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(for the December posting meme- [personal profile] degrees )

I'm actually skipping to this one, mainly because it would be well into January before I got to it otherwise and that just feels wrong, so I'm doing it now before I forget. :P Also, this one's going to be link-heavy. Fair warning.

Favorite Christmas traditions!

The thing about this question is that there isn't a lot that's survived childhood. After my grandparents died when I was a teenager, everything basically fell apart and there's really nothing that's done consistently as a family anymore. Plus I worked Christmas every year for nearly ten years, unless I just happened to have the day off normally anyway... so basically what I'm left with are a bunch of personal things that I'm not sure I'd call "traditions," but we'll go with it for the sake of the question:

⛄ (the one thing that I -have- retained) HAM DINNER! :D I usually just buy a package of ham steaks, though last year I cooked a half of a boneless ham with pineapple and cloves. I probably won't do that again, it's WAY too much for just me. It was delicious, but I was eating ham till I was sick of it. XD But yeah, ham with pineapple slices, mashed potatoes, broccoli, rolls, and maybe pecan pie if I can find it. Done.

⛄ As far as gift exchange, things usually go like this: Kelly and I will go out for a nice dinner or something in lieu of gifts, not ON Christmas but sometime after, usually. Also sometime after Christmas, Stef and I give each other gift cards and proceed to go shopping, though these days the gift cards tend to be via Amazon (after this Christmas, I should have enough to almost pay for a basic Kindle without the special offers. :D)- so we go to Walmart or Barnes and Noble or wherever else we might need, and go to lunch and generally just spend time.

⛄ Christmas required reading: The 12 Steps of Christmas (note: Original, not fanfic- also NSFW!) and Toys in Boyland (note: Hikago fic, NSFW)

⛄ I pull out one of two trees, depending on how lazy I'm feeling. One is a two foot thing that's completely made of white wires and lights (think like this, except not as tall because it doesn't have all that "trunk", and not as pretty because I can't shape a tree for shit and it always looks lopsided XD), and I have decorations and a star for it and everything. If I don't have the energy to deal with that, I have a little plastic tree that plugs into my usb and changes colors that's basically this except it doesn't light up quite as high on the tree. It's cute. :D I would actually prefer a fiber optic one, but it was what was available at the time- and considering that it probably would've gotten crushed by now, it's just as well. XD

⛄ Christmas music! Now... thanks to working in retail for so long, I've heard most Christmas music enough for about five lifetimes, but there's some of it I can still stand. The versions of Silent Night by Enya and Boys II Men. Anything Chipmunk. At Christmas by Hanson is a longtime favorite (IT'S PRETTY, DON'T JUDGE ME), and I love Christmas Eve Sarajevo by Trans Siberian Orchestra (even though it makes me tear up if I think about it for too long) and We Three Kings by Kamelot. There are others, but those are the essentials for more "traditional" music. 

Many of my favorites, however, fall under the heading of parody, and the number one on this list is Ho Ho Fucking Ho by Kevin Bloody Wilson (obviously NSFW XD). Other favorites in this vein mostly come from Bob Rivers and include The 12 Pains of Christmas, The Chimney Song, The Twisted Chipmunk Song (not really SFW either- and yeah, I know, the video is dumb, but it's the only one I found that didn't have sound issues), and the best follow-up to that song ever: Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire. :P

⛄ Christmas movies! I don't really have a "set" tradition here, but typically I'll watch at least one Christmas movie during the season. It's usually something like Charlie Brown, Frosty, The Santa Clause, Muppet's Christmas Carol, The Little Drummer Boy, Rudolph, that sort of thing. Between stuff I've bought and stuff I've downloaded, I actually have a TON of Christmas themed movies. One of my favorites too that I actually found again semi-recently is a little short Disney did in the 50's called "Pluto's Christmas Tree."

And that's about all I can think of, though I think this entry is already quite long enough anyway. :P

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Monday, December 10th, 2012 07:08 am
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- And clearly I didn't have to worry about that one day, because I then proceeded to mess up NaBloPoMo rather spectacularly. Whoops. XD

- Reminder: Holiday card post here (DW) and here (LJ).

Cut for pictures and stuff )

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Monday, December 26th, 2011 07:02 am
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First things first- late, I know, but...

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Merry Yule, Happy birth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, whatever floats your boat. :D

☁ Scott, my immediate supervisor at work, always gets us chocolate for Christmas- one of those assorted mixes that you actually only eat a couple out of, but that's not the point- so Mary and I decided to get him something this year. It's only fair, after all, and he's had a rough year. I'm sure he's glad to see 2011 go- both of his parents passed (separately) AND he's getting a divorce. Anyway. We made him a card and gave him a $25 Barnes and Noble card, since we know he loves to read. I thought he was going to cry. ;~; It was pretty cool though, have to say. I love giving presents. :D

☁ Needless to say, I worked for Christmas, but it wasn't TOO bad overall. I'd stayed up WAY too late reading a longfic though, so I was working on like... three hours sleep. Whoops. ^_^;;; I crashed when I got home, but I need to go back to bed soon to avoid a repeat performance. Woke up, microwaved some Christmas dinner I'd gotten previously (ham steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and I made some rolls the night before.). There's even still a whole plate full for tomorrow, plus a slice of pecan pie that I decided was in my best interest to not eat. :D As far as other holiday plans go, I will meet up with Stef at some point and we will exchange gift cards. I also got her a mini pillow pet in the bumblebee version. (Her nickname in junior high was Bee, so it's a little inside joke thing. Plus, how freaking cute is this thing, seriously? I'm half considering getting a different animal for myself. SO ADORABLE.). Kelly and I are planning on doing a "sister day" sometime soon, which is in lieu of presents, depending on when we can coordinate our schedules. I'm not sure what we're doing exactly, aside from  DEFINITELY seeing the new Sherlock Holmes movie, but eh. :P

☁ Speaking of fic, I've been reminded of a holiday bunny
that I keep avoiding. Someone should probably tell me to not write it. XD

Mario nails- HOW COOL IS THAT? :D :D :D

Okay, I just got hit with "ZOMG NEED SLEEP NAO", so I'm going to call it a night. Later, all! \o
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I'm up doing laundry for a while (yes, I'm aware that it's 6am and it's snowing and windy and fucking cold outside, I need clothes that badly and I know myself well enough that if I can't count on actually waking up on time to do it before work. So 6am it is. XD), so I've decided I'm going to spam you all. Fun, right? I don't post enough anyway, so whatever. :P

1. I've been wanting to watch Prince of Tennis again, but couldn't justify spending the time rewatching that when I have SO many other new things I should be watching instead. However, I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea today: I started working out again yesterday, though I didn't today because my legs are sore (ow)... I can watch PoT episodes while I'm doing the free step, which I usually do for a half hour. Fucking BRILLIANT, I tell you. ^_^ Now I just have to pull out Ochibi and get those episodes on the laptop. At least the first ones. :D

2. Watched Yogi's First Christmas for the first time since I was a kid- still fairly amusing. Kind of gag-worthy near the end, but most Christmas movies are. Just comes with the territory.

3. In good news, looks like we might actually get "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" thrown out. YAY! Although... there goes my excuse to not join up if there's ever a draft that they include women in. :P

4. Warning: Long angry rants and language involving a blast from the distant past. Proceed with caution. )

Okay. This has gotten long enough and I plan on doing a couple of meme-type things, so there will be another entry shortly. \o

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Monday, December 20th, 2010 12:32 am
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1. Haven't posted in a while, but work is killing me. Seriously. I haven't gotten out anywhere close to on time the last three days, and yesterday I didn't leave until 12:30. That's TWO AND A HALF HOURS late. Yeeeeeah. Oh, and then I had the Assistant Manager (who is a complete moron) lecturing me IN FRONT OF A CUSTOMER yesterday about how I needed to be ringing while I was helping people with their picture stuff. It's like... you seriously want me to just walk away from people constantly to ring? It's less than a fucking week before Christmas. As it was, I had a woman bitch at me for a good five minutes today because we're out of the 5x7 greeting card envelopes, so she got the 6x8 ones. I'm not even kidding. Look, it's two inches, and you get the damn envelopes for free anyway. Take them and run. God. And this idiot assistant thinks I have nothing better to do than to sit at the register and ring all day? Fuck.


2. Holiday cards went out Wednesday, so those should be to people soon if they're not already. Except Fei, because I sent them super duper late this year and she may or may not get it on time. Sadness. Also I got Ai's and Shan's cards, thanks you guys! <3

3. I've decided that I'm going to try to watch as many movies off of the "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die" list. I know I'll get bored with it quickly, but maybe I can at least knock off some of those movies that people always gape at me for when they discover I've never seen them *cough*GoneWiththeWind*cough*. So we'll see. I actually watched two yesterday- there are some in Youtube's movie section, and the first two on the list are about ten minutes each.

A Trip to the Moon
- Cracky and kind of amusing because of that. It actually has effects too, even if they're cheesy as hell. A little bit too long, though, I was definitely getting bored by the end.
The Great Train Robbery- Most random music EVER. It seriously made no sense with what was going on. Also I thought that there were two robbers instead of four for the longest time because they're all dressed the same and you can't see anyone's faces. Boo.

Overall, nothing particularly memorable. I think the coolest thing is that they're from 1902 and 1903, respectively, and they're on YOUTUBE. Movies that are over 100 years old, and I can sit on my laptop and watch them on the INTERNET. Just. Wow. I spent a good portion of The Great Train Robbery trying to wrap my brain around that. XD

At the moment, though, I'm mostly trying to finally finish off The L Word. I saw the first two seasons originally and that was it, so...yeah. I started all over because it's been too long, and I'm in the middle of season two. Not bad for starting this a few days ago. ^_^

4. Just something interesting: I took a little quiz called "What tattoo describes your personality". I got "Koi fish- You have a lot of courage, the ability to attain high goals, and overcoming life's difficulties. So don't let anyone hold you back."


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Thursday, December 9th, 2010 03:08 am
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Okay, you guys, last reminder- if you want a holiday card, go here! I'm going to make these up in the next couple of days and I'm printing exactly what I need because I'm pretty sure it's cheaper that way, so...  yeah. Kinda need to know the final number here. :P

Also, it's FREAKING COLD. Weatherbug tells me it's a whole 10.9°F (that's -11.72°C for you weird celsius using folks)... toasty. Of course, it's not so much the cold that really kills you, it's the WIND. That, by the way, makes it feel like it's 3°F (-16.1°C). winter over yet?


Monday, November 29th, 2010 02:55 am
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Reminder- Holiday Card Post HERE~!

☁ Worked for Thanksgiving, so nothing particularly special. They did bring in Boston Market though, so we had turkey and potatoes and gravy. Mmmmmmm. It was delicious. Totally worth working for, seriously.

I saw my Aunt Linda for a few minutes before I left for work... she loves my hair, apparently, and she went "look at how skinny you're getting!" XD She's a liar, I'm nowhere even close to skinny, but I guess I'll take the compliment. :P

☁ Speaking of work, it's kicking my ass again. Scott's father died, so I ended up going in on Wednesday... another six day work week, hooray! -_- Plus there was Thanksgiving and Black Friday and today was absolute HELL. Let's just say that the morning shift did nothing and we were left with all of their work plus our own. UGH. We totally busted our asses. I would so call in tomorrow if I thought I could get away with it. I'm just EXHAUSTED. Is Christmas over yet?

☁ I ended up spending a small fortune for the Black Friday sales... I really need to learn to stay the hell off of Amazon that week. Most of what I got was DVD's and various Wii things. Went a little nuts, but I didn't get more than half of what I had originally tabbed as a possibility, so I'm taking that as a plus. Before sales tax, it was about $180, but considering the amount of stuff I actually purchased? That's awesome. Also it really wasn't that much worse than last year.

Also hopped over to Threadless since they were apparently having a sale. They didn't have one of the shirts that I -really- wanted (this one), but I did get two cute ones (this and this). Including shipping that was $24, which definitely isn't bad at all either. XL in the men's- we'll see how that goes. If they're a little small that's okay, because hopefully I'll shrink into them at some point.

So overall I'm pretty happy, even though I apparently am a tool and forgot a few things. Oh well. I have some stuff bookmarked that I will hopefully remember the next time I go to order something from Amazon. Which probably won't be until after Christmas anyway.

☁ Haagen-Dazs' "dulce de leche" flavor is my new favorite thing. SO GOOD. Thank god they come in little tiny versions.

☁ I'm seriously considering getting a mattress in a box. God. Yes, I'm that desperate for a new mattress, but the other factor is that this way the delivery is then not going to be a huge production. Hopefully. And getting it set up is really easy, according to reviews. This is... probably another "after Christmas" thing. I probably would've gotten it with my Amazon order, but it was actually on the Walmart site and not on Amazon like I'd thought it was. Whoops. No wonder I couldn't find it. XDDD

☁ More and more TSA stories, some pretty horrifying like actual insertion through clothes, fondling through clothes, sexual harassment, the fact that menstrual pads are apparently a threat to security... the truly bad thing about this is that someone is going to have to sue, or TSA is going to have to try to arrest someone for refusal, and it's going to have to go to the courts. That's how our system works. The government pulls something stupid and then the Supreme Court has to say "Uh, no, you can't do that." But it has to GET to the Supreme Court first. That's the really fucked up part about this, is that something really bad is going to have to happen in order for this to stop... and even then, it's not immediate. It could take YEARS unless TSA gets their heads out of their asses first.

.............I think we all know the chances of THAT one happening.

☁ People are nuts: Guy hacks his mother to death with a sword and then says he was just killing the demon inside of her- warning, the story's pretty graphic. The guy sounds schizophrenic as hell, in which case you have to wonder how no one saw this coming. In this other one, a woman tries to cut in line and then threatens to shoot people when she's understandably called on it.

Man, it's enough to make you want to lock yourself in your house. XD
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☁First and foremost, Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it. :D I will be at work, so you guys have Christmas dinner for me, kay? ^_^

☁Of course, the day after I wrote the last entry? Snow. And then it snowed again. So we're cured of the whole "December and no snow!" thing, unfortunately.

☁Work is hell. I fucking hate my job this time of year. That's all I'm going to say about that or else I'll go on forever. Which... has really been my policy recently, actually. XDDD Although I've gotten $15 in tips in the last week, which is... a lot, considering I never get tips in my job. O_o

☁When I went to go send out those snowflake cookies, LJ had just pulled them- of course- so pretend I sent you one, okay? XD Also, thanks to Cousin for sending me one. <333 Icon just for you!

☁Finished [ profile] fifthmus  by some miracle. The day before it was due, even! Though I didn't send it out until the day of, simply because I had to do the "inflict it on someone else to see if it requires burning" thing. I'm still not so sure about this one. XD We shall see how that goes. On the upside, it's the first piece I've written in quite some time. On the downside... well, it's the first piece I've written in quite some time. *shifty eyes*

☁Trying to get my emulator to work so I can play Suikoden II. It worked beautifully in XP, but now.... the sound in the opening is choppy, but I can deal with that except it won't let me DO anything. The  keyboard won't work. My USB controller won't work even with new drivers installed. So I have no way to PLAY the damn thing. And yes, I tried downloading new drivers and stuff, still no go.

Some days, I really, really hate Vista.

☁Got the passport put in last week. Thank god. I had to get it expedited, which I already knew, and the picture sucks but it's as good as it's going to get, so whatever. Point being that I should have that in a couple of weeks. Yay! *cheers*

☁Speaking of which, I just figured out that as long as I don't do anything stupid (hahahaha), I should go up to see Aki at the end of next month with a decent amount of money. This is a good thing, considering I thought I'd be going  with less than half that. And that's even considering the bus ticket and a few purchases I have to make that's coming out of my trip fund *cough*Christmas*cough*.

☁Watching Eden of the East... I'm on episode 7 and it's really interesting so far. I'm very curious to see what happens. :D The art style is... different from what I'm used to watching, but not really in a bad way, just... different. It's only 11 episodes, though, so it's a quickie. Makes me feel a little stupid for not watching it before- Aki recced it to me a while ago, and I put it off. Sure enough, it's right up my alley. Ehehehe. ^_^;;;

☁Was finally able to finish watching Chi's New Home, too. The end was corny as hell, but still adorable, and I'm clearly a sap.

Aaaaaand I've gone on long enough. ^_^;;; Everyone be safe! <3
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☀I can't believe it's December and there's NO SNOW. We had a little the other day, but nothing stuck. This is completely unheard of where I live. Hello, Global Warming. On the upside.... well, there's no snow. On the downside... with there being no snow and also in general being unseasonably warm (still not, yanno, warm, but warmer than it usually is this time of year), it just... doesn't feel like Christmas. D:

☀Did I ever tell you guys that I caved and got Sims 3? Well... I caved and got Sims 3. XD Some things I like, some things I don't. I'm working on a few different things at the moment with that... it's sort of eaten my brain, as Sims tend to do. Oh! Biggest thing I like about this one- I can actually DO OTHER THINGS while simming. With 2, the loading screens took so long after I came back from checking on AIM or firefox or anything that I just wouldn't switch, it wasn't worth it. There's still a slight delay on 3, but it's pretty much insignificant. I -LOVE- that.

☀There is actually a bunny for [ profile] fifthmus . O_o I'd have to check, but I think that might be record early. XD It needs developing, and it's certainly not TEH BEST BUNNY EVAR, but it's something at least, and that's better than showing up empty handed. ^_^;;;

☀Continuing the Hikago rewatch, slowly but surely. It's slow going mostly because I'm taking screencaps of... well, a lot. And a lot of times I have to go back and go through stuff slowly to get a particular frame, and... guh. It generally takes about an hour and a half to go through each episode. But! When I'm done with this I'll have screencaps for pretty much anything I want ever, which is pretty cool. At some point I should probably make bases of them and post them for everyone... not all at once, of course, because there's a ton. Maybe 5-10 episodes at a time?

☀Downloaded Liquid Story Binder, just to see. I'm.... so confused. D: This really makes me wish I had a Mac, just for Scrivener (which looks completely awesome). Honestly? I will probably never use this. I would much rather have everything in one document where I can actually FIND it as opposed to ten thousand different files and I can't figure out where anything is. Although maybe that's just me, and maybe I just don't understand this program yet. It's just that at this point, it seems more frustrating than useful. I'm going to try to use this for the [ profile] fifthmus fic, though, and we'll see.

☀There was an update to the Mario firefox theme that I loved.... I hate the update. Urgh. But the old one won't work with the most recent upgrade of FF that I just downloaded this afternoon. *glowers* Guess I need to find a new theme. *grumpy grumbling* The good news, however, is that with the upgrade firefox doesn't seem to be continually eating my tabs whenever the window gets closed. So far. This is a good thing and helps Ver to not go nuts.

*EDIT* Actually, there's a really cool Christmas one that I just installed. It's whiter in parts than I like generally, but it's neat so I'll live with it. Here, I will even screencap it for you all because I'm a dork like that. <3 (It's called Tinseltown for anybody that might be interested, btw)

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Saturday, November 28th, 2009 02:00 pm
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-Supposed to snow today. DO NOT WANT.

-Cards were sent out Tuesday. This means that some people will get them.... er.... quite early (sorry guys ^_^;;;), but at least this way I can be fairly sure that the foreign ones get there before New Years. Also Hanukkah comes early this year, that helps with the earliness. At any rate, be expecting those. Also! The little project with the cards didn't.... really turn out like I'd planned. I apologize in advance that they look kind of ridiculous. The intentions were good. <_<

-Thanksgiving was... nothing special for me, really, as I was working. *shrug* Not a big deal, I end up working it every year. I did, however, get Black Friday off. >D Speaking of which, I didn't go out because I'm not insane, but Amazon had some really awesome stuff going on. $120 after tax, whut? <_< But there was really only one thing that was an impulse buy, everything else I've been thinking about for a while. So that's a good thing. Also helping is that apparently we're not really doing Christmas this year? Erin called the other day and said that we should just go out for a day or something instead, so.... I don't have to spend money on her, or any more on Kelly that I've already spent. So then... I really only need to worry about two people, one of whom has a later deadline. Wheeee~

-Passport process.... is really frustrating me at the moment. Went in on Tuesday to get it... they wouldn't let me do it, because apparently a state issued non driver's ID doesn't count like a state issued driver's license and only counts as secondary ID. How fucked up is THAT. So I have to go again next week and bring in five other pieces to help "identify" me so they'll do the fucking passport, and at that point I'll need to pay an extra $60 to get it expedited because I wouldn't have it in time otherwise. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much that pisses me off. Bastards.

-[ profile] fifthmus ... actually got signed up in time, but now that I've gotten my assignment, I'm not so sure it was a good idea. XD Also really need to get going on the rewatch of Hikago, if I'm going to do this. Needz canon review. We'll see what happens with [ profile] fifthmus , though. XDDD

Cards- Reminder Post

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 01:17 pm
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I always do, and I promised I would again, so here it is- the reminder post. If you want a holiday card, go here and follow the instructions. Please do not put any personal information on THIS post unless you want everyone to see it, this one isn't screened. ^_^;;; Yes, you still need to sign up even if you did one last year (for multiple reasons).

If you don't feel comfortable giving me your info on LJ, you're perfectly free to e-mail it to me instead (I'm at verloren1983 [at] hotmail [dot] com, because I'm creative like that. :P). Your best bet there is to put "holiday cards" or something in the subject line so I don't automatically delete it. XD Or if you're not comfortable with it at all, I can work something out on the computer. ^_^


Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 12:07 am
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It's November, so you guys know what that means- holiday card sign ups! Comment here if you want a card~ All comments WILL be screened,, so don't worry about that. Here's what I'm going to need from you guys when you comment:

1. Name and Address, obviously, even if you've given it to me before. Several people have moved this year and I can't always keep track. XD
2. Whether you'd prefer a Christmas card or a holiday card. It's fine either way, but I need to know what everyone wants.
3. Something a little different this time- I would like a short list from everyone of a favorite fandom, a favorite color, and favorite character and/or pairing... and preferably a backup for each of these. It probably sounds a bit weird, but I have my reasons. ^_^;;; Doesn't have to be a fandom I'm familiar with either, as long as I can google it, we're golden. :D

Have at~!

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Monday, September 28th, 2009 01:42 pm
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You know, I've really got to get better about doing entries again. I've been... okay, really lazy with LJ lately, and it's not just this journal, it's commenting and RP too. Don't know what's going on there, but it needs to stop. :/

1. Defaulted on blind_go for the first time since I started doing this in round 3. I just... meh. Had nothing. I had a serious lack of motivation, plus a lack of bunnies, and I really need to watch the series again- which I've started, but haven't gotten too far with. Ironically... AFTER deadline I got a bunny. Of course. *headdesk* I haven't read any of the entries yet, either. Gonna try to do that tomorrow.

2. Birthday was okay. There was some drama, which I knew there was going to be when my sister invited her friend Jim along, who proceeded to just go ahead and bring a DATE with him to the dinner without even asking if it was okay, in addition to being well over an hour late, but whatever. Overall it was fun, so it turned out alright.

2. I've gotten myself into a bit of a financial hole. Luckily, the money that I owe is to my savings account. Not that it means it's any less important, I need to pay that money back, but it's not quite as urgent and not a source of panic like it would be otherwise. I also have a plan on how I'm to pay back the $260 I owe to that while continuing to keep up with saving weekly, though we know how my financial plans go. Right now I'm not seeing any problems... but the key thing here is that I've GOT to control my spending. We're talking roughly $50 a week of spending money here- groceries, phone, miscellaneous expenses. Though that's after rent and the savings thing is covered. Still... I guess it's a good thing I like ramen. ^_^;;;

At any rate, if all goes to plan, I should be out of debt to the savings by the end of October, and have a decent amount of money in that account by mid November, which is kind of the point. We'll see how all that goes.

3. As an extension of the previous, I've begun contemplating some things for Christmas. I know it's kind of sick, as it's not even October yet, but if I'm going to not be completely in the red for the holidays, I need to get a bit creative here. Like burned DVD's and bookmarks and things I can do on the cheap. This is the point where I wish I was a bit more crafty.

4. Speaking of crafty, I got a shitload of scrapbook pages done on my last couple of days off. It's sort of amazing to me, because I've been not wanting to work on it for a long time now... I apparently just needed a change in projects. So I'm taking a break from the senior scrapbook (yes, I know I graduated in 2002, shush.) to work on my Edgefest album (which is almost finished), and hopefully when I go back to the other one, I'll be refreshed enough to work on it without wanting to quit and do something else immediately.

5. Work has just been... drama. I work with five year olds. >_< That's a story that I'll maybe save for another time, because this entry is long enough as it is already. Just... yeah. Five year olds.

I need to get something to eat and get in the shower and all that good stuff before work, so I will see you guys later and stop boring you all to death. :P Hopefully it won't be another month before posting?

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Sunday, January 18th, 2009 02:20 pm
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1. Internet is back as of yesterday, though I didn't get to do much with it yesterday, with the whole "family time" thing and all. Ugh. I'm still keeping the hiatus up on Squarewarts for a little while longer, though, because I'm still trying to download programs and stuff and that slows down my computer quite a bit, so... yeah. But I seem to be back for now. Till my computer inevitably fucks up again. ^_^;;;

2. Erin changed her mind, again, and so we did Christmas yesterday. I got a cool new digital camera (random, but still cool) and the stuff to go with it. I'm going to have some fun playing with that. :P

Dealing with my family is just... exhausting. Ugh. No wonder I hide out in my room all the time. Especially when I'm still feeling down from the SAD and the PMS and everything else going on. -_-

3. The other day I got my first non-fanfic bunny in a really, really long time. <3! I mean... god. I just checked the writing journal. I haven't written anything original since Nov. 25th, 2006. Fucking 2006. O_o Probably because anime ate my brain a little bit... <_< Though I can't even say this is particularly original either, the idea has definitely been done, but whatever. It's something! :D Now I just have to do some character building here. Names would be good for a start. ^_^;;;

4. Organizing my email inbox. Ugh. But it needs to be done, I've got four pages of saved email in there. >_< ..............ahh, much better. ^_^

Ehehe, this has been sitting here for over an hour, think it's time to post it and start getting ready for work. I clearly have nothing else to say anyway. ^_^;;;

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Thursday, December 25th, 2008 05:12 am
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Oookay, I have to go to work earlier than usual (on the upside, I get out earlier than usual in exchange :D), so I figure I'll do this now before I forget about it in the morning...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Yule... I think that covers everyone on my flist... ^_^;;; At any rate, everyone have a good and safe holiday! Eat lots, spend time with your family if you can (or friends, if you don't like your family...), have fun.

Now I definitely need to go to bed. *hugs everyone*

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 02:14 am
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1. Sivu- Got your card in the mail yesterday, thank you! <3

2. Got some presents wrapped. Not as many as I would've liked, since Kelly came home earlier than I thought she was going to (by two hours, even ^_^;;; )... but still, it's something. Even if I still suck epically at wrapping. One of these days, I'm seriously going to go through with my threat to just throw everything in a big gift bag and go "Here." XD

3. Mini-round of [ profile] blind_go ~! Signups are here, in case anyone who's interested hasn't seen them. ......aaaaaand I just realized that the deadline for fic is New Years. O_o Awww, fuck.

4. Finished rewatching Fruits Basket with Kelly. One of these days, I'm going to sit down and watch that in Japanese. I've only ever seen it in the dub. Not for a while, though, being that I just saw it again. ^_^;;;

I've also started watching Antique Bakery. It's.............. odd. That's really all I have to say about it right now.

5. Need to try and actually get some stuff done tomorrow. Cleaning, and more wrapping, and laundry, and so on. *siiiiiiiiiigh* Dun wanna.

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Sunday, December 21st, 2008 01:02 pm
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1. I've been meaning to write entries, just... work has been kicking my ass lately. Oh, and I think I'm coming down with a cold. Lovely. All in all it means that I've been very tired. I got home from work yesterday just exhausted. Well... I work today and tomorrow, and then when I go back to work it'll be Christmas. So no more pre-Christmas bullshit. Of course, that brings in the post-Christmas bullshit, but I'm trying not to think about that right now. At least it won't be fucking Christmas cards. >_<

2. It's snowing. Again. For the third day in a row. God, I hate snow. -_- Though Akichan made a good point in that it's not really the snow, it's the walking in snow part. Ugh.

...speaking of ugh, just found this: "This weekend’s winter wonderland is expected to continue today with another 5 to 10 inches of snow. That’s on top of about 11 inches of snow the region received Friday and Saturday." ............................................because apparently almost a foot of snow isn't enough, adjksaljdkslajdla.

3. Ai- Got your postcard. Pretty. <3

4. Junjou Romantica 9- *SQUEEEEEEE!* ZOMGMISAKI! Watched it last night, and may actually... watch it again. ^_^;;;

5. [ profile] fifthmus  got turned in on time, by the way, for better or worse. *nervous* I at least hope my recipient doesn't totally hate it.'s totally tempting to take a nap right now. I was going to go out before work, but of course it's storming again, so no go. I also need laundry which I don't have time for. Meh. But I -do- need a shower, so I should probably do that soon. And maybe watch an episode of... something. Haven't really been watching anime much lately except re-watching Fruits Basket with Kelly. Which she is predictably in love with. XD

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Monday, December 15th, 2008 12:22 pm
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1. I am apparently a bitch for not being clairvoyant. Pssh. Whatever, mom. How am I supposed to hear you from across the parking lot, or see you, when I think you're in your room and therefore aren't expecting you outside in the slightest? Why would I look? Don't assume I saw you and ignored you, because I didn't. I know how much you think I like to get yelled at, but I really don't. >_<

2. Christmas sucks and needs to be over. Like, ages ago.

3. No power at work on Friday. At all. We ended up closing the store at 5pm, actually, because by then it was dark and cold and it was a safety issue. We'd lost power around 7am that morning and I was told it didn't come back on till midnight. Suuuuuuck. I mean, kinda cool since I got to go home early, but I didn't need to lose the hours either. At least they have to pay me for four hours since I was there, so I'm not losing as much as I would've otherwise.

Oh, and when I made that voice post saying we'd lost power? It didn't come back on for another eight hours or so. Needless to say, I just went to bed. ^_^;;;

4. Also suck? Co-workers. Three cases in point:

Basically, sometimes I really hate my coworkers... )

So it's been fun.... not so much. I really, really need to be working on my [ profile] fifthmus  fic. Which is not started yet. Shiiiiiiiiit. Thank god it's only 500 words this time.

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Saturday, December 6th, 2008 01:43 pm
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I'm apparently feeling somewhat productive today. I woke up and fooled around for a bit, but after that I put laundry in and set about finding and retrieving my Christmas tree. It's now not even two o'clock and the laundry's done and the tree is up and decorated. Sweet! Especially since I actually have more than just a couple of REAL ORNAMENTS this year. ^_^ And garland, which I fail at putting on, but whatever. It doesn't look half bad considering what I had to work with to start out with. XD I might take a picture later or something.

Oh, and when I got back with my dry clothes, I discovered that my Lane Bryant order was two days early. <333 Good news is that the two items I was worried about fit. The bad news is that the one, which I thought might be too big, is a little tight in the cup area. ^_^;;; I wouldn't dare go up a size, though, because the rest is fine.

.....good thing I was all productive before, because I've spent a half hour trying things on. (In my defense, one of the items was rather difficult as far as getting it on and off.) Whoops. ^_^;;; Still, though, I don't usually do ANYTHING before work, so this is a still an accomplishment. I really should get ready for work, though, and probably put this order in for the anime. :P Possibly get something quick to eat but I'm not going to count on that.

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Friday, November 28th, 2008 02:20 pm
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1. Nanoblomo: I deleted the last possibly-cheating post, because even if I didn't blow it then, I definitely did yesterday. Whoops. I was SO CLOSE, too. >_< Ah, well, maybe next year.

2. Happy belated Thanksgiving to those who celebrated it. I worked. XD Which wasn't so bad, just really boring since the lab is down at the moment, so I had nothing to do all day. But I did get to go home a little early? Since there was nothing for me to do anyway, Steve was like, "You can go home if you want." .......okay! XD So I got to leave about 45 minutes early. Woot! Not that it was a huge deal as far as dinner, because we'd ordered out to a diner that was still open (chicken parm, yummy~)

3. So don't want to go to work today. Hopefully the lab will be back up by the time I get there, but I'm not going to hold my breath either.

4. Christmas cards are done with a few exceptions. Yay!

5. The place I normally buy bras at has a buy one get one free sale. Sooooooo tempted, you guys have no idea. XD

6. My older sister, my mom, and my aunt have apparently decided that we're going to do Christmas mid-January. O_o For a day that I work, so I "have" to ask for it off. Erm. What the hell. Thanks for asking.

Meep, have to go. Later~
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1. Reminder: Christmas Cards. If you want one, respond here, please. ^_^ I will probably be sending those out in about a week if all goes well, and I'm not going to make more than one trip for this, so if you want a card make sure that you comment there with your info before then! Man, I so need to work on those... ^_^;;; I'll have to do that over the next couple of days.

2. No extra day off. Kerry said that Mary couldn't take my shift, and since I was only doing her a favor in the first place, I'm just going to work my shift as scheduled. *shrug* Would've been nice, but it's not a terribly big deal. I guess that means I should, you know, make some attempt at waking up here?

3. Finished the Death Note anime last night. The end is... slightly better in the anime, but not a lot, and in general it's still very OOC. I still love Near, though. <333

And now it's on to something else! I'm not completely sure what yet, though I have suggestions from people. ^_^;;; I'll probably end up doing Planetes next, since I know that's less serious and I could use that after DN. With a side of still trying to work on Elfen Lied occasionally. XDDD

I should probably get in the shower soon and get it over with so I'm not walking to work with wet hair in the cold. ^_^;;; Mrrrrrrrr, don't wanna.

...shit, my mom just beat me in there. Dammit. I guess I'll figure out food in the meantime. Later!

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1. I may have completely blown my Christmas budget the other day. On the other hand, I'd completely forgotten about getting holiday pay for Veteran's Day, plus I gave myself some wiggle room to begin with. So! It should be fine. ^_^;;; And it was for a good cause. I told you guys that my sisters and I are getting our picture taken in probably a couple of weeks, right? So I was thinking... I was planning on getting those sisters necklaces anyway...  and granted, I was planning on getting mine after Christmas, but then I realized with the extra pay, I could get all three and not totally break the bank, and that way I can give them early and we could wear them in the picture! ^_^ Since they should be here soon.

...if this picture thing ends up being expensive, I'm totally screwed.

2. I don't think I ever told you guys (except a few people in chat), so I'll post it here for amusement- I got mistaken for a high schooler recently. My mom, Kelly, and I went to Denny's the other day. At one point the waitress goes, "Do you go to --- high school?" Looking at me. I was kind of like O_o. In the end I told her no, and after she went away I was flailing. I'm 25 years old! Kelly's like, "Well, you could pass for a senior. Maybe." ........O_O (I don't actually believe that, but anyway...) Wow. Just wow.


4. Kelly apparently wants to talk to Akichan about something. Before Christmas. Which she won't tell me. O_o It apparently has nothing to do with coordinating things for Christmas, because I told her explicitly that Akichan and I aren't doing anything for Christmas (yet... but she doesn't need to know that :3). But she has a question involving me and it's something good. I guess. She won't tell me what it is, in any event. It has Akichan all freaked out. XD She's like, "Are you sure she doesn't know? O_O" Well, Kelly still thinks I'm straight, so you tell me. Besides. Kelly wouldn't call that "something good." I'm sure it'll be fine, and it's probably something stupid, knowing Kelly. XD

5. ...what happened to finishing the Death Note anime like... Wednesday? <_< And I still have 11 episodes left. XD On that note... damn, they make you watch the L thing twice. Once when it happens and then the next episode in the recap. Daaaaaaaaamn. T_T I love L too much to watch this twice. And I still hate the second opening, by the way.

I should just post this before firefox crashes yet again. Later~

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1. Didn't end up watching any Death Note last night in favor of trying to clear off my desk. It had gotten really, really bad, I can't even tell you. It's not completely done because I'm lazy, but... I found chocolate. :3 And a floppy disk with a ridiculous picture of a former coworker that I'm thinking of putting on his facebook. He'd... kind of kill me, though, but it might be worth it? XDDD

2. I'm down to one pair of decent work pants. Crapcrapcrap.

3. So apparently I'm not getting the GameCube for Kelly. Which to a point is okay, because it was probably going to put me over budget anyway with games and whatever. Besides, while there's a few games on the GameCube I think she'd like, I'm not convinced it's worth the money. No, I am apparently going the more practical route. She doesn't have any space for all her DVD's- neither do I, but that's beside the point- so I got her a shelving unit for those. Only 30 bucks. So I could still get her other stuff too. Like more DVD's. XDDD And games for her DS or something. really know that you and your siblings are adults when you give FURNITURE as a gift. *headdesk* Strange for me, I'm always the dvd-game-electronic gadget gift giver type. (What, I'm a geek, shaddap. It's what I know. XD)

Also got a top and sweater for this dreaded picture we're taking. Yes, it was my idea originally to have a picture taken of the three of us, but Erin wants it professionally done, and we're trying to coordinate it somehow, and I don't own anything in the green/red family. *sigh* It's spiraled completely out of my control. Anyway, I found this gray v neck sweater that could pass for silver, and Stef helped me find a green tank top with tiny silver dots on it to go underneath. And I can just wear jeans or whatever with it, and silver earrings. Total Christmas picture outfit? $17. I didn't think it was bad. Though I would've gotten a pair of WORK PANTS had I realized I only have one now. XDDD

4. I totally did not oversleep by accident and make it a really close call for doing laundry. <_< Speaking of which, I have to go put those in the dryer now, and then find something to eat. Later~ <3
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........almost missed. ^_^;;;

Today was fairly productive. Got some Christmas things, so that was good. Spent too much money but it wasn't anything I wasn't really planning on, so it's okay. XD

Still working on Death Note. And I'm trying to clean my desk. It's a vast improvement at least, so I can't complain too much.

Aaaaand Kelly's talking at me and I can't concentrate, and this has to go up like NOW. So... I'm just going to shut up. Till tomorrow!
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So I got two different packs of Christmas cards because I couldn't decide in the store. Now... I still can't decide. So I'm making you guys do it. :P Keep in mind that whichever one I don't use this year will be used next year, assuming I don't go and lose the package in the meantime. So........ go ahead and vote![Poll #1299960]

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1. I forgot LJ was down and tried to look at my friends list. Whoops? ....I am an idiot, clearly.

2. It. Is. Fucking. SNOWING. >_< ASHJKHFJKDS DO NOT WANT! SO not cool. Fucking mother nature.

3. Mom really needs to go to work already, I'm starving and I want to go get Chinese. :3

4. Started working on a "public" page at myanimelist. I figure it's probably about time. Mainly, I've cut out things that involve shoujo-ai/yuri or excessive nudity (in other words, most of the yaoi on my list. And Elfen Lied. XD) I've left a few of the more innocent shounen-ai things, like Gravitation. Junjou Romantica is about the most graphic on the list. I figure this way... it's easier to make recs to Stef, because she can look at what I've seen, what I've rated it, and go from there. Though I wouldn't rec Loveless to her but it ended up on the list anyway, because she knows about it. I've flailed about it in the store enough times when Barnes and Noble didn't have the next volume YET AGAIN. XD Then again, I've also TOLD her that I wouldn't rec that series to her, so she knows better.

5. Death Note- I think I can finish that off in the next couple of days, since I have off. I think. Also, the second opening song has kicked Zombie-Loan out of the "worst opening song ever" slot in my mind. It's waaaaaay worse than the Zombie-Loan one, and ZL was really bad. XD I think I hate the new song about as much as I loved the old one. <_<

6. Tales of the Abyss- AJDKSLJDKSLA I KNEW IT! I'd guessed two things about particular characters and I was right on both counts. I kind of didn't want to be in Van's case though? <_< And OHMYGODLUKE. >_< IDIOT. Why can't he be all cute like in the opening? Of course, he doesn't SPEAK in the opening, so that's probably a lot of it. XD

7. Speaking of which, Crunchy changed their video player. I like it A LOT. <3

8. Reminder #2, Christmas cards! Sign up if you want one!

9. [ profile] fifthmus . Um. All I have to say at this point is.... CRAP. >_<

10. Erin is apparently getting Kelly a digcam for Christmas, so I've been trying to come up with something else. I think I have an idea. Possibly. I'll have to investigate. ^_^ (But um, yay possible GameCube? XD)

This is already obscenely long, so I'm shutting up now, seriously. XDDD

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1. Can we just... chalk up yesterday's post to PMS and forget about it? Yes? Good. XD

2. Yesterday overall sucked (not just the shower/mom thing, work too... typical bullshit from this one coworker who makes me want to strangle her on a daily basis), but I came home and watched a few favorite episodes of Chi's Sweet Home and took a shower and then felt a bit better. ^_^

3. I hate my stomach. Urgh. Can the week be over yet? I'm getting a little tired of getting sick from every freaking thing I eat. T_T

4. Apparently when I calculated my Christmas spending, I miscalculated. Quite a bit. As in, the original number was right, but when I was assigning money to various places, I somehow left out $100. *blinks* Not quite sure how that happened. So! That means I can get those Sister necklaces for Erin and Kelly that I wanted to but thought I couldn't afford~! <3 Mine will have to wait until after the holidays, but that's okay. ^_^ And then all three of us will have the same piece of jewelry. <3

5. Also, for shopping... squeeit'sanAlplushie! XD Unfortunately both the Al and Roy plushies I'd want are out of stock. Well... actually, that's probably for the best, at the moment. AFTER Christmas, Ver. Or put it on your Christmas list. Which I still need to make and post to the "safe" journal. ^_^;;; Should... probably get on that... <_<

6. ZOMG. AI. I think I found those socks! Or at least a variation of them, anyway. We have them at work! They are... four dollars a pair after my discount, which makes me cringe, but I'm not finding anything cheaper online, either. I set two pairs aside last night (there are two versions, one's more furry, so I grabbed one of each. XD), I'll probably end up getting them tonight. I hope they're worth it, because man, ten bucks on two pairs of socks.... ^_^;;;

7. Ver: You clearly need to be leaving your cart at work behind the counter so your asshole coworkers don't just take it without even asking if you're using it. I know you're generally okay, but it's still probably not a particularly good thing to be hauling that heavy jug of chemicals all the way to the back of the store without a cart. Love, Me.

8. Crap, I really have to decide about [ profile] fifthmus , signups end tonight. Crapcrapcrap.

Hrm. I owe some tags and then I might sit and watch something. Later~
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1. Well today was rather productive on the Christmas front. I went out with Stef and did some shopping- including getting some super cute cards for 3 bucks (yay), some ornaments for my little tree, a kit to make bath salts and fizzies, and stickers. Yay stickers. Plus I got a hell of a deal on some 12x12 frames, which I was thinking about getting anyway. So when I saw Michael's had them 2/$9? *grabby hands* All in all, I'm quite happy with myself. I did well. And I -so- want to play with that bath fizzy kit. XDDD

2. Speaking of cards, a quick reminder, for anybody that wants a Christmas card, the sign-up post is here. I know it feels early, but being that some of these go rather far, I'm probably going to send them out the first week of December or so.

3. Just noticed the new profiles. ^_^;;; Actually, I kind of like it. The stats are really cool. And holy crap, this entry will make #720. O_o Okay, that's not a lot compared to some of you (*cough*Ai*cough*), but it SOUNDS like a lot. At least to me it does. XD I will have to do something special when I hit 1k, I think. I'll... possibly think about that, though it's more likely that I'll forget.

4. On a completely different note, today is Veteran's Day. It never really held a lot of significance in my family, actually, which is surprising- both my grandfather and my great grandfather on my mother's side were in the military (WWII and WWI, respectively), and my dad was in the National Guard when I was a kid. Plus my cousin Joey is in the military now. It just... I don't know. It's not something I'm ashamed of or anything, and I have great respect for people that choose to go that path (hell, I never could), but it's just... not something I think about very often.

All due respect goes out to the veterans today that have served us, and the same to anyone currently in the military (mixed in with a fair bit of sympathy XD). We would be lost without you, literally.
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1. I've figured out my budget for Christmas, and I'm extremely unhappy. Considering that I usually spend at least $1,200 (because I always SAY I'm going to stick to a budget and then never do XD)... with the paychecks I have coming up before the holiday minus rent and whatnot, I have about $400 this year. *cries* This is gonna SUCK. Probably there's two things that are saving my ass with this: One, I will not be seeing Akichan for at least a few months. So I can put off getting things for her until a bit later. :P Which comes to her advantage, obviously, since I'll have more money to spend on just her. XD Two, my mother's birthday is a little less than two weeks after Christmas. So again, I can do a birthday/Christmas thing with her and put that shopping off until after the holiday. ^_^;;; I was doing some calculating based on said budget... I can make it work, but I can't get the kinds of things I can normally pull off, which sucks. But at least it's something?

2. So I'm trying to cut down the "currently watching" list as much as I can- things that are still airing will have to stay there, of course. At any rate, Elfen Lied has been on that list FOREVER, so I decided I need to finish that (partially just out of determination that I WILL finish it, since Akichan predicted I wouldn't. XD). Honestly, the only reason besides the determination thing that I'm still watching it is that Nyu is absolutely adorable, but nevermind. Oh. And Lucy having Akira's voice? Completely brainbreaking.

There's also The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya that I've been meaning to finish for a long time. So my plan? Alternate Elfen Lied with Haruhi. Temper the blood and gore with complete crack. It might work. Or it might totally fuck up my brain. Something like that.

......Seems like there was something else I wanted to put here, but Kelly was yapping at me and so I forgot what it was. XD
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(Phew, almost forgot to post. ^_^;;; Good thing I've been meaning to do this.)

Alright, you guys, it's getting to be that time of year again- holiday cards! I will be mailing out a card to everyone who wants one (luckily, my flist isn't very big <3), so comment here with your name and address where you want me to send the card. All comments will be screened, don't worry, so it'll just be me who sees it. I promise I'm trustworthy. And hey, if you still don't feel comfortable with that, I can probably work something out between photoshop, my scanner, and photobucket. <3 I just think real live holiday cards are so much cooler, that's all.

No one had any objections to Christmas cards last time as opposed to simply holiday cards, so I'm probably just going to do that this year, since it makes things easier. There are some new people this time around, though, so if you DO happen to have an objection, let me know, and I'll make sure you don't get a Christmas one.

And yes. Everyone. Address. Even if you think I already have it. I know at least two three (whoops) of you have moved in the last year, so just getting everybody's all in one go will make it easier for me.

So if you want a nifty holiday card, comment away! I'll get these out... ah... hopefully by the first week of December or so.
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1. We're definitely done with summer, so it's away with the bright sunny theme and back with the dark stuff (what, it's easier on the eyes. XD). I like it. The header is pretty. <3

2. I'm half thinking about doing this national blogging month thing. One blog post a day for a month. I can do that, right? Probably?

3. *siiiiiigh* This computer. Man. It's not recognizing my external drive. *stabbity* SO NOT COOL, OISHI. See Ochibi? HE'S RIGHT THERE. >_<

4. Things are definitely in motion for the short term disability bit. Which is good, because I'm going to need whatever money they decide to give me, even though it's only going to be about half of my normal paycheck. And hey, both the people I talked to (yesterday and today) were really super nice. ^_^ I've got to make one more phone call today to my insurance company, seems they want to get a hold of me for some reason, and I'm supposed to be getting forms in the mail and a phone call in about a week. Bah. Just give me my money, yeah? I NEEDZ IT.

5. To that degree, when I get back to work- not right away, we'll see how I feel, but I'm definitely going to be trying to pick up some hours. Kerry already said it was fine. Actually, he was like, "I know you're probably going to want to pick up some extra hours when you get back. That's not a problem. Actually, that works out perfect for me getting into the holiday season. :D" Because... money. *sigh* Big issue. Monetarily speaking, the timing of this couldn't be much worse. Christmas coming up. Hospital bills I'm going to be trying to pay off. I clearly need a new computer ASAP. GAH. Shoot me now.

6. Speaking of Christmas... I'm probably going to be putting up a thing for cards soon. Also. I'm thinking I might need to get a bit... ah... CREATIVE with gifts this year. If anybody has any ideas, let me know? I'm thinking stuff like... jewelry I can put together myself, or mini-scrapbooks (though that's probably a bit too ambitious for me, in which case single pages would probably work just as well. XD), cd's, I know Stef will let me use her computer to burn DVD's and I have blank ones already, possibly make some candles or something... also, cleaning my room and finding some of the stuff I know I have hidden away would be good too. XD

I know I'm going to end up purchasing things as well, because I'm like that, but the more I can do for cheap the better.

7. Urgh. Activity level needs to go up and calorie intake needs to go down. I lost weight after the surgery... at first. Now I've gained it back plus a few pounds, and it seems like I'm constantly eating. Of course, most of that is because I'm bored out of my mind. XD Need to stop that. And water. *nods*

8. Junjou Romantica 2: EEEEEE SO CUTE. When is the next episode coming out? XDDD

9. Finally! Video games are good for you!
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Sorry, that just amused me for a title. XD At any rate... I wrote up a letter/drabble thing for Sivu between yesterday and today. Though I think at 523 words, it hardly qualifies as a drabble anymore, but nevermind. XD I'll post it when she gets it... but in the meantime, it seems that the writing streak is continuing, even if I'm still not producing a lot of stuff. A little is okay too. ^_^ This makes me happy. <3

Apparently the plan is that Mom's going to be released tomorrow morning. I'm glad she's okay, don't get me wrong here... but I'm not really looking forward to her return. Simply because I know my mother. She's going to come home and just whine and bitch and complain the whole time, and I'm expected to stay home with her all day tomorrow and babysit. Lovely.

I made this white cheddar pasta/broccoli/chicken thing that actually turned out well. Yum~! Look, I can cook! (....sorta...)

All in all, not a bad day, and actually semi-productive. I still definitely have things I want to get done (like more spam from the writing journal XD... catch up on some fic and comments...), but not bad.

(Note to self for later: Perfect Christmas present for Stef here. Not now, obviously, but definitely will have to remember that in a few months.)

**EDIT** Weird. My phone decided it randomly didn't want to have service. And I've always had service at home. O_o This... is not good. Maybe some kind of problem with the network? I've tried turning it off and turning it back on again, it doesn't help anything. *twitches*

**EDIT 2** It's back. That was... very weird. And random. And NOT COOL. *shakes fist*

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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 04:07 am
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The first thing I've got to comment on is... thank god Christmas is over. I mean, we'll have the after Christmas rush with photos and everything, but at least the worst part is over- GREETING CARDS. I hate those fuckers. Anyway... yes. And I have the next two days off to unwind a little. Two days to just sit at home and do NOTHING. YAY! Watch some movies, fool around on the computer, play some video games... ^_^ That sounds so great right now, you have no idea.

Okay. So my sisters and I all have a DS now, right? Erin and I have Tetris. We discovered, quite pleasantly, that the three of us (yes, three) can all sit and compete against each other at the same time. Really, it was cooler than shit. I also found out that as much as I suck at Tetris- I don't suck as much as my sisters do. Heh.

Gah, need to catch up on my flist. Comment on [community profile] fifthmus fic. Hell, READ at least one of them. Though I see the one I wrote is up. Need to comment on those too. XD And um... whoops? I so fail at html, apparently, because half of the fic was NOT supposed to be in italics. I was in a rush and must've not realized that I didn't close an italics tag. Dammit. Usually I check those kinds of things, but ah... yeah. I was in a rush. Guh. Totally an accident. XD

Hotel Dusk has officially eaten me alive. I just... can't... stop... gah. I'm like, "zomg so many questions and I need to know NOW!" XDDD I've had it about 24 hours and I'm already somewhere in chapter 5 already? XD And I worked today?

Oooh, awesome. I got a Wi-Fi connector for my DS- so I can take my DS online now! *cheers* Only... no one seems to be on, at least not the games I've tried. XD Anybody want to play with me? XDDD I've got... ah... Tetris... and Mario Kart... and probably other stuff that I'm not thinking of right now because it's almost 4am. XD I will probably be going to bed soon, but if anybody wants to play, let me know and we can probably work something out. As long as it's not some insane hour of the morning, like 8am or something. XD

Mmmm~ warm pj's. ^_^ One of my Christmas presents was a pair of fleece pajamas. They're... okay, well, two sizes too big, frankly, but in pajamas that kind of thing is okay. They're nice and warm and comfy. <3

*thinks* Bed? Or turn Hotel Dusk back on and hunt down Jeff? Or catch up on my flist/answer messages/whatnot? Hmm. I think Hotel Dusk for a bit. XDDDD Have I mentioned that this game owns my soul?

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2007 03:42 am
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For those of you that celebrate...

And all that good stuff. ^_^

My sisters and I went ahead and did our present thing tonight, since I have to work tomorrow. I got a bunch of cool stuff, including Hotel Dusk. Yay! And my sister was thrilled with her DS. <3 All in all, it's pretty cool.

Now I have to decide whether I'm going to play with my DS, or whether I'm going to go to bed. I know what I should do. XD Er... yeah. *yawns* We'll see. *hearts you all*

**EDIT** Is it a bad thing that I'm already stuck in Hotel Dusk? XDDDD I'm pretty sure I've got to get the hanger off the wall, but I can't figure out how the hell I'm supposed to do it. Grrrrrrrrr.

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Monday, December 24th, 2007 12:31 pm
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I should do laundry, but I don't feel like it. Meh. I'm just... tired. -_- The sucky part is that at the very least, I've got to go out and do a little bit of last minute shopping. Up to and including a little grocery shopping since everything will be closed tomorrow. Bread and cat food at the very least. XD But yeah, I have pretty much nothing for Kelly, so I'm going to have to look at movies for her. Although not much. I spent WAY more on stocking stuffers than I planned, so... yeah. Have less money to work with than I thought. <_<

I'm just too tired to deal with all this. I want to go back to bed, and I don't want to have to deal with the assholes that I know are going to be coming in tonight. I was printing until 9:30 last night (keep in mind the lab closes at 9)- even at that, I had people coming in wanting to do pictures, and it's like... er, no. And then I got attitude. Grrr. Everything's shut down, go away. It's not my fault that you waited until the last minute, you're just going to have to deal with it. And did I mention that Katie wants me to switch shifts with her? Yeah. So I'd be working Friday night and then Saturday morning. I haven't told her yet one way or the other. I don't want to. It's just for a party she wants to go to, so I shouldn't feel guilty about saying no, right? >_<

In other news, I'm a moron and left my backpack at work when I left. >_< Note that I keep everything in there. Dammit.

Okay. This is weird. I burned a CD for my sister, right? They were all mp3 and wma files. When I put the cd back in the computer to check that it burned okay, they're now cda files? What the hell? Oh, I don't know. I'm just going to give her both. It's way too late to fool around with this anymore.

...Yeah, I think laundry's not getting done. But I at least need to grab something to eat and go out, so I'll see you guys later!

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Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 03:46 am
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New layout for the writing journal. I'm still fooling around with some different layouts for this journal, though... sorry for anybody who's looked at this. I know my journal's changed several times and I think I'm done for right now. ^_^;;; I'm just sick of looking at the same damn thing all the time, you know? Time for a change. New year, new journal... or something like that, anyway. XD

*looks at the tag cloud thing* I should really start using tags for things. XDDD Like, more than once every five thousand entries. I'm not going to go through everything, but I've edited the tags on some entries, so it's not quite so bad now. Whee!

Yay for working where I do. I made a couple of photobooks for people- so Christmas for Erin is done aside from stocking stuffers, and I was even nice and made one for my mother (*cough*becauseIhadacouponforafreeone*cough*)... they look nice. ^_^ And they're not that expensive either, which... is definitely a good thing. XD

Ugh. My brain is no longer working. I'll... try to write something later. Maybe. I owe comments and stuff first. Definitely. >_<

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Friday, December 21st, 2007 01:00 pm
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I've been so god damn tired lately. A few reasons, really... mostly having to do with just being so exhausted from work. I also may or may not be working on getting a cold. Meh. I just... I need sleep. A good, long sleep. Which doesn't look like it's going to happen anywhere near as soon as I need it.

I'm at a complete loss for what to get Kelly for Christmas. Stef is done, Erin is done (I think)... and that's it. That's all I buy for anymore. But then I also have Christmas cards that I've yet to send out. ^_^;;;

So what I'm telling you guys is, I'm sorry I'm kind of neglecting LJ lately, and I should be back in a not half assed capacity once the holidays are over and I've had some decent sleep. Okay?

I need to at least comment on the drabble someone wrote for me for [profile] drabble_trade. Of course, it doesn't seem like anyone else has gotten around to commenting yet either, but I still feel bad. XD I have other messages and e-mails and things I need to answer too.

I just... fail, recently, and I can't really do anything about it right now. Which I hate, but... *shrugs* I'm sooooo burned out at the moment.

Now I've got to try to get a hold of Stef, so I can find out what she got Kelly for Christmas, so Erin can stop harassing me about it. >_< Guh. Later!

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 04:23 pm
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1. My older sister asked for a CD with "good" Christmas music on it... this means that I'm going through my disaster area of a music folder and looking through what I've got. *whine* And she specifically said no parody songs. *pouts* Though I think I found a way around that. There's a Garth Brooks song called "Santa Looks A Lot Like Daddy" that's absolutely hysterical... but it's still a real Christmas song, so she can't say anything. XDDD And she loves Garth Brooks, so double win. I just hope I can fill a CD... otherwise I'll have to get more stuff. Ugh.

2. I was going to say something to my boss yesterday about my yearly raise that was over a month overdue. I'm kinda glad I didn't get around to it, because when I picked up my check, there it was. XD An extra 41 cents an hour and $50 in retro pay. Before taxes, naturally, but still. Woot! It won't go very far, but whatever. It's something at least.

3. Hmm. It's now almost 4:30. I think I need to shower and go out sometime soon. I need to work on my Christmas shopping. <_<

4. PYE. FIFTHMUS. YOU NEED TO LET THEM KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON, LIKE, NOW, ESPECIALLY IF ONE OF THEM NEEDS TO PINCH HIT. THEY ARE WAITING. *Nevermind, message received. I'll bring this down to normal size now. ^_^;;;*

...yeah, okay. Shower. XD I'm sure I'll spam you all later. <3
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Tonight... is not going to be fun. We have another storm slated for late tonight/all day tomorrow, so everyone's going to be out trying to do stuff today. Ugh. Somebody shoot me? So yeah, they're estimating for my area about half a foot of snow (on top of what we've already got), plus about a half a foot of ice. -_- I hate my life. I'm hoping not, but I may just have to call in tomorrow- we'll have to see. Man, I guess that means I have to do laundry tonight too, before everything starts. Guh.

As par for the course this time of year, I'm quickly losing my mind. Work is just... everyone wants everything like, yesterday (Not MY fault you procrastinated, you jackass!), everyone needs babysitting because no one can read fucking directions, I get simultaneously pulled into fifteen directions all night long, the machine always always always starts acting up due to the extra strain that's put on it (and it's almost 5 years old, what do you want, really?)... I hate Christmas. I really, really do. I needed this bullshit to be over like a week ago. Ad it's just going to get worse over the next ten days. But after that the work bitching will stop, I promise. XD

Alright. I have to get ready for the dreaded evil place. Here's hoping I can actually get out on time tonight. <_<

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 04:20 pm
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1. Got some Christmas shopping done today. Got each of my sisters Nintendogs (Dalmation for Erin and Daschund for Kelly), plus Tetris for Erin. I'm also thinking about Trauma Center something or other for Erin, but we'll see how much money I end up having, since I have to buy her the DS and all still. ^_^;;;

On that note- I put Hotel Dusk on my Christmas list because I haven't been able to find it anywhere but online. Guess what I saw in the store today? -_- Guess what I couldn't get because it was on my list? You got it. *pouts*

But I also have some groceries now. Which is definitely a good thing. Sandwich stuff, at least... and ramen, and a couple of other things. And milk is good. *nods*

2. Need to do drabble_trade after I eat. Meh. It's only 100 words, why is this being so difficult? *growls* Also need to do some MAJOR edits to the fifthmus fic. I could leave it as is, I suppose, but I'm definitely not happy with it. Though I guess I do like it better than my entry for the last round of blind_go, but that really doesn't say a whole lot. I hated that thing. XDDD

3. Ow, head hurts. T_T Of course, I can't take anything for it until I get something in my stomach, or else the excedrin will make me sick, so... I'm going to eat. And then write, dammit! ........maybe. <_< I think I have a little idea (like a snapshot, really) for my drabble_trade assignment. I have a picture in my head, anyway. God I wish I could draw! We'll see if I can do it justice in 100 words. ^_^; Oh, but I think I need to double check the request first. <_<

**EDIT** What possesses people to not use LJ cuts for fic? Why why why? I mean, nice fic, but... guh. It's completely taken over my flist. -_- (Never mind, it's been fixed, I'll stop bitching now. ^_^;;;)

**EDIT 2** ........*coughs, jaw drops* ...75 words. I think this officially makes the shortest thing I've ever written in the history of EVER. Holy crap. *wanders off again to fluff up the drabble with 25 more words*

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Saturday, December 8th, 2007 07:12 am
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Gah I just lost my entire freaking entry because firefox decided to freeze. Stupid thing. >_< Just my luck, really. Today was not a good day. Busier than fuck at work... and that's only going to get worse as we get closer to Christmas. Shoot me now?

Speaking of which, I need to send out the rest of my Christmas cards. Like, ages ago. <_<

...Aaaaaand there's nothing in the house to eat. Lovely. Wait! I have pop tarts! XD Well, it's something. I guess I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow... at the very least get some ramen and stuff.

It's the stupid stuff, really, that amuses me though. Like... after being forced to listen to Christmas music all day, it's all that much more fun to listen to the twisted holiday songs, like Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire, and Ho Ho Fucking Ho, and all that. ^_^ Then again, I have a demented sense of humor. Maybe I'll put up a thing of my favorite holiday songs- and no, not just the naughty ones, either. There's this version of Silent Night that was done in Gaelic that's really gorgeous, for example. If I remember, I might do that in the next few days. Depends on how ambitious I'm feeling... as that would require going through the disaster area that is my music folder. <_<

Randomly, I really kind of want a bath. XD I normally take showers due to time constraints, but baths are nice and relaxing... however, I'd probably fall asleep in the tub at this point, and that's most definitely not a good thing for obvious reasons. Maybe tomorrow night?

And on that note, I need to go back to bed and get some more sleep. Later!

**EDIT** Wait, I do have ramen! Someone hid it on me. XD Well... at least it's something, and it's not going to be a big deal if I don't end up going to the grocery store. Yay!


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