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Saturday, June 7th, 2014 01:27 pm
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Just in case anyone didn't see this and it's something you're interested in: Reading Rainbow kickstarter! Like a lot of people, I grew up with this show. They do such important work. The stats that 25% of kids grow up illiterate are horrifying and need to change, so donate and/or signal boost if you can. (As a side note, Reading Rainbow is apparently a few months older than  I am. That's... weird.)

God, the ED song for season 2 of Natsume is absolutely gorgeous. *_* Well, the ED in general, but the music in particular.  I actually really like the OP song, too. And snow bunny! <3 It's also highly entertaining that while Natsume is clearly still annoyed by Natori, he's also starting to get a little blushy around him, too. Cute, but guh, Natsume, find someone your own age to be blushy around, god.

I have, sadly, moved on to season 3, but on the upside- I've learned that the name of the couple who have taken Natsume in is Fujiwara, which basically had me cracking up. Go figure. (I don't think they said that before- I would've remembered something like that.)

I am now officially signed up for two exchanges and am attempting to work on stuff for the next round of BG (not to be posted anytime in the immediate future, nobody panic XD And even then, it's a totally different thing- you'll see what I mean). Oh, and even though the Shipswap thing was supposed to be a one-shot, I have a sequel/chapter 2 bunny that's insistently nomming on my brain. Plus one of the prompt/requests that I didn't end up with in the one exchange is also doing bad things in my head. Oops. On the upside- while I don't actually have any ideas for the exchanges yet, I'm working hard on those, and I adore at least one of the prompts that were given to me and have decided at least on a basic level what I'm doing for each. Sort of. NPT is going to be harder, not going to lie. Plot is required. :/ And, also on the upside, I can just sit on that prompt I didn't get and see if the writer assigned to that person actually writes that one. If they do, I'm home free and can just read~ If not, uh, I guess that's another one for the evil bunny list. XD

Just started watching season 2 of Orange Is the New Black- Piper still annoys the living fuck out of me. Yaaaaaaaay. -_-

I didn't end up calling about the audit because I was advised not to, but I responded to the notice online along with a bunch of pdf's (after an edit from Ai to get more to the point and get rid of the irritation that snuck in at the end, heh), so that's done. As I said to Ai, since I responded in a timely manner, hopefully they'll return the favor and not keep me in suspense for ages. Even more hopefully, they'll have good news. *fingers crossed*

★ In more RL stuff, I just went and looked up the academic calendar for the next school year (I'd been meaning to, but what finally kicked me in the ass was that I needed to know when I was going back so I could tell the loan people, so they don't start sending me bills in November. So now that's taken care of, I'm just waiting for a confirmation email from them on that.). It's sort of weird, because I actually get days or at least SOME time off for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur now, which has never actually happened to me (I've never been at a school where they acknowledged religious holidays that weren't Christian). So in the fall at least, there's a decent spread of days off. AND I GET A REAL SPRING BREAK! I'm so stupidly excited about this, I can't even explain it. Both of my years in college, we've gotten two or three days for spring break, so having a full week is a BIG DEAL. It's kind of early, though- mid March, which kind of sucks because here in New York, the weather is still super crappy at that point in the year. But whatever. IT'S A WEEK. <3

★ Aaaaaaand last but not least, because Cecilia Tan is evil, I'm going to drop this link here for Daron's Guitar Chronicles. It's an LGBTQ themed web serial and is fabulous and I encourage you all to read it. Strongly encourage. *eyeballs* Nah, I'm kidding, obviously to each their own and whatnot and you don't have to if you don't want to. :P


Thursday, May 29th, 2014 09:32 pm
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So I have a short list of questions from Krim to get through, and I should probably do at least a minor update, but I've got to talk through this first, because it's the thing that's weighing most heavily on my brain as of this afternoon.

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Sunday, May 18th, 2014 04:42 pm
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First thing's first- I've been basically ignoring DW lately, so if you've posted anything here and nowhere else that I follow in the last... oh, I don't know, probably month or so that I should know, you might want to tell me. I started trying to catch up and gave up. Apologies. School completely ate me. XD

I'm not going to try to do a whole update since I last posted- it's basically a lot of freaking out and paper writing and finals and whatnot. Nothing terribly interesting. I don't know how it all went because grades aren't due until Monday, so we'll see how that goes. :P It was kind of funny, though- I had two finals this semester, right? Philosophy and Human Sexuality. I was out of BOTH finals in roughly fifteen minutes. Seriously. My total final-taking time was about a half hour. Nice way to end the semester, I guess.

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Anyway, the library closes really soon and I have two books that I've checked out (The Hunger Games and Struck By Lightning, if anyone's curious), plus I'm hungry and have a caffeine headache, so I'm going to get going. Later! I should be able to be around a bit more now, at least over the summer anyway. :P

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Oh man, I've been so terrible about RL stuff. So here's the cliffsnotes on that, which I'm going to put under a cut because it got really long since it's been a long time. ^_^;;;

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Future Plans

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 03:13 pm
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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] februaryfour )

Future plans post-graduation?
Well, if I'm going to be a smartass, I should point out that I have two graduations planned, so it depends on which one you're talking about. :P There's graduation in May where I'll get my shiny new A.A. in Liberal Arts, after which the plan is to continue on and get my even shinier B.A. in English (hopefully with that Women's Studies/LGBTQ Studies double minor in my pocket, but we'll see). The plan right now is to live on campus from August 2014 to graduation or August 2016, but I don't have to hammer out that detail for another year, so I'm not worried about it right this split second.

I know what you mean, though, and that's for after I'm done collecting degrees. I absolutely do not plan on getting a master's, partially because I feel like there's no point as I have no intention of teaching, partially because I -really- don't have the money. So, obviously, a job will have to be acquired. Something at least sort of related to my field would be great, though yeah, I'm not going to hold my breath. Basically, everything's going to depend on what I find and where I find it. I'd like to move out toward the west coast, but again, it depends on what kinds of jobs I stumble on and what they're offering. For any moves more than a few hours away, I'm going to have to find a company that will pay for my moving expenses (hahaha)... which may prevent me from doing that, at least for the time being.

And assuming that I don't get a completely brain sucking job, hopefully I can start writing more- maybe even sending out short stories to see if I can get stuff published. So there's that.

I know all of this is very vague, but that's just kind of the way it is right now. I kind of don't know until I'm closer to the finish line, unfortunately. As big as I am on needing security, I didn't choose a field that would lend itself to that. Oops? Oh well. We can't all be hotshot accountants. ^_~

(Oh yeah, if you have a question/topic/whatever for me, the original post is here!)

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It's been a while again since I've written, so I figured I'd check in and let those of you who don't follow me in other places know that yes, I'm still alive. See? Alive. :D So what's been happening? A lot of work, a lot of procrastination. I spent the morning sorting out the (admittedly, all over the place) fantasy section of my e-book folder instead of trying to write a story that's due Tuesday. You know, the normal. Oops. XD I also don't have internet at home right now, which complicates matters. This got really ridiculously long, mostly because of the school sections, so I'm just going to section the school stuff off for you guys by cuts. Which I don't normally bother with, but, well... you'll see. XD

☁ In case you're in Hikago fandom and didn't see my spamming, there's a new blind_go mini round out- GO SIGN UP. NOW.

☁ The new Phoenix Wright came out a couple of weeks ago. I feel so behind- I only just barely started case 4. I have Thoughts on it, which are partially good and partially ragey, but I'll hold off on getting too into those until I actually finish the game. So far... it's not that different from the others, concept wise. I can basically boil everything down to a short list of "things I've learned from the Ace Attorney games"
1. Prosecutors get away with EVERYTHING.
2. Don't become friends with a lawyer ever- you'll eventually end up dead or falsely accused of a crime, probably murder.
3. LGBTQ people are ridiculous/offensive/disgusting/only good for comedic relief/figments of your imagination/terrible people/any combination of the above, depending on the particular plot device service they're providing at the time.

☁ Midterms grades were fine- 4.0 for the semester so far. As usual, I just need to keep it there. ajdklsajd.

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Wibbling About the Future- Classes )

Wibbling About the Future- Minors )

Wibbling About the Future- Jobs )

And last but not least... the Salem trip )
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23. Your dream job
Uh, I would settle for something I didn't completely hate and paid a decent amount, to be totally honest. I would LOVE to be able to write for a living in some capacity. I would also like to be able to wear jeans and sneakers to work, though the chances of that are even less than somebody paying me to write. XD Something like video game journalism is right up my alley (research/review side, not so much on the interview and talking to people in person side), but that's SUPER hard to break into. I don't know, maybe something like getting involved in social media would be more realistic, like the people that post as the company to Facebook and stuff? I have no idea, I just want to be able to pay my freaking bills and not have to sweat money all the time, okay? Preferably doing something that doesn't make me fantasize about a ginormous meteor hitting the Earth and killing EVERYTHING. That's my dream. XD

More random )

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12. What's inside your fridge?
I honestly have no clue for the most part, since 99% of it isn't mine. I know I have some lunch meat, cheese, and a carton of almond milk. Beyond that? A bunch of crap, as far as I'm concerned. XD

☁ So in the end, the guy didn't text me back until after 10pm, telling me that the landlord would be free from 5-7 today if I wanted to come. I'm just like. ajdsklajdsla. You couldn't have told me that, oh I don't know, yesterday morning/afternoon when I was waiting for a text? So yes, I'm going, but I'm getting really irritated with this guy and it's probably a good thing that it's not him I'm moving in with. My stress levels are already through the fucking roof and this stuff is NOT helping.

☁ Also not helping: I had very little sleep Saturday night because I was too nervous, and last night wasn't really any better because there's not really any space on my bed right now (I'm working on clearing out a bin next to my bed that hasn't been touched in years, so all the stuff I'm keeping is on my bed for the moment, with a teeny space for me and my laptop. Yeah. XD So I'm very, VERY tired, and my stomach seems angry with me for some reason, I don't even know, but I hope it stops before I leave because that will suck.

☁ Also not helping part 2: Turns out that Kelly's pissed at me for moving out, because as much as I'm trying to do this in a semi-organized fashion, I'm still apparently "leaving her with everything." She was planning on moving up with her boyfriend at around the same time I moved out, so I'm not sure what happened to that, but I guess it's not happening.

☁ Also not helping part 3: Found a big pocket of water in the wall between the kitchen and living room, so Kelly and I ran around the kitchen/living room in a panicked frenzy for an hour trying to make it look semi-habitable before she called maintenance. Luckily, he came over basically right away and everything should be fine now. Still, I don't need that kind of bullshit on top of what''s already going on.

☁ On the upside, I finally wrangled out the best days to move out of Stef- the 24th/25th. Which is the weekend before classes start, which is what I was thinking ANYWAY, so that worked out. And now I have a date to tell the landlord when he asks. ^_^

I have to get ready to leave in about a half hour, and I wanted to try and work on clearing out this tote (holy crap, there's SO much in here, it's completely ridiculous), plus I need some kind of food before I leave, so I'll go. I know I've been annoying with all of this lately, but with any luck at all, it'll be over in the next few weeks. (And then I'll be whining about school stuff, heh. So I won't swear up and down that it's almost over, but I'm really hoping it is and you guys won't have to deal with this anymore.

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11. List 15 of your favorite things
- Internet
- Friends
- Reading
- Anime
- Manga
- Video games
- Writing
- Scrapbooking
- Taking pictures
- Movies
- Season: fall
- Cats >^_^<
- Things that are funny. See: George Carlin
- Food
- (15 things really are a lot of things) Computer
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Saturday, August 10th, 2013 10:40 pm
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OMG OMG OMG. Okay, so you know how I was assuming that I didn't get that apartment because I'd texted him Wednesday and he hadn't gotten back to me? So I just got this:

"Hi [Ver], my landlord would like to meet you before signing a lease for the room you're interested in. Would you like to meet with him tomorrow afternoon? Let me know, I'll confirm exact time to meet tomorrow."

(Keep in mind that when I went to look at the apartment, he'd said that meeting the landlord, if it got to that point, was really just a formality and probably a five minute meeting, so for all intents and purposes, I already have it.) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Oh my god, I feel sick. I mean, I'm happy (especially since further hunting has produced ZERO results, and especially since I just today got a lecture from my mother about how lazy I am because apparently I should be working full time in addition to going to school full time so that I can give her money x2- which is a whole other thing, like... last semester was hell even without working. If I had another one like that and I was working full time, I'm pretty sure I would have a complete mental breakdown. Also keep in mind that she hasn't really moved in the last few months except when she's absolutely had to, so her effectively calling me lazy for "just" going to school is pretty rich.). Don't get me wrong, I'm totally psyched about this. But I'm also completely fucking terrified. Two reasons:

1) I still really, REALLY do not want to have this conversation with my mother. I can't even begin to tell you. If I thought even for a second that I could get away with just packing up all my stuff and leaving without telling her, I would, it's that bad. There's going to be a fight. I know there is. She's going to blame me for everything ever, and I'm a horrible lazy person and I -owe- her to stay, I can see this coming now. And I don't deal with confrontation well, so I'm like... shaking just thinking about it. My first instinct with confrontation is to back down immediately. ajdsklajdklsa.

Yeah, I basically want to throw up now.

31 Day Meme, Day 6

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 09:28 pm
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6. Your 5 senses right now
Uh, the same five I always have? This is a dumb question.

As far as non-meme stuff, here we go:
☁ My certificate of residence for school has been acquired. I had to spend more time dealing with my mother than I would've liked in order to accomplish this, but whatever, it's done. Now I can pay my bill for school. The plan is to deal with that tomorrow.

☁ Saw an apartment Saturday. Good location, big room, roommates are not super neat freaks, gay friendly, super cute kitten (who spent most of the time pretending that I was a good climbing tree. Good thing I wore jeans. XD The guy was like, "wow, she really likes you already.") It's at the top of my "I can afford this" range, but I'm not sure I'm going to get much better because rent is freaking ridiculous here. He's still showing the apartment, so we'll see what happens. I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm going to text him tomorrow and see what's going on. In the meantime... I should probably make some more phone calls tomorrow too. Ungh. I want to do that about as much as I want a hole in my head. I fucking hate calling people, and of course most of these are like "phone calls only!" YOU GUYS SUCK.

☁ Need to go to old work and talk to Dave about saving boxes for me. Even if I wasn't planning on moving, I would probably still do this, because I'm at a point where I just feel like I'm moving things back and forth to and from the same places in my room, and getting stuff put away in boxes would at least let me put things away neatly in an orderly way instead of haphazardly thrown everywhere.

TL;DR- Family bullshit )

☁ Oh yeah, and did I mention that classes start again on the 26th and I'm both freaked the hell out about it and can't wait to go back? Need to get sleep back in order. It was better and then it wasn't, sooooo. <_< It's not nowhere near as bad as it was at one point, but still not terribly good.

☁ So basically, long story short, I'm super stressed/anxious about EVERYTHING and trying to keep up with my daily cleaning sessions and mostly failing, so. On the upside, it does look considerably better just from what I did today?

☁ I've also been working on a random fic bit I found in my bunny folder. I... don't even know how this happened. But yay writing?

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Okay seriously, what the HELL is going on lately?

-Apparently it's totally cool to stalk and kill an unarmed child as long as his skin is a darker color than yours. If you live in Florida, the law will support you if you're scared of brown people and start shooting them. Just make up a flimsy story that the evil dark child attacked you first, you'll be fine. Even if you keep changing it. (Link)
-And yet, also in Florida, last year a black woman got 20 years prison time for firing warning shots- didn't hurt anyone- against her abusive husband. (Link) So I guess you're only allowed to defend yourself if you're not black (I would say "if you're white", but Zimmerman is Latino XD). And just think, the Supreme Court just recently chopped off the Voting Rights Act at the knees because racism is totally not an issue anymore. *snort*
-Texas state senate passed their anti-abortion bill (which okay, that's not a surprise, but still.) (Link)
-And finally, to top it off this morning, I wake up and discover that they found Cory Monteith (Finn on Glee) dead in his hotel room. He was only 31 years old. (Link)

I repeat. WHAT THE HELL.

(And no, I'm not going to continue to post about this. It's more for posterity than anything. That being said... god, I know making a post on facebook about it wasn't the most mature thing to do ever, but I just got a long comment basically saying that Zimmerman was the victim and he's been a scapegoat for the "false appearance of nobly fighting against racism." Really? REALLY? She also says that she trusts the decision that was made. I'm trying to not respond angrily, so what I'm working on is this. "Alright, I was upset when I made the post (clearly the most mature thing to do) and I normally wouldn't have said anything. In any event, I'm glad you have more trust in the system than I do. After seeing so many messed up decisions over the years that were clearly aimed at protecting perpetrators instead of victims- decisions that were based not in justice but in racism or sexism or homophobia or some other prejudiced agenda- I don't have that trust. However, the bottom line through all of this is that it's done. I just hope his family can find some kind of peace now that it's over.")
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Okay. So I know I owe you guys a legit update entry at some point, but I did want to make sure that I documented this one thing before I inevitably forgot to.  ^_^; So when I got that e-mail that said I'd won that writing award, it came with an invitation to a ceremony for the people being published where everyone would read their stories.  I said I would, because really, how often am I really going to be able to do that? In the moment, I thought it was pretty cool. I didn't consider my social phobia until later. Whoops?

This got longer than I planned... )
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- Final call: Holiday card post here (DW) and here (LJ). I am sending these out this afternoon at some point, so they will go out TOMORROW. (Hopefully they'll get where they need to be in time- apologies if they don't. Meant to do it yesterday and didn't manage to leave the house.)

Long, you guys know the drill. )
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I really should write up a real update, but first, I want to talk about something else- my day from Tuesday. I had my placement test for school, and the day was... well, to put it kindly, a series of unfortunate events. There were a couple of points where it didn't suck, but those were few and far in between, and overall, it was just a truly terrible day. It's actually almost comical how things just kept happening. XD In list form:

Ver and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day )


Meanwhile, yesterday? Aside from the fact that I was still running short on sleep (I did get about 5-5 1/2 hours though, so even that was an improvement), it couldn't have been any more different. THANK GOD. I approached the day simply hoping I wouldn't get lost, raped, or killed, so I'll grant you that the bar was set pretty damn low, but still. XD Also in list form!

Ver and the Not Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day )

Okay, I really have to go. Work and all. Hopefully I'll get my shit together enough to post about something that isn't school in the next few days. :D

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Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 02:53 am
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Has anyone else been having issues with Google? I can't search, I can't watch Youtube videos, Gmail won't load, none of it. But the rest of the internet seems to be fine, and I can't find anything about it being down? ARGH. This has been going on for a few days now and I'm getting really frustrated with it. I even tried switching browsers and it was still a no-go- FF had been timing out, but IE flat out told me that Google didn't exist. O_o. So: I'm generally really bad at checking my gmail, but I do know that I have at least one conversation there that I need to deal with, but I can't get into it at all to make a response. I'm really sorry. XD My hotmail username is the same as my gmail? ^_^;;;

FAFSA- done. I was going to do it last week, but procrastinated Tuesday and felt too crappy Wednesday to deal with it. Whoops. Was not as bad as I had been imagining- I could even import my tax returns right into it, which was a neat little trick. The two school applications are also submitted. Am currently trying to figure out if I can get my high school to send my transcript without having to call them. XD Edit: Sweet, I can zip them an e-mail. They ask for a name and address of the person they're sending them to, though, so does that mean I should have them send the transcripts to me and then mail them back out? That seems stupid. I'm confused.

Just sayin'. We have been flirting with Death Note since last night for the number 11 animanga spot on AO3, and next is YiGiOh. Weee~ (Though I think DN might've cottoned on to what we're doing, looks like they're fighting us a little. GO GO HIKAGO!) Qem asked me to make a banner and very helpfully proved the YuGiOh pic. Didn't turn out half bad. Lish asked me to make an icon for her the other day, too. She does that on occasion and the request this time was super simple, just a crop and cleanup, but it's just kind of weird to get graphics requests all of a sudden. XD

It's supposed to be GORGEOUS tomorrow- 55 and mostly sunny! Perfect day to walk to the library. :D I've been feeling kind of shut-in, so that will probably be helpful. Maybe I can even get through the rest of the first season of Doctor Who finally, since I seem to have a block about watching it at home for some reason. XD

I am now about an episode and a half through Sherlock. It's an interesting take- Sherlock actually admits to being a sociopath (in the most condescending way possible, which is pretty damn amusing), so that's definitely a different spin on the character than I've seen previously. I'm still not understanding how everyone thinks that Benedict Cumberbatch is so hot- he's rather unfortunate looking, to put it nicely. I really don't get it. I can't even blame it on the lesbian thing, really- I can recognize and appreciate when a man is good looking. It doesn't make me want to have sex with him, but I see it. This guy? Nope. Not seeing it. Fandom baffles me sometimes.

After talking with Ai, I finally decided I need to get my butt back in gear and at the very least keeping track of my food intake again. I've been maintaining (within a few pound range, of course) for long enough. On the upside- apparently I've been averaging around 1700 calories a day  without even TRYING- that's maintenance for where I was when I checked. So not NEARLY as bad as the 2500-3000 I was imagining, eh? :D Sooooooo I've been working on food  again and am really happy with the results. 5.4 pounds since the 20th, and 2.8 pounds just in the last week. I'm not trying to brag or anything, just... happy to get the ball rolling again. ^_^;;;

Long windedness about Rush Limbaugh, Birth Control, and Republicans in General )

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Friday, December 9th, 2011 02:35 pm
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I've been pretty MIA lately- sorry about that. With my sister visiting and family stuff and being sick and all of this crap, it's been kind of difficult to really sit down and get anything done. My already limited attention span has been pretty much zero lately. (I haven't even bothered attempting to read that last Eragon book, if that tells you anything. XD) I'm still sick, but it seems to be getting better, so. Things should be winding down back to normal. Hopefully. As normal as December gets, anyway.

WANT. ;_; Money is a major concern, but hopefully they'll come up with a payment plan that I can live with. WHO IS GOING WITH ME, DAMMIT?

Anyone have any experience with Zoya nail polish? I've been staring at the website for several days now and I can't decide whether it would be worth trying or not. They're expensive. :/ On the other hand, I did just spend $6 on a super glittery blue polish that I'm totally in love with (and actually kept on for about two days, which is a miracle), so really... it's not THAT much more, in the big scheme of things.

I can has an AO3 account! I will probably not keep up with it, because I have a hard time posting crap to my freaking main writing journal much less anything else, BUT... it's another backup and maybe I will? ^_^;;; That and it will give my stuff some more exposure, since I'm uncomfortable pimping myself out in the comms when I post something. So... you know. I only have a few things up there so far though. I'm trying to not piss people off by flooding everything at once. XD

☁ Ended up making peanut butter frosting (don't ask)... ASDJKALDJSLA that shit is DELICIOUS. Now, I wouldn't use the frosting all the time, for the simple fact that I still hate making frosting. BUT. It is definitely easier than regular frosting, at least. No food coloring is needed, so that headache and mess is eliminated. Two- It came out perfectly mixed and fluffy with just a spoon and some stubbornness on my part. Read: no mixer required. Which is awesome, because while I'll use a mixer when I have to, I'd rather not. It tends to be messy. It probably could've been fluffier with the mixer, but I didn't really see the need. The only problem? Now I have all this freaking frosting in the fridge. UGH.

Speaking of food, I purchased three new things to try: sweet potato fries, pesto sauce, and garlic hummus. So far, I've tried the pesto and the fries. The pesto is good- I wouldn't want a ton of it in a dish or anything, but it's yummy. The fries though? Weeeeeeeeird. :/ I haven't decided whether I like them or not. I ended up putting a crapton of salt and Old Bay on them and it was an improvement, but I don't know. The sweetness bothers me more than I thought it would.

Rant brought to you by South Africa and condoms with teeth. Needless to say with South Africa lately, this could be triggery for rape. )

☁ I should probably do my school applications soon. *sob* SCARY!
........... Dear Self: You are being utterly ridiculous. You are applying to community colleges, not Yale. You'll be fine. No love, Ver.

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Friday, November 11th, 2011 03:45 am
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☁ You know those moments where you can kind of imagine your head exploding? Yeah. I actually =felt= my brain explode Monday. Well, not literally, obviously, but I felt SOMETHING happen in my head. That's... not good, is it? O_o (Basically, the cause was a severe WTF moment with a coworker. I was seriously like, "Uh... what just happened? O_O")

☁ Faith in humanity- somewhat restored. THANK GOD. I'd say that maybe the defeat in Mississippi will make these idiots rethink this whole "Personhood" thing, but.... my faith in humanity isn't THAT restored. XD

☁ Kinda scary how I hear myself in this video. Not the whole thing, mind. But the part where she's talking about coping mechanisms, and the people that totally shut down? Yeeeeeah. I have actually SAID the phrase she uses. That being said, I don't think it's a coping mechanism for the fear of loneliness. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a coping mechanism. But it's more as a way of avoiding pain in the first place. She does mention that, but I think the connection to the fear of loneliness is misplaced. Fear is part of it, sure, but that's a fear of rejection, not loneliness. Though maybe that's just me.

☁ Okay, BN, really? =SIX= separate shipments for eleven items is "as few as possible?" Especially when three of those shipments have one or two books? WTF? I really don't get how these companies work sometimes.

☁ It's strange how sometimes you can have a strong reaction to some inanimate object you've never seen before. I saw this journal in the mall the other day and it just... pulled at me. I don't even KNOW. All of a sudden I was just trying really hard not to cry (how embarrassing would THAT have been, jeez), and GUH. Butterflies have an instant association in my head with my grandmother, as she used to call me Butterfly. I don't know whether it's that she's been on my mind subconsciously or what, that made me react the way I did, but... needless to say, I purchased the journal. (Luckily it wasn't that expensive- it's actually cheaper in Hallmark than it is on Amazon, go figure.) I've decided that I'm going to use it as a "school journal" when I go back. Appropriate, in a way. ^_^

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Monday, October 31st, 2011 12:30 am
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Okay, so probably most people on my flist will have seen this already, but I'm sharing it anyway, because it needs to be shared. And read. And shared more. Obviously, the article may be triggering to people, so be warned.

Rape Culture - There's Nothing Funny About Rape

If you aren't triggered by such material, go read it. NOW.

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Well, that was... not fun. So I'm at Stef's house for a couple of days- no big deal, just getting away for my days off, you know? Her dad's house is old, and realistically speaking, it needs a lot of work that just hasn't gotten done. So I guess to that degree, this little adventure shouldn't really surprise me.

Basically, when I went to leave the bathroom, the door wouldn't open. At all. Stef and I tried ad nauseum to push, pull, yank, pry, it just wasn't working. She even took the doorknob off, and that didn't do a damn thing (we were hoping there was some kind of mechanism to push or something that would get the door open, no dice). It was really rather terrifying, actually. I could have climbed out the window and onto the roof, but then from there... I would've either had to jump off and break my neck, or wait until she got home from work tomorrow to pull a ladder out for me, since she wasn't going to do it in the dark- so I was seriously looking at being locked in a bathroom for 18 hours. We were laughing pretty much the entire time, but for me, it was a "laugh so you don't cry" situation. If I hadn't been laughing, I sure as hell would've been in tears.

I have a terrible sense of time even in the best circumstances, so I honestly don't know how long it took- it felt like hours, but realistically it was probably about 20 minutes- and Stef was trying to shove the door open for the billionth time... and it finally gave. When the door opened we seriously both just stared at each other for a few seconds like O_O. No idea why it randomly decided to open, but I'm so very glad it did, let me tell you.

I'm damn lucky the door opened randomly. I'm damn lucky Stef wasn't asleep- she's dead to the world when she's asleep. And there's a bathroom downstairs, so she probably wouldn't have thought anything of it if she couldn't get into the top one in the morning. I can see it now, where I would be waiting by the bathroom door listening for her to come home from work, then screeching "I'm locked in the bathroom, HELP!" XDDD Would NOT have been one of my better moments. Though at least if nothing else, I was in the bathroom, so it definitely could've been worse.

In the end, I have escaped the evil bathroom, which is good. I'm a bit traumatized, but it'll be alright. And I'm never closing a door in Stef's house again. ^_^;;;

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Saturday, August 27th, 2011 12:01 am
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☁ I stand corrected- earthquakes DO happen here. Before the Virginia/D.C. one Tuesday afternoon, there was actually a 2.2 in Altamont Tuesday morning. Freaking hell. That's practically next door. If you get in a car and drive for about ten minutes in one particular direction, that's it, you're in Altamont. Damn. Also, apparently we get a 5.0- 6.0 about once a century, and we're overdue. Oh joy.

☁ Also, people are assholes. I was at the mall Tuesday, right? As I was stepping off the escalator, the following conversation happened behind me.
Guy: Did you feel that?
Other guy: What?
Guy: It's another earthquake.
*they both laugh*
............... Okay, seriously? I know I'm not anywhere close to skinny, but really, is that kind of thing necessary? Especially when I actually saw them and realized one of them outweighed me by at least 100 pounds. I don't know if he was the one speaking or if he was just going along with it, but either way- what the fuck. O_o

☁ More weather situations: unless the storm makes a drastic eastern turn, we are going to be hit by Hurricane Irene on Sunday. That's so surreal, typing that, you have no idea. I'm far enough inland that the most we ever get from hurricanes and tropical storms on the rare occasions they come up this far is some heavy rain from the fringe, if anything at all. This... they're evacuating Manhattan, for fucks sake. Now, because of my location, I'm not going to be at the worst of it, though they are talking 6 inches of rain and 70 MPH winds. We ARE going to lose power, I have no doubt about that. If you guys don't hear from me for a few days, that's why, but I'll let everyone know everything's okay as soon as I can. Everything WILL be fine. This is another one of those things where everyone else in the world is probably laughing at us for overreacting, but it's exactly like the earthquake situation- THIS SHIT DOESN'T HAPPEN HERE.  We're not used to it. I'm not freaking and buying 50 million gallons of water or anything, but I'm not going to lie, this is SCARY SHIT. I'm scared, and that's not something I admit to easily. It's probable that it's not even going to be that big of a deal, but there you have it. :/

The really stupid thing is, I thought everyone was WAY exaggerating Irene's effect on us until I actually saw the weather tonight. Then it was like, "That's huge. Wait. Shiiiiiit, we're right in the god damn path of that thing. O_o"

On that happy note, I will be back online ASAP. Hopefully we won't be out of power for long. Also, I have "Rock You Like a Hurricane" stuck in my head now, which is totally terrible, but apparently that's the coping mechanism my brain has chosen- making a joke out of it. Go figure. XD


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