NaBloPoMo Day 2

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 11:59 am
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Hello again! For those of you not on my f-list, I'm attempting to do NaBloPoMo again. I'm taking a little bit of a different approach this time, though, in that I'm doing a 30 day picture meme. Some of them won't be new pictures just because of the nature of the thing and because I'm lazy, but whatever. Some entries will be f-locked because they show either me or other people in my life and yeah, I'd rather not go there, but most will be open. So anyway, moving on.


This awesome shirt and some jeans. ^_^

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Sunday, April 13th, 2008 12:52 pm
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1. DUDE. You know... I not only do NOT remember using my LJ scrapbook EVER, I certainly don't remember putting bad pictures of myself in it. XD Like, really bad pictures. XDDD And here's the kicker- those puppies were PUBLIC. *giant headdesk* Don't bother looking, they're private now, so you shouldn't be able to see them unless I specifically link you. I think. XD I'm leaving them for now, simply because I must've had them there for SOME reason, even if I don't know what that is at the moment. XD There's probably links to them somewhere that I don't recall.

2. On the upside, I also uploaded, at some point, this picture. It was a picture that I downloaded from somewhere ages ago when I'd done an image search, lost when the old computer died, and is now unfindable on the internet. So... this is a good thing, because now I have that picture again for a background. *loves* And the search led me to some other pretty backgrounds too, so it's all good, really. ^_^

3. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike doing laundry? Ugh. Pain in my ass.

4. Figures, after I mention #2... I find it on Aarinfantasy. Guh. I'd completely forgotten to look through there. >_<

5. Photoshop is all of a sudden not working. This does not make me happy. Maybe if I uninstall and then reinstall? *shrugs* I'll play with it later, at some point, I'm sure.

Alright, my laundry is done and I've had something to eat (yay for freezer pancakes that I can pop in the toaster XD), so I should really hop in the shower so I can go to work. Meh.
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1. Pye found another use for my Christmas card- a bookmark! <3 Recycling. It's a good thing.

2. God. I really, really need to go grocery shopping. I'm sick to death of ramen. <_< Meant to go earlier, but it was freezing rain out and stuff, so I didn't. Maybe in the afternoon...

3. Wasn't I supposed to write today? *fails*

4. So... the assistant manager at work knows I'm into Harry Potter... and he saved a couple of the display things from movie 5 for me. ^_^ One of them is cardboard and I therefore have no idea what to do with it, but the other was kinda like posterboard, so I put it up on my wall. See Voldy. I thought it was pretty cool, myself. And yes, it's bigger at the bottom than at the top, that's not something wrong with the way I was holding the camera. XD Only problem is that he's at the foot of my bed, and will therefore be one of the first things I see when I wake up. Not completely sure THAT was a good idea. <_<

Also, while I was taking pictures... since I talk about them all the time, for the curious, here is Isumi (the old possibly dead computer), Kuwabara (the borrowed useless pain in the ass), Ochibi (the 500GB external hard drive), and Oishi (the current computer; that's my DS sitting on him). ^_^;;; Just don't mind the state of my room, it's a disaster area. XDDD

Speaking of Oishi, though, he hasn't randomly restarted in well over 24 hours. Problem solved maybe? (Yeah, watch him restart now. <_<) *keeps fingers crossed*

5. I used to love baths. I'd fill up the tub with water as hot as I could stand it and some bath beads and just soak until the water got cold. It was just... really relaxing, like everything else went away while I was in there, you know? I'm not sure when I stopped feeling like that, but... yeah. I took a bath a little bit ago. It didn't feel so good, so I just ended up getting up after a little bit, drained the tub, and took a shower. I think maybe the reason is a few things- one, the tub is smaller where I live now. It's too short for ME and that's saying something. XD So it feels very claustrophobic. Also... as there was quite a bit of me out of the water, and I couldn't add any more, I was feeling a bit like a beached whale. <_< Kinda took all the fun out of it.

On the other hand, I'm clean and de-furred. Certain parts of my anatomy aren't very happy with this, but oh well. Said parts will live.

6. Sometimes... a woman just needs to be told that she's beautiful. Or some variation of that. Even if it's not the truth. I've never really considered myself an attention whore by any stretch of the imagination (...most days...), but it's still very nice to hear. And such a good ego boost. I kind of feel like it shouldn't be as much of one, because the physical doesn't really matter, but... in the end, I'm only human, you know? I mean, who doesn't like to hear that they're physically attractive, to someone? And I'm not talking about the backhanded compliments (as in the kind I usually get, if anything at all), like "Oh, well, at least you have a good personality," or "You'd be kind of pretty if you weren't fat," or whatever. I mean an honest to goodness compliment on the way your body looks. I never get that. It happened recently, though, and I can't  begin to tell you how good that feels. Damn! ^_^

Alright, it's now after 7am and I'm not even sure I'm making sense anymore, so I should probably shut up. ^_^;;;
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March 16, 2006------ Concert stuff and regression to a thirteen year old
Mom amused me by telling Kelly and I that she looked up Fall Out Boy. LMAO. As if she’d listen to them, ever. Her only comment was “God, they’re ugly!”... to which Kelly and I had to agree. Naturally. Because as much as I like the band... they really are.

Okay, so the concert was... TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME! I was so scared that it wouldn’t be, and that it would turn out to be sucky and make me feel like crap for doing this for Kelly’s birthday, but... I really didn’t have to worry about it. The opening band was called The Hush Sound... they were cool. Had a bit of a 50's style to them, and yet at the same time it was the complete opposite of the 50's style. I don’t know quite how to explain it, but they were good. Out of the five bands that played, there was only one that we didn’t like (I swear to God, it was screaming the entire time... From First to Last, I think the band was. They were scary.)... Hawthorne Heights was good (I was a little worried after the previous band, but it ended up okay). They admitted to us being the largest crowd they’d played to, which was cool- “This is the biggest show we’ve done, so thanks for paying attention to us.” All American Rejects surprised me in that they played “Swing, Swing”, which is one of my favorite songs by them, but I wasn’t expecting them to play it because it’s from, like, five years ago. But they did. Yay. Fall Out Boy themselves were absolutely fantastic, involving the whole theater in the performance- even those of us in the nosebleed section. Actually, they kept checking on our section, “Hey, how are you guys doing back there?” or “We used to go to shows like this all the time... it’s a little weird playing one, actually... and we always had the shittiest seats...” Their energy was just fucking incredible, and there was fire on the stage and everything. Awesome. Although the smoke made me start coughing, which was SO not cool. The singer even addressed the whole nude photo thing- “Who saw me naked on the internet last week?” *lots of screaming* “Yeah, I really need to be more careful of the kind of pictures I do and where they end up.” (lol... you think?) One thing I noticed, though... you think I swear a lot? That was nothing compared to this guy. Sheesh. It bothered me a little just because I know that there were some youngish kids there (I swear, these two kids in front of us were probably all of eleven or twelve. And their chaperones didn’t really look all that happy about the whole thing.), and the profuse swearing in front of kids just bothers me. *Shrugs* It just surprised me a bit that they would allow that. Kelly and I left just a couple of songs early, mostly because Kelly has a test in the morning and it was getting toward 11 pm, but partially because we knew Erin was waiting and we felt bad. And we wanted to find Kevin and Jess and get t-shirts before the mob came. We actually found them by chance... Kelly got a pink American Rejects shirt and I got a FOB one with the tour info in it (mostly, I just wanted the tour info stuff)... should’ve been $45, but I paid $20 (whee! It was like getting Kelly’s for free!), and Jess is going to bring the shirts with her to work tomorrow. Yay. She’s my new favorite person. *Squee* We finally found Erin and ended up going to Denny’s for a bite. All in all... it was a great night. Even the migraine from hell I’ve got right now isn’t really bothering me as much as it normally would, just because I’m still psyched.

So basically, I’m the cool sister now because I just gave her the best fucking birthday present EVER and she even admitted to it. Ha. The first concert for both of us was a smashing success. Yay! And now I have strict instructions from Erin to try to find out if/when Simple Plan is playing in Albany... I laughed at her. “Do you have ANY idea how much those tickets are going to cost?” “I don’t care.” Ooooookay, Erin. They’d be an absolute fucking fortune. Hell, Bon Jovi was almost $90 per ticket... I’m not sure if they’d price Simple Plan around that or not. Hrmph.

Music: Sugar. We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy (of course)

You know that feeling, a few seconds before you orgasm, that your body suddenly goes from “Oh my god that feels so good” to “Oh my god I need to come RIGHT NOW” ? .... has anybody else ever gotten that... not during sex? As in, doing something completely mundane that isn’t even a slight turn on? It just happened to me a little bit ago. I was sitting playing Suikoden, and all of a sudden... bam. There it was. The thing is, it’s a feeling that’s distinctly different from horny. I’m familiar with horny. This was just... “I need to orgasm right fucking now or I’m going to die.” It’s horny on a kamikaze mission. Seriously intense, and it didn’t even have the decency to go away after the inevitable orgasm- I think I came three or four times before the feeling subsided, though I’m not completely sure about that because my memory of the last half hour or so is a little bit fuzzy. Go figure. The only thing I can think of right now is that I’m SO glad this didn’t happen while I was at work... that would’ve been... extremely NOT GOOD.

Current Music: “Wonderful” by Everclear (I’ve had Everclear stuck in my head all day)


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