholic. ^_^;;;

☁ The fan next to my bed died. :( Which means I have to replace it, because I run hot all the time and I can't sleep properly when I'm overheated. Hence me being up at 7am. UGH.

☁ Apparently everyone at work thinks Mary and I are dating, which is funny bordering on hysterical. She's hot, yes, but I would NEVER date her and we both know it. I know her too well- she's a chronic cheater and that's something I'm completely unwilling to put up with in a relationship. Still. Funny. People continue to make up significant others for me out of my friends even in adulthood. XD

☁ There's the most god awful HP fic showing up on my flist (through a comm, not actually someone I'm friends with). The mechanics aren't TOO bad, but the mains are so blindingly OOC that it makes me want to stab things. And yet... I keep reading it as it gets posted. What the hell is wrong with me?

☁ Saw this in a store and thought it was really cool- apparently there are all different versions of it too. The one in the mall was cheaper though. Also, this pendant is totally awesome and I plan on getting one when I get my first biweekly paycheck next week. Especially since one of the stone options is Tiger's Eye. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

☁ More Suikoden stuff:
Nevermind that there's like... two people that have any interest in this. Oh well. That's what cuts are for. XD )

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Saturday, June 25th, 2011 01:34 pm
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☁ First things first: I've gotten some failed delivery messages in my e-mail for stuff I never sent. I pretty much never send e-mails if I can at all help it. If you happen to get an e-mail from me that doesn't have something in the subject line like "Hey, this is definitely Ver" or something, delete it and PLEASE don't open it. God knows what's in there. I've changed the password on the account and hopefully it'll stop. Worst case scenario, I shut down the account. That's a last resort, though. We'll see what happens over the next few days.

☁ Second things second: the apartment thing. It was two maintenance guys that showed up, who apparently said "much better." I don't know, I was at the library again. So I'm assuming that means that we're good? We'll probably get another letter in a few days with the verdict from the office. The only issue was that they apparently caught it when Kelly was in the shower, and the one guy was INSISTING that OMG they had to get in the bathroom NOW. Um. No. That's creepy. If you want to wait until she's done, that's fine, but you're not going in there while a girl is in the damn shower. Eeew. I guess finally the other guy dragged him off.

In related news, my vague hope of my mother being able to keep the place like this has been tempered with reality- it's been four days and the fridge is already ridiculous again.

☁ Speaking of library, I got my fees taken care of and I have a shiny new card (because even though they're on a library system with 20-some odd others, the one close to me has to be "special", as per usual. Typical of the town I live in. So... I can actually take stuff from the library again! Yay! \o/

☁ I just slept for 14 hours... and I'm still sleepy. Clearly I needed it though. Ugh.

☁ I have a giant zit on my cheek. I still have acne, but this is HUGE. I haven't had one like this since I was a teenager. At least it's going down, albiet a lot slower than I'd like. Mostly it's just embarrassing. I know it was just from stress, but I'm too damn old for this.

☁ The last couple of days have been total "eat everything in sight" days. I probably don't want to get on the scale anytime soon. I might totally break down. It hasn't been quite this bad in a long time. I'm going to have to not eat for a week to make up for it. :/

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☁ The verdict? After everything, they're not coming until FRIDAY. *growls* I wanted it done and over with, but no. They couldn't even be bothered to call- Kelly ended up calling and one of the maintenance guys found out for her. They were probably trying to catch us off guard. I swear to God, if they show up when I'm trying to get ready for work, I'm going to pitch a fit. Seriously. NOT FUCKING COOL.

Though really, I got to spend the day at the library, and there are worse ways to spend the day. :D Should do this more often.

☁ A little bit confused at the moment. At the library, I grabbed a box that said it was the first season of Doctor Who (because I keep hearing about it, and what else was I going to do, so what the hell). But apparently it's the 9th doctor, so what the hell? And Stef told me that it's the first season. But I know there are other seasons and other Doctors before that. What the fuck is that about?

Also the girl that plays Rose is freaking adorable. Just saying. The effects are so horrifically bad it's hysterical. I mean, I know it was six years ago, but IT WAS ONLY SIX YEARS AGO. And I should probably figure out where I can watch more, because the second DVD at the library doesn't work. Bastards. Edit: Apparently there's a whole website dedicated to it. Huzzah.

☁ How is it that even when I'm by myself at the library, drama seems to happen? Seriously. Kelly texted me saying that she saw an old friend of the family and he wants to see us and catch up. This is the only guy I've ever had any kind of sexual experience with, which for some ungodly reason I allowed to happen, but it was kinda bordering on non-con. It's complicated. XD And that was the last time I saw him- almost five years ago- and he has since been in prison for rape. BIG SURPRISE. Oh, and did I mention that he's married and has a son that's probably like seven or eight now? Well, okay, I don't know if he's STILL married after everything, but he was married at the time. JFC. I don't want to see him, I don't I don't I don't. But if I -say- that, it'll look weird and I never actually TOLD anybody what happened and GAH. *tears hair out*


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☁ Hello all! It is officially D-day and everything is done that can really be done at this point, so I'm sitting at the library on my laptop, which is kind of strange. Something new and different. Also it's closer than  I thought- somehow I made the library out to be this epic journey in my head and it's actually like 10-15 minutes walking, which is nothing. Good to know. Of course, I owe them money from YEARS ago, so I can't take anything home with me, but yanno. It's a nice change of pace. And it gets me the hell out of the house, which is even better. Should've maybe grabbed a couple of movies before I left, though. Oh well.

So basically, this is the plan for today- hang out at the library until the main office closes at 5. Considering my book addiction and that I have my laptop, that's absolutely not going to be a problem except for my current lack of sleep. I have a sandwich and water in my backpack for later, too. :D I don't want to be there for the inspection. I work retail in this neighborhood, yo. I don't need things getting awkward if the person coming in turns out to be a regular, or they randomly come into the store to get something or whatever. You know? It's not my name on the lease, I don't need to be there. I don't want my face associated with the damn mess, especially if things go badly. I don't think it will- Kelly and I did an AWESOME job, if I do say so myself. It's not perfect, but it's clean, except for my mom's room, which is at least somewhat improved. And I think that's what they're looking for- that it's reasonably clean and nothing's a fire hazard. Basically that the place is LIVEABLE. Kelly and I have achieved that. We're still clutterbugs, but there's no helping that. Hopefully they'll look over my mother's room. Even on the offchance that they don't, I know that I've done everything I possibly could in this situation. If there's an eviction, there's nothing I could've done to prevent it. Anyway, whatever, it should be fine, but still. Don't want to be there when it all goes down. I'll probably write a quick note later letting you guys know what's happening and that will hopefully be the last thing you hear about this. YAY. Hell, I'm not going to know what to do with myself now. FREE TIME. IMAGINE THAT.

☁ Just for the record, library internet isn't as bad as you would think, but not as good as I'd hoped. As in, I can read my friends list on LJ, but I can't click on anything. Though DW doesn't seem to be having that issue, so maybe it's LJ. It would figure. Nothing I've tried so far has been blocked either, but I haven't been doing much.

☁ In other news, last night I totally slammed the pad of my thumb in the crease of a folding door hard enough to give myself a blood blister. I may have yelled a string of obscenities. Ow. ;~;

☁ Note to self: the Dunkin Donuts frozen hot chocolate is very yummy (it's chocolatey and a little malty and totally delicious). However, unless they suddenly come out with a kiddie size or something, it's not a good idea. The small is still huge enough to give you a stomachache. :/

☁ In America's quest to fry EVERYTHING, they've now come up with fried Kool-Aid. Yes, I'm serious. I wish I was kidding. Sounds absolutely disgusting. Though it's been brought to my attention that there's fried Coke, too. Eugh. Who EATS this shit?

Okay. This is long enough, and I need to find something to keep me awake for the next almost five hours. Later! \o

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 11:40 pm
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☁ Not much of anything is happening in LJ-land today. *pokes it*

☁ I forgot to mention that the New York Post on Sunday had a fabulous Rapture related headline- "WORLD ENDS! Heaven looks exactly like New York City" I totally started cracking up when I saw that on a customer's paper. Customer looked at me like I was nuts, but it was totally worth it. Brilliant. <3

☁ Did I mention that I found a new video game/book/movie/music organization site? Well, I did. Yes, I realize that when you go to the site, it talks about buying and selling, but you can just have "collections" too. You don't have to sell anything if you don't want to. On the upside, if you do decide to sell anything, you can do that really easily from there too. (Though they do take a percentage, but most sites like that do.) I only have some DS games on there so far- it's kind of neat because the way they set it up, it's almost like you're shopping through your own stuff, which is kind of neat. ^_^ Of course, you can buy on the site as well as sell, which could be dangerous. But we'll ignore that.

☁ Stef had me watch Once Upon a Mattress, which was cracky and kind of hysterical. Zooey Deschanel's eyes are kind of weird though, aren't they? It seems like she's always like O_O, at least in this movie, and it was a bit off putting. Though Google shows plenty of pictures where she looks normal, so I think it's just a thing she does. She's a pretty girl, but seriously, this? Creepy.

☁ Sobering fact I just learned: in over HALF of the country, 29 states in fact, you can legally be refused service in a restaurant because of your sexual orientation. Just. There are no words. New York is thankfully not one of them, but Texas is. Which isn't actually surprising, but it's disheartening. The list: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Many of those aren't a surprise. The southern states especially, and to a lesser degree, the Midwestern ones. But PA? Really? I don't really think a state that boasts "The City of Brotherly Love" really has any room to discriminate against gay people, but whatever. It's just disappointing that in 2011, so much of the country is still hell-bent on making our lives miserable.

☁ Related: This is disgusting. It's not up to doctors to make judgements about who their patients are. They're supposed to DO THEIR JOB. Funny how the two religious people didn't seem to care, but the doctors did. This isn't the first time we've heard something like this, of course, but the fact that this KEEPS HAPPENING is proof that we need marriage rights. What we have isn't good enough, because they can ignore it when you have all of the legal documentation that you're supposed to need. Civil unions are not enough. We need marriage or this kind of despicable behavior is just going to continue.

Suikoden rambling, for those that care~ )
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☁ How is it that I'm STILL finding stuff that I assume is from when I was drugged all to hell from appendix-splodey times because I don't remember downloading it? WTF, self? THAT WAS THREE YEARS AGO. The sad thing is I'm not even kidding.

☁ The new term for gay is apparently now "rainbow-y". I'm totally using that the next time I come out to someone. "I'm rainbow-y. :D" *gigglefits*

☁ I should be working on [info]blind_go . Which, by the way, I still haven't started. Instead, my brain is torturing me with completely unrelated bunnies. One is finished at a bit over 2k and the other one isn't even close to the point and it's already over 2500. *headdeskheaddeskheaddesk* To add insult to injury, I've also totally been the queen of typos lately. WTF. I'm usually more careful than that in fic. At least. I -think- I'm more careful than that in fic. XD

☁ Somehow having both "Pay credit card bill" and "Do homework assignment" on my to-do list from the other day is a little O_o inducing. XD

☁ E-mailed a different person about an apartment share. I ACTUALLY GOT AN E-MAIL BACK! \o/ She has a few people interested, though, which doesn't surprise me considering availability in my area. I also was upfront and told her I that I'm gay (not in the initial inquiry e-mail, I promise XD), as much as that makes me cringe to basically go "Hi! I'm gay!". Because that's a potential dealbreaker and I'd rather not have issues with that later. Hopefully something will actually come of this one, but I'm not going to hold my breath. If it does pan out... it's for June 1st, so that gives me time to pack and clean and get things done, even if I don't do anything before [info]blind_go  is due. (And holy SHIT that's due in a little over a week, asdjklsajdksal). I just need to get a freaking move on... needs to get done anyway.

☁ I've been staring at my icons a lot lately- particularly the ones that were done in paint before I had photoshop and are therefore absolutely TERRIBLE quality. Cue Ver expression: :/ That's probably not a good sign. Especially since a lot of them I would need to go and get screenshots of again, and. Ugh. I did, at least, redo one of the LJ ones that was bothering me the most. It's not fantastic or anything, but it's miles better than what it was. Like. I might actually use it on occasion now. XD

☁ I've also been staring at a site I previously didn't know existed, because apparently they're having a sale, and trying to figure out whether I want to purchase anything. (vague reference is vague) But then I think... I probably want to wait on that one, TBH. Especially if the apartment thing works out- I need a new mattress anyway, but it gets put to priority if I move, because I am NOT moving that piece of shit mattress anywhere but the garbage heap. Just saying.

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 04:53 am
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☁ I signed up for that class- which is both exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I was an idiot and hit the wrong button on the payment, though, so I'll have to send them a check. Annoying, but not a huge deal, thankfully.

☁ Asked for a couple of extra days off near the end of the month- a little four day mini-vacation. I desperately need it. Maybe it'll let me decompress a bit. I'm hoping to get some cleaning done somewhere in there, too.

☁ OH, speaking of work, I have to share this. The uniform shirts for work are smaller than standard shirts- you have to go up at least one size. So I've been wearing a 3x ever since they rolled these things out, right? It finally occurred to me the other day that I should probably get at least one smaller shirt, because the old ones? Are halfway to my knees now. It's a little ridiculous. I got Kerry to give me a new shirt, which turned out to be an XL. Which fucking FIT. It's tighter around the middle than I'm entirely comfortable with, but that's how the 3x used to be too (and I had refused to go up to a 4, heh.) And also I got told "It looks fine, stop it." XDDD

☁ In other news, my father called Kelly on Sunday. She'd written him a letter back in August, which I'd honestly forgotten about, so he called and left a voicemail. Weird. The whole thing is just... very weird to me. I'm happy for her- she's nervous, but if it's a relationship she wants to pursue, she should. As long as no one tries to get me involved, if this is what she wants, then good for her. I feel kind of... strangely detached from it, I guess? Though I suppose it's not so strange because it wasn't me he called. So I don't really get to have feelings about that. I just... don't even think about him that much anymore. He hasn't been a part of my life for a very long time- he barely registers as a blip on my radar now. I won't say that I don't care about anything relating to him at all- if I didn't care, then I would be able to forgive him for everything, because why would it matter? But I can't. I understand why he left. God, do I understand why he left. But I can't forgive the way he just disappeared the way he did. How he left Kelly and I with our mother KNOWING what she was like and just leaving us to fend for ourselves. He was a COWARD and abandoned us in hell... so no, I can't forgive that. While I wouldn't wish anything like death on him, I hope it's something that he thinks about every day. I hope he regrets it every. Single. Day.

☁ Put in a reserve for Hikaru at an RP that will be opening in a few days called Camp Candy. (Just the name is perfect for him, at any rate! :3) He'd probably be the easiest to start with, so I'm going to do that and go from there. The best part is that they allow AU versions of characters, so I think I can bring SW!Al there if I choose to. Later. After I figure out whether the RP is working for me or not. I've never joined an LJ RP all by myself without knowing anybody there before. I'm kind of nervous. XD

☁ Go shoeless today: One Day Without Shoes

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Monday, March 14th, 2011 03:16 am
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I really should be doing laundry, but pffft. Don't feel like it. I'm also really super tired, but rather than do the intelligent thing and go to bed, I'm just going to bore you all to tears instead. XD

- Been feeling bloaty and icky and exhausted lately, and I have no idea why. Spring is coming- that usually jazzes me up- so I don't know what's going on at the moment. Hrm.

- I realized quite unpleasantly that one of the evil plot bunnies I've been avoiding for MONTHS now (because it's wicked depressing and there's SO many things I could mess up)... could very well end up a  multi-chapter fic should I ever give in and write it. BAH. All the more reason to ignore that one. *glares at the bunny*

- Speaking of which, the bunnies have been weirdly active lately. This is good- to a point. It's not exactly helping me to post the backlog of fic, though. XD Also most of them are still things I don't want to write. Stupid bunnies. *grumbles* On the upside, the backlog of fic is decreasing, slowly but surely. Hopefully I should be finished with it sometime in the next year. >_<

- The ten year reunion for my original class is coming up. I've been invited. I didn't graduate with them, mind, but... ugh, ten years, seriously? Where did all that time go? I have no intention of GOING though. There's really... maybe a few people I would like to see, but that's about it, and I don't really think it's worth putting myself through the stress for. I'll admit that a big part of it is a high level of embarrassment on my part. I am certainly nowhere NEAR where I would like to be at this point in my life. Which yes, is kind of a sore point and I don't really feel like explaining to people how I've ended up in the gutter. It's just... bigger things were expected of me. I expected bigger things from me. So I think going to something like a reunion and having to show my general failure would just be torturing myself. If I at least had a date I could bring, that would be immensely better, but alas. Maybe by the time the 20th comes around, I'll not be completely mortified by the thought of having to explain my life to people I knew as a child.

And for Jet- Suikoden II Thoughts So Far :P )
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There's a lot going on in the news right now, none of it good for varying reasons.

- Japan: My god. There's really not a lot that I can say here except that my thoughts are with them. What's happening over there right now is horrific, and I can't even imagine how terrifying that must be.

- A disturbing story courtesy of [ profile] hostilecrayon - Basically, an 11 year old girl in Texas got gang raped, and the god damned New York Times decided to run an article that more or less blamed her and her mother for the rape. Jesus Christ. There's a link in what I've linked to the original article and also to a petition to get an apology from the Times. It's the least they should be doing. The guy that wrote it should be fired. At best, it's irresponsible reporting. At worst... well... rape culture rears its ugly head yet again. This is the sickest thing I've seen in a while. There are no words to express my rage and disgust at this whole thing. Really, just... no words.

- My family is having a cow about the Supreme Court deciding that people protesting at soldier's funerals is protected by the 1st Amendment. Now, I'm not saying that protesting at ANYONE'S funeral is the right thing to do, because it's not. But first of all- they've never stopped this kind of behavior before. People have protested at the funerals of gays- I could be wrong, but I seem to remember people protesting at Matthew Shepard's funeral. I'm sure there are other examples that I'm just not thinking of at this hour of the morning. If you're going to try to restrict that kind of thing, you need to make sure it's across the board. Not just for military folk. Second of all, restrictions on the Bill of Rights always make me uncomfortable. It's a slippery slope. If they restrict one thing, then who's to say they're not going to keep doing it? One really only has to look at the US post 9/11 to see how true that is. It's always a matter of concern when they start stripping our rights, regardless of how disgusting I personally find certain behaviors. I don't think people should protest at a funeral, period. I also don't agree with the 2nd Amendment, but you know what? We have a right to those things if we choose- it's up to us whether we use them responsibly or not. You can use your right to bear arms to keep a gun in the house to protect yourself against an invader. Conversely, you can shoot yourself in the foot. It's up to you. Really, it comes down to an old philosophy that is a foundation that the US was built on: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

....why do bad things always come in threes?
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I really, really hope that today wasn't an indicator of how the whole year will go, because seriously? I'll have to curl up in a corner somewhere and cry.

1. One of the many reasons I almost never drink: even if I have one, I feel like utter shit the next day. So I had a couple of godiva-and-milks around midnight (much more milk than godiva, I assure you XD), and sure enough, felt like shit.
2. On top of the previous, my body decided that it hates me. Pamprin wasn't touching the cramps, either. UGH.
3. Didn't have a thermacare patch for said cramps. Work was out of them, so tried a store brand, which turned out to be freaking useless. So basically, I was in a lot of pain all day.
4. Because the day wasn't shitty enough: I found out while I was at work that a friend got gaybashed last night. He's okay, but... ugh. :/ I later discovered it was a fucking bouncer at a straight bar, who apparently followed Paul out of the place and attacked him. The other bouncers had to actually pull the guy off of him. God. I'm actually kind of glad I wasn't there, because I would've flipped out and wouldn't that have been ridiculous? 4'11" me shouting at a big bouncer type guy. XDDD Still, it's scary, you know? It's not like he was in the boondocks somewhere, this is Albany. I'll grant you that Albany's certainly not a gay mecca or anything close to that, but people are pretty low-key about the gay thing here, from my experience. At least overall. You always get some assholes, but meh. The important thing is that he's okay, and he did report it. He's more upset about the fact that he has "JOE" imprinted on his face (asshole must've had one of those knuckle ring things that leaves markings) than the actual attack. Go figure.
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I'm up doing laundry for a while (yes, I'm aware that it's 6am and it's snowing and windy and fucking cold outside, I need clothes that badly and I know myself well enough that if I can't count on actually waking up on time to do it before work. So 6am it is. XD), so I've decided I'm going to spam you all. Fun, right? I don't post enough anyway, so whatever. :P

1. I've been wanting to watch Prince of Tennis again, but couldn't justify spending the time rewatching that when I have SO many other new things I should be watching instead. However, I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea today: I started working out again yesterday, though I didn't today because my legs are sore (ow)... I can watch PoT episodes while I'm doing the free step, which I usually do for a half hour. Fucking BRILLIANT, I tell you. ^_^ Now I just have to pull out Ochibi and get those episodes on the laptop. At least the first ones. :D

2. Watched Yogi's First Christmas for the first time since I was a kid- still fairly amusing. Kind of gag-worthy near the end, but most Christmas movies are. Just comes with the territory.

3. In good news, looks like we might actually get "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" thrown out. YAY! Although... there goes my excuse to not join up if there's ever a draft that they include women in. :P

4. Warning: Long angry rants and language involving a blast from the distant past. Proceed with caution. )

Okay. This has gotten long enough and I plan on doing a couple of meme-type things, so there will be another entry shortly. \o
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☁ Went looking for Ron/Hermione fic the other day, just something I was in the mood for... ugh. I was regretting that, let me tell you. Badly written, OOC... I'll have to try to remember to not go looking for that pairing again. >_< I'm not exactly surprised- I remember making an observation when I first started reading fanfic that all the good writers seemed to be H/D- but I'm certainly disappointed. Meh.

☁ Found this interaction with a then coworker I wrote up a little over a year ago and thought it was amusing. And I apparently never posted it. So here we go.
Justin: I saw that! You were totally checking her out!
Me: Buh?
Justin: I could see it on your face as I was talking. "Listening to Justin, listening to Justin, SO not listening to Justin."
Me: Oh, shut up.
...kind of goes with the thing of "Do I have a rainbow on my forehead?" Because I'm not actually OUT at work, though there's a couple of people that know, and I certainly never told Justin. :/ Not that I had anything to worry about there. He had his faults, certainly, but homophobia wasn't one of them. ^_^

☁ Thinking about putting up a post here... maybe after the spotlight goes away, though. They're already drowning in posts, I don't need to add to that. I just think it's a really awesome idea. :D

☁ Working on some original fic (and no, Ai, not "Trials of a Photo Girl" XD) The influence from The Lovely Bones is clearly showing. Whoops. I may or may not ever post it or even finish it, but we'll see. ^_^ Though this is making me love yWriter. It's my new best friend. <3

☁ Trying to watch Repo! The Genetic Opera. Trying being the key word. WTF IS THIS SHIT? Edit: Finished it, eventually. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen, but I'm not a fan. :/

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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 05:22 pm
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Fail, Ver. Epic fail. Way to not post for a month. >_< I am still alive, just kind of... retreating internally, really, thinking about things... and concentrating on other things. Let's update, shall we?

1. I got my hair cut about... eh, three weeks ago. It's REALLY short. Really, really short. I've never had it this short. O_o I've been told it suits me, though, and the reactions were fun to begin with because everyone was like "WOAH." One of the supervisors at work saw me from a bit of a distance and didn't know who I was! XD I've only gotten two bad responses so far- one, predictably, from my mother who hates it... and one from a guy at work who made a dick comment about how it was a guy's haircut. Pffft. I mean, in all fairness, it CAN be. If I push the bangs back, it looks VERY butch. But I don't wear it like that at work, and the bangs definitely soften it. So I can have it both ways and I kind of love that. All in all... I think I might keep it. I think I'm still getting used to it because it's a HUGE adjustment, but I like it, and I like how easy it is. And I know it looks okay on me because the reactions from even people I don't know (customers at work) has been positive to the point of being overwhelming.

2. Still continuing on the weight loss thing. I've lost 16 pounds now, also considering that I'm bloated from my body hating me. (It's particularly bad this time around- I was so nauseaus yesterday I had probably about half the calories I should've eaten. Bad, I know, but I felt like I was going to throw up without even eating anything. No need to encourage things along. Felt just as nauseous today, but doing a little better on the food front. Still not what I need, but better.) I actually ran... well, jogged for six minutes the other day. That's a huge deal. That would've been impossible for me before. So there's improvement! I'm not seeing any changes besides the weight loss and the exercise thing, but it'll happen. ^^ Can't wait till my pants start falling off~ But first is hitting and holding under my first goal, which should be soon. Then I'll be able to get Final Fantasy XIII~ :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

3. [ profile] blind_go ... I probably should've just defaulted. Seriously. NOT my strongest showing this time around. You guys will see once reveals come up. *sigh* Serves me right, I guess, waiting until the day of deadline to really sit down and work on it. >_<

4. Coworker thinks I should get tested for endometriosis. The only problem with that is that it kind of requires surgery for a diagnosis, and on top of that, apparently most insurance won't even cover it unless you've tried to get pregnant and failed. Because, apparently, the horrifically painful periods aren't bad enough to warrant a diagnosis. Would I be willing to get surgery for something like that? Probably not, especially since it's a passing suspicion really, but it still pisses me off that it's not even an option. So, you know, whatever. That's so not happening. Something to keep in the back of my mind, I guess?

5.Started going through my books today in search of things that I'm willing to part with... because I do NOT have the space for all these books. Sigh. I have seven so far, but that's only the top two shelves of my big bookcase- that's not even including all of the other places I have books stashed. I know there's other ones too, so it should be at least 10. Maybe even closer to 20. This is... kind of painful, but I need to do it. At least start. There's books all over my room, so it's not something that's going to be funished until I actually clean the damn thing. Double sigh. The only question is, what do I -do- with them?

6. More fandomish stuff: I started watching Glee, because I kept hearing about it. My god. It's a TRAINWRECK. That's the only reason I'm still watching the damn thing- it's like when you see a car accident on the side of the road and you can't look away. D: Also, I think we've established before that I'm a masochist. XD I never really understood the big deal about autotuning until I watched this. It's horrible. It ruins the music for me. Bah. Which wouldn't be so bad if pretty much every character wasn't horribly written. All of them are either flaming assholes or completely two dimensional. Often both. *cough*Kurt*cough* So the show itself is bad on top of ruined music... NOT a good combination. People love this show WHY? DOES NOT COMPUTE. O_o

Also finally saw Sherlock Holmes, which I really liked. I came out of it NOT shipping Holmes/Watson, though. I see where people get that from, but... it actually screamed BROMANCE to me as opposed to OMG OTP FOREVER. Eh. Which is actually how Kirk/Spock in Star Trek Reboot hit me too. I would read fic if I came across it. But I don't ship it.

...does that mean my yaoi fangirl card gets taken away now? D:
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☀I can't believe it's December and there's NO SNOW. We had a little the other day, but nothing stuck. This is completely unheard of where I live. Hello, Global Warming. On the upside.... well, there's no snow. On the downside... with there being no snow and also in general being unseasonably warm (still not, yanno, warm, but warmer than it usually is this time of year), it just... doesn't feel like Christmas. D:

☀Did I ever tell you guys that I caved and got Sims 3? Well... I caved and got Sims 3. XD Some things I like, some things I don't. I'm working on a few different things at the moment with that... it's sort of eaten my brain, as Sims tend to do. Oh! Biggest thing I like about this one- I can actually DO OTHER THINGS while simming. With 2, the loading screens took so long after I came back from checking on AIM or firefox or anything that I just wouldn't switch, it wasn't worth it. There's still a slight delay on 3, but it's pretty much insignificant. I -LOVE- that.

☀There is actually a bunny for [ profile] fifthmus . O_o I'd have to check, but I think that might be record early. XD It needs developing, and it's certainly not TEH BEST BUNNY EVAR, but it's something at least, and that's better than showing up empty handed. ^_^;;;

☀Continuing the Hikago rewatch, slowly but surely. It's slow going mostly because I'm taking screencaps of... well, a lot. And a lot of times I have to go back and go through stuff slowly to get a particular frame, and... guh. It generally takes about an hour and a half to go through each episode. But! When I'm done with this I'll have screencaps for pretty much anything I want ever, which is pretty cool. At some point I should probably make bases of them and post them for everyone... not all at once, of course, because there's a ton. Maybe 5-10 episodes at a time?

☀Downloaded Liquid Story Binder, just to see. I'm.... so confused. D: This really makes me wish I had a Mac, just for Scrivener (which looks completely awesome). Honestly? I will probably never use this. I would much rather have everything in one document where I can actually FIND it as opposed to ten thousand different files and I can't figure out where anything is. Although maybe that's just me, and maybe I just don't understand this program yet. It's just that at this point, it seems more frustrating than useful. I'm going to try to use this for the [ profile] fifthmus fic, though, and we'll see.

☀There was an update to the Mario firefox theme that I loved.... I hate the update. Urgh. But the old one won't work with the most recent upgrade of FF that I just downloaded this afternoon. *glowers* Guess I need to find a new theme. *grumpy grumbling* The good news, however, is that with the upgrade firefox doesn't seem to be continually eating my tabs whenever the window gets closed. So far. This is a good thing and helps Ver to not go nuts.

*EDIT* Actually, there's a really cool Christmas one that I just installed. It's whiter in parts than I like generally, but it's neat so I'll live with it. Here, I will even screencap it for you all because I'm a dork like that. <3 (It's called Tinseltown for anybody that might be interested, btw)
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Vacation was good. It was nice to have a break, though I could've done without the bugs. I mean really.

I have 10 dollars to get me through the week. Yay! >_< I could take money out of my savings account, I suppose, but I already owe money to that... and I'm going to owe more because the cat is going to the vet today. Ugh. Because I can totally afford that.

I always forget I have the mediaminer account until I get an email from them (seriously, I have like... three stories on there)- I got a notice of a review, and what did I find? "Seriously, wtf? That was a perfectly fine oneshot until the random bits of Shonaoi started slipping in. Dare I even say it was a good oneshot before the shonaoi? (Shonaoi--shonen ai that just barely qualifies as non-yaoi.) Seriously, that was completely unnecessary."

You guys know that I always tell you what the pairing is. While MM doesn't give a lot of space for it, I did warn for Hikaru/Akira, and it pisses me off that this idiot didn't bother reading the summary WHERE ALL THE WARNINGS ARE GOING TO BE, and then bitched at me when they read something they didn't like, as if this was my fault. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? And the real clincher is that they commented basically anon, so I have no way to contact this person to boggle at them. Of course.

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Saturday, July 18th, 2009 02:45 pm
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Huh. Been a while since I bothered with an entry. I’ve been meaning to, just… guh.

1. Saw Harry Potter 6 on Wednesday. It was awesome. A few things bothered me, but that’s standard really no matter how much I like the movie. *shrug* From that standpoint, it’s probably a good thing that it’s been quite some time since I read book 6. Fuzzier memory makes for a less nitpicky Ver, and therefore makes things more enjoyable. :D

2. Co-workers are really getting on my nerves the last few days, one in particular that thinks she’s a special snowflake and gets to do whatever she wants. Nothing I particularly feel like getting into now, but… meh. I -seriously- need a vacation.

3. Speaking of work, had something interesting happen last night. This guy came up for cigarettes- not a big deal, I’ve seen him before, whatever. I should probably note that there’s some distance between my register and where the cigarettes are, so it’s not like I turned around for half a second. Unfortunately, this means that I missed the first part of this. Anyway, so I go get his cigarettes and come back to find that there’s a cop behind the guy putting cuffs on him. O_o From the sound of things, it seems like his girlfriend called the cops on him for some reason. I dunno. None of my business, really, I was just amused by the whole thing. Probably not the best attitude to have, but… *shrug* I usually miss when interesting stuff happens, so it’s sort of funny that I caught this one because the cashier was late coming back from his break. XDDD

4. Watching Zombie-Loan again so that I can watch those last two episodes that were released as OVA’s. I tried when they were first released as fan-subbed, but I didn’t remember enough to know what the hell was going on, so… just trying to get rid of some of my backlog here. ^_^ I really have to start watching more anime again, but I’ve been so tired with all the rain.

5. Feels like I’m getting sick. Again. *sigh* What the hell is it with this year? Speaking of sick, I got a letter from the hospital the other day. I was freaking, because it’s like… I’ve paid them off, right? But no… they actually wanted a DONATION. Greedy bastards. I’ve only given them close to $2K in bills since November or so, what makes them think I’m going to give them MORE money for no reason? Not that I don’t appreciate them, you know, not letting me die and fixing me up and all, but… jeez.

Meep. This is getting long, and I have to get ready for work besides. Whoops. ^_^;;; Maybe next time it won’t be so long between updates?

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 01:20 pm
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1. FUCK. Just realized that the size of box I was planning to use to send stuff out with (the smallest one, because it's waaaaaay cheaper than the others).... is also waaaaaay too small. *headdesk* Weight wise is fine. Hell, I'm sending candy to one person and pasta to another, a four pound weight limit isn't exactly a problem. But the box itself? Is 8 5/8″ x 5 3/8″ x 1 5/8″. *headdesks more* I don't know how I didn't realize that, I print pictures all day, and two of the sizes are 5x7 and 6x8. YOU'D THINK I'D AT LEAST HAVE AN IDEA OF HOW BIG THAT IS. So yeah. I'm going to have to go at least one size up, because that's freaking tiny. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. Also, I won't be able to send letters in them either like I was going to, because that's apparently Not Allowed. Suck.

2. There's more snow on the ground. *sigh* And I was liking being able to see some grass for the first time since, what, November? At least it wasn't that much. And, unfortunately, it's not unexpected for upstate NY. Anything from October to mid-April or so is totally fair game for snow.

3. I've always loved history, so it was really only a matter of time before I checked out Hetalia. Though to be honest, I avoided it because of all the wank, but Aki describing it to me as "Crack with a side of crack and crack sprinkles" prompted me to download the first three episodes. My first thought, aside from "what the hell?"....... people actually take this seriously enough to wank about it? It's CLEARLY not meant to be taken seriously. .................okay, I can see Italians getting a little miffed. Italy makes me cringe and I'm not even Italian. I don't have any particular issues with any of the others, though. America is dumb as expected. Can't say I have any arguments there.

All in all I don't see what the big deal is. It's amusing enough that I'll keep watching it, but I don't really see why there's all the wank. The author is either completely insane or was taking some REALLY good drugs when they were writing it. That's it, end of story, it's not anything to get zomgsooffended over. Bottom line? Don't like it, don't watch/read it. It's that simple. Then again, my tolerance for wank is...... er............... practically non-existent, so................. ^_^;;;

4. Need to start really watching stuff again, though. I burned myself out on A Little Snow Fairy Sugar and haven't really picked up anything since. Well. I watched two episodes of FLCL. I'll finish it because it's only 6 episodes to begin with, but what the fuck?! Maybe I'll try picking up Nabari again today...

5. I've written a drabble. *dances* And started trying to work on one of the "drabbles" I owe, though that seems to be rough going for some reason. I have it mostly plotted out too. Grrr.

6. Sore today. Meh. Did four and a half pages of price changes in cosmetic, most of which involved being on my knees and crouching. In three hours. When the woman doing them in the morning only managed to get the first 2/3 of a page done in five hours. Some of the people I work with really suck. So yeah, mostly going to relax today, I think. Maybe get some Chinese food. :9


Thursday, February 5th, 2009 02:06 am
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Some squee, but mostly bitching. Read at your own risk. )

*EDIT* Actually, apparently one good thing came out of Kelly doing some cleaning... she found my other winter glove while going through her stuff, the one I've been looking for since November or so! So I have gloves again! *cheers*

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Sunday, November 30th, 2008 02:18 pm
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1. It's so NICE to not have to write every day. Of course, I think this means that entries will be longer on average than they have been, but it'll probably still be less writing overall. Score for you guys. XD

2. My computer's being pissy. Gah. >_<

3. Rightstuf has a 30% off everything sale. *bites lip* Daaaaaaaaaaamn. Lane Bryant has a buy one get one free right now too (Yay bras?). Dammit. At least Rightstuf has their sale going for another week, which means another paycheck. *bites lip some more* This is baaaaaad.

...willpower. I don't have it. XD

4. Apparently I got my review, along with a 30 cent raise. Woohoo. I mean, it's not like I'm bitching about getting a raise or anything, I appreciate getting it, especially when I know a lot of people are getting laid off right now... but I get paid shit. 30 cents on top of shit is still shit. *sigh* I've worked there six years and I get paid just under $9 an hour. That's fucking pathetic.

5. Speaking of work, I have a fun little story for you guys. Okay... so we have this TV set up in the store, right? There's a DVD player underneath it, under a box to hide it, that they play samples of the DVD's you can make with your own pictures. Steven, on Friday, wanted me to change the DVD. Which meant Ver being on a fucking ladder, trying to hold the tv so she could get the stupid box off of the fucking DVD player plus change the DVD, and all the while trying not to fall. Fun stuff... not. Stupidest display set up ever.

But the thing that really kills me? I was up there, and then Ryan (our cashier for the night) came over and wanted me to help him with something on register. O_o Does it look like I can help you right now? I am on a ladder holding a fucking television, okay? I'M BUSY. And then when I was like, "You're going to have to call someone else," he gave me this dumb freaking look and said "Who?"


There were three other people in the store, guys. Seriously. I was going "ANYBODY!" And of course he was continually distracting me, so I could've fallen off that damn ladder anytime. Fucking. Idiot. Way to try to kill your coworkers with your own stupidity.

6. Severe weather advisory out for tonight. Lovely. And it's FREEZING out- literally. Last I looked about a half hour ago it was -0.8 degrees in Celcius. -_- I bet you can guess how much I want to go outside?

7. Dunno if anybody HASN'T heard about this by now, but... here, have a random news article. What the fuck is wrong with people? YOU KILLED SOMEONE TO GET A SALE. My god. And the thing is, how can you not realize you're stepping on someone? Honestly? YOU'D BE ABLE TO TELL. People disgust me. This is why I hate the holidays- from Black Friday on, people turn into MONSTERS. "Spirit of the Season" my ass. Whoever said that clearly never worked retail.

8. Junjou Romantica- YAY.

.....enough ranting, I have to go. See you guys later!
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1. I may have completely blown my Christmas budget the other day. On the other hand, I'd completely forgotten about getting holiday pay for Veteran's Day, plus I gave myself some wiggle room to begin with. So! It should be fine. ^_^;;; And it was for a good cause. I told you guys that my sisters and I are getting our picture taken in probably a couple of weeks, right? So I was thinking... I was planning on getting those sisters necklaces anyway...  and granted, I was planning on getting mine after Christmas, but then I realized with the extra pay, I could get all three and not totally break the bank, and that way I can give them early and we could wear them in the picture! ^_^ Since they should be here soon.

...if this picture thing ends up being expensive, I'm totally screwed.

2. I don't think I ever told you guys (except a few people in chat), so I'll post it here for amusement- I got mistaken for a high schooler recently. My mom, Kelly, and I went to Denny's the other day. At one point the waitress goes, "Do you go to --- high school?" Looking at me. I was kind of like O_o. In the end I told her no, and after she went away I was flailing. I'm 25 years old! Kelly's like, "Well, you could pass for a senior. Maybe." ........O_O (I don't actually believe that, but anyway...) Wow. Just wow.


4. Kelly apparently wants to talk to Akichan about something. Before Christmas. Which she won't tell me. O_o It apparently has nothing to do with coordinating things for Christmas, because I told her explicitly that Akichan and I aren't doing anything for Christmas (yet... but she doesn't need to know that :3). But she has a question involving me and it's something good. I guess. She won't tell me what it is, in any event. It has Akichan all freaked out. XD She's like, "Are you sure she doesn't know? O_O" Well, Kelly still thinks I'm straight, so you tell me. Besides. Kelly wouldn't call that "something good." I'm sure it'll be fine, and it's probably something stupid, knowing Kelly. XD

5. ...what happened to finishing the Death Note anime like... Wednesday? <_< And I still have 11 episodes left. XD On that note... damn, they make you watch the L thing twice. Once when it happens and then the next episode in the recap. Daaaaaaaaamn. T_T I love L too much to watch this twice. And I still hate the second opening, by the way.

I should just post this before firefox crashes yet again. Later~

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1. ZOMGPLUSHIESOCKS. *wiggles toes* These are fantastic. *loves*

2. Last night was interesting- there was a fire in my apartment complex. O_o In my section, but the opposite end, and luckily it was stopped before it got that far. As it is, 8 apartments were damaged, and they said 4 were a total loss. All because one of the tenants had a grease fire on their stove. *headdesk* People are so stupid. At least no one was hurt, that's the good thing. And also, selfishly, that it wasn't me and everything was settled by the time I got out of work. ^_^;;; Okay, I'm horrible. XD

3. Work was busy, but tolerable. Though I had a customer argue with me about what season it was. *headdesk*

Customer:  Do you have snow shovels?
Me: O_o, those are seasonal, we won't be getting those for a while yet.
Customer: Seasonal?
Me: Um, yeah. We get those in winter.
Customer: But it IS winter.
Me:'s FALL. (*cue mental headdesking*)
Customer: *blank look* It's winter.
Me: .............................................................................................. no. It's not.
Customer: .....but you'll be getting them really soon, right?
Me: ...I'm not sure when we'll get them in. Probably not for a few weeks.
Customer: *chirps happily* Okay!

.......why. Just... why. THERE'S NOT EVEN ANY SNOW YET. *flail*

Okay, I don't have much else to say, so I think I'm going to get something to eat and try to watch a couple of more episodes of Death Note before I have to go to work. I really, really need to start thinking about actual topics here so these aren't so boring. XDDD

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 04:39 pm
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...holy crap. O_o

So I had my post op checkup today, right? First thing's first, I was a bit traumatized by the woman at the front desk. Apparently my dad's family lived in her neighborhood when she was a kid, so she was all *squee* about my last name. (The spelling is fairly uncommon- not something you see much.) *twitch* It's like... shut up. I haven't seen my father in ten years and haven't spoken to him in seven. I'd really rather not talk about this. >_< Unfortunately, she seemed incapable of taking a hint. Grr.

After that, though, the appointment went reasonably well. Didn't wait that long (total we were in and out in less than 45 minutes), doctor said everything looked good and the way it was supposed to (yay), and there was a bare minimum of poking. My blood pressure was a bit high when they took it, but I was also nervous about the appointment. ^_^;;; Oh, and the tests that they did came back saying that it really was just plain old appendicitis- nothing weird there. So that's good.

But check this out- the note he gave me for work, as to when I can go back? NOVEMBER 3RD. O_O I think my jaw dropped a bit on that one. I was totally expecting to be back before Halloween, but I guess not. O_o I'm still kind of in shock. What the hell am I going to do for another two weeks out? I definitely need to put a lot more stuff on my to-do list, since that's mostly done as it is. *blinks* On the upside, November 3 is a Monday. I usually have Tuesday/Wednesday off, so this works- I'll work a day and then get a couple of days off to recover from that before I have to go back again. Because I know going back is going to SUCK no matter what. XDDD

Looks like it's trying to catch up on some of this unwatched anime that's on my hard drive...


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